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imagine the storms. in the eighteen soccer world cup on t.w. news. this is it every news life from berlin shock resignation british foreign secretary boris johnson calls it quits these the latest high profile member of prime minister teresa mayes cabinet to abandon her in the midst of growing grapes that turmoil throwing the british government into disarray we're live in london and brussels for the reaction also coming up more boys are rescued from the flooded caves in thailand they've been rushed to the hospital where they are said to be in good shape meanwhile teams of divers have been working to bring out those still stuck
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inside and mosul used to be a vibrant city full of shops and homes but one year after its liberation from the so-called islamic state it's still in group as we bring you an exclusive report from iraq's second largest city. in a very a warm welcome everyone great to have you with us some leyla iraq we begin with breaking developments in the u.k. where the government appears to be in turmoil foreign minister johnson in a bombshell move has resigned he is expected to make a public statement in the meantime prime minister theresa may has confirmed the development comes hot on the heels of the resignation of brags that minister david davis the british cabinet has been bitterly divided on how to move forward on an e.u. exit strategy just on friday the prime minister secured a hard won agreement from her cabinet and now it appears to be in complete disarray
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in an address to the parliament's theresa may thank the two ministers for their work but she was repeatedly heckled. all right so we're going to have that for you a little later on for now let's take you to bear it must she is in london where she's tracking all the developments for you was good to see you better get to because she survived this this crisis. that's what people are asking themselves here in london it's becoming increasingly difficult for her to lose one important cabinet minister david davis is one thing but then also to lose the foreign secretary particularly also in this where we've got a western balkan summit here in london we've got the nato summit coming up president trump's visit to a really important week and to spend that week without a foreign secretary or having to appoint somebody really new we have seen the murder investigation and because of nobody talk it's not a good times week to lose
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a foreign minister and the question is how many other cabinet members of house does she really have behind our office going to follow this is going to be the crucial question that will be entries amaze mind that's the thing of course might we be seeing a vote of confidence happening in the near future bereket. well that could well be the case we know that people are challenging boris johnson have been challenging him to instigate that however we need forty eight over own party to ask the chairman of. the committee to instigate a vote of confidence and it's not clear that this is yet the case that the numbers are there but people will be will be thinking about it and it's you know it brady it could come any moment i think it depends a little bit on if other cabinet members are resigning or not right and she's come under fire not just from her party also the leader of the main opposition party the
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labor party mr coburn has also had some harsh criticism for i suggest that we take a listen to what he said exactly in the pick up our conversation from there. the prime minister postured with red line after red line and now as reality bites she's backsliding on every one of them we were also given commitments that this government would achieve the exact same benefits and free and frictionless trade through the now those red lines of fighting and the team the prime minister appointed to secure this deal for our country have jumped the sinking ship. jumping the sinking ship i mean he's got a point there she is she she seems to be standing all alone what's next for her now what can she do. well she really needs to stand by
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this course that she has she has developed and that she has presented to the cabin the last week and she has concluded that she wants a softer break said which is something that is closer to the e.u. than a lot of fact cabinet members who campaigned for bricks it wanted but she cannot backtrack on this however the pressure is on many saying that she needs to get away from this sort of record in order to retain her cabinet or that would be open wolf however this is occurring this is a conclusion of a policy had to take and go a long time to this so i don't think she actually really has the realistic option off of backtracking on it she can really only hope that there are enough conservative m.p.'s who are backing have vision of a soft self directed and who want to prevent britain from really just crashing out of the european union damaging business this is what a lot of m.p.'s would fear bigger most reporting from london thank you so much for that we want to get your reaction know from brussels because with the brics
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a crisis is deepening we've already heard now from the president of the european council. he put out a tweet saying the following the politicians come and go but the problems they have created for people remain i can only regret that the idea of brigs it has not left with davis and johnson but who knows. about reason standing by in brussels wishful thinking. absolutely done a castle in the last months had to develop a sort of sort of big quit because things have been dire in the european union this is absolutely the worst point in time to have another government crisis in london and sort of stopping the negotiations in their tracks just one small or because we have the upcoming nato summit that is dangerous politically for the for europe and for the rest of the world we have the meeting of trump was we have rising populism
