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tv   Check-in - Exploring Wittenberg  Deutsche Welle  July 14, 2018 8:02am-8:30am CEST

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i'm on my way to visit and back in the german state of saxony and halt survivor elba seigel route takes me straight to. the charming little town is well and truly on the map because it's the birthplace of martin luther who started the protestant reformation and it's home to several you know school world heritage sites but today maybe you've been back in at least as beautiful as it was five hundred years ago when martin luther used to live here back then people came from and far just to hear him teach and because of his place in history they still do. that we'll be checking out the former monastery that was home to martin luther for thirty five years. globetrotters the painters colorful glory.
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place of the reformation. my first stop is the market square which has always been the heart of this charming little town insects. and five centuries on martin luther would find the maps hasn't changed much the townhome likewise dates back to the sixteenth century and features both renaissance and late got the governments when luther lived here it was currently being rebuilt also overlooking the square is the town church of st mary where luther held many sermons and instead of latin he has the audacity to preach in german it's pretty sure the view from up there will be spectacular. and i think. one hundred ninety two steps.
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from up here you can see how small that back actually is back in luther's times only about two thousand people lived here today the town is about fifty thousand that happens. you know visit to baghdad complete without it snapshot of all saints church one of the town's top tourist magnets this street is where almost all of luther's friends and local allies lift and so did heat over there by the little town. and the way back there hidden among the trees you'll find the backs newest attraction. this towering rotunda was purpose built to house a single painting a three hundred sixty degree panorama seventeen meters high by seventy five meters
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long. it provides an insight into how people lived in the middle ages there are servants merchants monks tradesmen and princes it's fifteen seventeen the year the protestant reformation unleashed a revolution in the christian church. stands outside all saints church in britain barrack where he has just posted his ninety five theses on religious reform. church officials were appalled by looters attack luther was particularly outraged about the sale of indulgences a common practice whereby the clergy would forgive people sins in return for a fee. so mr gunson people were lining up to buy indulgences which were sold by indulging the brokers and you can see them for grabbing an indulgent certificate from someone with a he was adamant that indulgences had nothing to do with god or the church because
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i think he could not believe that the church could sink so low. because it's so for common but luther had his own flaws this seemed depicts a jewish man being exiled from the town a common practice at the time. himself would later turn against the jews. another scene in the panorama shows the burning of which is the hope that luther said absolutely nothing against this but he was a man of his time i can't judge him for that after all he's only human. and. three hundred sixty degree panorama is a fascinating trip back in time to the birth of the reformation. second we saw it we were amazed at how real it looks. very. odd chis it's around so you feel like you're right that. a friend of mine in the case this doctor stood a wonderful job of portraying the history of the reformation in
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a warm chronological sequence. this is arguably the most important site in refrigeration history all same church also known as the castle church due to its role in the revolution it's always surrounded by crowds of tourists from all over the globe this is the door martin luther is said to have nailed his nice tree so what better place to discuss the reformation. the unocal. impressed you kristen lang is the director of the latin school study and visitor center for lutherans and scholars from across the globe i think it's safe to say that bag is to proud of as rome is yes what does it mean to you personally to be here it's just it's amazing and it brings together so many different pieces of history in my
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personal heritage as a as a lifelong lutheran as a german ancestry my studies they all kind of come together and by living here and working here in the wittenburg it just really speaks to the church throughout the ages in the world i see that every day people from all over the world people from generations different who've maybe had something connected with the reformation and i think it's just a reminder that god takes care of his children and everybody has heard of the ninety five. but only very few people could actually name one you're a bit of an expert on the topic i believe. still bears the most importance nowadays and we one that has particular meaning to you personally yeah i must honestly say it's not something that's widely read but one i really like is sixty two the true treasure of the church is the most holy gospel and of the glory. and grace of god so i just focuses on the grace of god the gospel what christ has done for us but luther was saying we don't need to do anything got his heart he planned
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it for us but at the end of the day all of that was just words many people couldn't read but how did he manage to get a revolution going and change all of christianity. you touched on another really important part of the reformation which was the language and before everything was held in latin and people can understand that the common person didn't know how to read or write and they couldn't hear what the pastor the priest bishop was preaching actually and so martin luther had a big focus on the language and he really unified the german language translated the bible from the latin version to german a big push was to have it in the language of the people and so through that and through social media of the day so printing his word carvings songs that people remember focused on catechism and learning that's really how it spread and focus on in the home not just in the church but the leaders of each household really teach
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and it's you know it's parents' responsibility it's not just the priest or the pastors responsibility you're the head of the old latin school which is the center of study with a long history here and you back what exactly is the purpose of. history dates back to fifteen sixty four like you said so shortly after luther but definitely out of the reformation in that line and now it's a welcome center a christian welcome center or conference center it's not just americans or germans again turkey you know a group from norway so people are commonly in retreat to or. have experienced wittenberg and kind of come home to the reformation and if that's your heritage and if not a place to actually live while you discover the reformation and learn about it.
