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i am. indeed i am serious. business d.w. news live from girls land a murder inquiry launched in the u.k. after a woman exposed to a soviet era nerve agent dies dong sturges hambledon item contaminates was no we charged her death in the town of salzburg comes just four months after a former russian spy and his daughter were attacks there with the same nerve agent we will go live to the u.k. for the latest. also coming off the trade offs in the u.k. as the government's top official board to go shopping it's divorce from the e.u.
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resigns david davis steps down after a scathing attack on embattled prime minister theresa may his departure fueling the turmoil within the government and raising the prospect of a potential leadership battle plus four boys are out and the state today the high risk rescue operation in thailand restarts to get the remaining eight boys and their football coach out of the vast flooded cave system with fears of rising waters of the clock is ticking and all the action from stage two of the tour de france it was decided by a sprint to the line peter sagal did you just say i'm not to seize victory after a massive pileup then doubt the field. i'm sara kelly welcome to the program britain's prime min. recent may says that she
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is appalled and shocked by the death of a woman exposed to the soviet era poison. police have opened a murder investigation into the incident forty four year old dawn sturgis and her boyfriend became ill two weeks ago in southwest england not far from where a former russian spy and his daughter were poisoned with the same substance earlier this year london has blamed moscow for that attack which has been described as the first chemical weapons used in europe since world war two. and for more let's go to london where did up you correspondent erica mass is standing by with the very latest good morning to you bear good we just heard there that dawn sturgis died in the hospital on sunday we also understand that her boyfriend was exposed to the agent as well do we know how he is doing. well the official line is that he is critically ill in hospital however media is reporting that he is stable he is wasn't as bad here factored as his partner so that there is
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hope that we'll hopefully survive this attack. police meantime have launched a murder inquiry what comes next. well yes a murder investigation doesn't really change of the actual wet that the police have to do because for the people of salisbury for the whole country really it's important that the police know finds the most likely a vial that the couple would have handled it's. left over from the actual attack of the screen but what the police doesn't know is where would they have come across the sides amend we know that one hundred counterterrorism police officers are going to salisbury be the m.p. for cell three has described it this morning on the british radio as a looking for a needle in the haystack because they could not unfortunately os. she was not in a good enough condition to to ask who were out what she did what the whereabouts of
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her went and we don't know if the police is actually able to get any information out to other for apartment still critical oh so they're really trying to find out where it was now with regard to the political aspect it's interesting because we have a nato summit and the question is whether the u.k. government is going to turn to its allies in order to ask for help to offer support with regard to russia because the u.k. is clearly blaming russia and now it's a murder investigation so it does have to also the political has the political angle really yes it's another step up i would say massive london thank you. and we would like to say in the u.k. now where prime minister to resign may is facing fresh charm oil in her cabinet with the resignation of the most senior official in charge of negotiating the country's exit from the european union on his way out brags that minister david davis accused prime minister to resign may of undermining brags that with her plan
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to keep close trade ties with the bloc his resignation comes just two days after may's announcement that her government had finally reached a consensus on a divorce deal with the e.u. the british cabinet gathered last week at the prime minister's country retreat outside london top of the agenda ending the infighting between hardline bricks it is and rival pro europe ministers mission accomplished set to resume a on friday. the cabinet has agreed to all clips of position on the future of our negotiations with you and offer you a proposal will create a new free trade area it was a consensus which only just lost it over the weekend. breaks it minister david davis was very much a hard line davis clashed frequently in publicly with his european union counterpart michel barnier a despite political positive spin on the strained relations.
