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mean as there are make them visible visible. violence or comes children. you're watching the news line from berlin rescuers in thailand say they're approaching near perfect conditions to evacuate the boys trapped in a flooded cave official fay a rescue could come within days before monsoon rains make flooding even worse this as the children send their families written messages telling them they're ok we'll get the latest from our correspondent. and it's all about the hopes of
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a nation at the world cup in russia. england are aiming for a place in the semifinals with three lions looking to end fifty two years of world cup hurt but solid sweden stand in their way a look ahead to the match and for america as well as russia clash for croatia. and welcome to the program rescue officials in thailand have said they are approaching what they call near perfect conditions for evacuating the twelve children trapped in a flooded cave they're now hoping to extract the group before new want soon rains cause water levels tries all above the surface pressure is mounting to get the boys out soon as they set themselves say they're holding up just fine.
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hope and desperation it's been two weeks since the ordeal began now letters hand written by the boys have emerged from the cave delivered to their loved ones by a diver. in one the twenty five year old coach apologizes to the parents to all the parents the kids are still fine i promise to take very good care of them. thank you for all the moral support and i apologize to the parents. the boys reassure their families some right light hearted jokes. i'm doing fine the air is a little cold but don't worry and don't forget to prepare for my birthday party. if i get out can you please bring me some group or can vegetables. to my
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dad mom and sister i love you you don't need to be worried about me i love you all with efforts to install a phone line so far unsuccessful this is the only way for the two sides to communicate directly. and even more crucial than communication is getting the trap group fresh air and preparing them for the arduous rescue that still lies ahead we'll talk to our correspondent in a moment but first this look at the massive operation involved. rescue teams are racing against the clock they have put pumps into action day and night trying to drain the water from the caves so the boys can get out they also have a plan b. and. we're drilling down from above. we've already drilled holes in more than one hundred places eighteen of those times we were able to break through the rock. one
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of these holes stretches down four hundred meters but still doesn't connect to the boy's location. well. and inside the cave it's getting harder and harder to breathe the boys are trapped in an opening that's just ten square meters there the amount of oxygen is dropping and the level of toxic carbon dioxide is rising even though for days rescue workers have been pumping in fresh air from outside. time may be running short everyone is worried about the return of the monsoon if the rains start falling the cave could flood completely. for more on the story we're joined now by correspondent florian newish who's following the story from the site florian it's good to see you we know that time is critical here for any rescue operation what are the plans at the moment. well it seems that we're actually down from different scenarios to only one so in the beginning they
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said they could either dive the boys out or they could find. them which you could actually drill into the cave but that plan is pretty much off the table from what we're hearing. the helper's have not really been able to find a spot. where you could actually engage heavy drilling equipment they would say they said that even if they found such a spot it would take way too long and that the cave might actually collapse if they start drilling so drilling from what we're hearing is not really an option anymore neither is just waiting it out because as you said oxygen oxygen level had dropped to a critical fifteen percent what we're hearing now is that they have actually installed an aero hose so the oxygen level now it is stable. but.
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actually rising so this option of just waiting it out until the monsoon season is over that could last for months is not an option either so they're left with the diving which is the most dangerous option and we'll just have to wait and see when they will start doing that the most dangerous option perhaps the only one the local governor in charge of the mission says conditions will be optimal in a few days' time to extract the boys in this way but we know that they themselves may not be ready some of them can't even swim what are you hearing in terms of how likely this extraction is. what i think. is a bit of a strange word in this context obviously the weather conditions haven't been as good as they are today in days because it has been fairly drive throughout the for the past three to four days and to how often able to pump out a lot of water now perfect conditions are far from perfect and as you said the
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conditions that the boys are in there are not that great and. that they wanted to start the diving extraction already. go ahead with it yesterday but they found out that the boys were just got in shape to it they're actually getting a bit weaker probably also due to the lack of oxygen that was supplied there now they have stabilized that as i said so they're trying to get the boys into some shade teach them the skills that they would need and just hope that everything. will be ok. correspondent florian newish reporting from thailand thank you very much. now some of the other stories making news around the world in japan of least thirty eight people are dead and it's record flooding in some areas dozens more are reported missing a week of heavy downpour has triggered landslides and caused reverse to burst their
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banks across western parts of the country over a million people have been evacuated and the forecast calls for even more rain in the somali capital mogadishu at least nine people were killed when two car bombs exploded near the interior ministry militant then opened fire on security forces about a lasting several hours followed islamist group al-shabaab has claimed responsibility for the attack. british prime minister treason maze divided cabinet has given its backing to her brands of plan after a marathon meeting at her summer residence may says her plan would see britain enter a common european market on goods but not services once it exits the e.u. more juicy matches on the menu at the world cup today all eyes will be on underdogs russia later as they take on the golden generation of croatia in the quarter final stage you know your sports correspondent all over moody is in sochi to break
