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tv   Global 3000 - The Globalization Program  Deutsche Welle  July 14, 2018 2:30pm-3:00pm CEST

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it used to bring energy solutions reforestation. be creative interactive content teaching the next generation about environmental protection and we're determined to build something here for the next generation. one two years the multimedia environment series on w. this week on global three thousand we head to the forests of serbia where happy pigs enjoy a healthy life and provide top quality organic meat how much longer to me to movement is making inroads in china but fighting sexual harassment in the people's republic is a risky business. first though we had to mexico where violence has become part of
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daily life even in what were once seen as safe areas. it's a nation firmly in the hands of drug gangs apparently hopelessly and meshed in violence in just ten years mexico's murder rate has tripled to nearly thirty thousand a year last year was the bloodiest ever in just twelve months the number of gun deaths rose by thirty six percent. and today manuel lopez obrador mexico's newly elected president has announced immediate measures against violence but it's not clear exactly how his government plans to could tail the country's many armed powerful gangs and cartels now even the tourist centers of can cool an employee common are becoming blighted by the violence. makes a goes caribbean coast is a perfect holiday destination as long as you don't mind beaches with a police presence. you. used to read great forms great it was great see one place.
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seems tourism is booming here but crime is also on the riots in february dozens were injured when xplosion ripped through a ferry disembarking passengers in playa del carmen. and five were killed in a nightclub shooting in the resort in twenty seventeen. if i was a. teenager in queens getting worse not to the hotel zone maybe but i think the government should do much more about it. local police maintain these are isolated incidents yet they still patrol the beaches to guard the visitors. from attack and. the hotel zone in cancun is safe there's no gunfire here. so not that there are incidents or turn around but normal people and tourists fontenette all just some of them to see people from the criminal underworld. but
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that's by no means guaranteed in the town of can commune a few kilometers from the beach be a delicate facade has been shattered. you know look at these bullet hole schools. you know. three people shot down outside a nightclub what used to be headline news has become an everyday occurrence mobile reporter ray gomez visits crime scenes and these days that's a full time job as it will join us then you need out in cancun used to be a quiet town people didn't lock their doors at night and now they're up to six murders a day i mean the drug cartels are fighting each other grandstanding proving that the toughest. in this case and they are destroying a tourist. for the most effect and i'm still to school. we spend a day with ray it's action packed murders he usually preceded. by threats.
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at this nightclub owner and me or has to pay protection money he's scared but he's willing to tell us how the system works they were. either come and shoot at your business. they tell you they'll send someone you need to pay if you don't want it to happen again so you can refuse you pay your bills or they should see us later on . the night club has bullet proof doors an armed bouncers it's frequented by tourists but he only gets no help from the police. emotional cho. really built up cancun and put it on the tourist map of a bit of local business has played a big part in that if you were a government nothing out of the year will be a no no. the first shots are fired at seven in the evening.
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ray begins his live report you know bill bill think i'm you know i'm on my way to see but this is my vocation and passionate about this work. is that i would get all the world. peace not afraid he's only reporting on what's happened. when a bar owner has been shot it's possible he didn't pay protection money or perhaps he was a member of a cartel himself according to race such questions are ready on said. yes it was in the o.j. yes it is the night still young and the troubles already began. that's because i was witnessing barbarity this tide of violence is out of control the police have been overwhelmed with step that's it. but why are these cases never solved because police public prosecutors and politicians
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are all in cahoots says the editor of the main local newspaper. get out because. no lowest crime doesn't happen unless politicians are on board with it isn't the case and the police are corrupt so cartels are completely infiltrated every level of the security services. take the bribes or you doctor. he says the government is more interested in gagging him than protecting him he employs six body gaunts the newspaper offices have been attacked with grenades but the editor refuses to stop covering drug smuggling corruption and homicides for the now. i'm not angry i'm livid almost full so we can't allow this to happen let's get the muslims would have made this town what it is one that we must now it's in the hands of the mafia or your criminal in the south is doing over the politicians are lying when they dismissed the drug cartels a small fry just didn't you notice any. of it tourist is killed in the crossfire
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between warring cartels it'll be the end of cancun he went on to do something. it's eleven o'clock in the evening there's a party atmosphere along the hotel strip. the police are out in full force making sure nothing spoils the holiday mood. but not far away the death toll is rising crime is sabotaging this town. according as you can see the police are cordoning off the area but. you don't get a good look at what you pray has found yet another crime scene. this man took seven bullets and his badly injured ray gomez might enjoy the adrenaline rush his job gives him but he's also determined to show what police and politicians are eager to
