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tv   Kick off - Who will win the World Cup final 2018  Deutsche Welle  July 13, 2018 9:30am-10:00am CEST

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it just brings solutions reforestation. interactive content teaching next generation about environmental protection and we're determined to build something here for the next generation. yes the multimedia environment series on t.w. . football is a simple game twenty two men chase a ball for ninety minutes and at the end the french croatia will win the world cup two thousand and eighteen. hi and welcome my name is coming i welcome to the welcome show number seven it is our last one before the great final of the world cup two thousand and eighteen in russia where croatia has to you balance from us so we have lots to talk about that's true and i'm actually i'm super happy that michael is here i had i had my doubts i had my doubts that you're
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going to show up after croatia and your. misery loves company right now yeah i think you know they broke my heart i have a lot of love a lot of pride for these boys. they went beyond what we ever expected them to do. so yeah we did well now we have a center article because look at the headline harry came you know fantastic striker for the three lions chimed in we'll hold our heads i got it of course you know the emotional result of that you know the england gave it their all as you say yeah but i mean in many ways hurricane is the the face for the future you know he's only twenty four years old he'll definitely have another one or two well cups left in him and it's a young team coming up for it so there's a lot of reasons to be positive i do genuinely think that we're just seeing the beginning from this thing and you applaud what he's done without you know. he's
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a guy that no one really when he got the job it was just like oh ok and i said but he's pretty let's off yeah it's way to go it's a room but you have to be very brave right now yeah we're going to show the highlights of the game a very intense game versus a crazy shot dania maybe you can point out some of the highlights as we see here on the screen. don croatia so michael. did croatia win because they are more experienced yeah i mean you have to say that when you have players like luka
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moderates even rockets if these guys have won multiple champions they say i've got real experience for these this big occasion so i think yeah they have big game experience really really came home and also i think as well england missed they missed a big opportunity hurricane he's usually so deadly he had that chance to make it to you know and if you schools that it's a hotel it's a yeah it's a whole different game at that point we should lose the ball in our own territory yeah i mean i think that's i think. ultimately more ruthless in front of goal and that's that's what's gotten through but the second half they also completely out possessing when they put them on their backs but they their game management was what they realised that they they they had been let off the hook basically by and yeah i think they you know they thought ok well this is our chance the next with they went big and as you just said who knows what was said at half time but it was along the lines of ok let's get back into this you know and they were weathered for this yeah yeah yeah like they were embarrassed and yeah they i mean ultimately
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they're better to say now i deserve to go through and right england goes home. in the final for the first time in their heads up that it's not going to. yeah it was easy about croatia i mean you have to give it out for you know the country gained independence in one nine hundred ninety one they only have four million people living in the country they have their best rosters since ninety eight so it was time he was you know do or die time you know for their you know crop of talent so it's nice to see them get through they were considered a dark horse and to see them prevail i'm upset because i was a super eagle pulling for the nigerian side you know so little split you know because that bloody nose they gave you know. balla gone but really she got to give it up especially for the carousel i want to show this one her style i got to show eve on pairs it's can we pull up this hairstyle. i love is that what this is the
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one thing that really stood out to me during the euros and obviously you know him scoring the first goal imagine he was you know piers it was instrumental in their success and it's good to see this is what the world cup is about you know rising to the occasion punching above your weight yeah and fulfilling a james as christians you know and root to do. yeah so maybe you can just add one or two words about this i think i think they definitely deserve to do it i mean we saw these glimpses against argentina and they just dismantled argentina and then we were doubting them a bit and then i think in the second half of this game against england like there's no doubt about it has a better team they have more experience they have players that are used to playing in these big games and technically they were also better i mean no nothing to take away from england they're young and they have a lot of potential but croatia it was like in the second half they realized we're a better team we can now possess them we can put them on the back foot and we can take this game and that's what they did they're all saying credibly solid yeah they
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defend sorry sorry and you know guys i love and they they that was it a rugby or was it playing a little bit of rugby was going i find she's in there mate i was being one of the best defenders in the whole tournament yeah definitely so gracious upon and will be . wow what a team what a game and france won one nail against belgium and dania maybe all of us can talk about the highlights of this game it was incredible it was so great to watch technical and tactical high quality and it was a clash of two different styles you have to say as well and in the end the more pragmatic style prevailed and i feel a bit sorry for belgium i think that they're there are a great bunch of individuals i play really attacking football and martin as i think they they do have another tournament in them let's take a look at the highlights i like the match yeah only one right.