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backing down for us it's another huge day for the host nation of course the final here in sochi that nobody thought was possible before the tournament and many a still struggling to believe russia in terms of talent are still the underdogs is a very strong side with the likes of luka moderates and even rockets which in midfield untalented it's like even paris that. top but russia has been the underdogs throughout the atmosphere generated here in the host nation has managed to carry the team forward and produce some really brilliant performances from the likes of. and of course ego act in favor of the hero goalkeeper in the penalty shootout against spain it's sure to be a fiery encounter here at the fish stadium in sochi and however it turns out the host nation can be proud of the performances of that same. now before that match england meets sweden in an intriguing quarterfinal for more on this i'm joined in studio by alema a tacky from r d w sports department it's
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a much anticipated match there's no need to even say that what sort of match can we expect so you know you're not going to get many surprises they will play quite defensively it's not very attractive football but it's practical and it has given them plenty of results so far in the challenge will be in trying to basically breakthrough defensive system and that's actually take a look at how both sites have prepared for the big match. gareth southgate has reason to smile before his side's game against colombia england had won a world cup knockout match in twelve years they've never won a penalty shoot out there already breaking records and they want more. we want to keep making the history and we know that. it's not since ninety ninety that we were in a world cup semifinal so. we hugely ambitious and want to do that england
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face a sweden side have been rock solid at the back all tournaments their coach is preparing his side for a rough encounter. and his copilot was football has developed a great deal just as swedish football since the one nine hundred seventy s. but what they still have an english soccer is the heart and the spirit and the energy type of soccer i've always appreciated. but there's also something new about english football genuine belief the further england go the more hope the fans allow themselves i never thought in my lifetime i would see england win a world cup i think we're very very close so far southgate's team has been under no pressure and benefited from the freedom it remains to be seen how they'll perform now that england expects. a many people have surely placed friendly wagers on this match and the same can be said for two superstars holes about that only not yet so form a screen international is the tiny play him of it he basically on twitter challenge
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to form an indian international david beckham to the following bet even basically if he can get the ybor basically offer to buy beckham denah anywhere in the wood if england win if sweden win of course then they come has to buy him anything from ikea second of course accept the challenge but he did make some changes he basically told look if england win even you basically have to come over to england watch an england match at wembley stadium you have the where the england jersey and of course what's a soccer match without the traditional fish and chips or a spectrum raising the stakes there now the stakes are pretty high last night too as probably anyone outside of belgium was shocked to find that belgium beat brazil what happened brazil met their match everything that had been working for brazil up until that point that the balance in the team the free flow of flowing football the momentum we saw none of that against belgium and let's be honest belgium gave
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brazil and lesson in how to counter attack let's take a look. a game that started on the wrong foot for brazil one furnace denio deflected the ball into his own goal the thirteenth minute one nil for the belgians who could now do what they like most breaking on the counter kevin to brian i didn't think twice when he doubled the lead for belgium at the half hour mark. no chance for the keeper allison and now brazil really had an uphill battle to fight. ten minutes into the second half and the referee took center stage after gabrielle jesus fell in the six yard box the unanimous verdict no penalty. brazil did pull one back those three were not zero zero zero gusto in the seventy sixth minute and neymar had his moment too but belgian keeper t.-bo courtois denied the brazilian star deep in injury time. belgium two brazil one and the next
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footballing superpower crashes out of this world cup. and belgium will meet friends in the semi is france the team to watch now or is this tournament wide open transfer always the team to beat and you know and this is why they broke down one of the best defensive sites at the world cup in europe why they were pinned your followers in the press to have this one on this or proved costly for or why and hungry someone took the free kick which was headed home by defend the train and in the second half they go that's what a beauty is and in the second half agrees man himself double trances lead it was a relatively tame distance attempt but it was pomp into the net by your reclined keeper. so but hey i was tossed out so we have we're not as out messi is out and on now neymar and all the big question is who will be the the star at the world
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cup will it be two cock who will it be harry kane or is now a joke circulating on social media about own goals because the most right own goal is eleven they've been eleven goals at this world cup so yeah he supports correspondent lima tacky looking ahead for us there thank you alina. you're watching the news more at the top of the hour you can get the latest any time on our web site d w dot com. thanks for joining us. we speak different languages we fight for different things that's fun but we all stick up for freedom freedom of speech and freedom of press. giving freedom of choice global news that matters. made for minds.


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