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new industry. this is deja vu news live from berlin the widow of the chinese nobel peace prize winner lucia boll leaves china to start her new life in europe lou shah is due to arrive in berlin later today after years of house arrest the german government has been pushing for a loose release since her husband died in prison a year ago. also coming up euphoria in thailand as eight boys are rescued from a flooded cave but four boys and their soccer coach are still trapped and rescuers
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are now racing against the clock to save them after eighteen days underground look at the latest. and culture makes a play for history of the world cup in tonight's first semifinal don't fight it out with their neighbor france for a place in the finals for the very first time. i'm sumi so much going to thank you for joining us the widow of the chinese nobel peace prize winner lucia boaz left china to start a new life in europe she's expected to arrive in berlin later today lou had been kept under a near total house arrest with no formal charges since two thousand and ten when her husband was awarded the nobel peace prize for only crime being married to a dissident to calls for democracy angered beijing. she's finally free lucia the widow of the nobel peace prize laureate lucia. for years she longed to
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leave china and live in exile but she was confined to this suburban compound for years under house arrest cut off from the world as if she were a criminal. but she never actually broke the law her only crime was being married to her husband the late civil rights activist china had labeled him a criminal because he advocated democratic change in china. he was already in prison when he won the nobel peace prize in twenty ten he was never released this empty chair at the awards ceremony in oslo symbolized china's refusal to free him. even his wife lucia was not allowed to travel and accept the award on his behalf beijing called her an accomplice to her husband and placed her under house arrest. but i never expected him to win the nobel peace prize and i can't leave the house it's absolutely absurd. even kafka couldn't have written this with any more.
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temperate. for eight years she lived under constant observation she shaved her head in protest and suffered from deep depression if only at the very end of her husband's life was she allowed to visit him in hospital he was in the final stages of liver cancer she remained with him to the end then attended the state's hastily organized burial at sea from the very beginning germany pushed for lucia to be allowed to leave china but beijing downplayed the case saying she would be prosecuted under chinese law. we will not tolerate any international interference in this matter. lucia's lawyer says the chinese government's actions were always unlawful. what's truly
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exceptional about the case is that she can't do anything about her situation. she hasn't committed a crime that has been no judicial ruling handed down so it is simply illegal that they are restricting her movement. after years of negotiations with numerous setbacks new shabbos widow has been released but it will likely take a long time before she can return to a normal life. and our correspondent is in taipei following this story for us i want you good to see you now lucia has left china it appears after a high level diplomatic campaign by the german government what more can you tell us about these latest developments. yes we have talked to some of the grand school has a shop they told us that your shower was last leaving beijing this morning at your
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local time heading to beijing and she was she is chop plane. flights are being air and then are how well are her brother no way it's not allowed to leave china yet but. he was out to see his sister saw this morning and they were sure this time. playing to one of the officials from a german embassy in china according to her friends oh well and the chinese authority officials and then maybe now some of the friends have told us that china's so far they actually have. to leave china at the end of this month all of the all guests are out there and you grocery of their shop or so which is on this friday so many are her friends are some rights that. today we saw in her report the difficulty that russia has been and what role did she and
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her late husband play in china's dissident movement. yes. we have a child boy it's the first time he's the nobel peace prize in two thousand and ten and since then. has being on house arrest almost eight so it is actually seem like all of us are doing over the current situation the current human rights situation in china so i think that's a little set of the internationals so southie and the civil rights has called for her release for a very long hike. today is a sniffing who will answer. all of the oceans repeats. correspondent kong long reporting for us from taipei thank you very much in thailand the final stage of the operation to extract the last five members of
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a youth soccer team from a flooded cave is underway officials have promised that the four boys and their coach will reach daylight in the coming hours divers have already brought out eight boys in the last two days now rescuers are under pressure to conclude the operation before more heavy rain hits the region. rescuers advance into the cave before the next phase of the operation time and the weather are against them four of the boys and their coaches still trapped underground and more heavy monsoon rains a full cost but euphoria over the eight boys rescued so far has lifted spirits. doctors say the boys already brought out shows signs of infection and are hungry but doing well families gathered at the hospital where they're being cared for can only wait for news of those still inside. i am very worried about them i pray for them all the time and hope they all come out safely well.
