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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 13, 2018 7:00pm-7:15pm CEST

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find us on facebook and on w dot com. this is the news coming to you live from berlin turns and dollar trump takes tea with the queen he and the first lady millennial will bump into windsor castle near london by the ninety two year old monarch trump has mostly of boarded the british capital where tens of thousands of people are protesting against his visit also coming up. controversy of an alleged former bodyguard of the late al qaeda leader osama bin laden first he was deported from germany but now
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a german courses all of him to be brought back from tunisia. and pakistan for primeness and of on sharif arrested on corruption charges within minutes of his plane landing in the country he told supporters i'm making a sacrifice for the future of pakistan. hello and welcome i'm without cheema u.s. president dollar trump is gone from briggs that controversy to rory pomp and pageantry on the second day of his visit to the u.k. trump began the day by criticizing british prime minister to resign ms briggs of policy little backpedaling on those remarks when he traveled to windsor castle and then he rented windsor castle radiate with the queen now trump and first lady melania trump put on a good thing you. anthem played by the military bands in the grounds of the royal
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residence. trumpton walked alongside the queen as they inspected the god trump is the eleventh sitting u.s. president to meet the plane. if not go in our correspondence in windsor we have big it moss and bob rubin still is with the protesters in london let me start with you bigot what has been happening at windsor castle. well you have already alluded to it to you with the queen i would say is probably the highlight has been the highlight of donald trump's visit i could imagine we've seen the pictures you've heard the queen have smiled broadly when she shook his hand when she welcomed donald trump and his wife milan. after the military parade and the tea half an hour for tea with the queen i would say that's quite an honor so it's not a state visit but it has all the hallmarks of
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a state visit definitely the red carpet treatment for donald trump and then over to you barbara you and your trafalgar square what people saying to you that the huge protests going around the heart of london. huge protests we've seen them since noon they started quite early in the day and the figures are up to two hundred thousand protesters in the center of london all over the place all the big squares been filled with people and now they're concentrating on trafalgar square and if you want to say to hear what people want to say to you you just look at the evening standard which is the london afternoon paper and it says new mr president and the paper says no to insulting the london mayor side to account and no two interfering and directs it where are you a man or is mr president the newspaper ers and that is what many people actually few talk to them in the streets they really say no to every aspect of donald
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trump's politics whether it be its words migrants are refugees and women and international relations generally just everything about him people here show posters that are probably cry creative and others are even really and obviously insulting bach that it is just a big you know the londoners show them and they want to say that he was not welcome in london but then of course the government kept him largely out of the capital because they knew that the protests against him would be big mother while you were talking to us we've been looking at live pictures of huge and very noisy protests didn't begin it must be a lot quieter and wins a concert but the path to that was have been protests and wins. yes definitely there have been pro and anti protests on one side of the street we're looking down here just in front of the entrance of windsor castle on one side you can see the
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star-spangled banner the american flag and pro trump flags on the other side and that was the biggest more protesters more anti drum protesters people dressed as queens one hold a post that says don't give him the good biscuits. very polite protest nothing a while but the fact that in a town like windsor you do see hundreds of people i think it is something that's not the norm it's a very conservative town definitely not a hotbed of protest i would say a normal days so i think it does reflect that it is quite a lot of controversy around this visit and i'm sure the president and the first lady enjoyed the pomp and pageantry added windsor bother returning to you in a near trafalgar square in the heart of london this has been a very controversial visit as we can see from the sheer size of these protests which are going on there. yes the visit has been controversial from the
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beginning because many people said that it was a bad move for two reason may she should not hold his hand many told us here and she did so when she first visits to visit to him in washington and she did so again last night when she met him at the state dinner at blenheim castle is so that is something that many people say there is no point in her cozying up to trump because the special relationship that britain sought to have had for many years it doesn't exist anymore in trenton is doing the art most to dismantle whatever might be left of it and of course she's had some really bad days here beginning at nato when he was already laying into her breaks of policy then get yesterday he gave an interview to the newspaper the stunned the biggest paper here on the british market and he said that she preferred boris johnson who had just stepped down last week over breakfast to her as a prime minister how bad can it really get and then she had to smile throughout
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this and listen to him in the final press conference when he said that yes of us probably could trade was written when the u.k. would stay too close to the e.u. it's been a really horrible week for tourism a and if she when she goes home tonight the only thing she'll want i suppose is a stiff drink. something of the scale of the protests of missing live pictures off in the heart of london this has been obviously of a difficult couple of days for the british prime minister margaret bizzle in london begin in windsor thank you both very much for your reporting. today for some of the stories making news around the was british police say they have found a small bottle containing novi chalk nerve agent in the home of charlie valley he's one of two britons who fell ill after exposure to the substance last month his partner. sturgis died on sunday police are investigating how the body came to be in
