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the monster entry. twenty two. this is due to the news coming to light from berlin another giant folds the world cup in a tournament full of surprises brazil are i'm spells of heaven deployment took at the box and fired the ball into the neck to help inspire him to advance to the final four we'll show you what happened and find out what's next for them to. say that the boys trapped in the flood his cave aren't ready for
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a risky underwater evacuation gas crews are told thing as water as fast as they can while engineers try to figure out alternative rescue options and letters to their families the boys tells us it's not to worry. i know it's on a welcome to the program well it was a while nice after well called and russia which has pushed powerhouse brazil ives' of the tournament at the quarter final stage they lost to belgium two one there to make some sense of this tournament so far we're going to cross over to ali moody who's joining us from tsotsi to slice of another quarterfinal match tonight ali tell us how did it brazil end up heading home. a football is a crazy game is now and sometimes that brazil has such a talented side and they've been so good defensively as well in recent times and
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yet against belgium they were the architects of their own downfall to some extent scoring an own goal to hand in the advantage and then leaving themselves foxy open at the back getting belgium the chance to extend their late let's take a look at the highlights now to see exactly what all that meant on the pitch. a game that started on the wrong foot for brazil when fearne a de mayo deflected the ball into his own goal the thirteenth minute one nil for the belgians who could now do what they like most breaking on the counter kevin to brian i didn't think twice when he doubled the lead for belgium at the half hour mark. i no chance for the keeper allison and now brazil really had an uphill battle to fight. ten minutes into the second half and the referee took center stage after gabrielle she's zeus' style in the six yard box the unanimous verdict no penalty. brazil did pull one back those three
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were not zero zero zero gusto in the seventy sixth minute and neymar had his moment too but belgian keeper t.-bo courtois denied the brazilian star deep in injury time i tell him to brazil one and the next footballing superpower crashes out of this world cup. so seeing plenty of highlights there for belgium and of course low lights for brazil ali how exactly did the out and crush the brazilian funds train. well this belgium side is also very skillful and they certainly had enough to capitalize on those brazilian errors i thought kevin the brilliant in particular was very good at driving the ball forwards away from his defense taking the pressure off them and pinning the brazilians back likewise the captain and as i thought he gave a little master class in keeping the ball under pressure again taking the pressure off of his defense and frustrating the brazilians basically as well the keeper we
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saw a very good performance making a couple of great saves to keep belgium in the late and then there's that great football variable luck you need it sometimes to get past a tough opponent belgium got that luck first early on when she goes silver the brazil defender hit the post from point blank range and secondly i think a little bit maybe with that penalty decision too sometimes is what you need belgium certainly got the bounce of the ball last night and that combined with their talents was enough to take them through their through to the semifinals and they're going to play france because france beating your guy too narrow so are the team to beat now only. well certainly they gave another good showing against the ago a very stubborn ergo i saw it i thought this would be a really big challenge for them but they overcame it in the end quite comfortably you're going to say usually very solid in defense but a clever free kick from one greaseman getting roughly over on the chance so i think it's going to france and then again keeping our greaseman again to the fore and
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foot on them as marriage is not able to keep out as short as he really should have done to be honest for once they are probably the best team left in the tournament but as we saw from belgium they will put on a real mighty tough challenge in the semifinal i think a lot will be saying that the winner of that semifinal will be the champions in twenty eight same with the other side of the draw being notably weaker but france possibly the favorites now but still with a huge hurdle to overcome in the semifinal in belgium absolutely as well sweden play later as the quarterfinals continue but the game all of russia will be watching i assume will be russia again through a chair right there and saw today in another quarterfinal what's it like there and can russia surprise again do you think well we've still got quite a few hours to go before the game starts but already a few people are turning up here on the promenade in sochi to enjoy the good weather ahead of the game a lot of the russians i've been speaking to since the spying game last weekend has
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still been kind of struggling to believe that russia has has come this far and still for up struggling to get swept up in their success as some people certainly really really getting swept up in the in the. but you know russia still really rank outsiders in terms of talent and i think a lot of people still see it that way let's take a look now at how the country's been preparing for this huge semifinal here on a story at the fish stadium in sochi. russians have gone football crazy at their home world cup and now fans hope their team can pull off another upset and beat croatia in the quarterfinals whatever happens president vladimir putin figures perceptions of russia will have changed because of the tournament. he tens of thousands of people came to russia from various countries it's them who are creating this wonderful festival atmosphere in russia. i'm sure the overwhelming majority of people who came will leave with the best feelings and