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then kristen takes me on a tour of all saints church and shows me the grave of martin luther. no wonder this is a special place for worshippers and for some a place of pilgrimage. but there are many other beautiful and special places on the planet of course our viewer got me la my yacht travel to india and send us a v mail. the the. the. the. the
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. thought the was . back in the back we continue retracing who first footsteps. on our way we passed the former residents of philip lunch time on luther's right hand man. luther himself lived next door and a former monastery the prince elector had given it to them former because he needed
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so much space for his extensive work. the magnificent lectern takes pride of place . there was always a lot going on at least there is hope. you have to picture this as a sort of commune luther lived here with his wife and his six children but it's also where he lectured students from all over europe that's what he did in this auditorium and those who could afford it even spent the night and luther's everybody wanted to be as close as possible to the man himself. one of the highlights of the house is the originally preserved parlor this is where luther hosted his famous dinners with plenty of food followed by philosophical debates his guests took notes which is why many of his quotes have survived like this one he loves not wine woman and song remains
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a fool his whole life long. talking of the ladies in fifteen twenty five luther married couple of enough one pulled up a former nun she proceeded to manage his entire estate managing the fields cattle and the gardens catering for gas and most importantly running the family's finances she was a tough and intelligent partner at luther side but we saw martin luther is grieved back in the catholic church but his wife whom you won't find in here and that my back she was worried and tore us and fifty kilometers from here and the town to. parchin for carlos is tour grows best known landmark five hundred years ago it was home to frederick the third elector of sorts and an early supporter of lew for. the palace his main attraction is a massive spiral staircase made of stone. this door leads to the palace chapel the
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world's first protestant place of worship. frederick built a chapel to luther's specifications unpretentious and well lived. on. the chapel was consecrated by luther himself the new protestant faith also inspired reforms in church architecture and music. people sang countless verses that they learned by heart and that really helped to get the message of the reformation across which i also see is a kind of new singing movement. the political center of the reformation the city also played a key role in the life of me know from boron. it was the first place she went to after luther helped her to escape a convent in fifteen twenty three. two years later they were married.
