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this is due to the news coming to light from britain and it's all about the hopes of a nation at the well called in russia and take on sweden for a place in the semifinals of the three lions looking to end sixty two years of growth called courage to post russia are also in action today against croatia when looking ahead to the folks noxious. and rescue officials in thailand say that they're approaching near perfect conditions to fuck you make the boys trapped in the filters cave crews are pumping out water as fast as they transit for monsoon rains receive the take to talk to him torture in thailand to the nations on the
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rescue operation. i'm on a welcome to the program well there's more great matches on the menu at the world cup today all eyes will be on the host laser as underdogs russia take on the golden generation of croatia in the quarter final stage of the sports correspondent oliver moody is in saucy to break down for us. it's another huge day for the host nation a quarterfinal here in sochi that nobody thought was possible before the tournament and many are still struggling to believe russia in terms of talent are still the underdogs is a very strong side with the likes of luka moderates and even rockets in midfield and talented attackers like even paris sit and mario meant you could up top but russia has been the underdogs throughout and the atmosphere generated here in the
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host nation has managed to carry the team forward and produce some really brilliant performances from the likes of atoms and of course ego arc in favor of the hero goalkeeper in the penalty shootout against spain is sure to be a fiery encounter here at the fish stadium in sochi and however it turns out the host nation can be proud of the performances of their team. and for that much england meet me in an intriguing quarterfinal in a physical game is expected with both sides strong at the back and. gareth southgate has reason to smile before his side's game against colombia england had won a world cup knockout match in twelve years they've never won a penalty shoot out there already breaking records and they want more. we want to keep making the history and we know that. it's not since nine hundred ninety that we were in
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a world cup semifinal so. we hugely ambitious that want to do that in england face a sweden side have been rock solid at the back all tournaments their coach is preparing his side for a rough encounter. in this group and it was football has developed a great deal just as swedish football since the one nine hundred seventy s. but what they still have an english soccer is the heart and the spirit and the energy that type of soccer have always appreciated. but there's also something new about english football genuine belief the further england go the more hope the fans allow themselves i never thought in my lifetime i would see england win the world cup i think we're very very close so far south gate's team has been under no pressure and benefited from the freedom it remains to be seen how they'll perform now that england expects. a wild nights at the well cup on friday thought powerhouse brazil knocked at the tournament at the quarter final stage they
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lost to belgium two one the red devils are to reach it their first welcome semifinal since one thousand six. a game that started on the wrong foot for brazil when fern and dino deflected the ball into his own goal the thirteenth minute one nil for the belgians who could now do what they like most breaking on the counter kevin to brian or didn't think twice when he doubled the lead for belgium at the half hour mark. i no chance for keeper allison and now brazil really had an uphill battle to fight. ten minutes into the second half and the referee took center stage after gabrielle's zeus' style in the six yard box the unanimous verdict no penalty. i brazil did pull one back though through were not zero zero zero gusto in the seventy sixth minute and neymar had his moment too but belgian keeper t.-bo courtois denied the brazilian star deep in injury time
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i tell him to brazil one and the next footballing superpower crashes out of this world cup. a president's fate means the semifinals that be contested by four european teams for the first time since two thousand and six as alien fans of course didn't take two outs the last is what some have to say that. their hearts broken you know i think we're still dealing with a wow box still you know it still means something because in the end we need goals we need to score goals. name out of a mob just a little you want a boy you know have all grades or be a really legend you have to play football you didn't you just core there were only six you made of these world cup was made of red or gold off the field they were the player that has no faults. brazil fought the good game but better
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was the better team and so we are you know in sports has always won that win and brazil was that was there this time. after the face of brazil the red devils the made france in the semifinals the thought or let's abuse be zero by by two goals to nail there were plenty of files in the first half disciplined or in times of need so creech coffee for uruguay and respond then took the resulting street added home by rail and the great defender up on the second half three times out still holds france's lead it's relatively tame distance after it was conned into the national you're lying keeper for him and. that's your sports for now and have a look at some of the other stories making news around the world. in japan at least thirty five people are dead after record flooding in some areas dozens more are
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reported missing a week of heavy downpours has triggered landslides and cause rivers to burst their banks across western parts of the country over a million people have been evacuated and the forecast calls for more rain. syrian government forces have recaptured a strategic southern border crossing with the jordan potentially reopening a gateway for syrian exports to our of countries rebel forces have controlled the us with crossing since twenty fifteen in recent days the government has made big gains in the area with rebels in the province of agreeing to surrender. british prime minister trees the maze divided cabinet has given its backing to her breadth of plan they says her plan would see britain enter a common european market on goods but not services once it exits the e.u. she won over her critics during a marathon cabinet meeting at her country residence it's