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yes. yes can we say that it was this game was i master a piece of defending football you mean it was it was good it was good defending people have criticized france a lot because they say they play anti football they don't play nice football they have said there is of course was are a lot of people said it like but you know other thing is france are shown that they have no problem you know adapting their system to their teams they defend well first and foremost as a unit they defend and they have no problem sitting back letting other teams you
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know like belgium out possess them play the game in front of them and then capitalizing on their opportunities and belgium had no answers for that they were compact in the defense verizon and on t.v. where fantastic and at the end of the day who's going to the world cup final so we can say whatever we want but when their style is effective they don't have to win ten nothing you know this was a chess match up yet and clearly france prevailed i mean it was that athletic team that lead us is a lead to the goal to me you always have to have that extra icing on the cake right you have to have some miraculous play to win this is just one moment right just changed the game it could have gone either way for sure but that by the way they have a goalkeeper who's able to pull off a world class save he does nothing for twenty minutes and then suddenly keeps him in the guy yeah but i was quite surprised to hear the play especially the belgian players after the game you mention it and we have also this quote right yes i can take a look at this quote to me have
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a quote we can yeah so there is time and i prefer to lose with belgium win win with and then that france i mean that is obviously is sad a little bit oh yeah for softening being a sore loser like our great big shot we got out. tactically done because they had no answers to the way france came out and played one hundred percent hazard was coming so deep to get the ball that he took himself out of the game essentially he's better when he's up higher on the wing and when he was coming back in to get the ball he couldn't do what he does best it's true maybe he is a bad loser but at the same point i think a player like these qualities and he's playing against the greatest players maybe as. this is mine and all these guys a guy like him he wants to play football and i think it's ok that he criticized. maybe we want to see you going to do i mean you keep it it would kind of be odd for him and say oh i wish i was playing in france or that even if he did
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of course you know support his side and that is part of the you know the nationalism that's expressed well the most exciting team of those tournaments i would say the golden generation of belgium for both players they didn't manage to make it to the final and here are pictures from our colleague from brussel sebastian lam i've. learned that. god. was a living example. and that brings the conversation of france right. france i think they're the team i mean at the look at you know killing him obviously he's a star in the making yeah i mean hard with diva tendencies i would say probably you're saying that the favorite to win the gold in both. yeah magical feet i mean
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yeah a magical pass that he that was almost executed and yet this reminded me of a leon bailey goal like you know what is legal little bit what i think it be fair to say that no team teenagers made an impact on a world cup like him but he has since pele yeah you know and that's yeah it's crazy you know it's crazy to see daniel i mean what what's your take yeah i mean he could def if he is definitely a key player for france we saw in the game against belgium like france looks to him because they know one v one he looks like he glides at the budget glides past people like they're not even there yeah he's clinical in finishing he can finish he's big he's strong he literally. he has it all and he's nineteen which you know frightening amazing to see france a team with such quality relying so heavily not heavily but you know so much on so france made it to the finals after nine hundred ninety eight and two thousand and six for the third time congratulations to that and we have impressions from paris.