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to unite says. the devices. so undoubtedly be challenging times ahead of us in the negotiations and we will do all we can to ensure that we deliver deal in the best interests he told citizens explaining why he quit david davis says he fears to reason may's approach will leave the u.k. in a weak negotiating position with less than nine months to go until britain leaves the e.u. this high profile ministerial departure will be seen as a significant setback. now let's get a quick check of some other stories that have been making news around the world authorities in turkey say the death toll from a train accident in the country's northwest has risen to twenty four more than three hundred others were taken to the hospital for injuries the train was headed toward istanbul when it dave railed n b a to care dog region officials say that the
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heavy rain caused the brown to wash away under the track. in haiti violent protests over fuel price hikes have entered their day protesters looted and vandalized shops and set up roadblocks in the country's capital port au prince on sunday the government suspended its planned price increases but there's been no let up to the un brassed. the japanese government says that at least one hundred people . dead or presumed dead after heavy rains and mudslides in recent days rescuers dug through mud and rubble bracing to find survivors tens of thousands of emergency workers have been deployed to help more than two million people were ordered to evacuate their homes. and in thailand the rescue operation to free a young football team from a flooded cave is set to resume today a team of international divers will guide the next group of boys through four kilometers of dark and at times tight passageways on sunday the first four boys
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were distracted from the cave and taken to the hospital details of their condition have not been released the elite divers now have to replenish air tanks placed along the route before they can continue it is a six hour journey from where the boys were trapped to the entrance of the cave the team spent nine days unaccounted for before they were found perched on an elevated shelf. and correspondent florian nash has been covering this story from the very beginning and he is near that cave complex in northern thailand good morning to you florian what more can you tell us has the rescue operation resumed. but we're still waiting for an official notification that the second phase of the. of the rescue operation today has resumed we don't know that yet but media reports are coming in from
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colleagues who have seen for example a truck with a navy seal divers that have gone up to the cave again all within the last hour or so we're assuming that if they haven't already been resumes already was zoomed in the operations will resume very very shortly now tell us a little bit more about why there has been this positive because we know that the the other four boys they were extracted already yesterday so why has the team waited to conduct this next phase of the operation. well as the chief of the rescue operation you explained to us in his press conference last night they said they would have to wait ten to twenty hours before they could go in again full ones because they wanted to give the divers who actually got the boys out a chance to rest they wanted to use the same divers because they said they would be the best suited for the dog they know what it's like. but they also had to
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replenish the oxygen tanks and that must've been dozens and dozens of oxygen tanks needed for this rescue operation they also needed to up the oxygen level within the cave itself with this air hose that had been brought in already a few days ago so this is why it has taken so long but we're still well within that timeframe of ten to twenty hours before the second phase would begin tell us a little bit more about the first phase florian because as we heard four boys extracted there they are presumably still in the hospital and yet we don't know their identity why have the authorities withheld that information. while they have been tight lipped all along so it is very difficult to come by really definite information so i nobody really is surprised but it's also
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a matter of privacy right so they are on names that are flying around on the internet even pictures of some of the boys neither one has been confirmed so we just have to wait and see for an official release we don't even know all their conflicting information whether the strongest of all the weakest four have actually been taken out so the original plan that is what we were hearing was to take out the strongest boys first just to set an example to boost. morale but apparently the australian doctor who had examined the boys said no we should do it the other way around we couldn't wait any longer with the weak boys they have to be taken out because their conditions inside the cave would just get worse but this is still speculation we don't know which voice came out we only know that all of them are in the hospital the provincial hospital about sixty kilometers from here they're being treated but they're in overall good health. to debbie is florian nash with the very
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latest from that cave rescue operation in northern tyrell thailand thank you so much for bringing us up to date. for one year ago today the battle for most all came to an end with the iraqi army recapturing the country's second biggest city and finally pushing out the so-called islamic state group of jihad ists one year on the city is still in ruins and hundreds of thousands of people remain displaced a team of reporters went to mosul to talk to residents who have decided to return to their devastated and dangerous homes here's their exclusive report. this used to be a city shops homes this used to be west and most of. the rubble is strewn with d. king bodies and unexploded bombs. that i have to cut dad lived through fighting she and her family spent two weeks in the siege in their home
