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tv   Pop Xport - Pop Xport Special Robin Schulz  Deutsche Welle  July 8, 2018 4:30am-5:01am CEST

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fish me up today don't miss our highlights. program on line w dot com highlights. welcome to our pop export special this time it's all about germany's most successful d.j. love and surely it's we'll tell you how he rose to fame and take a look behind the scenes of his videos and accompany him on tour. platinum records number one hits global gigs robyn choice is one of germany's most successful musical exports here's a look at the superstar d.j.'s rise to fame. robin
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children song unforgettable went straight to the top twenty on the german shots e.j. hardly appears in the music video. but you can often find him behind the decks he d.j.'s all over the world unconscious get was not his feet. i'm just suddenly you're like the superstar although i'm not a superstar i'm just me say most of them was the only thing that's changed is that i travel a lot and that i also play my music outside of austin brought no. one also. going out there so the secret to help ensure to success has been collaboration is with international standards. like british singer james blunt today he can pick who
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you meet like to work with although that wasn't always the case. of the. film and no name this time when you're no one you can't get someone who's famous for their horns to work with so you do other things like remakes sing songs. and really. the song waves by dutch singer mr probst was released as a purely acoustic track in twenty thirteen. a complete unknown at the time top and shorts remakes of the song it became his breakthrough moment on the track topped the charts in six countries in twenty fourteen and received a grammy nomination. for it you certainly know led a few months later he released a remakes of prayer in simi valley worked on the crik this time his remakes became
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a global smash hit. as it was that i fell in love with both straight away your original is amazing word slow this is the original by the french israeli folk pop group and shows found the song on you tube is what i'm from i just want to turn it into something you can dogs do i think that's what i did. you know now that's what he did shawn says remakes topped the charts in twenty countries on the music video to the song has gone over five hundred million views. so you really are in c.d.'s one of the most successful songs produced in germany that's pretty crazy that means it got bigger than me and as norman wants this look below it was. after the success of his first singles schulz began his d.j. career doing gigs around the world. concept that he was once unemployed and struggled to make. ends meet by collecting deposit bottles. lad. he'd been
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dreaming of becoming a d.j. since he was a teenager i. just lost the first time i was in a club team and i just fell in love straightaway with the music with the people it was so cool and i decided there and then to become a d.j. to. the jenny was tough. for years robin shows how to hustle to be heard now he's at the top and friends with other stars like the french d.j. david guetta so obviously the team to do a track together. for twenty eighteen single child's open shows collaborated with the colombian band the silver and if you know.
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rob and show it has sold over sixteen million copies of his song. price for the stuff. i sort of. i'm not scared about my future sure you always worry a little but i think if you work hard and stay present and i manage to love what you do musically then things will work out. our public sports special on a pub in short it's continues with sun goes down we were soldiers third international hit and the first track he wrote completely on his own the video was shot in finland poland italy and britain. loves to. laugh.
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but they keep. saying is this. new jersey that o'reilly.
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to spotify. every week bob export publishes a new playlist on spotify worth twenty songs paul made in germany. you'll also find a chart toppers new releases and classic hits. follow proper export. insurance
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is a pretty reserved person prefer him to be behind the turntable decks rather than in the spotlight but he does sometimes have to step in front of the camera for the sake of his music videos here's how he manages. his music videos have been keen getting robyn shows his music noticed a little he only at the plays minor roles the clips. sure looks a little. jarring the twenty fifth to his song headlights and just seems swimming pool nothing to be felons briefly. i think some people just aren't cut out to be in the spotlight all the time they don't need to hit every red carpet or joint every celebrity apology stuff just isn't for me i'm pretty normal
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and i want to stay that way. forever in feet was the first song i've been shows made a video for in twenty fourteen. he was playing it cool hip stuff but in front of the camera shine musicians hands down. the burnin shoot it was my first music video a man i was nervous it started super early to we had to be on sets at four am to film the sunrise and we were driving around in this kind of that with a huge dog and me sitting on the back seats waving a flag and we girls dancing. it was cool. but it was also painful. i didn't know where to look. i guess that's how it goes. in twenty fifteen he plays another minor role in the music video for. as a guest at a street cafe. this time in joint. shooting in bel-air
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a small step for the shy d.j. towards becoming a media prey. to . check it out manisha. early and. go buy me a rubber shields. i got that obama walk. got a clip. in twenty sixteen vibe on set for the video heatwave with us rapper khan was pretty relaxed looked forward to it talk about michelle way .
