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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  July 7, 2018 2:02am-2:31am CEST

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the mighty are continuing to fall i'm phil gayle this is the day. celebrations in brussels that after belgium defied the odds to beat brazil in the quarter finals back in brazil more so than other heavy fans underperforms under pressure. belgium's kevin who took a pass and fired the ball into the net to help his country advance to the final full we'll show you what happened and find out what is next. at home. also coming up on the day it started and so far we're all still here today the world's the two largest economies the united states and china started what beijing
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has described as the biggest trade well in economic history. no one will emerge a winner from a trade war. it benefits no one. will undermine the multilateral free trade process i respect china and i respect president xi but shelling out five hundred seven. dollars. trade deficit is less so. if one insists on waging a trade war it will hurt others and themselves. it's time for anyone who cares about the health of the economy to sit up and take notice. many years ago you know when they're saying not a free trader said no no the war was lost but now we're going to with it because we have. so
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first it was germany the world cup's top ranked team crushing house in the group stage now it's brazil the second ranked team dismissed from the quarter finals losing to belgium to walk but minutes from did abuse forces just focus through another surprise from russia. so how did the game pad for basically belgium stormed into the lead and then brazil tried to get back into the game but just couldn't manage it and they are out the favorites out of the world cup it just sounds surprising this is the first goal it was an unlucky goal actually from funding you know from the cross they couldn't do a lot about that so belgium went ahead and then this is a fantastic second go romelu lukaku story forward lays it out to kevin why now and what a finish to put belgium to. get right into the corner the nothing the goalkeeper whatsoever that's what it's all what it's time to do against brazil in the quarter final so belgium fans very happy day for them but a controversy with video assistant referee was a penalty going down here in the v.
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today decided it wasn't a penalty. it's one of those isn't it. did then pull one back by a not a good headed there and i pushed and pushed from bush to his name are trying great say by quarter tipping the ball over the bar and brazil couldn't manage to find the equaliser and they are out it's not as big a surprise as some of the over assault like germany going out because belgium are a strong side the dark horses for many people but it's a disaster for brazil so what role for brazil i think they didn't actually play any top teams until now they kind of coasted through the group stage beat costa rica very late on they play pretty well against mexico in the last sixteen but all the sudden then they came up against belgium a really tough side and they've gone out it's shocking for brazil because this is now four world cups they haven't won the last time they want to world cup was in two thousand and two so that's an awful long time for the record five times winners
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and of course the whole point of this tournament was meant to be the kind of. comeback after the shock of two thousand and fourteen when they lost seven one in the semifinals to germany this was meant to be their chance to rearrange all that and say hey look we're back on the big stage again and in fact it going on around the year and they did in two thousand and fourteen so it's going to be belgium against france in tuesday's survey final tell us how fast or to go are in today's quarter it was a lot easier than the brazil belgium game france one to nail against what we have to say was quite a poor europe by side on the day they didn't have the top striker to play alongside suarez we can have a look at some of the goals coming up now i mean a series seen given away there by your guy who really pride themselves in good defending cross comes in from griezmann a great head and from rafa around to give france the league the goalkeeper fernando muslim or a couldn't do anything about that was right in the corner but he doesn't want to see what we're going to see next an absolutely shocking mistake by the euro why go
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keeper the shot from griezmann is pretty tame it goes right from. his hands into the go very reminiscent of laura scariest in the champions league final so you're of are out france are through two european sides big european sides facing each other in a semifinal and us can be quite again it is i mean this is a tension between france and belgium obviously the neighbors and what's interesting is most of the belgian side are actually flemish speaking or over them french speaking so that adds to the needle french president said tonight he will be going to petersburg to watch the semifinal so it's now taking on political dimensions and if given the break and score a goal like this again in a semi final then brazil got a real belgium a real chance of reaching the final but i have to say i think france are the favorites in that game and they are now favors for the two one all right so you see the winner of that game going during like as a likely winner of the totem itself yes because that's the hardest part of the draw
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the other half of the draw has teams no one really expected to get this far russia play croatia and in them play sweden in the remaining quarter finals england have won a world cup but that was a long time ago in one thousand nine hundred sixty six none of the of the three have won a world cup so you'd have to say the winner is going to come from france or belgium but then again this is the world cup of shocks so who knows that it doesn't matter as does every sport thank you. officials in thailand have dampened hopes that any plan to rescue twelve boys in the football coach from a flooded cave system will go ahead soon the regional government has been telling reporters the boys are not yet ready to dive and of rushed operation to free them would not be undertaken unless absolutely necessary the dangers involved were brought into sharp focus when a rescue diver died early on friday as he brought supplies to the trap group.