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directly opposite the famous a new remus that's where titus hit from the international coalition the coalition bumped the city around her. ok little guy is nothing and no one was spared i was death and bombs and explosions everywhere it simply didn't stop it was awful i got out in the future. they fled but it was no where else to stay they soon had to return back to their ruined neighborhoods to the two rooms of their house which were still intact now they rarely venture out fear of the munitions scattered all around them keeps their family at. the end there are still loads of shells lying around the house opposite was destroyed and they found something there a mortar grenade or something that had gone off yet. that. explosives
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expert mark while barton has been in many crisis regions but he says mosul is something you. they have found many bombs grenades mortars and thousands of booby traps that i as left on their retreat. they've been very well built but on an industrial scale it's not solved just. a few people building the pay even though this is being sort of an industry to to build them to the scale and this amount this was as she felt hospital it was a modern clinic until i turned it into the headquarters. the search and clearance team work through it by hand piece for piece meter by meter the u.n. mine action service has sixty people in muscle it's nowhere near enough to shot it
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to the eye yes hidden explosives so well that if you're not extremely careful you don't see them but if someone goes in somewhere where we haven't been yet and doesn't look out very carefully they can get blown up york is a lot center for your body. as more people return it becomes more urgent to clear the deadly explosive still hidden in the debris or at least to mark which areas are safe but none of this is happening fast enough the remnants of the bitter fight for muscle are all of the place. because it was ice this is final stand war what we have found here is a lot of suicide belt this is been without a doubt the sort of main threat here. this is what he's talking about is who said belt among the rubble. if you move around the corner if you tell everyone but where around the corner we move out of the danger zone in case it
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blows up it's soon clear. the belt had to be packed with metal ball bearings to maximise damage he couldn't clear a street one day but then we're going to go back the next day because people find things in their houses they shouldn't move them they do and then we have to re re clear them the u.n. estimates that the cleanup of muscle will take a decade but the residents don't want to wait that long they are eager to return to their homes. but every shelf of the rubble the risk setting of a booby trap rebuilding their homes is fraught with danger. says she's happy that people are coming back to western mosul she hopes that each returning families will increase the pressure on the international community to help them rebuild their city.
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the semifinal match ups of the world cup are sacked and the four remaining nations are setting their sights on the matches that can launch them into the final it is an all european affair from here on out france will battle belgium in st petersburg on tuesday and croatia will face england in moscow on wednesday and we can cross over now to moscow where our world cup correspondent oliver moody is standing by with the latest from those nicky stadium and that stadium that we can see there behind you it will host the final in under a week's time as we just heard but russia are no longer in the running having lost that nail biter on saturday night against croatia of course how have the fans there been taking it. well they say it's the hope that hurts the most in the end russian fans had no hope at the start of the tournament they were built up and then of course cruelly so it's a difficult one for them but that hasn't stopped them from recognizing what an
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unlikely achievement this is for the russian team the russian fans turned out in the tens of thousands to welcome the team back to moscow here after their loss to croatia in sochi. i think there's a real recognition despite the disappointment that russia has massively over performed at this tournament and given the fans moments to cherish at their homes or them and so they're very proud of that very grateful the fans i want to talk a little bit more about russia because we know that russia doping there are two words that have gone hand in hand in recent years for all the wrong reasons and that's what we need to ask this because the country really performed spectacularly until they were eliminated at this tournament in light of what has happened in the past can we read anything into that performance. yeah this is where it gets a bit tricky isn't it i mean we're only four years on from the sochi winter olympics where russia dominated in part with a huge helping hand from massive doping program
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a program that the russian authorities repeatedly denied was state sponsored despite widespread evidence to the country particularly from whistleblowers like gregory rowe change of who actually ran the lab in question. and the denials from russian authorities i think of allowed key figures to stay in positions of power like for example then the sports minister now the deputy prime minister of russia who was believed to be complicit at least in the doping program to the point where the i.o.c. actually banned him from the olympic games for life he's still though the president of the russian football union so i'm sure russian i think today including footballers would say that it's not fair to judge them on the crimes of others but the fact is the russian authorities have been has plenty of reason not to trust them ok so a dose of skepticism there in moscow oliver moody reporting on all of it for us thank you formula one now and sebastian fettle has taken the tenth race of the
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season the british grand prix he got past britain's own lewis hamilton who actually started the race in pole position. sensation in silverstone right from the green light surpassed in fact it was ferrari flew straight into the lead while a slow start for lewis hamilton was made even worse when can be right commands ferrari sent him careering off the track a time penalty for the fin and a long way back for the brit federal established himself at the front door and by mistake destroyed the foul terry protests with the end approaching vettel had dropped down to second behind us with novelty and reichen in third and fourth fettle pulled off this plucky maneuver to regain the lead with five laps to go and he had gone to meet crossing the line first the only disick and ever time at silverstone hamilton and reichen and rounded off the podium the race was a great crowd. yeah i think really a race that i enjoyed
