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in. d.w. news live from a high stakes summit in helsinki between the u.s. and russian president's oval trunk was well comes here today by the president of finland the for a much anticipated meeting with vladimir putin chuck set the scene by tweeting relations with russia have never been worse we'll go live to helsinki for more. also on the program from its rules the football world again neighborhood lifting the world cup trophy last night did you seem beating a resilient croatian side in the final in moscow setting off wild celebrations back
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home in paris although police did have to use tear gas when things called out of control. include crushed croatian hopes for the convincing to win their school once in each fall off although croatia never gave up it just wasn't enough on the night it's a second world title for the. year. hello and welcome my name is christopher spring thanks for joining us the first ever summit between u.s. president donald trump and his russian counterpart vladimir putin is taking place in helsinki today arriving in the finnish capital trump said relations between the u.s. and russia have never been with us whether the summit will make them any better or is on certain since the agenda of the meeting is shrouded in mystery it's left
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washington's european allies nervous about any concessions that trump might make. donald trump the u.s. president arrives in helsinki. and you know when trump is in town he's here to meet vladimir putin russia's president in a high profile and much anticipated summit it's the last stop on trump's european tour and like elsewhere he's been met with protests around two thousand finns turned out in helsinki to oppose the president's views and the protesters are all too happy with putin's track record either what will the leaders discuss well it isn't that clear trump's administration has said they aren't looking for anything concrete i don't expect anything i frankly don't expect a war with very low expectations i think they're getting along with the russians a good thing but it's possible. the summit in helsinki is being billed more as an opportunity for the leaders to improve their report than as a chance to hammer out
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a new relationship but it hasn't all been plain sailing in a television interview the day before he left for helsinki trump once again rattled his european allies. asked who he thought his number one foe was trump said not russia but the e.u. he said well i think we have a lot of photos i think the european union is a foe what they do to us in trade now you wouldn't think of the european union but there are folks these comments to a quick response from donald tusk e.u. council president america and the e.u. are best friends whoever says we are photos is spreading fake news. the theme of trump's time in europe ruffled feathers the president's relationship with russia has been under scrutiny since he was elected president costing doubt on the strength of the u.s. european alliance ahead of a summit with russia only adds fuel to the fire. over his speech to craven is covering today's summit in helsinki for a speech or
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a much anticipated summit as i mentioned but with very little information about what's actually on the table what are we expecting to be on the table. very little information is putting it mildly chris for we can really only guess so mean we we do assume they're going to talk about crimea ukraine syria nuclear proliferation and those accusations of meddling on the part of russia perhaps the orders of readymade brought in in u.s. elections in u.s. democracy but we really don't know and this is very much donald trump style that he wants to go in there and have a one on one conversation that's very much sort of man to man we're not even going to know during the course of the conversation or after the conversation properly what we've talked about because there's no real indication that it's going to be there's certainly going to be nobody else in the room across from the two translators and there's no indication as yet or we simply don't know whether that's going to be an official record of this conversation but that makes the advisors of donald trump the diplomatic corps the washington people very nervous indeed because they know that their man has only had eighteen months in office whereas
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a lot of putin is at eighteen years in office it's a vast dearth in fast difference in experience there and that makes the american side very very nervous indeed and of course peter the europeans are washington's european allies are also rather nervous about what's going to happen today they're worried for instance. might make serious concessions to vladimir putin recognizing russia's annexation of crimea for instance all those war is justified. they would appear to be justified i mean after all this has been a very bad week for europe donald trump has been to the nato headquarters in brussels and boxed areas there he's been to london and box the ears of theresa may he's now come out with this statement suggesting that. the you is a bigger foe than any other for the u.s. . we do know as well that but neither flooding near putin nor donald trump share
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any great sympathy for the european union for the the way that politics is done the liberal democracy that the european union stands for they're both keen they're both they have a great affinity there together to chisel away at what europe and the european union stands for and maybe that's something they're going to be talking about in this very private conversation that will not find out about and we'll only know when we see it actually happening months down the road and of course the u.s. president has been on twitter this morning ahead of the summit saying among other things that relations between the u.s. and russia have never been worse thanks quote to u.s. foolishness and stupidity is not something that perhaps his position going into these talks with putin. absolutely that appears to be a reference to these accusations of meddling in u.s. politics in u.s. democracy which air pump trump views it really very much as a witch hunt against the russians and against saudi mir putin he will go into this
