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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 10, 2018 7:00am-7:03am CEST

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in the mind of the people who are the middle people you are the means to place wait for me nelson mandela he's a symbol as to how did it change and instanced their lives. now going on a lot about. them oh my god. yes it was bad that i live maybe if i choose it because they told me what i like i like to handle everybody to be a part of a find us on facebook and on t w dot com. the head of the cave rescue operation in northern thailand says that for more boys brought out of the cave system on monday are safe and now in a hospital a total of eight boys have now been rescued while four more remain trapped inside with their soccer coach. tonight u.s. president donald trump has nominated brett kavanaugh for
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a lifetime position on the u.s. supreme court to the kavanagh serves on the federal appeals court in washington since two thousand and six will face a tough senate confirmation battle as trump aims to shift the country's foreign supporters to the right just. british prime minister to resign may has named jeremy hunt to the post of foreign minister after the resignation of boris johnson hunt had been health minister may's government was rocked by the resignations of johnson and bracks it minister david davis both support a clean break from the european union. hundreds of supporters of nicaragua's president on your watch have attacked a group of roman catholic priests their clergymen had come to help anti-government protesters trapped inside a church in the town of david jamba south of managua more than two hundred fifty people have been killed in violence since the government announced social security cuts in april.
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as the u.s. continues to alienate his school betrayed allies china and europe are forced to run into each other's arms the needers of china and germany getting together to talk business. trevor east to raise the group at all the hurdles to the purchase price we put europeans of american altos. on this global warming causes dog shit i still melts mining shipping on tourism to stockton reindeer herders it's just. i'm funny for sure and this is your business update. china has declared itself the the fact to leave the elf global free trade started pushing his america first policies though the growing
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possibility of a trade war between the two countries china is looking for friends elsewhere so of course cool academic ties on the agenda as john.


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