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tv   Pop Xport - Pop Xport Special Die Toten Hosen  Deutsche Welle  July 15, 2018 4:30am-5:01am CEST

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great yourself with interior design channel on. hello and welcome to a special edition of pop explore devoted to germany's enduring punk band. will tell the story of the band's success tagged along to meet argentinian fans and take in a concert perform to the symphony orchestra. sold over fourteen million records over the past three and a half decades now hears pop exports portrait of the punk rockers from dusseldorf.
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the to become. germany's veteran punk rockers in their element the totem doesn't live in chemist's with songs from his own to deny tour the band's sixteenth studio album is steeped in memories of their thirty five years together but it's more than just a trip down memory lane. has been you know. we wanted to refocus on simplicity without getting distracted by pseudo glamour awards ceremonies the whole circus and good music that's at the core of. their most recent album saw the band take a more reflective tone addressing their concerns about the broader political climate.
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nonsense when opposition was believed when we started out in one thousand and eighty two in the world seem to be a simpler place i'm fava tired of coffee there were the good guys and the bad guys on the sidelines of often we just flung ourselves into things and weren't even aware that we were part of such a historically important era and the guns playing to type draw. i was. in one nine hundred eighty six four years after their inception hosen played a now legendary gig at the home of politician aaron stalybridge a birthday present for his son bottles. formants descended into chaos and the hosts were not amused i was able to define but in i went from movie we really dug the
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furniture back to leaving wall haven to a trunk on seats which can show the notion of lying in the same bed where a government minister might have slept seem pretty cool if you hadn't off on news so we didn't have anything planned for the next day or two was it was it also the next morning we just stayed in our beds around all that at some point we heard mrs alpert say bob told toi isn't it time your friends left on the dentist my longtime kill him. the band has always had a sense of humor during the one nine hundred ninety soccer world cup in italy they made fun of german fans behaving badly abroad. meanwhile they were starting to become a big deal on the german music scene following their first major hit here comes alex in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight the band has had ten number one albums to date although something else has also always been important to them. a real success is that we've managed to stay friends and keep our real. unship going
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over all these years. missions leashed to god as. the hose and as washed up clowns in the video for. a song about faith and helplessness. it's been a long journey from the punk gym to mainstream stardom for some fans a contradiction while the musicians see it as an evolution. we gradually transition from a band that was divisive that wanted to divide people. tries to build bridges and bring people together. i. told them hoes and look at the amazing story of their success as a lone a do not tour a wind of nature be that as it may it's a story that set to continue for quite a long time.
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playing. the pop export special featuring dee told no it was the first single from their latest album is. under the clouds a thought provoking song about freedom and the threats it faces this is one of the band's biggest hit. play. live.
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live . live live live. live. click . live.
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live live. live. live. head to spotify please. every week bob export publishes a new playlist on spotify worth twenty songs all made in germany. you'll also find chart toppers new releases and classic hits follow pop export on spotify. nose and have taken the stage in many countries but their most devoted fans outside germ. many are in
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argentina. so the band has been traveling there to perform for over twenty years. from the city streets to the moshpit argentinians have a moma standing love affair with tito and jose. it's a phenomenon that's especially evident in buenos aires whenever they come to town there's a special buzz in the argentinian capital the german bender official honoree citizens and are recognized on every street corner. of the course i know i wasn't a lot there also doesn't go the distance off band have been coming to the country on a regular basis since nine hundred ninety two tina is a kind of second home for them. these are constant is i thought i'd go crazy but i
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found it just never ends. so and the energy that they throw back at us is just there's nothing like it. and you should have popularity here at the bench before maybe it's in spanish in twenty twelve they released a d.v.d. of a concept where else but in buenos cyrus. has some fleet experience pretty intense stuff here awesome plus there was a riot because the gig was sold out stuff and there were entire neighborhoods cordoned off hundreds of people arrested and other times the stage collapses there's always been something out of the ordinary i can hardly remember a normal gig like enormous concert. during a club tour here in twenty fifteen the band played an intimate concert in buenos iris for the. she lucky radio listeners the show was broadcast live. some
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fans here also know the original german lyrics off by heart campy no in particular has left on the last thing impression with a personality i know my son and. i spent four months already to get his name accepted getting our. twenty seventeen detoured nose and return to argentina to celebrate a quarter of a century of playing the stages of when deciding whether it's still suffering a way. thank. you know pop export special on the totem pole as it would be complete without alex deal comes objects originally written for a stage play the song about a teenage criminal prove their breakthrough in one nine hundred eighty eight here's
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the video. clearly. clearly clearly. clearly. clearly. clearly click. click.
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please. please please. please please. please please please please. please. please please please please.