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meeting once again as he has done in the past this is their first summit together but they have met in the spoken in the past and on both occasions donald trump said i did look him in the eye i did pose the question i did say you were involved in meddling here in our political process he said no and trump chose to believe him ok peter many thanks. peter craven reporting from helsinki. and we're not going to go to moscow to our bureau chief there yuri. yuri give us the russian perspective on the summit you know what is president putin hoping to get out of it well as we've heard from peter grant in the housing he is absolutely unpredictable what the u.s. president could promise his russian counterpart is a big or possible big deal and what we're looking at putin could promise donald trump trump in return but i think the expectations are different in moscow and washington for the russians it's enough that it's happening at all and that the symbolism of meeting is absolutely satisfying in itself the summit comes as the
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kremlin is looking for an exit of its international isolation without crossing its own red lines and trump can still give legitimacy on putin by meeting him as president and that's why today's missoni today's meeting is a great symbolic boost for russia's interests ok so symbolism yury is the key interest in a sense from the moscow perspective could we see anything concrete any concrete outcomes coming from these talks on syria on ukraine for instance. yes the heard from the kremlin that syria and ukraine will be definitely on the table then we have with the alleged russian meddling in the us presidential election spente is sixteen these are at least stumbling blocks from the western point of view we'll see what will be the result but as a lot of it putin's wish list i think the lifting of painful economy sanctions will be the most important issue for him then they have for the ukrainian peninsula
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crimea if trump recognizes that the russian exception of crimea the consequences could be even worse for europe and to the u.s. presidents didn't rule that possibility out categorically so i think economic sanctions and crimea will be arguably the most important issues from their point of view today later and on a personal level your you know we know that trump he said he wants to forge a personal bond a person working relationship with the russian president what about vladimir putin how is he on a personal level approaching this first formal summit between the two leaders. i think here will be well prepared to definitely of course as putin always is and always does he will likely praise strong people thought i didn't he will admire him for swimming against the tide in the united states and he will blame any problems on from spread this as a rock obama with donald trump russia's head of state finally wants
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a real reset for us russian relations the question is whether the u.s. president is interested in this that idea and jim overshadowing this meeting of course the elephant in the room if you want to these accusations these ongoing accusations that russia meddled in u.s. elections back in twenty sixteen just days ago we had twelve russians indicted on charges of hacking the computers of the democrats in the u.s. how might. try and smooth over that controversy. i think a lot of it putin will again declares that he had and has no intention of interfering in the domestic affairs of western sanctions countries and the united states in particular is that a declaration of course will again be music to trumpet. i think we can expect promises from putin to work on establishing common rules of behavior in cyberspace to protect all governments in this world from any meddling and i think that's all
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ok you're you're always good to talk to your ear or. bureau chief in moscow. and we're going to turn now to today's other major story the soccer world cup which france won last night after a hard fought but decisive win croatia millions of french soccer fans on top of the world this morning after celebrating their team's victory throughout the night. this is sea of love now the city of joy paris erupts off to france's win in moscow . thousands of the seaborn fans packed the french capital. dancing in the streets and shouting from the rooftops. that this is great everyone's here together and it's a good atmosphere and makes everyone feel better and we're happy to be here and
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pride to be french. nationals and it's not just me i've really felt as happy as i do today. i remember in one nine hundred ninety eight i was fourteen years old i can celebrate like this but tonight i'm going to set the city on fire thank you france think it's great it was great thank you go they've good we're the champions . one fan in particular couldn't contain his excitement french president and man were not called watching the match in moscow he even got the pats on the head from his croatian counterpart thrilled to the team second place. ok we're now going to get some reaction and analysis on what happened last night from g.w. sports team extensively covering this story for you tom general here with me in the studio good to have you with us tom and just standing for by for a son in the french capital paris alema her turkey in the croatian capital of zagreb melanie dubbo we're going to start with tom here in buzz and tom the
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creationists actually donated the first half of the final a lot of possession that they have the french coach to do additional saying that you know it was sheer mental strength that pulled the french through in the end how significant is this french victory well i mean the world cup is the biggest event in sports very significant is the lawyers for the boy on set. did it is sean has been has made himself one of the. only three men in history to have won the world cup as a player which he did as captain back in ninety ninety eight and also as the coach clean him back pay is just nineteen years old he's won the young player of the tournament he's the first teenager to school in the finals and pele in one hundred fifty eight. the final itself was the highest scoring final since one thousand nine hundred sixty six france had the second youngest scored the whole that whole tournament so had the records tell a little bit of the story because the story itself unless you see the pictures though let's see how the game of voted. an early end to one greaseman free kick
