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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  July 11, 2018 7:15pm-7:30pm CEST

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semifinal on novak a jock of it sure has continued his recent resurgence by beating japan's king she corrie in four sets the serve was given a warning for throwing his racket into the ground at one point but he's due to his eighth wimbledon semifinal. well rock n roll n nine carrot alpha is up next. frankfurt. international gateway to the best connections of the road and rail. located in the heart of europe you are connected to the whole world. experience outstanding shopping and dining offers and try our services. be our guest at frankfurt airport managed by for.
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being fun being told. his works god is for to know. the munchies and feed. the children just bought twenty two. after. the tit for tat tariff tirade it's taking its toll america announces two hundred billion dollars of counterterrorists counter to china's counter terrorist we should impose on american terrorists confused well we'll break it down for you. schumann's going to ply for business licenses again as the state lift the moratorium is the practice just increasing inequality. this is the double business i'm going to have elf as well donald trump and. exchanging bob remarks over trade at the nato summit
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today trump started proceedings with a broadside against markel asserting that germany was totally controlled and quote captive to russia as the. jacked into a pipeline deal to bring russian natural gas directly to germany americal pushed back insisting that germany makes its own decisions when the two have met later trump told reporters this. we have a very very good relationship with the chancery we have a tremendous relationship with germany. tremendous to be able to listen to the right would be the way to success and i believe that for trade will increase and lots of other things will increase of but we'll see what happens over the next period of people. or a few hours maybe all this while tensions between the u.s. and china have gone up a notch as america announces yet another round of tariffs on chinese imports the
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list of products trump wants to slap a levy of ten percent on its two hundred pages long and contains around six thousand additional products and there are some interesting choices heads and poles of bad as for example bowles sperm is also on the list as well as you want to live e-mails or indeed toilet paper may all sound very funny if it wasn't so serious it's important to remember that we had all these products are companies large and small who until now relied on the vast vast u.s. market to sell their wares be their obscure or very commons it all adds up to over hundreds of two hundred billion dollars worth of trade ball containers are playing up in shanghai and now to you stakes apparently from the u.s. that no one will buy me because they're too expensive since last week trainees customs all thirty's have been searching for meat and so imports from the u.s. and slapping them with terms of twenty five percent customers in supermarkets
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a feeling the effects and the food industry is already looking for other supply is outside the u.s. . but washington insists on china changing its unfair trade practices and opening its economy that's why the trumpet ministration is its trade for on friday america raised its treaties on chinese imports china retaliated with similar tariffs on u.s. imports and now trumpets ordered the u.s. trade representative robert knight heiser to place tariffs on a feather two hundred billion u.s. dollars worth of chinese goods including food and agricultural products the chinese government has called the plans unacceptable. infamously the u.s. is being a typical bully on trade china will take necessary action to protect our legal rights i also want to add this is a fight between you need a truism and multilateralism protectionism and free trade and power and rules.
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china plans to hit back and has filed a complaint with the world trade organization. terrorist counter terrorism counter counter tyrus over a confusing that's some light on it and bring in the economist how to fly specked from the united nations regional information center joins us from zone in switzerland welcome to the show you have said trump is right to be angry at america's trading partners why is that yeah because trump for face is the situation in the united states. current account deficit trade deficit for thirty four years and he's no longer willing to accept it she does something was the other administration you were complaining about but he's acting with the first president is acting as we're just complaining you second but if you look for example e.u. u.s. trade there is certainly a u.s. deficit if you look at goods but if you include services it's actually
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a subclass of yet trump seems completely oblivious to that fact. i think it's not about europe that much he's not complaining about france he's talking about germany it's all about germany because germany really has a huge trade and including services service with the united states so but he cannot deal with germany because germany doesn't have its own traders seem it's all done in brussels so here really is and trouble to to get the right coverage so say can you decipher a strategy behind all of that and if so what is it not some disruption of we'll try . you know it's not knowledge you're you misunderstand it. a person who says deficits and surpluses should not belong to share and free trade and free trade is right and that is trump those people in europe who say well you do whatever you want you have surpluses deficits are wrong the whole idea of free
