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thing. to do is. to. to. be a an experience. and . you're watching news live from berlin the troops after a surge in violence on the israeli gaza border. the mom says the two sides have agreed to a cease fire to stop the situation from escalating this comes after israel carried out daytime air strikes on militant targets in the gaza strip the most expensive since twenty fourteen. also coming up anticipation is building for the world cup
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final later today the biggest match in football fans of croatia and france are pouring into moscow for the finale of one of the most thrilling tournaments of our brands are the big favorites but this world cup has been nothing if not full of surprises. and tennis court for germany's anjali she cruises passer in a williams to win the women's crown at wimbledon. i am. i my ass waiter thanks for joining us. we begin in gaza where hamas officials say they've reached a cease fire with israel after one of the most serious uptick in violence since the war between israel and gaza militants in two thousand and fourteen egypt and the u.n. reportedly brokered the truce after at least two palestinians were killed. the
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most extensive and strikes on gaza in four years. they included hits in the heart of gaza city. israel says it was targeting hamas positions in response to a barrel of rocket fire from the palestinian enclave. its iron dome defense system intercepted some rockets such warning sirens sent people running for shelter as. separate israelis were injured. after consultations with the defense minister the chief of staff and israel's top security officials we decided on powerful action against hamas terrorism the israeli armed forces delivered the most powerful blow against hamas since two thousand and fourteen and we will increase the intensity of our attacks as necessary she believes. the escalation comes off the back of months of clashes along gaza's border with israel over one hundred thirty palestinian demonstrators
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have been killed by israeli fire in me a weekly protest since last march. on saturday a funeral was held for one of the latest fatalities a teenage boy on her got upset at the fifteen year old child what was he carrying on with the carrying a missile he was standing at the border fence pushing his foot on the y. and touching the wire fence the police as soon as he put his hands on the wire they saw him in the chapel just as it was man is that visit a hard look at local god. israel accuses hamas militants of fusing the protests as cover for attacks against israel it says its use. force is necessary to defend its prudence. and that is some of the other stories making news around the world italy says france and malta role now take in one hundred of the four hundred fifty migrants who were rescued from an overcrowded ship in the mediterranean on saturday italy had refused to let the rescue vessel dock the new italian government has
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taken a hard line against migrants arriving on its shores and is demanding that other e.u. countries do more to share the burden. haiti's prime minister. has resigned the abrupt move comes as the move comes as the whole town faced a no confidence vote that could have forced him out of office after a wave of deadly protests at least seven people died during three days of demonstrations triggered by the government's failed attempts to raise fuel prices. dozens of student protesters in nicaragua have returned home after spending the night trapped in a church under gunfire from pro-government supporters port say two people were killed university students have been at the forefront of anti-government protests since they began three months ago authorities have launched a violent crackdown in response. to.
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the biggest game in football kicks off in just a few hours the world cup final has come down to france and croatia mark meadows from d.w. sports is here with me in the studio and our correspondent emma was sure when has got into the moscow fan zone early so emily you're there on the ground right now at the kickoff is still a few hours away but can you give us a sense of what the anticipation is like in the russian capital. well there are already found and. found here and tourists taking selfies outside the found zone i would say the whole city is a lecture fied with football there are new flags hanging all around the city advertising the final tonight and throughout this whole world cup you could watch the football even in the metro as well as in bars around the city and russians may be out of the game but they are certainly looking forward to tonight's final as well i saw people around the city with russian flags painted on their cheeks draped
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in russian flags as well and i guess that their support will probably be divided today on the one hand they say that the croatians are kind of some kind of a brother nation and also if they win then that means that the russian team will have been kicked out by the world champions but there will be also a lot of support for the french as well one thing is clear the russians will definitely be watching this match tonight and there will probably be a big street party afterwards as well maya a lot to look forward to in moscow no mark this is what we've all been waiting for this is the world cup final what can we expect well a lot of response as obviously as a closing ceremony as well so will sniff is going to sing the song that none of us really want to even by the. democrats in two thousand and fourteen will bring the trophy out on to the pitch but as for the actual game well we'll cup finals are generally always tight affairs because there's just so much to lose so much at stake but this will keep us apprised as from the very beginning so who knows we might get a full full drawer or something like normal to i don't know i mean it could be
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a fantastic game because the two teams love to attack people like killian about that on the front side you've got to go moderate for the best midfielders in the world for croatia so it couldn't being a good game despite everything that is at stake and let's have a little look at a preview now to which appetite. when the possible future world champions are training on your doorstep any little peek villages in history where france is well cup team is based have adopted as their second team. we will always remember this unique moment one day we won't believe that super footballers train just two hundred metres from our home is that. these super footballers will start his favorites to win france's second world cup their performances have improved as the tournament progressed now that just one game away from glory. i think the three most important words are calm and confidence and concentrations into the course of. you have to have