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made its way past the croatian keeper but it was a croatian head that not it in mario months to catch with an unlucky own goal to give france the lead. but the croatian comeback kings hit back in the twenty eighth minute to even pettish each. he went from hero to zero though as a video review showed him handling the ball. a soft penalty but nonetheless tucked away by greaseman for his fourth of the tournaments. in the second half france extended their lead through paul pogba. a long range effort chucked into the corner . julien and bok they repeated that trick again beating daniel from far out for one france then took their foot off the gas pedal. mention to chase down a back pass for hugo lloris and connected an embarrassing mistake but the french captain didn't front for a long sort to the final score they blew when the world cup for
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a second time with smiles all around. and so with me in the studio tom going to the sports atoll of course has always to to win this kind of title you need a little bit of good fortune the french had that today a soft penalty an own goal in the i mean it's not even a football match and this is always an element of fortune whether you're playing down the pot with your friends or you playing in the world cup foreigner you always need a little bit of luck. the was was a true is that you called when the biggest competition in the sporting world without deserving to do it france played brilliant football for its owner and did you had to show him was really the tactical monster. of the whole to him and you know his system was criticised a little bit for maybe not getting the best out of his attacking talents but he sat back in the games they needed to sit back and he attacked at the right moments and you know he's the one holding the trophy end of the day in fact we can hear from him now and see how pleased he was with his victory last night.
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it's simply beautiful it's marvelous for these players to such a young generation some of them are world champions or just nineteen even though others have been around a lot longer. brilliantly today but we showed lots of mental strength. in any case we scored four goals it's deserved. to be. we scored four goals it's deserved you can't argue with that let's bring in did obviously moho turkey now in the french capital paris some millions of french fans on the streets yesterday you were in the middle of it in the thick of it i believe they cost you an entire night's sleep what was it like in paris oh i mean the beginning as any other celebrations it was joy it was ecstasy the country was on cloud nine but of course what started off as a very family event as peaceful celebrations turned quite ugly later into the night
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and that's because we had a small contingent of hands that basically turned by violent they started damaging property they started kicking in the windows of business says you even have what is it bottles bottles being thrown at the cops and the cops of cook course had to come in and disperse the crowds and so celebrations were cut short and of course one of the main places where you have all this and gather in the world cup victory is a santelli say and that's where it's tradition to basically go up and down the street around the clock to be on and that of course all the celebrations were cut short because of the five minutes yesterday ok alina so that was that was the blemish on last night's celebrations. on a more positive note i believe you know very a very diverse crowd celebrating last night tell us more about that. it is and that was also a very big talking point because this team the two thousand and eighteen eighteen
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team had so many so has so many similarities with the one of nine hundred ninety eight and ice and i spoke to so many fans she has so many people here in france and of course there is just talk about both of them having a very ethnically diverse. the pay us from africa from north africa from the middle east so you have so much diversity but the fans also in one thousand nine hundred eight what happened was that people thought that now that we have an ethnically diverse team that wins us the world cup that that would somehow help solve some of the political and social problems in the country specifically some of the racial tension but of course we saw what happened after nine hundred ninety eight frightening opinion just increased so people here off quite aware that football is something that that unifies the country temporarily it's meant to be enjoyed and that it's not a solution to the country's political and social problems ok and the moment he thanks for that we're going to switch now to the croatian capital to zagreb melanie
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. on hand for us there melanie give us a sense of the mood in zagreb in croatia are all people mostly disappointed or all they celebrating. somewhat surprisingly there was no disappointment no sadness just a massive. joy him zagreb just behind me start these thousand people were here yesterday what seeing the game they would cheering throughout the entire game uprooting the players after and throughout the entire night people did not stop send a great saying we had waving flags fly and crying because people singing and dancing and it was just truly amazing to see how great the festivities were having here ok so a very small ball could very proud of making it to the final of the well cup we're going to come by. to tom here in the studio tom you know two years ago france were
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hosting the european championships they lost the final a huge disappointment is that one reason why they now won this final i think i mean of course it's the experience of losing a foreigner all the helps and you know any experience of having those are progressing that far through it's only been. a pads a lot for the squad but let's not forget some of the players who really announce themselves at this tournament was there at the last year rose of course killing them back plays the first name on everybody's lips like i said the young player of the tournament this time around and really opened games up really took teams apart when he ran at them so france is future is looking very broad ok tom many thanks for that tom going on here in the studio. in paris and melanie caught up in many thanks to all of you i've. and we're going to catch up with some of the other stories making news around the world two reporters from myanmar charged with
