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in the mind of people throughout the middle people no other means to buy his way commute. is a simple. how did he shoot and influenced the lives of money now going on a lot more than. one a week yes. i leave maybe but you're good because it almost looks like a letter from the head of the area between the. heart of it find us on facebook and on t w dot com you can get the. room. welcome to another special edition of euro max today we're diving into the world of art here's what's coming up. it's an allusion to spaniards and that
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instagram masterpieces. of all the work the serbian artist and how amazing disappearing act. and size issues are michel weld a photographer who say. we have plenty of brilliant artists coming up for you and we start off with a geo that's made the name on social media there are now one billion instagram users worldwide so you need to really stand out to gain a substantial following i'm not davis and then yellow the way that i have made it the two spaniards play with patterns shapes colors and perspective to create truly unique images. an orange child becomes a fried egg on the wall. two balloons combined with a red dress create a smiling face. red stripes pose
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a danger to anyone who can't run away fast enough if. there were photos by ana davies and. the spanish artist you have set up these little masterpieces with the simplest of resources. and complex. but not anything like this you must know if i had to describe our work in three words they would be creativity fun and minimalism i think that conveys our work pretty well and color true for words. publish their pictures only internet to instagram channels have more than half a million subscribers. the photographs often play with perspective all present amusing scenarios. the holes in this ball become giant raindrops falling on amazon rela she and danielle take most of their pictures during their holiday travels. they live in
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valencia where they work together at home on their i.d.'s. huge success on social media came as a surprise. but it's not that it's crazy to think that we just did it for fun when we started now it's practically our job. i think what people like about our work is that they are highly structured pictures with clear lives and composition but above all we try to make them entertaining always with new creative ideas. when i. down the aisle and i first met during their studies he is an architect she is an illustrator but neither of them works much in actual profession a growing number of companies have take. notice of the photographs to send the couple products like watches or clothing to be staged creatively for ad campaigns. like this when the breaker from a french fashion label want to use the theme of color hide and seek their
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idea is to put danielle in a cone of light the same color as the jacket to make him disappear. but i believe. it all seems very simple but it isn't. there's a lot of detail involved. we have to find the right materials so it looks the way we imagined it you know making a photo is an elaborate process. part of that is finding the right location but here's old quarter with its flamboyant architecture is usually not suitable for you i prefer minimalist buildings with clear geometrical forms. which is why the two head for an unattractive industrial area on the outskirts of town. near the highway to find what they're looking for any conspicuous dark gray facade in a side street. all we have to do now is put up the set and wait until the light gets
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softer not so direct the shadows are too intense. with tape and yellow cardboard they assemble the flash light cone in which danielle will disappear and come. back home. through the four hundred pictures to choose the one they like best a few small corrections and it can be posted on instagram. they have a simple strategy for getting as many reactions possible. we only publish things we're really convinced about. it all takes too much work and that shows up in the feedback. people only react when we give it all we've got that's how we improve our technique we get better and more ambitious. photo was worth it
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within a few days a thirty three thousand likes from instagram users. and already experimenting with new ideas short vertical videos suitable for facebook that people can watch. there are so many clever and amusing at least stories waiting to be told. and we also have plenty to show you on instagram so follow us on d.w. your max to experience the best of european lifestyle and culture. next artist made her name on another platform you cheap million on the lot of it goes by the name key ken has amassed over fifty six million video views with her clips of body painting now that out form isn't anything new in itself but pain to get on yourself
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requires another level of skill and creations nothing short of incredible. the illusions are mind boggling. not just because they're nearly perfect order but because they're actually on a body. on a mineral ship which. has seen her you tube channel get millions of clicks by viewers worldwide. she set up a little studio in her apartment and spread to over fifty kilometers from the serbian capital belgrade. she learnt to draw as a child and taught herself to paint today illusionist videos are her trademark. i live challenges and that's why i choose to do and it's very funny when you make an up and not in your stomach or if you are. i'm enjoying to do this because every day i'm
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someone. launched her own video channel in two thousand and sixteen or an international breakthrough came with wooden puppet dog a video that warner a top makeup artists award in serbia. she also made an appearance on spanish television. more than four hundred thousand fans subscribe to her you tube channel and regularly watch her videos she can't believe her luck. i'm so happy i am we'd also be able you know from all over the world and you're talking when they write he says for rosie okies from wrong i have the feeling that i was there or i you know so it's a very special feeling. a mother of two in her mid thirty's she makes a living from marginal posting to new videos a week she gets feedback from near and far she can read the comments written in spanish. that is. what you do is spectacular you surprise me
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every time. i wish you all the best carry on. which is that a lot. more than eight million people live viewed this video alone but he can still worries about how her posts will be received i'm taking ok what if people don't like it or what they like it you know and i was wondering all the time and when we do a live. i can't watch it and i ask. my friend ok can you can you please read you. can spend two days preparing her designs scrutinizing them in the mirror to see what works and what doesn't like the knot on her stomach. she can work on a new body painting for up to eight hours drawing inspiration from music and her
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own experience. i had a problem with my ways and. i couldn't eat i lost my appetite and. i felt that my stomach is you know not you know. the tricky part for the makeup artist is holding her breath for long stretches while she paints in the fine details. of her works of art involve magic of some kind. like wall. coke. and bread that are. not that. the body spinning illusionist can do more than tires off and not she can put a spring in her belly. it was part of her wooden property illusion one of her biggest challenges so far. that spring gave me sole watch
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trouble because it's very difficult on your stomach on your skin almost all right because you can't you want to make. good and perfect. kits motivated to keep perfecting her body paintings by her dream of what the future could hold. my dream we is. one day to be on the red carpet and. cold. hollywood may or may not be on the horizon in the meantime she's busily creating body painted art and tutorials for her fans. among those who shared keep those videos is american actor charlie sheen but she remains dedicated to perfecting her art and she certainly isn't the time to lose or at go over her success.