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a good dosage of the three to be best prepared for the match play pallium you said to the national. day show it was captain when france lost got their hands on the trophy in one nine hundred ninety eight home tournament this ended with wild celebrations across central paris then france knocked out croatia in the semifinals . fast forward twenty years in these croatia fans have now seen their team go one better a country of just four million confounding expectations and drinking up their underdog status for lots of small covers or all the world like us you know they want us to win their support us and that will be i think big just as once you know a lot of the small guy beat a bigger guy. this final could come down to one of the smallest guys of all kemal tritch croatia's diminutive captain has been arguably the standout player in russia
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. not on poor to their ups and downs but whatever happens you need to continue to believe in yourself and that is fight for your dreams and success that's what always guided me. it was a slow. curry should have already shown in the south belief to win three three lots of extra time at this world cup holds up a place in history could you wait. and there's a pretty compelling narrative there on both sides mark which side here has the most to lose though definitely france is they've won it before croatia never won it before and also friends lost to the euro two thousand and sixteen final on home soil to portugal two years ago they're still smarting from that so for croatia you know they never expected to be here four million people in croatia the only comparable country able to win the world cup is europe why with only three million people so it really is a special special moment for croatia and they just have to enjoy and basically
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encourage all the smaller nations to think hey we can get final one day as well money's important as well of course the winner gets thirty eight million dollars a loser twenty eight still not bad not bad at all emily to you in moscow this is been a big event just for russians in general how are they feeling now that the tournament is almost over well the people who i've spoken to say they're really sad that this whole thing is ending and they've really been enjoying what people here have called the festival atmosphere one woman who i spoke to said that she wants to keep the whole world cup she wants to keep it all even the fans and now yesterday at a gala concert the russian president vladimir putin said that the world cup has helped debunk the myths about russia and show show russia to the world get rid of prejudices and i think russians as well are really happy that they could show a different side of russia to the world aside beyond the often negative headlines.
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all right thanks very much to emily shown in moscow mark stick with us for just a second here because we want to take a look back at yesterday's game belgium versus england belgium beat england to secure their third place what do you make of that game well belgium one two nil and it's a strange game really because no one really knows if they want to play i mean not out of wilkinson final just really want to play this extra game but actually to belgium it was important because they'd only have a finished fourth before that was the best finish previously so they really wanted that bronze medal and they played a pretty strong side accordingly england made a few changes england have their chances actually but the end kind of the end of the tournament they would clinical enough and that want to improve in future too and let's see how the game actually panned out. belgium were dominant from the off casually playing their way through england's midfield their brilliant pass from remember luke aku found nasser chadli who in turn whipped it in for to my menu i.
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won nil after just four minutes. tournament top scorer harry came couldn't increase his tally but his six goals will almost certainly be enough to secure the golden boot in the second half eric dyer was denied by a goal line clearance from toby all the veils while jordan pickford saved a brilliant effort from tom i mean you have the other red. cross paid in as i had the last laugh scoring his third of the tournament's in the eighty second bennett to seal a two nil victory i understated performance from both teams and an understated celebration as belgium's golden generation take third place. is a both teams have come a really long way what is the future hold for that i think belgium will be kicking themselves a little bit because this is their golden generation right now these players are at their peak to point out the caca and given how this world cup panned out with
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germany out early argentina out it's a whole not even then the first place this was belgium's chance to at least get to the final so they'll be a little bit annoyed but pleased to elise got bronze as for england is the young side they're only going to get better euro two thousand and twenty is a strange tournament taking place all over the continent but actually the same finals in the final are going to be at wembley stadium in london so the end of it will feel like a home to an animal hope that they can get to those latter stages and not medicine need to be a sports thank you so much. to tennis or actually have a has become the first german woman to win wimbledon in more than twenty years she beat serena williams in a one sided final to add to the australian and us open titles that she won in two thousand and sixteen. one never won here the other has seven wimbledon titles to her name but she found to be overruled by serene williams on the occasion on center court she didn't show it the germans tactic of forcing her opponent to make errors pay dividends in the first set and then williams tightened up her game in the
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second it was too late so tonight. character fell to the ground where her victory was confirmed one champion congratulating a new one at the net covers the first german woman since steffi graf in one thousand nine hundred ninety six to get her hands on the wimbledon title. a huge iceberg that broke off the glacier has run aground directly in front of a small village in greenland the iceberg is six kilometers wide and one hundred meters high authorities say it could flood the village when parts of it break off as seen here and crash into the sea a number of houses near the coast have been evacuated scientists say extreme ice berg events will become more frequent which in turn will increase the chance of tsunami. and just a reminder of the top stories we're following for you hamas officials in gaza say they've reached a cease fire with israel after one of the most serious surgeons and violence since
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the war between israel and gaza militants in two thousand and fourteen egypt and the u.n. reportedly brokered the truce after two palestinians were killed. as a new drug join us again at the top of the hour don't forget you can always check out our website or follow us on twitter thanks for watching t.w. news and. brown really love. him or did she love the life you provided for her.


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