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tv   Kick off - The Great Final The World Cup Show  Deutsche Welle  July 17, 2018 6:30pm-7:00pm CEST

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on sort of. pursuing her own. woman got some close to. life and death with the. starts july twenty first on you. football is a simple game that the end france or the croatians will win the world cup two thousand and eighteen. kick off of the la last world cup game france versus croatia we will talk about this game we will watch the game life and you out there are very welcome to join our discussion. let's take a look at the starting eleven of creation day any one of the it's your turn then
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yeah it's not go done it right you are not good on its hiding as we question. so i think he mother says you're like sixty three kilometers this world cup the most that the most out of i think of anyone to anyone and says it's actually is the most foul. but he put you know what i mean you know where players are in funk thought that's the reason i have to work also i think if parents can get down the wing and create trouble that's going to be a big key. your own no i think it will be you know back and country so crucial to this team continue with his silent were always there being in the right place obviously very big threat we know and croatia obviously knows that he's very very dangerous if he has faced one v one he's going at you he can finish kick off. in about i hope there are no v.a.r. . what a penalty kicks and the like that is just
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a straight up but actually it was on this tournament it was really i didn't really bother me even v.a.r. i mean when i look at the honestly the last season it was just a disaster. yet because now it's not here it's new in the world so that's what i've learned much much better than in the business. has appeared as if. you go numb on step over i heard. there are rumors about the. united because the whole thing will move in you love the this player. the first five minutes what what's your impressions. k.g. k.g. . here is our maybe the biggest question fan all type yeah. thanks only because the silva we have the queen but haven't you know he was the queen he was the queen and here is mike. hello where have you been.
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michael you need to chant write him in. and you go for a place finisher of this year's world cup you want to sit. congratulations there just as there is that you will have to turn it around. but did you watch the first minutes yeah i've been watching in the production room. i think you were right when you said katie i'm. super cagey brush my rock up a yellow cause you know. they have probably had the most falls and i was one of them and ok started and you know the month i was you know that's a very. physical right very physical ok for it's a war literally larry it's for them you know as adults always had football is nothing but war minus weapons but minus the shooting. i always say well cup is better than world war. but let's not go down that route. oh no no i was like oh all ready did that go straight in no
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a balance ricocheting was it wow already great you know how charisma is claiming that you don't worry of don't worry i will come back again showing the only person to pick france in the room with me so for. you tonight so that you know eighteenth minute. you know what it all go have a review wait a minute. actually that's the perfect situation for creation oh you're going to fall over. the torment of the own bad things well if your own go ahead you look like don't you know i think not was much to catch which said he was good in the. other grizzly might get. it might think i was wrong for it's a good looking man finn doing about that yeah yeah that's unlucky that's. ok yeah. that would catch. i like the croatian sitting there not fighting yeah
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they're coming out they're coming back quite possibly. we know doing that can come back they displayed that they are shown incapable of a shot at three times instead of always in the air and smelling it making i can't reveal my sources. on the attack not that it's paris. paris is. that it. you have a gave the left right so that the left is left it. took you five. is really nice very nice shot there and so he was so calm too because he was in the box there yeah many people were on him you know not on him but you mean with the
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bat defense for though i took his time at that himself one hundred percent just smashed it into the far corner you know what and finish it was we can say you know i was out there first half has two goals that is quite unusual for a final. you know you know so. i think convert him yeah. i'm sure looking on the replay i can tell from that claiming how the french saying it was i didn't yet know randy seen it work i didn't see how but maybe there was. a little and you kind of the hand has to be in an unnatural position this is the line it depends on if there was a clear who bought the beers had the absolute all no no no no no that was not a handball after all aren't you that man just scored a goal you know notable of dropping is that was a natural that's yours or way of moving yeah but that there there is not how you all see it that this hand was just moving i don't know that he was. tricky i looked
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illiterate to me i don't know i don't know a lot you know if it was something like that we have to see happen which again i didn't i'm not saying always check in and yeah a position to see what the call is was it a part of the job when you come down and if you jump in your hands go up your hands are going to come down i think he's trying to bring his hand that's you know i guess i'm back to making it down to seven but it's all the bowl i'm trying to give him the benefit that's the issue. the ball is coming his direction it's not a have ball i think they'll call it what it touch his hand and say no no they call that all in the group stage they call the worst hand they've they've already called oh you know my whole hand volcanism no not so easy because it's hang go just ahead of me how i did down this is a career actually that he went against oh yes i know i always go so easy i think you know you would say you know it's going to be apparent that you might give it. ok and yeah says an offensive yeah. come on the middle
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but that was how the question is who they convert. you convert them to moving it take it he's going to be billy's moneys that he's mine the nerves are going to come from come from comes on when the last time it always looks like she's he's crying in a second you know he's always this doesn't even stay as long as we are at this point because i can guarantee meto or some of the press then you know i did lead to we're going to get him again i never thought i would go five he's going to five his penalty is always a time to me but what i don't like i'm not so sure of course he is he's a gentleman. he's he's good looking at him and this turned out very much but suppose it's just the years before how to love he's not my strong and i think he's going to miss i'm going to how do i feel if you know a lot of me i think this is buses is going to say i did not know that i'm not going