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now kiko may draw on her body but most artists draw or paint on paper but russian born artist julia brought skyler certainly likes to think outside the box she works with paper creating fascinating three d. images by folding rowling all bending it some works can take several weeks to complete but it's worth it designs have even been used on postage stamps. you have to look twice to really understand what this work of art is made of it's comprised of hundreds of little strips of paper which together form a picture but it's the combination of colors and shapes which gives the portrait its depth paper artist and illustrator union broadscale created these words she's been fashioning paper by three d. pictures for a decade. they purchase just amazing it's
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like simple it's versatile there are just so many things you can do to you can fold it can cards. to. name it. like to use it. julia came up with the idea of creating three dimensional objects from paper when she was experimented with her signature after that are objects evolved to be more and more complex. the russian born artist works at her studio in some top north of london she uses a technique known as quick or paper filigree it's achieved by rolling strips of paper into coils and folding or curving them into different shapes. when they're glued together it's quite striking and exacting work. the mental using this technique and working with paper is just the time it's so time consuming it's labor intensive takes days and weeks to create
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primitive lists mall size art work there are lots of details to corporate they have to be really patient and julia is often inspired by plants each of our artwork starts as a sketch then comes the detail work. she cuts the paper in strips for the hobby knife and then shapes them into individual element. finally she posts images of the finished works on instagram she has more than thirty thousand followers. the advertising industry has also taken an interest in unions paper she has created works for an american airline. a japanese design a fragrance. and a british car brand. religious even grace postage stamps.
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and not long ago one of her designs was reproduced in advance of formats in central london now serves as a window display in a clothing store first step in the artist's next direction. my plan is to also try to work on the slightly larger you. and make. a larger scale. my next goal is to try and find a way to just. make it. has no desire to experiment with other materials she's already found my ideal medium with paper her ideas blossom. zog goes one of the most successful three d. illustrators in germany that's because she sees creative potential in ordinary objects making a dress out of salad leaves or a drink out of paper or graphic illustrations have made it onto the covers of
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international publications and since she works here in berlin we thought we'd pair a visit to a studio. a sunday breakfast made of paper. grapes made of marbles. meat made a vegetable. a brain made of wool. or even a whole head made of. zahra dillon badger is a visual storytelling everything around her serves as a source of inspiration and of materials too so when she's out shopping there has studio in berlin she's also working even to the i love all materials of course but i've been especially fond of fruit and vegetables for a long time because i'm probably because they're so varied and the colors are so
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vivid there's always an element of surprise because i don't know what i'll get it's an organic material called evil god this is my. this is the studio where sorry to limburger test the limits of traditional graphic design work is featured in adversus mints glossy magazines galleries and he's anything but flat she describes herself as a three d. illustrator combining techniques from the realms of art graphic design i am photography. the main interest lies in meticulous craftsmanship dylan badger grew up in munich where her mother designed jewelry and her father ran a hip restaurant. lived after his bust i have my passion for crafting things probably goes back to my childhood i belong to the generation of children who grew up without t.v. or at least with less t.v.
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and without a computer in the digital world so there was enough time and space to make things with whatever was around four hundred. the pantry in my father's restaurant was my playground when i was around for. a lifelong interest in food. to study graphic design and set up a jewelry label with her boyfriend at the time. she felt limited in her creativity so she started sending her three d. designs to magazines and reviews. on the covers of leading publications all over the world.