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was going straight to the over the air the final will be croatia versus france and we will be live forty five minutes before kick off right here at the w. kickoff you tube channel is where we go now where were we talking about i think we go to our first vote sure to be to two to russia and we go to petersburg and we gonna see how the french fans far in south dakota it's ok have a very. fair. yes. period now it's time to go to our man i'll leave moody who is in russia he was at both the france and belgium match and of course the match data goes upset about
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the result so we're going to go to ali ali how are you doing buddy. yeah you guys were doing good now the final has been set. free will be see the firepower afraid to this particular match will we see the tenacity of croatia prevail. i think france will go the same way they have done throughout most of the told where they were cut a little disappointed that we haven't really seen them like rip through it save apart from maybe that game against argentina. i think we will want to see a bit more from the likes of greaseman and buffalo and so on but what they have done every game is enough to win a part of the denmark game obviously where they fielded a lot of replacements. they just going out there with the mindset we're going to win this game we don't care how we don't care if we only score one goal we going to win it we're going to do what it takes to get through to the next stage and i think
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that will be what they do against croatia as well i think i think in some point all the exertion just has to get her a show you know three times they've gone to a short time twice they've gone to penalties as well emotionally physically it must be getting to them but i think france being a much better side than england as well will be able to take advantage of that. they have i won all the games in ninety minutes france so you've got to think of it as creation basically having played an extra game of football just in the knockout stages and and i think that i think i'll have an effect ok we have all these words in croatia will open the door to france success will have to see if it plays out their way thinks a lot ali and we also have a treat we have some croatian feeds who of course are toasty drinking beer and eating lots of. let's take a look at their reaction. so what can we expect from the world cup final. against france ok so we have them
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both lined up here on the same board so you can see kind of how they would line up so i think we're probably going to see croatia stay with bros a bitch in this area here behind moderation rocketed which i think is better because then moderation racketed have the ability to go forward a little bit more and it gives them a little bit more defensive stability in front of the defense they're important is the match up between pub and country and modish and racketed because moderation rakic are so key to croatia and if contempo you know can shut them down it's going to be very difficult for croatia also as we said as we showed we're missing somebody which is gone ok he fell off and they're there winger is out here are going to try like they. just gone we've lost him he should be here but white.
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rabbit it's a in the last game ok i said it before that paris is and that bitch need to get wide in order to stretch the defense they did it against england we found a bitch who found four will actually have a name i will now we. so we said they needed to get wide in order to create problems for the defense of england and they did but it's going to be more difficult against france because france in the defense is very very organized and verandah known t.t. are very good right now and men's you could just going to have his work cut out for them especially when they get balls into the box so i think it will be interesting to see number one how france deals with paris hilton is a bitch getting wide and getting down the line. and you know these two players what they can do when the ball is in the box how they can get it out and they can score yes i mean france obviously we know that france can score but france has shown that
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they're totally ok with just scoring one goal winning the game so we know that and bob baer is going to be a threat my tweetie he was also a very good combination as you through your i don't actually so good the last game he didn't show his finishing abilities very well exactly yeah i thought so i mean croatia is going to hope that he has a similar game to live in this tournament but he's played it i mean i think he should go on i think there were better options that france going to take into the world cup maybe that sends him are you know that i'm a benzo fan but i knew his viru has you know through the tournament he's held the ball he's been that kind of nine aside from you know scoring goals but so i mean the shops like sammy keep going with them so thank you so far danny. maybe we can put the board over there and my first question would be. he didn't score once no one assist but probably the most important player of this
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tournament especially for france who am i'm talking about. ride one hundred points. he is very all of them play well but he is definitely the key player affronts he's definitely because he's just so he's so consistent he's always there he's always in the right spot you know that you can count on him to make that tackle to break up an important play for an opponent you know he's just he doesn't need the flashy doesn't need the hype he just does his job and france can't do without him what we're seeing some great performances from popper in this tournament but i don't think he's able to do that without the security of p.s.a. behind him and i think it's plays him because he sees a lot of him self in. a position yeah i think they called him the water carrier when when disowns was playing and can say well similar kind of guy but that i think
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want to carry a dozen justice knowing yeah. yeah when we look at. probably we stick to moderate and record it as the most important player as it sounds stupid the most important player you know yeah but i mean also it will be interesting to see what perry said and david can do on the wings if they can stretch france's defense because france is the france was very compact and very narrow against belgium if croatia can stretch them and maybe create some holes some disconnect they'll have a chance at success and it's just it just we need to see how they come out rubbish might have a difficult game against miss tweedie there because maturity really nice had to dig in and help you see in paris it could be dangerous because it doesn't provide that same kind of defensive cover yeah yeah. and yes i actually never really talked on this show about the guy down here next week.