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memories of our country and will come many times again. because you know. barring out of the competition now is the last thing on the minds of this resilient russian team but the game in sochi will be anything but child's play. boast one of the best players in the world and. i'm previously reached the semifinals in one nine hundred ninety eight. twenty years have passed and no one has managed to emulate but i believe in this team and i believe we can do better than a ninety eight with a little luck and several other things falling into place i'm certain we can do better than first. croatia staying cool as they plot to end russia's dream. but it's been a tournament full of surprises and i think is possible at this stage all over moody in saatchi thank you for your analysis and let's just
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take a look at england and sweden pre-game we're going to have an intriguing quarterfinal in samarra a physical game is expected with both sides strong at the back and adept pieces. gareth southgate has reason to smile before his side's game against colombia england had won a world cup knockout match in twelve years they've never won a penalty shoot out there already breaking records and they want more. we want to keep making the history and we know that. it's not since ninety nine two that we were in a world cup semifinal so. we hugely ambitious that want to do that england face a sweden side have been rock solid at the back all tournaments their coach is preparing his side for a rough encounter. and the scoop was football has developed
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a great deal just as swedish football since the one nine hundred seventy s. but what they still have an english soccer is the heart and the spirit and the energy type of soccer i've always appreciated. but there's also something new about english football genuine belief the further england go the more hope the fans allow themselves i never thought in my lifetime i would see england win the world cup i think we're very very close so far south cade's team has been under no pressure and benefited from the freedom it remains to be seen how they'll perform now that england expects. british prime minister treason may has won the backing of her divided cabinet for her plans to trade with the european union after a break says following arris of close talks to her country residence north of london the capital is agreed to seek a free trade area for exports goods bush not services london also wants to curb
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european migration to britain the european commission has spoken the u.k. proposal but says it still needs to assess whether the deal on offer is workable. and high authorities are warning that the twelve children trapped in a flooded cave are not yet ready to attend a dangerous underwater evacuation rescuers say that they need more time to teach the boys have to dive crews are also exploring other options involving fewer risks above the surface pressure mounts to get them out before rains intensify the boys themselves say that they're holding up just fine messages from underground the trapped boys have sent assurances to their families don't worry about me i miss all of you wrote one with others asking for fried chicken and not too much homework. their football coach to send to note apologizing to the boy's parents divers brought the letters out through the narrow flooded passages they
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continue to deliver air and supplies and keep the boy safe but after the death of a former tiny navy diver no one can ignore the risks involved thirty eight year old salmon to none was honored in a ceremony on friday he had successfully brought tanks of air to the boys and their coach but he lost consciousness on his dive back. it's very risky think about it a navy seal just passed away so how about a twelve year old kid. it is for that reason the local governor has said crews will wait as long as possible for the rescue operation he said the boys weren't ready to attempt a difficult journey at and need more diving training. it's been two weeks since the twelve boys and their coach became stuck on a muddy ledge in tampa. for relatives to the wait is getting tougher
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over the news and it is still dangerous to come out of your. weather i'm worried he's never dived but can swim a little right now. fears are mounting over dropping oxygen levels in the cave heavy monsoon rains are imminent and could cause water levels in the cave to rise to dangerous levels rescuing the boys is becoming more and more urgent. for more on the story we're joined now by journalists a minute if every who is following us for us in the thai capital in bangkok and meet the rescue mission suffered a dreadful setback after the death of one of its diverse what are the latest developments in this rescue operation. yes well the latest what the head of the rescue mission said earlier today was that they're racing against time
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and they're also racing against as you said in the report there heavy rain is expected in the next couple of days probably beginning tomorrow or on sunday so rescuers now are deciding when and whether to take boys out but they are still being given diving training some of the boys there is young as eleven and they come to even swim and so imagine trying to a scuba dive their way out of this very narrow dark flooded cave complex the head of the mission set today that they're looking at maybe in the boy's out in the next three to four days before those heavy bunsen rains really lash down. so my experts say it would be best to wait until the end of the rainy season how likely is that option. well there are many options or at least three or four that rescuers are considering and that is the option to keep them inside the cave for what could be three to four months is really one of the last options that rescuers want to use
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. that would mean waiting until probably october but many are saying the boys shouldn't be kept out of there. that it's best to find a window to get them out when watching levels inside the cave under control low enough perhaps even for the boys to wade through or swim through ok and briefly amy heavy rains have been forecast for the weekend so what does that mean for the boys well we understand the boys are ok where they are there is an elevated edge on the cabins inside the cave but what it means for best you were just trying to bring those supplies is that water levels could rise and and rescuers will have to keep pumping that water out of the cave ok that's you know if every talking to us there from bangkok and thailand you very much for bringing us up to date. and that's it for me for now you are watching detail the news coming to you live
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