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there are mixed feelings too for classmates and teachers at the boys' school. i feel happy. my korean followed the rest of them in the camp but i trust in the risk to teach and i think they must do it this boy just wants to be reunited with his friend whose nickname is night. i hope you get back you within a week or so. i want to take him to a restaurant so we can spend some time together. the second day's rescue operation was two hours faster than the first and bringing out the last five members of the group is becoming ever more urgent. florian nish is following the story for us years and he's near the cave complex in northern thailand and joins us for more hi story and so the divers have gone back into the
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cave what is the latest on today's operation. what would seems like a mission impossible only a few days ago now by the looks of it seems to be going like clockwork we have seen just a few hours ago very confident oafish old assuring us that they would bring out the remaining five in today basically or they would at least give everything and even adapt their rescue tactics that they had applied for the previous two days when they were only they had only brought out four so now they're confident enough to go for all five of them and that was really a big surprise because everyone had thought that they would stick to their routine but they said they felt comfortable enough they gained enough experience over the last two days so we're actually expecting all five to come out today and florian there's been a lot of concerns about rain about the weather in that region how much time do the
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divers actually have to complete the rescue. but as you can see the sun is shining now after pretty much to wrench the rain showers all through the night so there really has been a lot of water but we were assured by the rescue helpers that it takes quite a while for this rain to actually trickle down the mountain and into the cave they told us this morning that the want to levels inside the cave have not risen at all yet so it's not really that much of a race against time any more now obviously still a lot can go wrong but we have seen very very confident rescue people here in thailand and for just briefly if you can what can you tell us about the boys who have already been rescued at this point. taken to the hospital how are they doing. that was also good news they said basically all aides that are already in the hospital they're doing fairly well there and overall good condition two of them are
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suffering from minor pneumonia they have all been given antibiotics and there is still isolated stays how to stay in the hospital for one week we were told but they're all in good shape. right to give you florian nish with the very latest from northern thailand florian thank you. not some other stories making headlines around the world u.s. president donald trump has nominated conservative judge brett kavanaugh to fill the vacancy on the supreme court the fifty three year old catholic is expected to be less receptive to abortion and gay rights than his predecessor the nomination sets up a confirmation battle with democrats as trump seeks to shift the nation's highest court further to the right thank you according to a u.s. government attorney only half of the approximately one hundred children on the under the age of five were been separated from their parents will be reunited with them by a court order to state deadline another two thousand older children remain separated
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from their families now the separations came under president trump's zero tolerance policy that prosecuted parents for illegally crossing the border. ethiopian airlines says it will resume flights to eritrea's capital us mara after nearly two decades this comes one day after leaders of the neighboring countries declared an end to their war and agreed to restore diplomatic relations eritrea broke away from ethiopia in one thousand nine hundred three and more than eighty thousand people died in the subsequent war. and a third day of monsoon rains has brought flooding to parts of the indian city of mumbai the heavy rainfall has caused disruption to road and rail links and media are all just say it is expected to continue for another four dates the government has declared a holiday for schools and for colleges. british prime minister teresa mayes trying to reassert her authority within her divided cabinet after a string of high profile resignations over her brags that strategy both her foreign
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secretary boris johnson and brags that minister david davis resigned in protest jeremy hunt the u.k.'s long serving health minister and a close may ally has been appointed as the new foreign minister hardliners entering the maze conservative party fears she is giving up too much ground as the government a go she it's the u.k.'s departure from the european union. for jeremy hunt the latest disarray in the u.k. government means a promotion on steps up from running the health service to one of the very top posts in charge of foreign affairs the. principal job at a time of importance for a country. when the prime minister so that we can get through an agreement with a face to what was agreed by the time of his best and pretty sensible or is johnson will now have to watch breaks it unfold from the sidelines here at first except to the proposal for a soft breaks it agreed by the cabinet last week the prime minister to resign may's
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country retreat but on monday he changed his mind saying the brics it dream is dead . first ago hours earlier was david davis the hardliners supposedly in charge of bricks it he and other right wingers say the prime minister is making too many concessions to the european union i'm worried that what the european union will do if you take what we've offered and ask for more or what for more i think is you've got to be a time or get a bit tougher with them and this should be in the dark. so far the british prime minister has emerged surprisingly unscathed to reserve may's hurried cabinet reshuffle replaces hardliners with pragmatists but with less than nine months until britain leaves the bloc may still has to get a breaks it plans through parliament let alone convince you skeptics in brussels all this is of course all being watched very closely in brussels and we've seen a reaction from the president of the european council donald tusk he tweeted