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to go. to get their foot in the right take that left but you know what it's thirty eight minutes game to run this sound decent feel like it was a celebration and every night that i didn't see it now we have. oh. it's from a game called what is what is what is this some places and i can't i mean i can't even watch that somebody is it a surfer thing you know when i look at our prediction they have all the answers from ford bottom out already but i'm wrong and you. will be correct yeah i am the only emily is unless there's a miracle one for the. first half is over two one is the school or france is up front well that was a really really good hoff. yeah i'm just crazy out of this team at all. i mean they might be losing but they look very much in control of
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themselves i think racquets it has been he's been working in many different parts of the past going forward. he's. ok before the game second half starts we have connection to our man in zagreb he is hopefully yes he's on his greens about zero. zero zero i also like that are you guys doing well we are we're fine we're very and like you yeah where did you get that. he was forced to yeah yeah well you can buy this everywhere here actually and everybody on this square actually has a crazy jersey they haven't sold out but i bought. it on hamas leaders i think all of that as a german of nine yeah it is about i was and would do the people still believe in their team. very nice to have actually because there was one that
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was down in the last three games and no two one is not that bad for them but what happened here during the course was absolute phrases like like a new year actually flares going out firecrackers it was really madness then unfortunately for. the croats here france scored again but obviously the mood here is pretty high still and asked and i said believe that they can win this thank you thank you guys have a good rest of the game i don't talk to you later right so yeah bye bye the second half is on the way right here right around this hat he says. i think in this final. is a good one which so far is the na na na na na na na na na na na na na na. all of us are going to go hope a school three was so fantastic oh as a father was if you first if you don't try this ask me right here and right from cern that way to the world i think. and he says kind of just tried to do you
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know almost like a fare on cars as they call handle in the open on a flood gates now it's a game now no more pressure. opened it up a little bit no i think yeah that's. what they do best which is. yeah. i mean i'm happy for popov because he's had a really really great tournament and sometimes goes under the radar because of about paper i mean the book comes to him and it's all he misses it saw him in the past. just places it is yes a lot of the tennis that was very nice. bought well yeah one of us it's not exactly charlie has lots of crates. see much of them i think game but you know he just school bus a killer blow for croatia that's a great goal started the attack that was resolved in school he played that part why
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me an unfinished infinitely you know look at this he's better like that rather than playing in a free system restrictive system that oh my goodness ok. it's just. old. if you have a good one how are you healing bombay you can we i'm not a long oh yeah ok oh no he never had never used the word hate no no you say the book is going back to front is it me i don't know i'm sure but he always hands and chrysler has to be really careful now the only thing i mean those thing is the question is do from site mostly on the. i have since your specs list set a record they're trying to sell records now hi i'm going all right so you change your i get i get yes can you hear us. now it's really good i met at a sports bar in the center. like people it seems to me are kind of cheering for
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both sides i've been speaking to people who are four stories out of some people said you know if christ wins that means that russia will have been kicked out by the world champion and also they're kind of the underdog here but a lot of people are also for france these guys next to me have actually sat on france as well many years from france and no no no they have that on france ok but are you are you surrounded by locals or other lots of tourists. on the internet it's mainly russians there are definitely a few there are that's not the crowd is pretty pretty make all right i really like . their coming back. ok the only thing i think you talk to listen by. great morning minutes ok i did everything is possible oh wow. what i look at the.
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race oh i'm going to be you know he is talking that he was trying to be maggie yeah. yeah yeah right. i'm sorry that you didn't hear that. what was doing what was that hugo hearing i would recall something my game ain't over until it's over and come on crime sure we talk now with questions i think i run with. that paul is that his fear is that still whole. question as well when. we're here in zagreb and after the four one people started to go i'm going to ask around a bit actually if there is still hope. not in me sleeping you know your snout. whatever hungary to do it. ok hungary believes grace or comes back that's that's very nice. to have all these jet injector you know. so he said it's going to be
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four four actually. close oh yeah yeah they're coming in which i mean that says about the out he says i'm a stay there stay with him that's who they'd like hey there thank you what's wrong with the things. he's our man. family enough you have a great fan here that's going on talk to you. leon you know what are you doing. you still watching football are you where do you. i mean. ari. well hold on. now there are still some whom about i don't know your presence here is really good here i don't mind people. taking astley's final minute as you always feel that you can see the exciting thing
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to say i am waiting to get a. good think about this and this because. this. is a couple of you for not coming across about malcolm fraser i think out on a point. now is this race or. the underdog in this game and we need to you guys just want to play now. because joining you not to. call their home board thing is boxing. their face for the next. to the next i can just tell germany that i am that germany germany is out and please. if you see me think that this time when you first found it was just going to donald ok you're getting a little thank you very much family i think we have
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a new world cup winner right at this moment in. this interview sachin did you think stay here thing here and. say i think it's too many so they like i mean it's pretty close i mean yes yes yes you could think that. congress the nation's. finest all russian immigrants. i think those are mainly for what happened to the russians. and still are. yeah. you know. and you have never. played a lot of that is ok the only thing. i mean one day that is implanted to. exist. and you will feel when i did my little writing was.
