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tv   Check-in - Castles galore Canoeing on the River Lahn  Deutsche Welle  July 11, 2018 1:30pm-2:00pm CEST

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the seventy seven percent plus for africa charge. nico germany to learn german. language from the greeks why not learn with them online on the mobile and free form of the w z learning course the coast. castle dreamy villages. and a river that unites it all. i meant
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by a blog on the lawn a tributary of the river rhine it's about an hour's drive south of frankfurt i plan to take a new tour around the one valley. i'm super excited about what awaits me on this trip the river the landscapes and that challenges alan counter along the way i have twenty five kilometers ahead of me from via walk all the way to a town called one could. go on the show we catch up with our globe trotter on his adventure and kerry gets to. one of our viewers shows us the sights and sounds of moscow. and we take you on a tour of frankfurt. but
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for now by a book just like many towns along the line this small city too has a spectacular palace this one was built in the seventeenth century and it's considered one of the most remarkable baroque castles of the region. from here i get a great view of what's coming next and heading down to the river and out onto the water. so this is your motor on the level it's a single blade paddle going on stilts public one hand up here the other down here gum place it in the water and roll by there are any typical beginner's mistakes i've never really done this then yet if you go under some low drainage then paddle out backwards is this you don't want to get caught up in the branches otherwise you could cap stocks would. want to get under my best to avoid that.
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for the hard life. your was held on to the boat sit down and that's it. for you at. home i know my god don't you dare flip us over. the years you don't worry just let go it's normal for it's walking it has no flowers it does and it's about. a go ok ok. and because i've got quite the trip ahead of me i've enlisted a little support my producer andrea is has agreed to help me paddle. seem like we're not the only ones who've heard about the beauty of the law on groups of schoolkids keep us company on the first. stretch.
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so much though that we even get into a little traffic jam after crossing germany's only boat tunnel we have to go through a lock. on the other side for peace and quiet the region along the lot isn't just famous for its castles and fortresses it's well known for its beautiful landscapes to. getting back to the castles here is a figure that once surprise you according to the european castles institute there are about twenty five thousand in germany many of them are into going to state anymore but they all still have that i mistakenly romantic.
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visitors come from all over the world to see germany's many castles and palaces. they stand as witnesses to a bygone era. many date back to the dark and mysterious middle ages they were mostly designed us fortresses overlooking rivers or positioned in highland areas. destroyed in fighting some have been rebuilt many times over. most of the consuls in germany are privately owned i've inherited or bought. a council like this one in the west an eyeful region requires a lot of money to maintain. built castle is one of germany's most outstanding gems a genuine medieval fortress that has never been destroyed. tourism provides a key source of income to help with the upkeep there are guided tours. every ten
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minutes the console has belonged to the else family for more than eight hundred fifteen years. to become the book an item sourced on each generation has a duty to pass on the console in a better state than they received it was so obvious so we've worked hard to restore the roof of the windows and do all the other jobs that need doing it. in this way but there's still a lot to do and there will always be was for me and for the next generation if you next are going to upset. the need by listening and console is also privately owned horses going to listen board to the consul and is now restoring it a labor of love the former teacher is investing a lot of money and effort in the project. you do have to be a little bit crazy to take on something like that so. some of the supporting beams in the great hall were rotten and the council was in danger of collapse. so
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germany's monument protection authority came to the rescue along with the local authorities. if it's good invest your money is being invested here to preserve a historical monument because. it's in the public interest of the public funds are going into it but without the owners financial commitment it would have been impossible. without the love and dedication of the consolation as these historical gems would surely being not just. the landscape around the line is truly impressive and as intruders were being carefully observed by the locals came my looks like we have a new friend and. they're not always. oh.
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we survived our first day of canoeing and the reward we'll be spending the night at this riverside campsite in a tiny wooden hut. shows me my home for the night so hopelessly food in the hudson mainly for a canoe or to stay one or two nights and want to have some home comforts nice dogs often come for petition or don't want their tent on the bowings table to both yeah or on a bike at all paula. so step this way. all this is a lot more comfortable than a tent well these are yeah no comparison to your average time to. night is falling on the lawn and the campsite too has calmed down.