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politicians come and go but the problems they've created for people remain i can only progress but the idea of bragg's that has not left with davis and johnson but you know. now the first world cup semifinal kicks off this evening we have mark meadows from did a few sports with us hi mark so this is france and belgium and france are the slight favorites going and yes you'd have to say so given they've won the world cup before in one thousand nine hundred eight belgium and never won it and of course there's no players left from nine hundred ninety eight but there is the coach who was the captain that year he's now the coach so he can impart a lot of experience and knowledge and have to say probably in around twenty degrees my friends have the in-form player of the last two years and will football maybe even more so than when i'll do a messy dare i say it so yeah france slight favorites but who are lower east the captain of france and the goalkeeper is a little bit worried by belgium let's take a little as. i think belgium of the most complete team
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in all possible aspects of the game at this tournament is on the phone with us they know how to defend well they know how to attack how to counter attack they're strong in the air strong in everything. which may have everything they need to be a great team and they are a great team. it's a fantastic generation and to beat them we will have to play a great match. yes so he's sort of playing down expectations a little bit there for france is me because who go east and the rest of the french team know how strong belgium are exactly so just how good is this belgian team well if you look at it i mean he said there there are a complete team probably the most complete team in the tournament and they're strikers they're attacking players just phenomenal i mean you've got romelu lukaku kevin the point and even hazard probably three of the best five players in the english premier league which is quite a shout belgium i've also got a little secret weapon cheerio marie who played for friends in the one nine hundred
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ninety eight tournament is now the assistant manager of belgium so his loyalties are confused there but obviously once the team is employed by to win so they're going to get a little bit of inside knowledge on france i mean belgium and everybody's dark horses including mine before the tournament but they really have got what it takes to pull this off and what should be a classic semifinal let's have a look now how strong belgium really are. belgium are just one game away from reaching the world cup final for the first time in their history. the red devils have been one of the most exciting teams at the world cup sending their fans into a frenzy was knocking out the favorites brazil supporters believe their neighbors archrivals france will be the next team they send home i was after this match i believe anything is possible so they're
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gonna win i feel a bit of play against everybody everything so no problem will be them all belgium is a small country as we know. live in a million people living there and we are proud of what we can achieve and we can do as a group i belgium have scored more goals than any other team in russia they have one of the best goalkeepers in t. ball courtois. and their assistant coach french starting area on really knows how to win a world cup. really only euros has won the world cup so for us it's very important . a lot of players look up to him you know because he's a legend in football these belgian players now have the chance to become legends in their own right and bring home the world cup. ok mark two very well matched teams what's going to make the difference here i think it's the experience of the tournament so far belgium had a really tough test against japan of course in the last sixteen they were two no
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down four back to win three to another city had a difficult game against brazil well france maybe haven't quite been tested yet they had a recently tough going to get can start until we know this argentina side isn't as good as it has been in previous years so i'd say that experience probably puts belgium in good stead actually so although france of favorites i'm still tipping belgium. mark meadows thank you very much mark. and to some tennis news now defending men's champion roger federer has yet to drop a set at wimbledon he breezed into the quarter finals defeating france as i know it is a different story in the woman's draw however with the top seeds continuing to fall now that means germany's angela khabar the love of the seed is now behind ranked female player left in the competition as she beat belinda bench in straight sets that the exodus of top seeds plays into serena williams as hands she's through the last eight after a thrashing again yet we're deena williams is
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a seven time champion but only return to action in march after giving birth to her first child time for business news now and is the european union ready to expand again monica that's a big question and that's what people were discussing yesterday and actually still today in london sumi european union representatives have been meeting with foreign ministers of six balkan states in london to discuss their prospects of joining the e.u. the countries include boss nia and her in our serbia calls of all months ago neah neah montenegro by joining the e.u. they hope to generate greater wealth but before the western balkans can hope to benefit from europe's economic strength they've got to do some homework first so are the west balkans economically fit to join the e.u. well that's what i asked analyst. well i think that most of the countries which previously join the e.u. are actually not fit to join the e.u.