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dangerous. water levels the high narrow passages flooded. and still the volunteers continue their mission delivering and supplies and keeping the boy safe. but after a former time navy diver died no one can ignore the risks involved thirty eight year old salmon coonan was honored in a ceremony on friday he had successfully delivered tanks of act to the trapped boys on the football coach but he lost consciousness on his dive back it's very risky think about it a navy seal just passed away so how about a twelve year old kid it's for that reason the local governor has said a rescue operation will be held off for as long as possible he told the press the boys just weren't ready to attempt the difficult journey and needed more diving training. it's almost two weeks now that the twelve boys and their coach have been
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stuck in tom long cave for relatives to the wait is getting tough. over here do i watch the news and it is still dangerous to come out here on the line. for their home worried he's never dived but can swim a little bit. but heavy monsoon rains are eminent and could lead to water levels in the cave rising dangerously in this race against time even the seemingly safe option is a risk. not to that escalating trade dispute between the world's two biggest economies the largest trade war and economic histories are china described america's imposition of thirty four billion dollars worth of tarps on chinese goods america has its own products like cost planes and hard drives china responded immediately targeting u.s. agricultural products its cost and medical products. the response to trump's
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tariffs on chinese goods was swift. but at a meeting in bulgaria premier league was quick temper sighs his country's reluctant resolution to come out on top. our view is that trade war is never a solution for china would never start a trade war but if any party resorts to increase terrorists then china will take measures in response. so far beijing has mirrored washington's tariffs slapping twenty five percent duties on goods ranging from cars to soybeans and seafood. the u.s. signaled it could up the ante announcing fresh levies and hinting at half a trillion dollars worth of chinese goods could be in the crosshairs the threat of a full blown economics arms race has many observers worried.
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elite dozen years he took in it isn't the united states is trying to get it advantages through pressure and threats if it doesn't work there will be in a dangerous spiral and there can only be losers the losers also include americans rural states is supported trump could be especially hard hit many export agricultural goods to china but for now at least looking elsewhere to feed its population. this is a trade well is it not is it the run up to a trade war us or have the has the trade war actually started we're going to go through this with sara fowler who's an international economist with the u.k. global analysis an advisory firm oxford analytical she writes on a global market center specialized in evaluating economic and political risk a welcome. sarah fowler so are we now in a trade war or are we still on the brink of war. i would say we're still on the
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brink i think the key will be so far we've seen u.s. actions and we've seen countries retaliate against the u.s. we haven't seen the rest of the world turn on each other and impose tariffs on each other i think that would be a big escalation in the dispy imus mogas we don't see that the damage to the economy will be more limited. so why would other countries trade to each other when the beef seems to be between the united states pretty much the rest of the world but we'll start with china fanaa why why would you think that the rest of the world might turn on each other well. so code of the u.s. beef is that they do run though a tariff than a lot of other particularly american market in many industries electronics
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farming. and the trumpet ministration if thinking the way to play this game is to hike terrace closer to play or more come to play on that would actually to be syrian encourage the others to reduce sectarian. there's a reason. the other countries they see the us tightening their parents a lot and it becomes a kind of race to the top in terms of everyone else trying to escalate that harris and to turn on each other in order to win small victories to mitigate some of the overall damage so should the rest of us be worried about what's now going on between the u.s. and china. i think there's two areas we should be worried about the wreck all the u.s. imposing tariffs of twenty five percent on their imports of automobiles would be
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very dangerous to global trade because automobile trade is so crucial to us china relations us the euro nations u.s. japan relations and the second risk i think we should be was watching out for if the world trade organizations or sorority the dispute sport that decides to speak. at the world trade organization has seven members on it and there's currently three spaces out about seven because the u.s. is blocking any need or renewal of i think that if the well trained organizations or chorus he in terms of keeping supporting global trade is damaged zakk could be very very damaging going forward the president says the base this type of diplomacy talking put it that way has two arms
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for citing u.s. jobs and to stop what he's calling the transference of american technology and intellectual property to china will imposing tyrus trade tariffs like this achieve those to go. on the job front. effectively global supply chains are so integrated particularly in the areas he's targeting such as electronics and automobiles. just the u.s. wants to be more self-sufficient in these industries but that's just an impossible goal they can get closer to or to add a call to the global economy but they will never get completely towards it because the cost of having only the different factories producing over the different bits of product is just impossible to get to complete self-sufficiency so i'm
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certain i'm sort of a naive question for me which is when when donald trump complains about all the german cars being driven by americans and the lack of us autos being driven in europe if we are a simple as well the germans just make better cars i make cars a people want to buy where america just doesn't. well. i think we want to mobilise industry could change markedly over the next ten twenty years anyway with new technologies and automation coming in so i think this will become less of an issue i think products competitiveness is very important in terms of countries trading it's almost more important than the price competitive that currencies and terrorists influence so yes in a respect perhaps the us is feeling hard done by then other countries have come up
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and try to catch up or even overtaken certain industries and the u.s. has kept it tariffs lower but it's really not caring about playing the game the right way by hiking it harris that would be to support the world trade organization and encourage everyone else to reduce that area could talk is yours thank you for joining us from. germany's chancellor angela merkel has reached a deal over migration after weeks of infighting that had threatened to topple her government the junior partners in her coalition the center left social democrats have signed up to her new tougher line on dealing with migrants chancellor who also plans to lean on european solutions to help minimize illegal migration to germany one idea the european union is particularly keen on is establishing migrant centers