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before i hopefully get the well deserved rest i want to invite you guys to catch up with our globe trotter his most recent travels took him to central asia to kurdistan and there he had tons of fun hiking horseback riding and discovering the country's cuisine of course. so mom and welcome to come too which is fine but it's mom's reasons why in this episode we're focusing on the truth which we go to the local life and we're going to the local cuisine. kyrgyzstan is not really isolated by its high you mountainous terrain which has helped preserve its asian culture a country gained its independence a. the nation states after the breakup of the soviet union in one thousand nine
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hundred one. the south attention is on a real character slant. on a horse with a straight. knowledge a horse a steak a well deserved break or we can enjoy the. kool-aid. and pussy here is a true nomad camp this is where people live to have their horses here to have goats and cows over there this is the life that people used to happy in that were actually mountain nomads a sad eighty percent of the country a mountain so they packed up they cam considered up the next really been at what they wanted to. come to kind of call the city which was founded by the russians a strategic location to explore everything which is south east of our call today if
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this strategic location fall out of love us because of its proximity to the highest mountains of the country. it's time to introduce you to go through to the feast for this week you come to the market. and we do it of course we're not here to market. it ok that's right so what we have here is. and it's basically. like chinese muslims live here and. it's also a place about. some target called assault which is basically french fries meat pickles you come bust on your own and again. golly.
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the next stop is the fat cats there's also how i feel like we're going to sit here shortly ok and sometimes like here. i'm doing you know one day trip here with me it's called the yoga looks red because of the village down there it's named snow globes so it's a false record six kilometer. just. this row going to the garbage they. sort of take on the last two. years. you know the thing with hiking for me is. that i always need a good view to make it worth it. and with the program again i would say mission accomplished. and this is it from she gets out resumes.
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here in the countryside along the line it's easy to fall right into a whole new thread that you go to bed early and get up early after all i still have a long stretch ahead of me. all day let's go. on. day two starts just like day one and it's very relaxed not a person in sight just us and the river. of. the serenity on the river really is something else thanks to the current and my co-captain i can take some time to put. my feet up.
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on the lawn you have to pass through plenty of locks and since they're not manned anymore you have to open them yourselves. or wait for help. just open the gate. and keep on paddling. in germany there's a popular slogan good shit was here it's used to describe the places this well
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traveled poet graced with his presence good to an internship here on the lawn while he was in law school and it seems he did a lot of hiking here he was amazed by the quote unquote unspeakable beauty of nature to be fair he was also very much in love at the time the lady in question turned out to be the inspiration for the protagonist in his first novel the sorrows of young. and when i tell you about all of this well because right now i'm going to take you on a long look scourge and to goodness birthplace france and only about sixty kilometers from here is definitely worth a visit and not just for a layover i would say is a report. for time mine is well known for its skyline its banks. but they're also the home of timber town as is the. surround the city hall a building known as the roman. frankfurt is
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a leading cultural center and it hosts the world's largest book fair. the fair was first held over five hundred years ago after you had us good and bad invented the printing press today is that she was just a stone's throw from left of the. function. back in the eighteenth century when good was born from ford only had about thirty thousand residents. but it was the coronation city of the kaiser's of the holy roman empire and as a free imperial city it had some autonomy. it was a center of trade thanks to the trade routes and the trade for those additional have destroyed. their homes where good to was born is no newseum during one hundred thousand visitors a year. the house has been restored to its original with great attention to detail . the famous writer lived for twenty five years this is also where he wrote his
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a pistol or a novel the sorrows of young. yet he wrote that in frankfurt and it was revolution of his isn't hind songs revolutionized poetry and his play good from burleson and also written for the first transform german drama. a few meters from good as house you come to st paul's church in one thousand nine hundred eighty became the seat of the frankfurt national assembly the first freely elected parliament for the whole of germany so it's considered the birthplace of german democracy. time for to mine is also well known for its museums no less than fifteen cultural institutions line the written mind forming the frankfurt museum embankment. it includes germany's oldest museum foundation the shade of. the collection compass seven hundred years of european art history.