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very well france is well champion two thousand and eighteen. congress relations congregation well done well deserved absolutely deserved. very nice game nice to watch i'm still a little bit i feel sorry for creationists a no i'm not happy with that i mean fans was very good. at the scores too high and might not be as indicative of the game and how the game actually was because i don't think the first have was france's two goals you know. football sebastiaan can you hear us we can see you at least yes i can hear you sol how i can hear you yeah how i always was what's up in soccer. i'm not sure if i heard your question but i'm believe you believe everybody is super happy here when they're singing one of us
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got to put about three it up which means gracious the world champion it's not that they are drunk or something it's just that they're so so happy that their team made it to the final at all they say i could do it in a ghost but you'll find than me in my head. it's much he says he says that the first in the world actually there is no one is a dozen. times i mean is. this for both business is all such as this football he says we're winners and really the biggest respect to the guys that's what he said thanks so so that's what you just heard everybody is super happy here thirty thousand people are just celebrating here at the election square here in zagreb and the party is going to be long that's the atmosphere here that's that's quite surprising to me as well i hope you join the party and thank you very much for being in saginaw and have a good time. thanks very much. ok thanks very much and
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that's the other night call regulated by friends by the way from all of us as are going to my by my heartland yeah. the background i'm struggling to think of better work in terms of pure entertainment has been great it's been great it's been really really great goals. of exciting how did russian women surprise the russians yeah yeah. and also you know all these dreamer is going against him from going to crack as a crack. only on his back what is a lot on. the line to see the ceremony now. we're actually talking about the greatest moments of the one cup in general and do you have a greatest moment. of greatest moment the world cup i mean obviously
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being english i would have to say the england winning a penalty shoot out was. an incredible moment i kind of go to the point that i thought it would never happen in my lifetime i. got a long time without seeing them through. to never want to kind of shoot out the world cup right the last time i'd seen up was ninety six in the euros but it never happened the world cup set up for me being in the stadium as well spacek stadium here in moscow that was certainly a big deal. other than that i think seeing russia beat spain was just huge for the noise for the atmosphere. the celebrations off with us you might be able to hear that from the. just going over we might be about to get drenched although we we just saw pete getting the silver ball as the best younger youngest player of this tournament and. it's got the golden ball i think you agree on that i
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think. that's certainly the one the golden ball he has been a phenomenon of this tournament he's been just completely something else obviously no one really expected to get this far and he's been the principal reason that they've made it this far and actually get an umbrella. for all of games is incredible i get a number it's all going to my grandma's delight for now and a hundred percent is going what's coming you should proceed to see the english and still have problems i. was killed good enough to say you won't let up do it in those places that people like to go to places that it was africa versus croatia. as you know a great story of integration in france and it was the africa versus go away should it as a beautiful story you know story is beautiful and they got it. so yes you can say things we want to know and try to you know maybe make a isolation which is television is a good yeah how do you feel about the nice guy who was gaming his race to have big
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luck you're a gracious thing that's going to have luck but gracious a better team in a. sense you proceed because ball and alleged are you proud of the formants today you for out and also of course everybody grace was like come back again you're going back to the time it was against france next time reviewing the bus would of course work new generation coming because of big talents because of big players and the small continental got it because of it because here you think you're going to be to cry guys and the rain is really sort of come down now so i'm going to leave you because otherwise all cameras going to write nicely but you've just seen some reactions from a remote sky and you've had my thoughts so yeah what a phenomenal world cup what a great time we've all had said to you guys thank you very much only return to the stadium it's very very good that they get the trophy now we are getting closer to
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getting close there will be we can read and do it we can't just pretend that you are holding the trophy here's what i'll hold on. the question the president gives hugs to. you talking everyone to be a good sport yeah. and you mean like hugging day i have two hundred football players that come on ships. will have what forty six plus the coaches when i want to see that i want to see them was. well champion two thousand and eighteen frowned for the second time in their world cup history as well because this is all over and found fortunately also our shallow zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero leaders all in anything that's let's make a sleeping long curly. those are some of the for sure thanks for your questions and comments of course i mean yes thank you guys thank you for as i can thank you then
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yes thank you michael thank you thank you the only one of all coming off the senior . football a simple game at the end france win the world cup two thousand and eighteen zero. zero.
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