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his house. in pakistan dozens of people have been killed in two bomb attacks targeting candidates campaigning for the country's elections an explosion in the southwestern town of must storm killed at least seventy people including a candidate earlier at least four people died when a blast hit a politician's convoy in the northwestern town of bunyan. officials in kenya say eight black rhinos have died after wildlife workers moved them from the capital nairobi to a new national park canyons wildlife ministry believes the animals died from drinking too much sortie water after becoming dehydrated the species is critically endangered just a few thousand left in the wild. a man alleged to be a former bodyguard of terrorist leader osama bin laden was today deported from germany to his home country to but now
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a german court has ruled that he must be brought back again the man identified only as sonnie he was flown back to his homeland despite a court order blocking his removal of the suspected islamist had been living in germany for several years with his wife and children but he was arrested in june other guy the leader osama bin laden was killed by u.s. embassy forces in may two thousand and eleven. and he's obviously correspondent nina has a joins me from our parliamentary studios you know what are you hearing from the court about this latest ruling. well this is a complicated case because several german agencies and institutions are involved on the federal and on the local level but here is what we do know at this point in time the local administrative court and is in creation was the one that issued a court order blocking his removal this week but this court order never a right. the ministry in charge that went ahead with the deportation now that local
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it minister to court and goes and kagan has now said that the deportation was grossly unlawful and went against and infringes upon the fundamental principles of the rule of law in germany what they mean is that in germany everybody is entitle to the protection of rule of law and that includes the print being protected from the risk of torture and the court again cation says no matter whether he was a potential terrorist or not everybody in germany has to be protected from torture and so far nobody has been given diplomatic reassurance from the two news ian authorities that there was not going to be torture and then the questions being asked as to how come this man who was living in germany for such a long period has suddenly become a risk and why was this case and suddenly put on the fast track on the hack being
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seen as a potential terrorist threat for years and actually for years intelligence services here in germany treated him as such and try to push for his deportation but then the case got caught up in courts because like i say there was just no finding that there was going to be a guarantee from the to new zealand authorities that there was not going to be torture and if you don't have that diplomatic reassurance the court and given cation argued as one of those examples you counted put somebody and so it probably got sped up after horsy holford took over as interior minister so to what extent then was a whole foot involved in this case you the interior minister and he has very hardline views and refugees and asylum seekers and almost brought down the government over this issue. well hossein were for when he first took office earlier this year he declared that he was going to make this special case of some we are a top priority that he would get personally involved in trying to speed up the
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deportation. is number one topic is clearly migration and like you've mentioned the government coalition with almost collapsed because he challenge the challenge openly on the open stage over asylum policy so he did lose a lot of support in that role and it's possible that he thinks that he can win a few voters back if he speeds up the deportation process of somebody who is considered a potential terrorist threat you know has a did obviously as a good correspondent thank you very much turning now to pakistan with a promise in a drive to in the city of lahore and was immediately arrested on corruption charges last week a pakistani court sentenced him to ten years in prison over the purchase of luxury properties in london the ruling came just weeks ahead of national elections.
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locked down on the streets of lahore pakistan deployed thousands of security forces as former prime minister nawaz sharif prepare to touch down sharif's backers say the country's powerful military is colluding with the judiciary to damage his political party the head of elections. they're prepared to confront of if challenged. i am ready to give the last drop of my blood. i'm ready to face jail i'm ready to die let them do whatever police and their police want to do we are here to face that we will not turn back. while in office sharif had been critical of the military's involvement in civilian affairs he served three times as pakistan's prime minister and was widely viewed as a political survivor. but in twenty seventeen the country's supreme court barred
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him from office over graft charges a year later the same court banned him from politics for life sharif is gambling that turning himself in will galvanize support for his belabored party. but i am making the sacrifice for the future of pakistan. so join me walk with me join hands with me and change the direction of this country. pakistan's army has denied meddling to tip the scales in favor of national security conservative imran khan and his p.t.i. party it pledged to ensure a fair and free election on july twenty fifth. it was indeed obvious coming to you live from berlin coming up ahead the korean drama with china its presence to hit the u.s. heartland. as beijing looks at the office it's the story of beans that's coming
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up in business the. business is that this was standing by for you and he with you shortly to do stay with us if think that right here is that. wouldn't have been fighting for the case to take you seriously in the world of what was coming out women's talk. they didn't stop the superhero. smartarse smart stage and legend train creasing when dangerous time was up for w t f.


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