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within the european union we have the refugee crisis that hasn't quite been resolved politically so there is sail much to do and breaks it just is not the divergence that the european union does not need and so everybody is very quietly quite angry about things happening that are happening in london now indeed not a very auspicious start of the week for prime minister may i mean she is fighting the battle of her political life as we speak right now how worried is the leadership even to go shooters where you are about her being distracted this way. what the negotiators here say you officially is of course we will talk to whomever london sense but they know that this is utterly pointless as we've seen in the last months if there is not a united government and united cabinet in london behind these talks because
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whatever has been agreed so far it can be completely moot just a few days afterwards and so the hope is that the learned the government in london will consolidate and will finally come up with a unified course and the the next injuries that of course the proposal trees are made made for is somewhat soften for x. it is not something that the e.u. in her terms can just agree on many things in there have to be changed around and they have to really be negotiated in detail this is just not something this is not a blueprint that the e.u. side could just sign and say we're happy with that that's not possible too many contradictions are in there so it might yet be the case that further breaks and negotiations could bring her down at a later point this is an incredibly dangerous political game and everybody sees it was dismay and there seems to be no way out barbara basic reporting from brussels
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thank you. all right like to bring up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world. spain's new prime minister peter sanchez has met with his cattle and pro independence leader kim torah for the first time it signals an easing of tensions between madrid and barcelona while catalonia is still pushing for independence son jesse socialists has taken a softer stance than spain's previous conservative government but it's still opposed to catalonia as independence. and the us supreme court has upheld its death sentence for three men convicted over the gang rape and murder of a woman on a daily bus back in twenty twelve the defendants were tried under a special fast track court after the woman succumbed to her injuries following the brutal assault make a spark nationwide protests against abuse of women. the japanese government says at
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least one hundred twelve people are dead after days of heavy rain and mudslides rescuers have been digging through mud and rubble racing to find survivors tens of thousands of emergency workers have been deployed to help and more than two million people were ordered to evacuate their homes. in thailand the head of the rescue mission working to free a soccer team and their coach from a flooded cave has confirmed that four more boys have been freed and that brings the total number of those rescued to eight the children have all been taken to the hospital after spending more than two weeks trapped underground and officials say the rescue operation is now ended for the night they also say the four boys and coaches left inside the cave are still in good health. and our correspondent florian issue is near the cave complex in northern thailand where this lifesaving mission is underway florian a former boyles boys pulled out of the cave what can you tell us about this.
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well just a few minutes ago there was the official press conference that everyone had been waiting for and so it is really officially confirmed that those eight boys are not just out of the cave but in the hospital the last boy was taken there about an hour ago. it was confirmed that today's mission only took nine hours as opposed to whilst yesterday's which took eleven hours so in this quite lengthy press conference do officials praised the rescuers for having learned from experience from yesterday's experience so that everything went more smoove lee. and at the very end they were asked about the conditions of the health conditions of the four boys that were taken out today and unlike yesterday when those same
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officials didn't hesitate to say that they were all in overall good health today the same official said don't ask me i'm not a doctor so this was something quite remarkable it might be an indication that the health condition of these four boys are not as stable but we don't know anything official i mean this is such a treacherous rescue mission how confident are the dive teams that they will be able to save the remaining boys. well i mean those officials exuded a lot of confidence and they've raised the international corporation so especially those british and american rescue divers they've played in the central part in the rescue and everyone there were at least five officials on the panel everyone thank those international efforts praised said it was working very smoothly this was a prime example of what can be achieved when international work together so they
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seem very. and that we will actually see the end of this don't sing rescue mission five end of tomorrow so we still have to wait for the four other boys and the code so five in total that are still trapped inside the cave are really hoping and praying that movie them out by tomorrow encouraging signs indeed to ever use a floor inertia or porting on the cave rescue operation in northern thailand thank you. and while there is relief for the parents of the boys who have been rescued other families are desperately waiting to hear when their sons might be brought out safely along with the rest of the nation they're tracking every step of the ongoing rescue operation and praying for its success. their ordeal has gripped the country the success of sunday's operation has fueled hope for the remaining team members trapped in the cave. those who can't help directly send prayers. well i know i'm watching the news every day.