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in northern africa where people rescued at sea would be taken the e.u. also hopes that asylum claims could be processed in the sentence before migrants attempt to cross into europe it's a model that's already in place in libya. for more than fifty thousand people from africa and the middle east the journey ends here in a libyan reception center the u.n. refugee agency says living conditions in such centers are largely catastrophic spread though i left if people are returned to libya we must make it clear that for humanitarian reasons we need to be present there because libya is not a safe haven with you get out it only for. some countries want to broaden cooperation with libya they believe the country should be responsible for preventing migrants from trying to cross the mediterranean italy's interior minister backs this approach and he wants the e.u. to help libya. we are trying to help the libyan authorities to make the
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migrants stay in shelters and deportation centers as comfortable as possible. well european politicians are trying to decide how to seal off europe pope francis has called for solidarity. the only reasonable response to the current challenges posed by migration is solidarity and charity. a message that is barely registering in political deliberations. nor the white rhino is so close to extinction that only high tech options can save us this week there was good news a team of scientists based in germany announced a major breakthrough in reproductive research a could ensure the rhino survival. it's research that could secure the future of
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the northern white rhino just two of the animals are alive in the world today both of them female. the last surviving male died back in march that means the subspecies of rhinoceros is doomed to extinction unless pioneering new test you first allied sation techniques can save the. scientists at the life in its institution berlin say they're now one step closer to the goal they've managed to produce hybrid rhino embryos in the lab which combined the sperm of the northern white rhino and eggs from its closest relative the southern white rhino this is for this is breaking new ground nobody ever dared to do this kind of procedure before to have done it three or four times we'll have a better idea of where we are and. the scientists hope the hybrid embryos will lead
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to the birth of a healthy cow using a southern white rhino as a surrogate mother. after the last the next step is to create pure northern white rhino embryos with eggs from the two surviving females. extracting the eggs is a risky procedure but the scientists are confident they can do it successfully. and ensure we're not seeing the final years of the northern white rhino. extraordinary story let's go through it with professor roberts this is one of the team of scientists at the vet's institute who's working on this project welcome to w. . some of the basics given over to the male northern white rhinos are already dead where did you get the right of sperm that if used. started about ten fifteen years ago to look into reproduction and for a last. was and one of them it was not stores and at that time the room about
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thirty animals left in the congo and only ten in the months left in europe and there was concern about their fertility at the time already so that's when we started to collect sperm and look for their first saw and not unfroze the sperm at the time they spend that used to create embryos now it was actually frozen for fifteen is ok and how viable then is it given that it's been frozen for fifteen years and you had concerns about facility well the viability was not great for us because any of those those that we looked at her not really in the right breeding condition but once it's frozen it stays at the same more or less at the same ability as it was before for his so now you have rhino embryos. what's next and so the. big item is of course to transfer the embryos back into into other female and get a pregnancy and get a life calm warm from this embryo transfer and eventually then do the same thing
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with an ovum i find those that are left in kenya the two females that are still living there they are infertile which means that they cannot get pregnant anymore but they still can get offspring and terms that way use their eggs cells creates embryos with sperm that we have frozen ten years before and these embryos that we create in the lab that we put back into a surrogate mother to trade and all the white rhino baby so how long should they stay i mean. we know that this sort of technology we seen it used i was going to have every day in humans how is it so much different in the rhinoceros say it's very common in the human is that twenty thousand babies born from i.v.'s every year just in germany and. it's the technique of the board story seems.
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abundant but to transfer this knowledge into a two thousand animal that's the that's the secret of it you have to worry about stimulating the ovary to be ready to collect the the exit you have to actually have the material to get to a to the off to the egg which is in a two two centimeter follicle that you have to locate was your needle that actually aspirated and get it out into your test tube. it's the massive size of the animal that that is the challenge after all and it's interesting i was reading that the conservationists have not been entirely enthusiastic about this that there are some who object in the objections come from. the small numbers that are there that are still living so the two there's two females and then we have sperm frozen from from four males and that's not a great number of what but what there is too is that there's cell lines from
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another thirteen animals frozen in the united states and also frozen in europe from which we heard that in the future on the scientists group might be able to produce also sperm and eggs and create from these lines also amber has and there's been other species in the past that had similar critical numbers arabian oryx had fifteen animals like for that ferret were sixteen animals and now we have fared this eight sales and almost living living again of the states and it can be done but the objection from the comes of age this was that the saying things like you shouldn't be interfering with nature. and yet again there is a very successful examples where a conservationist have interfered with nature saving animals from extinctions that are all almost extinct the california condor for example there were only i think a less than less than thirty left and they were captured from the wild reproduced
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in captivity and the thought of fishel means two and now there's again over four hundred flying over california and dozens. i think just to look at the pure numbers is not an excuse to say we lay our land hands and to and rest and do nothing well with us thank you for talking us through the very interesting professor robert from the limits institute thank you. well this day is nearly done but as ever the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter at state of the unusual show they've got years hash tag. after a good day. of
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