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he still prefers to let others take the lead in front of the camera but rubbing shoulders never used. a voice i only ever wanted to make music and that's still all i want that's when i feel comfortable but i guess when you're famous there are also other things you have to do so you just grit your teeth and do them. to get a film from the twenty seven team as always dropping shells played a small part in the video he didn't need to be the main at the main act in his life his music. you know for some silliness and the video for robin shoots his hip track sugar an american cop gets a little carried away by the muse. the single featuring comedian singer songwriter
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francesco yates sold more than three million units. which. is. being.
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we've got more exciting stories about top and shorts now in the extra segment of our exports special. in the summer of twenty seventeen became the temporary home of robin schultz he was booked as the resident d.j. at. one of the many clubs on the island once a week he would get guests at the famous open and venue moving. had gotten a residency here is super hard it normally only people who've been in the game for a while get that. those who are really top level.
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that. it helps you get more bookings and your face changed too. if you've done a residency only you've made it to this day the d.j. still plays regularly on the big sound. also in a park in lower saxony this is robin shows his hometown he lives had to this very day and doesn't plan to move. when i'm in the car on the way to also brooklyn i always get so happy it's where i can unwind in twenty fourteen muslim books mad. at the d.j. the sinister to me is the nice thing is that i like also broke and also broke likes me it was really special to have my name added to the city's golden book it was a huge honor and. surprise trip.
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i'd recognize my messy school anywhere is this legit this is yeah yeah it looks a little different when i give autographs. grew up in show a style with his feet on the ground. trying to seventeen inches and the world of fashion. collaborated with the label cool as designed by to design a collection. as brand ambassador robin chance was allowed to have a case himself stuff photographer allen funt one bat the editorial. people take on more than when i'm obviously not a model it was a little strange being there with loads of women who were real pros who were really good at their jobs with me in the middle not knowing what to do with me and. everything from the vibrant world of pop music on facebook and. stories
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stars and the latest from the music scene. join us in the universe of pop on facebook send us a message we love hearing from. for his track poke a hole in show it's got british pop star james blunt to sing vocals and in the video for the top ten hit the singer has all of his memories of the love of his life removed i'll catch. fish kill and kill them. it's going to be.
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i mean. where. it's going to be.
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it's going to be. if. it's going to be.
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a headliner at festivals in brazil australia and the us who have insurance is one of the most in demand deejays in the world and the star spends more than two hundred days a year on the road we take a look behind the scenes of his touring life. provincial face always on the range sometimes he's in a new country each day and every gig is something special for the d.j. sound. local guy and you can have a great gig playing for two hundred or four hundred people but you can also have a great gig playing for seventy five thousand people the most important thing is
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that people enjoy the music and dance. for the first just before i start my set i sit on the stairs leading to the stage i take a few deep breaths because i'm always really nervous before making. love in it but when i'm up there and i see the audience then i know they're waiting for me they want to see me. you know then there's the intro three to one. just drop in chill and his fans the d.j.'s responsible friends tending the crowd all on his end and into a d.j. isn't a band. with a band there are several people who are performing so we have visuals in the background. we use those to generate more enthusiasm in the audience. sometimes i like to amp it up a bit more that means a bit more future house or more. kind of sound not necessarily
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a more melodic sound people want to jump around. itself usually at big festivals there's a big e.d.m. act on before me and they go all out then i come on with my original tracks and it doesn't really work that well so i play remakes on my original tracks so if the energy moves. it's not only about the gigs before and after robin schulz makes time for his fans and one of the he's still the same guy you go for a beer with the one who's just really nice to everyone which can be annoying when you go to his hotel room you're like who are all these people and he's like i don't know i'm either. on the seat. always on the road always full of energy. two hundred days in yeah. the life of a jeep can't. seem
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to get lots of gigs in the u.s. then back to europe. south africa places like that. he supposedly ends as much as one hundred thousand euro has played a gig but nothing chills also pays a high price for all that work. because your private life suffers and it takes a lot out of you physically and mentally it can be hard but i didn't want anything else i never imagined it would be this huge but i love it and i'm putting all my energy and passion into. nonstop through the day and night for rob and shields the residents could get along for ever. to wrap things up we'll show you robin shoulders most successful music video. the clip for the
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mega hit per year in c. has been watched almost five hundred million times so enjoy and we'll see you next time pop export. time and. time. to take. time to. enjoy. the time. to come up a new. plane
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. land. the be. some. time.
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surely. the be. the more female i am and. feel the be. going. to. be.
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able to. come. close to. me. me me me me me me me me. the fraternity of people in communist east germany it was official policy. but the reality was often very different to. the foreign workers could be threatened. and even killed. and the authorities turned a blind. racism in former east germany a fifteen. earth
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