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trade is not about deficits and surpluses about comparative advantages than one guy has and the other guy but not about absolute atlanta. doesn't deficit reflecting absolute deposits and so far trump isn't principle right he's doing it not very smart i mean he should manipulate a bit the dollar down by thirty percent or so and the whole thing would. be done it's much more effective than all the tariffs up and down again debt it's not it really not smart and sooner or later i think you are realize that there's much credit to get the dollar down better the percentage ten years no problem at all anymore what's the way he could do that getting the dollar down doubt many many ways of bringing currency down the euro you're talking down for the u.s. presidency that you're talking. give a press conference and say well we want the dollar down the trade is would believe that the federal reserve the american said the banks they would remain down i mean
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look at switzerland and other countries many countries have weakened their currency and that's what it's all about to protect their trade and that is what we're term could do and nobody could complain nobody could say oh that's unfair we know the right value of the drug it's all nonsense then you would be out of there of the critic interesting suggest from become a kind of foster thank you very much there were come back. and earlier i spoke to his business correspondent last holiday at the frankfurt stock exchange and he had this to say about the. well first we talked about a trade spat and now we should no longer be kidding ourselves we are in the middle here of an outright trade war between the united states and china now with donald trump's second list out on products from chinese that he puts tariffs on the two hundred page long list worth exports of about two hundred billion dollars there is
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no way to underestimate how difficult this will make things folk lobel trade not only between the u.s. and china but what implications that of course has father countries as well and for markets in general and we should also not underestimate however what implications that has for donald trump in the end because as opposed to the first list of products there's a second to new list of products that will be faced with tariffs that includes consumer products so americans every day americans will start paying more for some china and that will hurt their pocket of course we don't know where this is all going but we know that for sure investors do not like where it's going and we saw markets down in frankfurt as we did of course around the world. you know used to correspond the glasshouse of the owners of small businesses in cuba welcome become truths we authorization of private enterprise after a year long free they can expect tighter controls than before the communist nation
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war is that increasing the role of the private sector has shield inequality mainly because techs of asian illegal employment are widespread. small private enterprises such as beauty salons have to meet in cuba since two thousand and ten when from the president role castro launched reforms to modernize the economy. but many entrepreneurs haven't been watching the rules closely enough tax evasion undeclared staff and failing to pay employer contributions have become common that's why the government start issuing new licenses for some business segments last year now they're authorized thing businesses again but with stricter rules. that helps us perfect our work and to some extent it will end illegal practices in terms of few regulations and other things. began the. other running
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a small business has transformed the life of many cubans for the better the regime fears successful business owners could threaten its grip on power so to keep individual emissions at bay when you rule states that business licenses will be restricted to one person despite stricter regulation cuba badly needs to private sector to revive its crumbling soviet era economy. allen's budget alan ryan absent a council ten percent of its flights to and from island on thursday as it prepares for twenty four hour strike pilots will be the first in a series of planned industrial actions stuff in spain portugal belgium and it's and they will also carry out their own strikes later in the months while i was known for its low cost fast but critics say they come at the expense of good working conditions and fast salaries for staff. stater regulator has fined
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facebook for failing to protect user data it imposed the highest possible penalty five hundred thousand pounds but that's less than what facebook and ten minutes this after the social media giant allowed inappropriate access to the personal danger of almost eighty seven million users the consultancy cambridge analytical the british firm denied the accusations and since filed for bankruptcy. that's all business for now funny that's all we'll have an update for you in the next i mean time to check out twitter facebook friends thank you very much for watching but i.
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believe. entered the conflict zone. it's two years since the pretzel referendum in britain lose and my guess this week you're in love with is nikki morgan a former education minister and now a pro remain conservative m.p.'s why does she continue to trot off a prime minister who has failed so spectacularly to unite the party and the country conflicts so far. to deliver float.
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bowl. xxxix ready who do you think is going to be bullshit. all the matches all the scores. of two thousand eight hundred soccer world cup on d w. sarno just couldn't get this song out of his head. musicologist began searching for the source of this captivating sound. and found it deep in the rain forest in central africa and the lead to the left leg even to the left in the right and the one thing. my live in the set was so fascinated by their culture that he stayed. only
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a promise to his son mates are normally the jungle and return to the concrete and glass jungle but. the result reverse culture shock. was. from the forest starts not w. . it's two years since the e.u. referendum in britain on the ruling conservative party has spent the time fighting and arguing but mainly with itself my guest this week here in london is nikki morgan a former education minister and now a pro remain conservative m.p. why does she continue to prop up a prime minister who has failed so spectacularly to unite the.


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