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it's a process of catching up and for the countries of the worst some balkan starting point is not that favorable they had a huge wall behind them in the ninety's of the last century so the prime reason for the e.u. to engage with have a simple cause is not of economic nature it's about conflict transformation and about ensuring peace in the whole of the continent so this is the reason why the e.u. is highly interested to have the countries on board quite soon you just sit right at the beginning of your on so that most of the country certainly in the southern europeans would fit economically to join the e.u. is the us strong enough to make the same mistakes all over again i don't think that these are mistakes i think that this is a natural way to deal with something story problems the countries of southern eastern europe already now deeply integrated into the use economy is at the moment seventy five percent of the trade of the six southeast european economies is with
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the e.u. chiefly with german and in italy ninety percent of the banking capital contra the e.u. most foreign direct investments come from the e.u. and remittances from migrant workers and parts of the e.u. are key of the law of the already in place there for instance in the aviation union in the energy union so these countries are actually not outside of the e.u. they are swallowed by the e.u. but not fully. integrated at the moment. there is the population of the southeast europeans is going through this constant three point five percent of the populace so they will not have the e.u. will not have a problem with full integrating this country it's a matter of political will and also whether the leaders of the you see risks the mess that political risks if they take in large amount foster. from the german institute for international and security affairs
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a coffee chain starbucks is the latest corporate giant pledging to eliminate plastic straw it expects all of its twenty eight thousand stores to have switched to alternatives by twenty twenty plastic straws will be replaced by recycling this was a small waste opening customers were conned from go stores will receive paper straws or ones made of a composite of plastic a huge environmental impact of plastic straws is making them increasingly unpopular with consumers. and my colleague last halter our financial correspondent is following that story for us and he's joining me now in frankfurt last what's behind that move is it really all about saving the environment. of course the bottom line is monica that it is about saving the environment but there's a little bit more to it and that is exactly the reason why the policy and straws is rolled out globally in twenty twenty by the little bit earlier in seattle and bank cooper because starbucks has to ban straws seattle and bank hoovers who are the
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first two cities in north america who are banning plastic straws or single use straws and so all the restaurants all the restaurants chains they have to obviously follow if they want to stay in that particular market seattle of course being the home market for starbucks of course this whole thing is making an environmental impact is specially with starbucks having twenty eight thousand stores globally and with sales of cold beverage of course the cold beverage are the ones that you drink with a straw those make up more than fifty percent of total sales by now it was only about a third five years ago i believe that mcdonald's is planning to do exactly the same and they all targeting eco friendly melendez now in the hope to gain new customers . yes that's pretty much behind it it is a p.r. move obviously of course mcdonald's is showing some environmental responsibility here too but generally of course the environmental footprint of mcdonald's is still
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huge their public health record might be dismal but they want to move a little bit away from that image at least they're doing something and they want to do more not only banning just plastic straws but by twenty twenty five they want to make all their packaging a recyclable. out of there with mcdonald's and starbucks in frankfurt to there thank you very much for bring us up to date. well as we have before tonight is the first game in the world cup semifinals and you can be sure that the fans on the french and belgian teams will be out in force waving flags and supporting their colors found the merchandise is a big money spinner and it's flying off the shelves in russia much to the delight of the retail industry. just before ten am a crowd of international football fans has gathered outside going department store on red square to queuing for the feed that sounds official world cup merchandise.
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like to buy the ball i like how it looks it's a cool design these are some caps. to share to. give to children for the kids and my family and. we won the mexican. they might face a bit of a wait only thirty six people are allowed into this small space at once demand is high and so are the prices some shirts cost of a one hundred euro's if that's a bit steep there's a souvenir shop next door that sells russian dolls for just a few euros and some more affordable football merchandise the world cup is a shopping spree for some people and the range of souvenirs is really astonishing wherever the ball goes the money comes to. you but the cooties the guys
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we've got three times more tourists than usual but our turnover has only toppled because not all cost a must buy the most expensive items little spoken about us but others but the motion though in europe. when you somewhere that end game. crush us gripped by well talk fever and it's a boon to the russian retail industry a lot of football fans are willing to splash the cash compare the military world cup as a chance to go to the host nation and to spend money they're lucky louie this time it's russia from shoes to the people who are the most unique. and the longer a team is in the competition the better their merchandise cells. that are we going . are you watching to that we can use live from berlin wall coming up at the top of the hour in the meantime you can check all the latest news and information on our website that stood up in the docs call next march.
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the. final check. sustainability. environmental projects. of globalisation affects biodiversity species conservation exploitation lodhi. human rights displacement. the global uncluttered two of the local
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actually global three thousand next on d w. sometimes get the bodies turned up. but the vast majority of mexico's two hundred thousand missing persons are never found. mexico is in the grip of drug cartels and television. but human rights activists and family members cling to a desperate hope mexicans dying for justice in forty five minutes of g.w. . did even brown really love golf hitler. or did she love the life he provided for her. she was the dictator's
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mistress. was she only an insignificant concert at his side. or pursuing her own ambitions. but certainly no other woman got some close to. the. i found with the full. twenty first on. this week on global three thousand we head to the forests of serbia where happy pigs enjoy a healthy life and provides top quality organic meat how much longer than me to movement is making inroads in china but fighting sexual harassment in the people's
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republic is a risky business. first though we had to mexico where violence is.


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