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i want to read about them as if they are my own kids. i hope they come out safely. and keeping up to date on their situation from afar i want to send more support and i pray for them all to be safe and to come out to soon as possible. it's an agonizing wait for relatives of the group this family was informed that their boy was one of the four rescued on sunday. and i was wondering if he'd be all right i told myself he will be all right i knew but i didn't say it out loud i was worrying too but i kept my feelings quiet has been a while since i fluffed. but authorities refused to publicly confirm the identities of those freed out of respect for the families who sons are still
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trapped. with the whole world seemingly fixated on the plight of the football team the governor has vowed to shield the boys and their families from the media spotlight. you're watching the news with so have a lot more to tell you about including the presence of tyra to one of turkey is sworn in for a second term this time with enhanced powers under a new constitution but the nation remains deeply divided we'll have a special reports from istanbul. and mosul used to be a vibrant city full of shops and homes but one year after it's a ration from the so-called islamic state it's still improving as we bring you an exclusive report from iraq's second largest city. but first more on that bombshell resignation of britain's top diplomat which is having a ripple effect on that country's currency it was a shock for investors as well they'd priced in something completely different for this news came in the news of boris johnson resignation assent the pound sending
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more than half a percentage point against the euro stock market reaction has however remained muted british pubs welcomed the industry friendly pop plans for brics it may have outlined its last week's check is made to the prospect of a softer exit with the u.k. maintaining close trading ties to the e.u. seemed to meet the demands for more clarity from businesses among them box about whether those plans seeking to inflict minimal economic damage can stay on the table has now become an open question. and last how to is tracking the market reaction for us laws the pound is all over the place right now davis resigned down off the johnson what's the thinking behind these movements. well i guess what see it this way when we heard off david davis resignation in the morning there was of course just a wonderful story of one hard line of getting out and maybe the market was just thinking wow cool we're getting
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a softer exit maybe the likelihood of that has just gotten better now as we see it first of all davis of course being replaced with another hard liner and johnson out what we're seeing now quite honestly sounds just like chaos in the government and we do know of course we have another nine months until britain is dropping out of the e.u. with no trade deal in sight so there's a lot of uncertainty a lot of in securing the markets and of course that in the end just had to take its toll all right to bring you in on this next story as well chinese premier league young is in germany to meet with chancellor angela merkel the leaders attended a forum on economic and technological cooperation china is one of germany's top trading partners and both countries have similar ambitions when it comes to the future of manufacturing the german strategy is called industry four point zero which smart machines to find the next step of industrial development it's the blueprint for china's made in china twenty twenty five program which has come under
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criticism from u.s. president donald trump following claims of ten. so now suddenly europe and china being buddy buddy but china's been criticized in the recent past for shopping for german firms with valuable intellectual property so how is this latest move to buddy up with europe going down in germany. it seems that it's going down very well of course we have to be a cautious here because the last couple of years the transactions that we have seen were pretty much one sided we had chinese companies come in and buy outright german companies with intellectual property as you mention but now it does look like the two sides are coming closer together in maybe equaling out their trade and maybe creating a more level playing field we saw that today with announcement of about twenty to thirty billion euro worth in trade contracts that have been signed and that is not
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only one way chinese companies investing in germany but it does also go the other way round to the s f is a very good example here in terms of what's happening now what the future might look like because the a s f now for the first time is investing in a plant that it can build by itself so with out a chinese company being involved as well and so we're coming a lot closer here in terms of being equal trading partners we'll just have to see if they can maintain the quality or even reach it in the first place not how to thank you very much for following that for us three hundred million euros makes a pretty big pile of cash but that's how much cash the iranian government wants to withdraw from a german bank the cash will be split into several consignments and flown to tehran on several different aircraft for obvious safety reasons the iranian government fears that they will be cut off from their cash reserves outside of the country after a new u.s. sanctions committee falls so that withdrawing the money that was held by the
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european iranian trade in bank incumbent german regulatory officials are now looking into whether the payout is legal it would be the largest cash payment by a bank in german history. and now we're going back over to pull him out an extremely divisive election result absolutely thank you so much john yolo because we're going to turkey now we're going to type one has been sworn in again as president it comes after his sweeping victory in last month's election but in the last few days thousands of civil servants have been fired for allegedly having links to terror groups critics are ever accuse everyone of using the state of emergency imposed after the failed coup two years ago to target opponents turkey remains deeply divided over his policies and his intentions as you know we use you leon reports from istanbul. the president's likeness is everywhere across turkey reject typed out one thing to she can thank you for his reelection which had