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a lot that the the people enjoyed a lot so yeah but it amazing day. that's all now has a cushion of eight points over defending champion lewis hamilton at the top of the driver's standings. cycling now and slovakian writer peter sagal sprinted to victory and stage two of the target false the wind gives him the overall leader's yellow jersey the race to the line saw a mass crash that eliminated his nearest rival and here's how it happened. the tour headed inland for stage two waving through one hundred eighty three kilometers of french countryside to veteran silva shover now it was his eighteenth tall and he broke ahead in front of cheering home fans but after one hundred fifty kilometers the packet caught up again as the peloton entered lower rush to y'all for the final desh the pace increased with the sprint specialists' just sling for position chaos
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struck just before the finish line with a massive crash taking out a number of riders including the yellow jersey holder fern and. that left the leading pack to fight it out the podium finishes amongst themselves slovakian pits a soggy tally and sorely carrboro only an hour of france in the final sprint. with this stage victory saga and also claimed the yellow jersey as the tools over old leader. the turkish president type heir to one preparing to be sworn in today investors are watching and monica jones has the story and a whole lot more and a whole lot more sarah exactly investors are watching because they're wondering what to expect as added one takes on expanded powers in his second term in office not take his economy has struggled since the attempted coup two years ago which raised questions about the country's stability the lira has tumbled and growth has been propped up by government spending and on sunday another eight hundred thousand
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public servants were fired accused of threatening state security they could be the last casualties of the state of emergency in post after the coup because no one has pledged to lift it he's also expected to give a speech after the inauguration in which he will outline his vision for the economy . china's biggest take company ten census it plans to spin off its music streaming service on a stock exchange indian ited states the operator of the platform says it hasn't decided on how to its plans to sell a ten cent music in a filing to the hong kong stock exchange where it shares traded it said the deal had been given regulatory approval that music service counts more than seven hundred million active users. and shares in another chinese take china and shower me took a tumble as they made their highly anticipated debut on the hong kong bourse but
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a lot of their way back to just under the offering price at the end of the day the long awaited i.p.o. has been overshadowed by trade tensions between china and the united states and weakness in global markets. well germany's powerful industries facing the car industry rather facing the threat of higher you as duty as washington last month threatened to impose a twenty percent import tariff on all e.u. assembled vehicles the u.s. justifies the thread by pointing to you live east on us cars but on the w t o rules the e.u. can't just lower tariffs for the us it would have to reduce them for all w t o members it's complicated but what makes us car imports so expensive well let's take a look at but i'm a hyphen where american vehicles are important. these cars have just arrived from the us but before they can clear customs and bring them there brake fluid needs to be removed it's considered toxic waste in the e.u.
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taking the liquid out costs two hundred euros per car and it's not the only expense when importing u.s. vehicles. as it once you've got the maritime transport with all its costs packing unpacking handling customs clearance then you have a ten percent levy on the purchase price and the maritime transport and then nineteen percent value added tax on that total price plus the retrofitting. friederich count often lived in the u.s. for years and has close connections to car dealers his company doesn't only handle new cars but also classic models for enthusiastic if the paperwork is ok importing them is no problem. just some years we have forty percent new cars sometimes sixty percent the rest is from ex-pats or used cars. the small firm imports about one thousand cars per year the vehicles have to be retrofitted to comply with the
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regulations so they can pass technical inspection. the us cars often lack fond lamps and separate yellow turn lights moreover there can be no yellow blue or red lights in the front of the car. and try for good these stripes still had yellow lights this morning i had to take them out it's not allowed in germany parking lights always have to be white. the retrofit can be tricky the company even developed its own switching relay to make american and european technology more compatible most u.s. carmakers don't have the european market in mind in germany the best selling american car is the ford mustang which is still a nice product. for today a german car with a v eight motor one hundred thousand euros i guess the v eight ford mustang costs about forty five thousand euros that's a huge difference. and believes neither the one thousand euro retrofit nor the ten
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percent duty prevent customers from buying american cars the vehicles simply don't cater to european tastes. and here's a reminder of the top story we're following for you british police have launched a murder investigation after a woman exposed to the soviet boys snobby children died in hospital the mother of three boyfriend weeks ago close to where a former russian spy and his store poisoned the same substance earlier this year. from berlin wall coming out of the top off the hour get you can always say get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website that steve thanks for joining us.
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julan lake constance the monastic island of i should now it was once an important religious center until the monks left the island. their legacy was preserved and no death feeling it was nice to give. the benedictines have returned to the monks legacy. next morning.
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