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cover up you see what the keep doing is work someone has to report on what's happening here. who cares about the flower industry's destructive impact i do. as about l g b t bites in australia. are you two cans about homeless people living on the streets of los angeles i do who cares that your super berries are destroying the rain forest are you who cares about female empowerment in senegal i do want to follow d. get real this is. facebook and twitter where the channels women celebrities in the us used to tell the world about their experiences of sexual harassment a few single voices quickly became a global movement hash tag me too was born and women joined forces to fight for
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their rights. there were expressions of solidarity at the cannes film festival in fronts. townsend's demonstrated on the streets of chile. and also in south korea. and now needs to has arrived in china as well. young educated and a little bit funky this is what feminism looks like in china. chang she is a ph d. student in gender studies at hang joe university taking inspiration from the me too movement that began in the united states she's launched a campaign to combat sexual harassment including on public transport. itself i'd like to see my auntie's sexual harassment stickers all over the subway
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system. by dealing you there would also be a loud speaker announcements and ends on the screens. that out myself. shang is trying to get permission for this from the transportational forces in the eleven major cities it's a bureaucratic ordeal but in china there's no way around red tape. oh wait you said this protest took place three years ago and ended in jail the only sign a song condemning the notorious group is on public transport the activists were detained for thirty seven days oh oh oh oh oh yes. me too in the us it's been championed by celebrities in china it's a fledgling movement led mainly by university students it began with a former ph d. student who accused her professor at bay hand university in beijing of trying to
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rape her twelve years ago. the allegations posted on chinese social media went viral garnering millions of views and shares many describe going through similar experiences but for china's censors it went too far. to the belgian to the blocked our me to micro blog so we changed the name to the chinese words for rice which is me and bernie which is to raise money me too. it's a clever way to avoid the pervasive government censorship this is me too in china the rice bunny on the internet it looks cute but behind it is a network of assertive women. in shanghai joy lynn is an advocate for victims of sexual violence she has an internet platform where she offers advice and publishes articles. but even the small scale events she organizes i'd was
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suspicion by police as potentially subversive gatherings. for the screening like iran ten people came and and tog about certain generally shoes. and they thought well this is why i wouldn't be where they're the trouble for the authorities but still i got called and taste. if even small meetings pose a problem the authorities must be very worried indeed about what's going on at beijing university right now. we're not allowed to film here. in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight one of the students committed suicide.
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i have friends and family said she took her life because she had been raped by her professor he got off with a warning and was allowed to go on teaching. inspired by china's fledgling me to movement a student posted an open letter calling for the university to disclose details of its investigation into a cow suicide she was promptly put under house arrest and told she was risking her university degree. and. many other students express solidarity some even put up a wall newspaper asking university administrators or so you were afraid of the notice was quickly removed. as a stain on the image of china's most famous university. also in beijing need to in action feminists have brought attention to rene's case her ex-boyfriend tried to rape her in the underground garridge of another university
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she went to the police but they were unwilling to launch an investigation. the university even put pressure on renee's parents so she wouldn't go public. turns. out my father said to me come home and listen to your university otherwise the expel you. i asked him why should they expel me i've done nothing wrong. he had no answer to that he only repeated that i should listen to the university. renee's consultation with her attorney is sobering there is no national legal framework for dealing with cases of sexual harassment in schools all the workplace . you shall chen is one of the few attorneys who take on these types of cases he explains to renee that there is no legal definition of sexual harassment.
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yet but he will help her file a lawsuit against the police who fail to help her at the time. just me to movement doesn't have it easy in china. but despite the challenges gen she the doctoral student from handjob is determined to keep campaigning and recruiting others to the cause now you know that you should get out in the draft. i wouldn't touch it. perhaps this is a suitable mass of first of the me two movements in china a bubble that could bust only to the easily. i. couldn't cheat.
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i know my name is your bomb or i'm a dog i might even jumma. i have two sisters and two brothers. oh i didn't know my father's a tradesman and my mother's a housewife and now the clan thought i want to. live by a but i really like going to school because it will improve my life. and it also.