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who is michael. i mean i don't think anyone really knew who he was really the sort of the really new. i mean he was coaching in the saudi arabian the eight years ago . he was fired from that job and ended up working in the united arab emirates immediately before getting the crisis job with. and in. not an obvious calling card for a job and you know he's done such a fine job with them i mean i think usually in a tournament it's a player that's the breakout star you know we saw in the last one with how mr gray goes but you have to say this time it could be a coach. yeah he's really impressed or definitely when you consider you know what the coach is really responsible for right you not teaching any kind of skills to the players yeah except to motivate them get them over the hard especially in international football you know you know so much about the specifics of the tactics
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it's more about cohesion and yeah i definitely i mean obviously tactics come into it you know he's come in. here spearheaded the mental fortitude i mean clearly the mental game of croatia has been superb. like you know they they had some rocking sock in their physicality they bring you know they've proven that they can overcome adversity and that's sort of the coach i've said that. he's a source of the mentality of croatian in jack as population jay have that fighting spirit to the very end and we've seen that in their games don't take it to the very end. right to the very end the mentality of this team is unbelievable probably that . so one one last point we should mention the goalkeepers as they were mentioned two thousand and six with the fon two thousand and two. than manuel neuer no. ride ride four years ago who is who is
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the goalkeeper of this time and is it one of those that. you have to look at i mean they're in the final they remain right yeah you know you have to look at them sebas it's had some great moments but for me larry i love this guy i mean on the because you're part and it's got nothing to do. but i mean he's he's talked about overcoming adversity i mean for the last three months of last season he wasn't great by his own high high standards admittedly but he's really come into this tournament and been. and i mean the save against uruguay that you made was just stunning well class and he made a great save against belgium as well for me for the tournament is there finishing my story right i mean runners up in the euro two years ago it's very you know the last major international tournaments with them and now it's like they've reached davis and it you know and i personally don't think i don't see i think he's going
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to be a problem. for anyone to maintain and keep up with his pacing yeah obviously you know and also you look at but for for the not the most mobile write up a story there's something saying and could like because you saw the trouble the writing sterling was creating for them they have proper trouble you know catching up with him as well so i think their pace is tit for tat they might actually win that but you know you know your version and he was talking about the other day they asked him how would he have defended and he's like i would look up and be like please help. me you said then he said that defending a player like it is not just about you know maybe against him it's about anticipating the ball before it comes to him not letting him get faced up to you and also relying on your teammates to then step in as well yeah they'll be no match for a call for help you'll need it you have to have a shadow to help yes you know you don't have a guy back there your desk it's time for our lads are dodging around and you guys
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out there are welcome to predict too so who will win the final two thousand and eighteen and. these are your zones is mine all i know what i'm going with. then you start grant's at the beginning yeah i'm a france i like their players i like we see them defensively stepping up i mean obviously one lucky goal in their first match and i'm a big fan of killian in bombay so france all the way michael we start with the boys . yeah i think france too i think they always do enough to win and ok they don't always excite in the boy that some belgium have for example in this they always do enough and if christ to score one from the school to where guys i don't. i know that this is quality and i don't see any weakness of that there in the french part but i saw them fighting i saw passion and i wanted to win. yeah i think i think i'm going to go with you in the fact that also
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. but the last three world cups i think have been decided in extra time and so and i actually want to pick a sou so i think you know it's going to be tough i want to say that it's very difficult for croatia and they're going to be you know tied in extra game and stuff but just the fighting spirit and it's historical for their country maybe i'm going with you i really want to win but like i said i like the story i think you're right that if it goes the extra time i'm going to start out saying yes but i think. you have to go they just have another day they have another level underneath somewhere with that they can dig to win like get a strength that i get goosebumps where. i just don't forget our live show will be forty five minutes before kick off this major showdown france versus croatia you've heard all of our picks here so two for france two for croatia side of thread one as you know what do you predict thank you very much for watching thank you very much for coming and says on sunday. football is a simple game twenty two men chase
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a ball for ninety minutes and at the end the french croatia will win the world cup two thousand and eighteen.
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