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made him almost all powerful head of state out on is now president party leader and head of government rolled into one he can hire or fire ministers and some senior judges to solve parliament and rule by decree is powers of virtually unchecked but one thing hasn't changed he is running a bitterly divided country and that is particularly evident here in istanbul. the district of s. in the for example is an arab one stronghold most of those living here are pious and conservative almost seventy percent voted in favor of the president and people are happy that he remains in charge. he's a source of pride for us that he represents us well on the world stage he's our leader you know because. our president has done what needs to be done so far and i'm sure he knows what the path forward is. to do that so much we've been so happy
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since the elections that gave us is our country is going to make huge progress and god willing our future is going to be bright. buz in the cutty kay district of very different many young people live here students artists most of them opposed. the prospect of him ruling for at least another term scares them. when you see that a whole generation grew up in the air one it's going to be another five years and i'm sure after that another five years he's imposing his education system is idiology on us that's not good. doable she's not my president i see a dark future we don't know what to do we have no hot jobs we have. those of you who knew me out of school i'm too tired of talking about democracy made them
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barf we still know what it is but will our children you know. the problems that turkey faces are far from over surging inflation high youth unemployment the war in neighboring syria the president has promised a solution for all these issues but his biggest challenge after old maybe how to reconcile the deeply polarized society. exactly year ago the battle for more so ended in the iraqi army recaptured the country's second city and finally pushed out the so-called islamic state group but here on parts of the city are still in ruins and hundreds of thousands of people remain displaced she wus. went to mosul to talk to residents who have decided to return to their home city here's her exclusive report. this used to be a city shops homes this used to be western most of. the rubble is
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strewn with decaying bodies and unexploded bombs that i had to cut there that lived through the fighting she and her family spent two weeks in a siege in their home directly opposite the famous and norry mosque that's where i s. fighters hid from the international coalition the coalition bombs the city around her . nothing and no one was spared there was death and bombs and explosions everywhere it simply didn't stop it was awful a lot often feature. explosives expert mark while burton has been in many crisis regions but he says muscle is something you. know. they have found many bombs grenades mortars and thousands of booby traps that high as left on their retreat. they've been very well built but on an industrial scale it's not sort of
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just. a few people building them even though this has been sort of an industry to build them to this scale and this amount this was as she felt hospital it was a modern clinic until i as turned it into the headquarters of. the search and clearance team worked through it by hand piece for piece meter by meter the u.n. mine action service has sixty people in mosul it's nowhere near enough to shot it to the eye yes hidden explosives so well that if you're not extremely careful you don't see them but if someone goes in somewhere where we haven't been yet and doesn't look out very carefully they can get blown up york is a lot center for your body. as more people return it becomes more urgent to clear the deadly explosives still hidden in the debris or at least to mark which areas
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are safe but none of this is happening fast enough the remnants of the bitter fight for muscle are all over the place. because it was isis his final stand or what we have found here is a lot of suicide belt this is been without a doubt the sort of main threat here. this is what he's talking about is suicide belt among the rubble. if you move around the corner if you turn every one but way around the corner we move out of the danger zone in case of close up it's soon clear. the beds had to be unpacked with metal ball bearings to maximize damage the u.n. estimates that to clean up a fest on muscle will take a decade but the residents don't want to wait that long they are eager to return to their homes. but every shelf it off rob of the risk setting off
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a booby trap rebuilding their homes is fraught with hidden danger. and before i let you go on to remind you of our top stories this hour. turmoil in britain's grigs it seems the foreign minister bars johnson who has quit all that comes hot on the heels of the resignation of the briggs it minister david davis the british cabinet has been bitterly divided over how to move forward on an e.u. exit strategy. plus four more boys have been taken to the hospital after being rescued from the flooded cave system in northern thailand teams of divers have now brought out eight boys in total four more remain stranded underground with their football coach. thank you so much for spending this part of your day with us the news continues at the top of the hour see that.
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i'm going to. grab a problem and off you go. nicole through excessive venturous journey along germany's river and. hillary fighting about what awaits me on the trip the lurd the lamp a talented allentown or along the way i am planning my planners ahead by looking all the way the town called.
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very. much. brown really love elf hitler. or did she love the life he provided for her. she was the dictator's mistress. only an insignificant concert at his side. pursuing her own ambitions.
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