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and later on the margin was a contest that. you know we didn't offer at the beginning because she seems to be very self-confident and maybe a little bit arrogant and so but later on let's thought it out as a marriage of. life. died in fifteen fifty two of injuries suffered after falling from her coach while she was fleeing the black plague. i'm very interested in luther's life i'm a protestant myself and i've always heard the stories of martin luther but i'm particularly interested in country from burra i don't know much about her we don't hear much of her story and so i'm intrigued to hear more about her life and the kind of woman that she was kind of partner she was to luther. cut of uniform was buried at st mary's church in torgau six years after her husband martin luther died
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in britain back but he remains close by in the form of a stained glass window. back in the back we visit up. place that martin luther must have known all to well be a state of lucas come. a man who greatly contributed to the spreading of luther's idea. was a smart business man pharmacist publican mayor but above all painter a man of talent and influence. as you can probably tell by the size of this estate this used to be home to one of the wealthiest men in the back lucas kind of the elder is today considered one of germany's finest renaissance painters and many of the most famous portraits of martin luther were produced right here in this workshop. but can i just pay luther more importantly he printed and published
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his writings printing was as high tech as it got because the revolutionary gutenberg press had only recently been invented if you want to print many evil style you can give it a shot at the kind of. oh oh oh and there's many visitors every day here he's taken time out to print something just for me but first we need to pick the letters. oh he's got to me i've got an e. . it's a little short for printing because he is way to look at let's add a loser. copyright so to speak. or dog. or luther himself. seen enough of him and you know what john says how about something historical i've got an old skyline of it and. the we'll drop it in there and see how it looks. then we'll head over to the printing press. let's do
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a test run i don't. get some ink on there. if you can do it i will just pull it over your shoulder one of them i don't know he does a. second from then back hot off the press. m b s medscape historical printing shop features portraits of all the reformations big players including lucas come out and martin luther and then as has his own theory about why the two reformers came to collaborate let's hop on the time machine it's fifteen seventeen and live there's the seas have been nailed to the door of the church but what happens next the other day i think about it but he did love all the other species lasted about
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a day and a half on the door because of the bad weather there was a debate in the town hall about how to make it easier for people to read most of species. he's not well just on their own one man stood up. the elder of that he said friends i'm not just a painter i also have a printing press give me the text and some money. and that's how in fifteen seventeen became the reformations first printer here's a small copy of a ninety five theses all right i realized the popularity of luther's ideas and he told luther that he would print whatever he wrote. the comments later put out a collection of luther's writings and a series of pamphlets such as on the freedom of a christian man i was close. and that's how luther's ideas spread throughout the german speaking world i did talk to people kept asking who is this martin luther
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what does he look like that gave us the idea to paint like this portrait to mention very said i am an artist. so in a sense many yuval multimedia expert conduct also functioned as the reformations p.r. manager. need a little break from lou there is no problem let's check out the rest of the town. in the back you'll find plenty of street art. the number of graffiti compositions held in the last couple of years have left their mark on the town.
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board check out this plan boy in looking school and the one nine hundred ninety s. the famous austrian architect. turned a run of the mill building into a true work of art while i make my way back into the old town why don't you check in with our globe trotters steve hamish he's been traveling through space with a friend and on their tour they stop by my old hometown come to the casa blanca. first the first place we have to visit is the beach right yes man this news cross to get the main city beach really counting in the summer it is.
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cool all the stuff so we made it through the old town right yes this is the cast going to go also known as such groups which is one of the more picturesque parts of . the context of. the research your town or maybe. this is has been for the main part of the harbourside the vatican. going up to the castillo's santa barbara which is probably the best spot to watch the sunset yes and as you can tell it's on a little hill. to go.
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on a beautiful sunset right what's on now we're going to go try some tacos and be a course. on things like typical. this type of restaurant sometimes. it's more time same spirit. so basically you make it out and it just sounds good you just left and you get a bill like ninety percent of each. show . so our little service to him alexander continues with the next five. wishes. all right and that is from ali come to our last stop us place good belly
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suffield you got something to drink. before i wrap up my trip to fit back i need to look for a souvenir luthor is quite the merchandising machine the range is huge overwhelming even. though there is the man himself. and can i help you. please sons of my take a look at these luther songs they've been popular for years with the luther quote here i stand i cannot do otherwise that's kind of thing i don't so there's that and i can also recommend this toy figure of luther the first run sold out in just seventy two hours and people had to wait up to two months for the next batch how many of them are there as of yet more we've sold more than three thousand figures.
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sold another one thanks for your help. and the last visitors of the day arrive at all saints church time to take stock of my trip. if you're interested at all in martin luther and the exciting times of reformation you should definitely plan to visit back it's full of locations that bear testimony to the religious revolution and you can even lay your head down in some of the places where history once took its course and that is exactly what i am going to do now i have a room at that kind of hole thank you for watching and see you next time bye bye
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