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from the fourteenth century right up to the present day. this is fourth one of the when it was founded two hundred years ago in accordance with the will left by a wealthy frankfurt banker named your hundred data he was an art collector which was not unusual in the age of enlightenment. he saw origin as a key part of his role in society. although frankfurt was a free emperial city there was no bishop and no royalty living here. can you just up so it's always been the local people who have shaped frankfurt and to this day this foundation relies on the huge support it receives from the people of frankfurt to and from put up a position. so look beyond frankfurt it's more than the skyline with its banks and office tower as can you find a rich cultural history. i
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have a range to meet me on the banks of the lot he was raised around here and he's shaped the area's development in recent years through his work as a geographer enter as a consultant. and comes with. family and on her way here we saw lots of bikers and paddlers it was all very calm and seemed extremely and tillich is that really what it's like ok so if yes i design i think the lawn is one of the most delicate rivers in germany to explore by boat or by the like ones and that's why so many people come and it remains unchanged you can really relax and slow down from the commotion of an everyday life. ceylon isn't quite as well known as the rhine or the moselle river especially outside of germany do you think that can or should. changer is it
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a sign the way it is. the only one that isn't so obvious. i think it's fine as it is quite well known among the real could knowing exactly as you can see from the number of boat rental firms here and if we can derive obliterates our profile a bit of money cyclists or about enough and we certainly like to become better known for hiking under and most people think of walking along the rhine but i'd like them to consider the lawn to the soldiers who are. under a basket and so what are the challenges for the future you already said you want to promote the hiking trails but what else is on your list. i'm down to forty credit it's this year we want to work on quality control when you market an area for tourism and tell everyone to come then you have to make sure you have the necessary infrastructure you have to have this thing made today areas where canoeist can get in and out of there both. of those places you need. public transport places to. sustainable tourism means ensuring people don't get out in the
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middle of a conservation area and cause damage still a lot to do but it sounds like a lot of fun. obviously absolutely and i love it when visitors like what they see. this bridge and film are and the statue of st john of me are very special they're made of so called lonmin marble which was mined in this area for centuries axel back here is an expert and takes me to a former quarry millions of years ago this was a reef in the ocean the continental drift carried it north along with fossilized sea creatures and sediments. and here you can see this is a coral. reef and this is a sea shell. put around it after me when you're not three hundred eighty million years ago our continent was on the equator then the continents moved and where we're standing now was twenty. greece south of the equator and on this long
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journey away from the equator tectonic cracks developed. there was pressure here you see these regular structures that the stone was under a lot of tectonic stress and then fused together again through cement they would have to go back not like when did people start mining in marble. the first records are from fifty ninety nine we're very proud we can say it was still the sixteenth century and that was the start of the barong era when marvel became popular rule there was a demand for large colorful structures that appeal to the sense of before the business. and i'm saying they realized they could make money here by the seventy three lawn marble was in use around the world at the start of the twentieth century marble from here was used in the empire state building and the moscow subway all over.
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and always on the south this time too were sharing the travel experiences of one of our viewers mari am from karachi in pakistan travel to moscow and as a video of her favorite spot the red square t.v. tower and a boat ride on the moscow check out the russian capital in summer. my
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canoe tour on the lawn is slowly coming to an end the last of the twenty five kilometers under the blistering sun seemed to be the longest. time if there's a local you don't. do the. good thing you can't get long along the line you can always tell where exactly you are by the impressive buildings you come across this is room called castle from the twelfth century it was built in the
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middle ages to protect a river crossing it's a ruin now but still retains its charm and roll goal is also where my tour comes to an end. you know people often say then journey is more important than the destination and this time the journey really was a lot of fun and helped me discover a whole new way of travelling a more relaxed one far away from the train schedules and traffic jams and one that really allowed me to get in touch with nature rather than just passing through highly recommend.
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the for. the be. able. to. come. to.
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the border. to going to mom give us. more i'll feel their full featured begin. to. make sure it must be a bomb intended to. give you the machine be able to mention the ship windows mr trofimov. made in germany thirty minutes long d.w. more. more more for.
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the nationalist socialist on the grounds this may your nazi terrorist group committed ten murders within seven years. the trial against main defendant got to chapter and her accomplices is coming to an end the reports from the courthouse in munich. there were already in the end it's your trial today on details you can use. such a video going to. be sure link to news from africa and the world story link to exceptional stories and discussions from a use of easy to ally with say deputed comes to africa join us on facebook t w africa. sarno just couldn't get this song out of his head. musicologist began searching for the source of these captivating sounds. and found
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that deep in the rain forest in central africa. the body aka people. i knew. nothing else and most electable in the fall is a valuable lesson mostly and why are you willing to lend. money legal costs he was so fascinated by their culture that he stayed close to a local it was only a promise to meet sarno leave the jungle and return to the concrete and glass jungle but. the result reverse culture shock. the cars winning documentary from the forest starts aug ninth on d w.
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this is deja vu news coming to you live from by the name dollar trump lashes out at his mates who advertise. for germany as far as i'm concerned the captives to russia which are standing shoulder to shoulder from russia. launches a stinging attack on germany and says or nato members are taking advantage of america and what this new.


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