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violating the country's secrecy laws that you testify in court today to have pleaded not guilty on charges of seeking classified information last year as part of the reporting on the government's handling of the injured parts of this case is being closely watched as a test of press freedom in the. activists in the indian city of bhopal have demonstrations in support of l.g. continued writes in his l.g. p.t. community hoping the country supremum court should move to decriminalize gay sex the court has been hearing a challenge to the ban which dates back to the colonial era. elite two hundred migrants have disembarked in the italian port of parts of zero to several e.u. countries agreed to take them in the migrants a part of a group of hundreds safe from a distressed boat on saturday in chile had initially refused to allow them to dock until other countries agreed to a comedy. we're going to catch up with the latest business news as well christopher
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you mentioned to the summit between donald trump and what if you put it in helsinki there's another one going on in beijing where the european union has asked the united states china and russia to ease global trade tensions saying there is a danger they could spiral out of control european council president donna task was speaking in beijing at the opening of a summit between china and the e.u. task insisted that europe china and the u.s. and russia have a duty not to destroy the global order task called for a reform of international trade rules as well as an overhaul of the world trade organization while there's still time to prevent what he called conflict and chaos while for more on that summit and what could possibly mean for the financial world here is standing by for us at the frankfurt stock exchange not well if we have to pick summits i just mention it today one between donald trump and let me put it in
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helsinki the on the one between the e.u. and beijing which one is moving the markets more. i think the trump and putin summit and moving the market more i think that's somewhat of a misnomer because the people are so nervous head of this meeting you know who knows what trump will say judging by his performance last week an offhand remark can move the markets can move world politics that investors aren't really going forth and doing anything they're not selling at a big rate and they're not buying at a big rate they're just holding their breath to see what comes out of the summit it's not trade in the forefront there it's so world politics security issues but of course those issues have become more and more important here in the market as well as an overall gauge of how good relations are and that expands them to trade so people are closely watching this and holding their breath moniker of course the summit going in beijing between the e.u.
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and china is focusing on trade is about possibly strengthen the economic ties what would the financial world what would trade as best us like to see come out of beijing. i think they would like to see come out of beijing a promise of even closer relations between europe and china now the relations are so close when you look at the numbers china is a huge trading partner and especially here for germany but also for many other european countries which have large industrial components exports china is a huge customer but there's still lots of improvement for cooperation on intellectual property and for example on investing autonomy asli in china for out of country out of country companies so lots to talk about this certainly in beijing right now the bottom five thank you so much. and of course china is a huge economy it actually grew six point seven percent in the last quarter that's
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ever so slightly less than in the first three months off the year the world's second biggest economy. is still on course to need to its growth target for this year but there are fears that a trade route with the united states a slowing property market and tweak a domestic demand could slow future growth. well with just about eight months left it's still unclear how breaks it will actually play out one of the key issues is immigration which britain wants to control but if you are in the strawberry business without migrant workers from the continent you will be in trouble brits love their strawberries but they don't like to pick them. david figures is a fruit grower of the fourth generation in a family business but maybe more and more of this group is rotting in the fields the pickers who worked for him for years to stop showing up not just do we want labor from europe but we want to be out of trade with europe we buy they still be
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plants came from belgium the worst came to the worst we won't be growing fruit and . i know of more than one farmer who has started growing fruit of the industry suffers without labor from eastern europe and dying percent the pickers in britain come from there according to the farmers association and they can't find british people who are pulling their thousands of workers down in these critical weeks they don't know if they'll be welcome after price it in the pound has also lost a lot of value over brags that which makes fruit picking elsewhere in europe more attractive. i have a long time here so i'm still happy here so when i will not be happy we're just going to base foreign workers leaving the u.k. is not only a problem in agriculture hundreds of thousands of jobs are under threat at companies like rolls royce jaguar airbus and siemens and so our entire industrial sectors like steel. eighty percent of those exports go to the e.u. markets so for us we absolutely need for the very survival of the steel central
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u.k. seamless trade with terrorists. with no end in sight for the u.k. e.u. trade deal many sectors have a long road of economic instability ahead of them. thank you monica a quick reminder for you of our top story this hour u.s. president donald trump has been welcomed by the finnish president ahead of his summit with russia's president vladimir putin trunked saying something the scene by saying relations between the u.s. and russia have never being worse. you're watching news from. the top of the aisle don't forget you can always get the latest. that's from our website that's you talked up next science magazine tomorrow today thanks watching.
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