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a rescue officials in thailand have said that they're approaching what they call near perfect conditions for evacuating the twelve children trapped in the floated cave they're now hoping to extract the group before new monsoon rains cause water levels to rise and oxygen levels to sick further while above the surface pressure is mounting to get the boys soon they themselves say they're holding up fine messages from underground the trapped boys have sent insurances to their families don't worry about me i miss all of you wrote one with others asking for fried chicken and not too much homework their football coach too sent a note apologizing to the boy's parents divers brought the letters out through the narrow flooded passages they continue to deliver air and supplies and keep the boy safe but after the death of
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a former tiny navy diver no one can ignore the risks involved thirty eight year old salmon to none was honored in a ceremony on friday he had successfully brought tanks of air to the boys and their coach but he lost consciousness on his dive back. yes it's very risky think about it a navy seal just passed away so how about a twelve year old kid. it is for that reason the local governor has said crews will wait as long as possible for the rescue operation he said the boys weren't ready to attempt a difficult journey yet and need more diving training. it's been two weeks since the twelve boys and their coach became stuck on a muddy ledge intamin cave for relatives to the wait is getting tougher over in use and it is still dangerous to come out for your amber alert. for the i'm
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worried he's never dived but can swim a little right now. fears are mounting over dropping oxygen levels in the cave heavy monsoon rains are imminent and could cause water levels in the cave to rise to dangerous levels rescuing the boys is becoming more and more urgent. for more on this story we're joined now by any left over it journalist who is following the story for us from the thai capital of bangkok amy the chief of the rescue mission has said conditions are perfect for getting the boys and their coach out of the case in the next few days so does that mean then that an operation is imminent. yes well the chief has that changed his mind for one day to the next yesterday was saying that the boys are still not ready to leave the cave they were still undergoing diving cheney and this morning he said that the
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conditions are perfect to take the boys out but there are several factors that they're keeping into consideration one is of course the monsoon rains which are supposed to hit the north of the country next week inside the cave where levels are part of the at their lowest that they've been in several days and oxygen levels are also a concert inside the cave the provincial governor the head of the rescue is now saying they want to take the boys out as soon as possible to minimize risks and they're also taking into consideration the health of the police have been in there now for that to needs they are saying as well that heavy rains are expected in the next few days so what are the chances of getting the mayor's before the water rises well they've been pumping water out of this cave pretty much since the start of the search and rescue operation that they're going to move as a potential governor said they're going to have to do so in the next three to four
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days. chances of getting them out it's not clear at the moment that what authorities do know is that they're expecting heavier rains by monday or tuesday so he could be seeing some sort of movements perhaps tomorrow or early next week ok i outlined some of the risks that are facing these going to me did mention that some of them have actually to learn how to die. yes i think one big factor that's changed this says you operation was the death of one of the navy divers part of the rescue team on friday early on friday there are many risks experts say that these boys i need to pass through a very narrow passages will need to dive for quite some distance. hundred meters or so perhaps even more and they need to have to be diving alone in certain parts of the kid so these are the risks authorities and that the moment and they have to
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consider them very carefully before they decide to where he's from deep inside that a little cave i mean if ever in bangkok thank you for speaking with us. the world famous filmmaker venders describes himself as a director and photo refer it to ok i was in the polaroids while making his classic movie such as paris texas and the american friends there the director has shared a selection of his pictures of roll landscapes film sex and himself in an exhibition here in the german capital burnett. inventors was in his late twenty's a young filmmaker when he discovered his love for polaroid photography and his love for america the land of unlimited opportunities the city of new york in the heady seventy's would become his haven easy for. when i had a bit of money for the first time i lived at the chelsea hotel. but then i ran out
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. and i ended up living at this hotel. only junkies live there of course i couldn't leave anything in my room especially my camera because they would just disappear the exhibition at seal berlin features polaroids then has got his first camera in one thousand nine hundred sixty nine in the lead up to the road movie alice in the cities which featured a photographer as the main character and polaroids have been inventors life ever since when he's not shooting films he takes photos of actors and friends in everyday situations. so a polaroid is valuable because it's one of a kind but it also has a practical value you can hang it on the fridge or stick it anywhere or give it away there was often somebody standing nearby saying oh i'd like to have that. many our time capsules of places that have since disappeared but for vendors a photo is always the beginning of a story. you're watching t.v.
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news coming to you from berlin more again at the top of the hour and don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website that's on detail the dot com that's trying. to. cut. ok who do you think is going to be bullshit. all the mansions all the scores. two goals in eighteen soccer world cup on g.w. .


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