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please. please please please. please please. please keep coming up more exciting stories about the tornadoes and on this topic sports special. back in two thousand and nine actress dear good minish meyer and frontman comp you know played a couple singing in the video for the song and. who first came up with the idea for the collaboration. but it wasn't mine so it was probably only because i'm a shop i've been dreaming of singing a duet some day for many many years. but that's hard to do because i can so easily
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tamad. three years earlier in berlin come pino played mack the knife in the three tiny opera he was immediately smitten with the voice of a fellow singer on stage. for her part she admits she wasn't the biggest fan of. news i'm hold on i'll stand this films but i wasn't crazy about them see just that's not what i've heard. the love story in the video triggered a torrent of speculation in the press about a liaison between comes. to say they're just friends but they've never made much of an effort to squelch the rumors. i'm. talking hosen regularly dropped by their fans living rooms on their magical mystery tour is anyone could request a concert the more private the better. in twenty seventeen they played for a commune in vienna in the house where beethoven died not all the residents got
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into the spirit of the surprise appearance but real punk rockers have to run riot now and then i. think it's. time. in twenty fourteen brought some thirty acts into the studio to record a german version of do they know it's christmas. proceeds from the sale went to ebola relief in africa. in one thousand nine hundred four irish musician bob geldof had organized the first band aid project as well as the two thousand and fourteen version in britain he asked his pal compete to produce a version with german artist. isn't sure it's not fun to call other people you don't know well or not at all and ask them for a favor there's something embarrassing about it but they didn't leave me hanging.
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critics accuse the musicians of using the project only to promote themselves but there's no denying it raised money for a good cause. everything from the vibrant world of pop music on facebook and. stories stars and the latest from the music scene. join us in the universe of pop on facebook send us a message we love hearing from. this single was a number one hit in germany austria and switzerland sold half a million copies seeing my stuff is one of the told moses biggest hits the animated video won an award for germany's best music video.
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but i am. told. this.
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yeah. that's the best thing. i've. cut god for example in. that. live. live. live.
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live. live. live. live. in are known for singing drinking songs and rock at them but that's not all they do they're involved in various causes and take a stand against one of their projects was a concert series called bill clinton in condemning nazis.
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pete bald soldiers is a song written in one thousand nine hundred thirty three by prisoners in a german concentration camp in twenty seventeen teach the horse and perform three concerts with a robot schumann school of music and just featuring music that was banned under the nazis for these no fool. i woke up one night shortly before the performance and they looked i've been sleeping that lee anyhow for weeks because of the material involved then i realised we had to avoid sliding into over sentimentality . that was something we really wanted to avoid. the concerts will remind us of the dark past when the nazi regime branded seven artists and composers degenerate works by mendelssohn hindemith's called violin stravinsky was banned as were the comedian hominis it's. a good one you should not be coughed and was the first one we wanted to convey the music's beauty and power and that it survived and wasn't destroyed
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degree your doing plus all the humor like with the comedian harmony is all that. the concert series called very common in deutschland a welcome to germany also shows where. the unusual crossover project posed a challenge for both the band and young orchestra musician. sa dr. attribution. to talk of course they're coming to hear de toward the horse and not us. but they'll have a chance to hear us too. among the highlights was campaigners narration in a survivor from warsaw a walk by the renowned austrian composer on north shore and back to. see.
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if thank you thanks for the force of the campaign i was making a statement with the schoenberg piece very clear statement. so the fact that he's doing that and that we're doing it together even though we come from such a different world is really wonderful. what's called. the band also played some of their own protest songs self-taught rock musicians accompanied by a virtual classical orchestra. and . we had to get used to a few things by the conductor signals. on certain expressions we didn't know. those guys in the band we can't even read music. but in the end it's about playing the notes and music amenities you know i was a little bit nervous about the timing if i'm going to hear everybody and if it's
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going to be on the point. it was remarkably easy. compared to how i imagined it would be it was great and it's a few times for the common dogs this is called the common in. because i wasn't a big hit but it does express what tonight is about going for. the punk rock outfit song is twenty five years old but it's as relevant as ever a very special concert series in which he told me the symphony orchestra built a bridge between the past and the prison.
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after a break the tornadoes in came roaring back in two thousand and twelve with talk of eating. he's like the. top of the german charts for five weeks and became an unofficial that year's world cup enjoy the video and see you next time on pop export.
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but. the result reverse culture shock. the colors winning documentary from the forest starts aug ninth on d w. palestinian militant groups say they've agreed to end the latest spike in fighting with israel the egyptian brokered cease fire comes after israel launched dozens of air strikes on the gaza strip the military said it was responding to a barrage of rockets fired by militants. thousands of people have protested in edinburg against u.s. president donald trump's visit to scotland hundreds more demonstrated at properties owned by trump he's spending the weekend of his turnberry golf course ahead of monday's summit.


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