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tv   Sarahs Music - A Mi Maestro  Deutsche Welle  July 8, 2018 11:15pm-11:30pm CEST

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so you met this to rescue the rest of the greek the whole thing off the ration of enough. you're watching the news plenty more coming up at the top of the hour of course you can always get the latest on our web site as d.w. dot com i'm an hour frame but end thanks as have a new company that's easy. to fasten your seatbelts. legal. just so. you. lose again. travelcard w. . he takes it personally
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are you ready with the wonderful stories that make the game so special. for all true fans. because more than football. but you know come back to there is music today i mean some to go to chile a very long way away i've been invited here to take part in a very special concert conducted by the venezuelan conducta gustavo dudamel this concert is a memorial concert for his beloved mentor and maestro antonio. antonio up a tale is a musical legend. he was the founder of el sistema the new education program which
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changed the lives of hundreds of thousands if not millions of venezuelan children most from very poor backgrounds as a stamen has now been copied in countries all around the world. is my most successful product of his now taken over as the head of el sistema. maestra passed away on march twenty fourth two thousand and eighteen aged seventy nine. dollars here in santiago working closely together with the chilean national youth orchestra and the orchestra for this special memorial concert is made up of them and also musicians from the bergen fellow monic vienna philharmonic los angeles philharmonic get aboard symphony orchestra and twenty musicians from the scene.
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from venezuela have come here specially to take off. when we play the strings from the company where the it go it's not the blood on the stomach or chaff you know. whatever. whatever.
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you know to. beat up. back what he said they're going to. say. what is it like to be here in this orchestra. with all these players from chile from all over the world and i guy from the audience i want to yes. i want to tell me. what i know they said you know they're there for a mark but don't get on so nobody know how to put it on me so i went away i will do what i am up and they'll mostly go there on the form of the god of the form have been sadly i like it when i go out but i sat on their family so it's fantastic
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experience is like a big family already so now for me way up in them i stole some of them and they but this is what my so up here wanted that we musicians feel like a big family time and their talents were not in my thought oh some before where they may have known have all had that i thought i was here always i myself thought i was he got it wrong that i leave you for a second so. there was sort of like you know it by that i was sick of what i said one of them said no and i thought of more he was like a musical father for you all seem to be. numbers when i. get i'm hitting the. economy to. him into the awfulness young bit of coming in. to pursue i mean the guilt free. bull or the mass got to. the bit of the bit i mean to extol the night your report about a lot of it when saying out of the idea they moved because i don't like the last of my style the most a couple of us how do you playing trumpet. since many years believe or you grew up
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in a system of what did my strawberry all mean for you young that is when musicians you're going to meet parents or pets on a level reflect all they see in three million in your head told by east if they might get a i'll bring my throws antonio a brindle a porter to me they are there they moved there yes i only will into all of it going to when it's right. on gustavo we're in chile unbelievable thank you for inviting me please thank you for being here this is an incredible event the chance to get. together with friends
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and to share you know to share the beauty of music you've chosen a program for tonight that it's pretty good on the limit fire a huge beethoven seven and before you said they were your maestro some of his favorite pieces absolutely yes but they were favorites pieces you know we love to do but the in seventy says. spirit to music before but i remember one of my first tour with the national children or took us from a conducting was one of the tightest take off before the first band that maestro conducted me was take off before the first tour of the eighties with. long before in the last day i remember i was in london i caught a master and i said i have this feeling i have to calling i have to claim i called and then what he was nice and before as
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a matter of just did with the vienna philharmonic. and all that is my favorite piece he said and he he was we were talking about everything and then a few days later he. he took the train. to do the next step yes to heaven but to the next step because he's here he's more present than ever you know every time that we play every children the place an instrument this connection is made by him because he made me a conductor he gave me the opportunity i arrive to conducting the lean into different places so we are connected because my ass for half the vision in all of this is him that we remember. full of. full of life. john for ever because he seen every child that has the chance to play an instrument .
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work will happen to all these fantastic children in this wonderful program and sustainment how is this being continued somebody asking and when. in the future if you are not here anymore what is going to happen see and he said that the children. that the sensor. then you understand the children it is crazy to say that point is true you know because. music director often sistema for
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example i was a child in a system i was one of the children but it's not locked in your toy. but at the same time these children there we teach all our children and they will keep that fire all the time my life because they know it's part of the system isn't it that the children very quickly after learning an instrument they have to media little they have to share this moment that we are leaving just now talking about stem and the future is not only these two concerts this experience will stay in their life for ever and they will turn to their pupils and the people's will tear to the bit so we cannot imagine how far these dismissals from we are rife because that is systemic similes spread embracing more and more and more people have to ask the question which everyone wants to know why are we doing the memorial concert here in chile and not in venezuela because this is so much that every everywhere you know it means that. project that now spread out around the world we want to
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play all the time. here in chile where so connected and i'm sure this is not the only one where we keep all of these around the world because the. same i was born in venice and spread around the world. today we are about to play the concert we are going to play. we hope you enjoy it we're looking forward to it see you next time good bye i don't.
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city. to.
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