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tv   Reporter - A court interpreter in South Africa  Deutsche Welle  July 14, 2018 12:15pm-12:31pm CEST

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i know and we don't care who is on the other side of the pitch where here to enjoy the moment to enjoy the fun and give everything we've got but not much when mobs are watching the news more coming up at the top of the hour and don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website dot com and i think all about that in berlin thanks for joining us. the to. cut. sarno just couldn't get this song out of his head. the colleges began searching for the source of these captivating sounds and that deep in the rain forest in central africa and we're led to believe the closing table google could lead to mcluhan well and the. money lead the so he was sent by their culture but
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he stayed. only a promise to his son mates are not only the jungle and return to the concrete and glass jungle but. the result reverse culture shock. from the forest starts. w. . grows buddha has one of the most important jobs at the high court in pretoria south africa he's an interpretation speaks sixteen languages and his job he must convey not just words but also cultures and customs. be a perfect system was abolished over twenty years ago bringing in the entity. a case
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of institutionalized racial segregation and discrimination now all south africans have equal rights. and in course people can choose which language to speak rosebud is task is to mediate between members of the judiciary and plaintiffs or defendants seeking their rights. it's nine am and roy spiritus working day is just beginning. to house work for south africa's justice system for over thirty years. his job is particularly important and temperate is a needed and about ninety percent of cases south africa has eleven official
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languages including english and afrikaans. just the. dude is getting ready for his first case of the day. to jump into the shoes of the person. and he also put yourself in the shoes of the person who understands the question. and then you emotional expression really expose what the exactly the person is trained. to they do there will be interpreted from zulu to english for the lawyer to the young and the client again in a traditional healer. you can go in. on gayety was in a car accident and can't work he wants compensation but doesn't have proof of prior antics. really maggette me how are you you could tell us your lawyer from the law
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from france scatter the ones fighting your case right. yeah. at the time of the accident in october twenty twelve you're a passenger of the natives being conceited please listen carefully you were the passenger in that car and it was not your fault but the car ended up hurting you was it over to them with a glimmer of doing it to you sustained through a community fracture rock to forget about your here to the common good is when it's broken into the real peace is not walk upright little pieces so you drop the i love you so the leg was broken but not in the usual why it was broken in a lot of places in the world. your secret. ok so mr miller any day now we coming to your claim for loss of any she were working as a traditional media when the accident happened you were working as a traditional healer would you tell
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a pub. yes and so now because you don't have documentary proof of your income that portion of damages is subject to hard contingency. you're a traditional healer but i don't have any payslips you don't write down how much money you make you don't have bank statements. things like my brother on the road accident has to pay. money because the accident has denied you the ability to work . but you need proof of earnings being in the money when anyone can come here and say they used to earn fifty thousand rand. but the road accident fan can't just give out money without proof because the money belongs to the community because it's about the community who pay taxes even though i didn't. need one since you don't have any proof of earnings some money will be deducted from your compensation as a contingency deduction almost like punishment but in the world. this
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is the amount of debt off of their philosophy if you can't go to the mountains to gather your medicine and i'm all. of this if he would think it's a big gamble speak to you again soon you will hear from them they want to hand out the money so they might increase it. relax and sit here hello. in the end it doesn't turn out well for bubba mangini because he can't provide any proof of income the damages are reduced by more than a third the outcome highlights the differences between the court and its rules and the way many south africans live. today and the other course interpreters move in both worlds they understand both sides at lunch time they tell jokes and the paty and the traditional cordon pirate with innit. you want to show these foreigners that south africans eat a lot. we don't eat a lot we well there's no waste with us we even eat the intestines.
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even though many south africans speak more than one language it's unusual to speak sixteen like booted us he learned from relatives friends and neighbors. will do a big so he goes along with this that they just pick up. to having dialects of people. looking at people out on the streets you know. i can tell you my head is very soft. it absorbs very easy. who lives in the township of my minority which was set up by the apartheid government at the time it was a blacks only area. you are. it's also where he grew up. his family had a tough time his father went into exile during apartheid and died a brought his mother raised buddha and his six siblings alone.
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to the first discovered his passion for languages on the streets of mamelodi. is a one section they were good to have been a living. during the day they are but they treat your people who are good at the put into. to their language. they said mostly defiance of the. so to speak people they want. jani that it's a big fight. and they're battling. many of buddha's friends grew up had to and they still meet in the evenings. hours like they're all everything all right. this is our year and fine things. work what's wrong you know it's
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bitter right. but. it's nonalcoholic yes and better. every day not only to his friends were able to get on the career ladder like him it's hard to get a well paid job if you don't speak adequate english. and social inequality in south africa remains a huge problem. here it's a girly every level which is equal. to the other but practically speaking it's not. they still people who speak a certain that which is there we go. another day begins at the high court. buddhist
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first appointment as a meeting with judge lead while kweisi declined to seeking damages but a doctor say that she sustained severe head injuries and cannot handle her own affairs. you see through tough luck to finally. see what would you how you can if you can. just as freely. as the client wants to deal with the case and her money alone the judge has to rule on how the case should continue to put it interprets from in the belly. to do the ability the judge is saying that the money will be protected in a trust but. it's still your money. but a trust or protect you. and make sure that only you can have it it would let in the . pale of. course you understand where you understand. this is that yes i do understand but with all due respect i have
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a request. can i protect my own money i am taking medication now so i think i can cope with my question is whether this is possible. for. me. as. i was asking judges good possible for the money to be given to me who invest well. how are you going to invest this money. i'm going to lock it away. to keep it safe i don't really look at my money. you know that you will you know get away at home at the bank i will look it up in the bank. you know give me thirty thousand just to. live. with will you be satisfied if the charge orders thirty thousand to be transferred into your account and the rest be protected by way of a curator bonus with the they'll get it that way in the city as we explained to you
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earlier a curator bonus will work with you to secure and protect your money. within the food was in the. yes thirty thousand is ok. is well a good go that is five. so a compromise has been found. most of the money will be placed in a trust but the client will receive first two thousand rand herself. that's equivalent to eighteen hundred euros. that's. a. good. one thousand but his work is to make sure that people understand each other's languages but that's not all he also has to explain a lot to his clients must see him as one of them one. of the most clients of attendants are the elite pests and he was the interpreter to tell
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him the truth. even though the attendant has told you what to tell that to enlist call you and say what do you think. tell me what do you think. they have to make them understand. you have to make them understand. that we're. just we're there good. luck. not seeing things. this is not another issue. there are swimming those that can still call it. let me think this is. the play the songs are suffering.
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the effects. totally. reliable data to. use distance for the classic status. of the. automotive industry. birth. home to millions of species a home worth saving. those are big changes and most start with small
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steps global ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world like to use the term climate to stick green energy solutions and reforestation. they come into interactive content teaching the next generation about environmental protection and more determined to build something here for the next generation low blood dios the multimedia environment series on d.w. . hello everyone welcome to the program and so what i hope is going to be a wonderful weekend for you all let's get this show on the road with a look at today's hot topics. mick.


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