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is there that. no other school i do my homework and i play football a lot of good and after that i hang out with my friends a lot of. both you hit me. i think and i think they have a good life. better than children here in mauritania. i'd like to become president of my country. because there's a lot of poverty here. i'd like to make
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a difference. i would really like to be president. our generation has more opportunities than our parents and ancestors because we can go to school. this week. we're off to the farmers. to. cakes and domestic pigs the animals play an important role based on the local ecosystem and a local tradition that. traveled to the region around more of it trip this tradition may soon be a thing of the past. a puzzle means it's time for
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a paddle. although these pigs are a regular domestic breed they live freely in a forest in northwest. it looks like a pretty good life and that presence is good for the soil here too. there are no. relief hasn't dried up this year if it hot he'd have to provide them with more food. in the olden days farmers toiling pigs in sabby i would always find enough to eat now it's harder. still man and beast get by i get along. about some have to know your pigs well. that's smart you wouldn't believe how special they are the international court said fish on
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a most excellent meat organically growing but that doesn't mean that makes a lot of money if he sells his bonny piglets for thirty six year old piece that might just to get a better price he'd need to have his business certified as organic oh yeah. that's very expensive mountain of this one isn't worth it for me especially for me i'd have to pay a vet to check my heart four times a year at three hundred euros a time a full year for stocks so what would be left over for me. thanks areas close to the border with both me ahead gov and croatia at the confluence of three rivers so you might think well tis most are problem but the few remaining forests swineherd say it's become one as floods and droughts become more frequent. these visitors want to find out if this way of life and pig farming has
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a future that from germany's development agency the g.i. said be a nature conservation body. they say forest pigs do more than merely yield pork. they're also excellent ground keepers. they and their swine heads provide an important service to the forests. one perhaps even worth paying for. something the. fashion you did be a law does reputable go over to him or we want to explain the merits of this idea to our partners in the region. it's still all in the planning stage most are pretty stupid all right both forests are unique ecosystem yeah it was the body and if this is a way to maintain biodiversity at eleven it could be a model for the entire region was the deputy at the with salem.
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the provincial forestry department takes a long time approach trees grow slowly it says there's plenty of space for swine hiding in the woods but there are fewer and fewer people willing to take on the job . could be a little easier maybe we refute the statistics for the past twenty years the number of swine herds has fallen dramatically which means there are a few areas where pigs live in the forests it's not. so from swine herding has been practiced inside be a for centuries. there was a time when nobody worried about biodiversity and the forests were seemingly endless come this kind of farming be sustained or even pasted. for. pigs is so good for the forest because they loosen the soil so rain and flood water can be absorbed more easily. there's less runoff. of that of
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a hospital that grows at the course is also good for insects and birds and helps. stop go put it also keeps pigs. he's the last swineherd in this part of the forest his son moved away to the city. government i was going through my studio he shows the visitors how dry the soil has become in recent years some pickets and the mother red hair at the house. the rest of us had are out in the forest how many does he have in all. we don't discuss such matters my father taught me never to say how many piglets you have one meal would. of course farmers would eventually have to disclose numbers if it ever came to subsidies from some e.u. institutions. we wanted to find out whether organic food has become an issue for
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people. that's evidently little appetite for paying more for such products the main market sells plenty of locally grown free to vege. stall holders say that salvia does have a system for certifying produces organic but they would never sell enough to make it worthwhile. if. there is one organic food shop enough the start. and. would organic pork so no way vegetables yes. beef well they tried it but that was five years ago. you wouldn't you know they were the season to make beef just didn't work out they started to market it and then it disappeared again nobody thought it over the major organic brands failed they just didn't sell much. serbia also produces conventional non-organic pork.
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this farm serves the domestic market and russia. has never considered going organic or selling to the european union he has about a thousand pegs. fewer people also don't think about organic food if you can get something cheap why pay more for it. if your. menu tonight isn't interested either. he says the whole organic thing is just new fangled stuff. he has a house. and i possibly land and he's done all right with his forest pigs. five more years and that's it i'm seventy and not as strong as i was i also have fruit trees i can't tend both i have to choose for a lot of pigs you know five more years and nobody to take over his business the young simply move away the question is if any conservation projects can still make
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a difference. and that's all from global three thousand this time we're back next week. and in the meantime to get in touch we love hearing from drop us a line of global three thousand d w dot com and follow us on facebook by for now. the be. above the law but.
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the be. mum ah. ah bomb the man swimming off the coast of the bay the answer to the bonds of some museum future suburbia g.w. the board.
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i am. sure this is deja vu news live from berlin it's the battle for the bronze of the football world cup st petersburg is gearing up for belgium versus england both sides playing for pride and one last victory in russia. also coming up pakistan's disgraced former prime minister is arrested he says he'll challenge the ten year jail sentence for corruption but his detention.


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