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believe me before i choose if you call the police for me let us put the pedal where it became a. part of it find us on facebook and on d. w. dot com. this is it every news live from berlin donald trump declares nato a fine chilled machine after a contentious two day summit in brussels the us president boasted of winning in big spending increases from allies and then he flew to britain where he stirred work controversy by suggesting that the british people might not get the briggs's that they voted for also coming up. a moral and legal battle over digital data
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in a landmark judgement a german court rules and facebook must grant a grieving mother access to her deceased daughter's account. and it was a thrilling and historic win for croatia in the second to the semifinal of the world cup striker mario meant to see commensurate siege score theo winning goal against england in extra time his team's two one big change was followed by an endless night of celebration. on little rock thanks for your company everyone. one of nato's most of all to a summit said a long time has ended u.s. president donald trump made a number of strident and highly critical remarks and especially germany but before leaving the summit trump reaffirmed his commitment to nato and said that allies had
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all agreed to increase their budget contributions. nato's general secretary may have the hammer but it's donald trump who set the agenda before the summit he repeated his demand to members of the alliance to spend more on defense after a special meeting at trump's request the u.s. president presented himself as the one who would gain the upper hand. they have substantially up there. and now we're very happy to have a very very powerful very very strong nato much stronger than it was two days ago has the u.s. president successfully put pressure on the others french president emanuel says trump has not threatened to withdraw from the alliance the german chancellor minced her words. i can only summarize this result in light of the changing security conditions all nato members are prepared to make
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their own contribution. germany aims to boost defense spending levels to around one point five percent of g.d.p. by twenty twenty four whether this figure will rise further is unclear. by the discussion of many european allies here and not just the us we must continue to ask how we can contribute further. to trump is visiting britain then he heads to helsinki to meet russian president vladimir putin nato partners will be watching closely to see what unfolds. right at let's find out how this all played out in the us today we are course on the current system is standing by in washington clare good to see you i mean he wasn't afraid to rock the boat and strong arm and nato allies how has this gone down in d.c. with the g.o.p. and with his base. i think foreign policy experts were really expecting the
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worst and even before we saw go to this nato summit we saw u.s. lawmakers come out in support of nato and really reaffirm their commitment to the block and that was on both sides of the aisle not just among the democratic leadership where we saw chuck schumer and nancy pelosi say quote president trying to brazen insults and degeneration scuse me denigration of one of america's most steadfast allies germany is an embarrassment we also saw republicans come out and voice their support for nato including house speaker paul ryan although we did see them actually agree with some of donald trump's criticisms things like the nord stream to russia national natural gas pipeline as well as germany's spending on defense even these republicans people who are part of his party and form part of his base also came out and made very clear that they stand bust beside this alliance that has almost seventy years old and was put into place in the post-war era now the president and the first lady have arrived in britain in the meantime
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a big protests are planned tomorrow to roll out the unwelcome mount is this four day visit being closely watched in the u.s. . perhaps not as closely as the nato summit and what will come next after his after his visit to a britain they're going to talk about free trade and security talks in the u.k. boris johnson is that the two leaders will be discussing military and intelligence cooperation particularly how the united states and the u.k. can work together on addressing threats from countries like china russia north korea and iran we know he's scheduled to attend an official welcome and a dinner with prime minister trees of may and business leaders so although we're seeing protests around all of these events coming up in the united kingdom i think the main event is actually going to be coming after he departs from the u.k. on to his next destination in finland right let's talk about that because that according to many is the marquee event meeting with russian president vladimir
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putin in helsinki what are people expecting from that meeting. well i think the biggest concern is that we would see in this meeting a repeat of what we saw earlier this year at the g seven meeting in canada followed by donald trump meeting with north korean leader kim jong un and that is to say the u.s. president going to a summit of the united states traditional allies and being seen to snub those leaders and then going on to meet with somebody who is traditionally not considered a close partner of the united states in this case the russian president and that he's going to be seen to be there in a capacity where he really wants to put on a show for his base you know trump has said that he wants good relations with russia but it seems quite clear that they're going to be unable to actually address any of the most fundamental issues that divide the united states and russia things like the a legit meddling in the twenty sixteen u.s. elections like russia's support for president bashar al assad in syria it's and it's an explosion of crimea's of people are going to be looking at these issues i'm
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not expecting to see any sort of breakthrough there but certainly to see how president trump interacts with putin and how close he is seen to be to the russian leader. to the reporting from washington d.c. thank you. all right let's bring you up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world. the british government has published a new blueprint for the country's exit from the new regs that minister dominic brown told parliament that the proposal aims to keep britain in a free market for goods with a looser relationship for services the new plans prompted the former foreign secretary and rags that minister to resign earlier this week. the syrian state television says government forces have raised the national flag over parts of darius city that had previously been in rebel hands since the year twenty eleven was the scene of the original anti assad protests that sparked the civil war seven