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i think that as soon as you touch things with your hands your own energy flow into them something different emerges that's perhaps more human and not quite so flawless that interests me more than the perfect surface of a computer monitor. she creates stunning displays for the luxury as in germany she loves challenges and wants to look good for. she tends to collaborate with. projects. with. these oversized. display.
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thing my career actually with a big failure. design agency. and they let me go after three weeks. by the i'd been assigned to redesign an opera magazine and when the creative director saw my result he said it was unfortunately no better than the original so i had to go. heft will finish them. but he did something that was encouraging for my future he said my portfolio looked more like a box of magic tricks than a traditional designer's portfolio and that i didn't have to worry i would make it somewhere and i want to see me kind of. the troubles me. and she did today's our ellenberger is one of europe's most successful illustrators i'm tough i'm mistaken bill starr is in demand the world over. what if we were shrunk down to
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a fraction of our size how many films and books have explored that question and a french photographer is determined to show us the answer. miniature figures to do that creating allusions and fooling those who set eyes on his work. the closer look reveals it's only a toy. everything excuse emerges from iceland's whole cannick sounds. just as he is the title of an ongoing photo project by sitting. you know being a boy i had many small cars and i was playing like this imagining it on the road or of the road and i. you know when i was four or five and now i do it in really my photos. in this paris studio the photographer brings his toy cars and other small
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scale things up to life science. varies the depth of field to help. create effective full size objects attending to even the smallest details just as important is imitating natural light such as the sunset here. finally touches that the reflections and shadows on the computer to make sure the two image planes merge into one. first glance the illusion is almost impossible to make out. the hard part of creating these images will be in. creating something global and logical when you arrive in the in front of a print at first you will see a landscape oh that's nice and you're right when you wish something else. so this is an example from the start but it's the same for the other photos here is. his
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starts playing with altered dimensions in two thousand and seven with his photo series plastic life liberation two centimeter tall figures from the miniature world to welcome them into the real universe. and they help us solve a survey lambchops doing ad campaigns for luxury labels louis the tone. was cut. replaced with our perceptions of dimensions of space and time. in doing so he creates all six elves new worlds in places far away. he had to leave france for iceland to find suitable landscapes where his current series nostalgie friends accompanied him to the windswept sub arctic island. he goes to personal as well as climatic extremes for spectacular in nature.
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i went once in finland and i discovered the last place it's a small hill with forest three frozen. and i spent one night alone i saw a few prints of animals and visit guys who were the only one who had been with me there. was the day feels drawn to europe's far north to search for fantastical landscapes and new perspectives. he gathers petals and rearrange them in their original environment but magnified thousands of times. there when the rain the cold and it's so good in just a few hours there one afternoon there and you come back and you're full of new things and new energy i don't want to to be patient i don't want to be bored i don't want to be normal not to normal at least and i want to live strong things and to have strong feelings. as
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a father of three children he's gained an eye for the smaller things a knife and he's rediscovered something of his own in child. and if i just realize that this is necessary. and. i'm scared to get all those ideas actually this is this is the reality. beausoleil miggles reality and imagination his work is returned to the visual world of childhood and. that's all from us for today if you fancy watching more you can find all your remarks reports on our website d.w. dot com slash lifestyle we're back tomorrow with another playful special i hope you can join me again for that but from all of us here your remarks are often out.
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but. you know next year on matters special edition. bought a really talented property. from. somebody is a famous designer come from you know a. good friend over thirty years or tom these are from another one joining us for this much more in our next general marks a special edition. of three.
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our first if you. try. popular instructor the funds for the brain to function twenty successful years the fourth generation ford focus has been ongoing. process.
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takes it personally with the wonderful people and stories that make it so special to us. because my. country to. g.w. . we make up about three quarters of a fix that under budget cuts we ought to seventy seven percent. want to
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shape the continent's future to. be particularly enjoying african youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges. the seventy seven percent. platform. chart. so. just couldn't get this song out of his head. as a college just began searching for the source of these captivating sounds. deep in the rain forest in central africa. the bike up. and. going out. and the like to believe this was a bit less than the. money. to buy their culture that he stays. only a promise to
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a song was sung only in the jungle and returned to the concrete and glass. the result reverse culture shock. to realize how strange artificial. really connected to life. the prize winning documentary from the forest starts this night d.w. . u.s. president donald trump is backtracking from remarks he made a summit with russia's vladimir putin on monday in helsinki trauma caused doubt on u.s. intelligence findings that russia meddled in the twenty sixteen presidential election with lawmakers back carm accusing him of siding with an adversary on tuesday in
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washington trump told reporters he misspoke saying he accepts that russian meddling did take place.


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