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years ago the move is a major victory for president bashar al assad. and israel will be stated this video of its forces attacking syrian military positions near the golan heights the country said its forces hit three targets in retaliation after a syrian drone entered israeli air space syrian forces are continuing to push toward the golan an area israel captured from syria in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven. the catalan separatist leader carlos for humans could soon be extradited to spain as after the german court cleared his extradition on a charge that he misused public funds which you all fled to spain last year after attempting to declare catalonians independence he's been in germany since march germany's highest court has ordered facebook to give the parents of the deceased
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user access to her data the couple had been fighting for years to find out the cause of their fifteen year old daughter's death hoping that her facebook account word give them some clues. almost six years ago at teenage girl was run over by an underground train in berlin whether it was suicide or a tragic accidental still unknown the parents shared a drug to get access to a facebook page to find out if the message has provided any clues although they have to log in code the said was blocked as facebook had already memory allies to account after facebook refused to grant them access the parents went to first case and twenty fifteen only for another court to overturn the ruling on the grounds that opening the account would compromise the privacy of the chinos just contacts. in the latest verdict the federal court ruled that the parents can inherit daughters facebook accounts. so they have an. analogue documents like diaries and
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personal letters are readily passed on us from an inheritance point of view there's no reason to treat digital content differently utah. and us to ponder. until now liars and activists advise people to make their own arrangements until such time that there was a final ruling caught on to this i fundamentally advise people to take care of their estate one way to do that is by issuing a letter of authorization which can include how digital data is dealt with in case of death if. not included you designate someone you trust and ideally give them power of attorney. to form up to be given so it is imparted to take care of once did to legacy but not everyone is aware of that and they have a say so we're not going to i haven't thought about what happens to it when i die. or photos are also digital inheritance i now print them off for my daughter and put
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them into a little album on the top on the as open as i will and it's an insert old enough to think about if you have to so not at all no. really just to make the somewhat difficult. topic because i'm personally affected right now since someone i know died in the question came up what happens to their facebook account passivity of his book on. media realized that you'd be deleted. from the new photo but i don't know the federal court's decision quick now said to priesthood and for how jan in the deals with the digital i can see in the future. they use interior ministers have been trying to hammer out a common plan on how to deal with migration at an informal meeting in the austrian city of ins work ministers said they wanted to strengthen the blocks external borders and combat people smuggling austria's interior minister herbert cole is
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pushing for a hard line approach together with his german counterpart or say hoffer and italy's that might they are they are calling for a tighter you wide migration and asylum policies but other ministers have expressed concern about the impact on human rights talks are set to continue in the coming weeks. serena williams is through to the wimbledon final after eight straight sets victory over germany's gore gets the seven time champ cruised past six two six four and williams will now need to actually care kerber in a rematch of the twenty sixteenth final kerber made quick work of the yellen now hasta penco winning the match six three six three in just over an hour is the second time the german has been to the final at the all england club.
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and in fact the football world cup in russia has delivered another thrilling clash croatia beat england in the semifinal and the country is now heading to its first ever world cup final they are recovered from an early goal to england to a set up a final showdown with france on sunday. being limping crew asia under pressure from the get go forcing a foul on dilly dally and giving england their first chance on goal kiran chippy a with a perfectly timed free kick one new for the three lions in the fifteen minutes. it took courage into the sixty eight minutes of break and wins defense even perish it's far more determined to get the ball than carl was one all. and despite multiple chances there were no more goals in the regular ninety minutes the game heading into extra time. in the one hundred ninety minutes marmande you catch with the decider. to.
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score a parish it turned provider jordan pickford in the england goal was without a chance. this young three lions team's dream dashed in the most painful way while croatia celebrate reaching their first world cup final. and staying with football and chelsea have a fire at their italian coach antonio contest for just two seasons in charge according to british media reports or conti guided chelsea to the premier league title in his first year at stamford bridge and won this year's f.a. cup but his future was plunged into doubt after the team failed to qualify for next season's champions league he is expected to be replaced by another italian the former napoli coach sidey. it watching the news we still have a lot more to tell you about including a big victory for. indigenous activists in ecuador as
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a court orders chevron to pay billions to clean up oil spills but the boil company says it won't pay. and daniel winter will have all the details are coming up and i'll be back at the top of the hour. sarno just couldn't get this song out of his her. music ologist began searching for the source of these captivating sounds. and the deep in the rain forest in central africa and the look of a look close able to look like the low.


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