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you. are and to me. this is it every new year's live for a role in the day everyone has been waiting for seeing that time boys and their coach were trapped in a cave looking happy and healthy. members of the rescued wild boars soccer team shared harrowing details of their eighteen day long ordeal with no food they survived on rainwater before they were discovered we'll get the latest from thailand also coming up the european commission has internet giant google with a record fine of four point three billion euros it says the online search engine
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breached competition rules with its android operating system for smartphones and tablets also a new report out here in germany says anti semitism is on the rise we meet a jewish restaurant owner who says he's facing a spike in threats and abuse plus reconciliation efforts in mosul a year after so-called islamic state was driven out of iraq's second city in an exclusive report we follow a district mayor trying to build a lasting peace from the rooms by the fears the task may take a hundred years. and south africa marxists and tenor of former president nelson mandela's birthday will take a look at the empty apartheid icons legacy both at home and elsewhere around the world. the man. i am. mark
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it's great to have you along everyone and we begin our broadcast with some much needed good news that doesn't tie voices that more than two weeks trapped in a flooded cave have spoken to the media about their ordeal after a daring rescue they call the miracle they spent the past week recovering in a hospital in chiang rai and now they're finally returning home to their families. the team that beat all the odds their opponents nature and time the twelve boys from the wild boars are out of hospital and on their way home they showed little sign of having spent over two weeks trapped in a flooded cave with just one flashlight and nothing to eat they say they tried to dig their way out and avoid thinking about food. there was water dripping down from the roof of the cave. so we were able to drink that. i told everyone to fight and
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never give up. the team and their coach had ventured into the caves in the chiang rai province after football practice ignoring warnings about dangerous monsoon floods a massive search effort was launched when they failed to return despite no one knowing if the boys were even alive. nine days later they were found safe divers carried out an unprecedented rescue operation over three days racing against rising water and falling oxygen levels the extraction of water was decided by the team those who lived furthest from the caves where the first out. safe in hospital the boys paid tribute to a thai diver who died during the operation all say they now want to join the ranks of the navy seals who rescued them. the thai people are jubilant at the outcome.
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i'm happy to pass safe and healthy and are now able to return to their parents. out of hospital they can now finally meet their friends and once again kick a football. aren't there for inertia coverage the a dramatic rescue operation in chiang rai and it was also there today when the boys addressed the reporters at the press conference and for you now the voice said that their rescue was a miracle what else did they have to say. well there were quite a few things that i found very remarkable in that press conference for once the coach told us that the first night when they were trapped in that cave he wasn't actually too worried because they felt the rain and the water that was inside the
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cave what actually subside by the next morning and they would just be able to go home maybe they would get a little scolding from the parents because they were lost for one night but it was only after the first days that daunted on them that they would be in there for a lot longer than they expected now another thing that was quite hot breaking i thought was when the only boy that speaks a little english told the journalists about the first encounter with the with the british diver who actually found them and he said that he even though his brain was very very slow that's what he said you have to muster you know the little english that you house in order to communicate between the group and the divers and he said that he was actually quite surprised to find out that the first person that would get to them was not a thai and would actually speak english so that was something that i found quite remarkable in that press conference and that boys played such
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a pivotal role. how did they look to you after this terrible ordeal that they went through. they seemed surprisingly unfazed by this whole media attention they were giving the victory sign they were smiling they were waving so they seemed in very good spirits and it was also the child psychologist who was at the press conference who said that they're actually in good in good health not just physically but also mentally . and that what's next for you and for the boys. well we were told last week already that the boys would even after being discharged from the hospital they would not go back to school right away they would probably stay home for another month be close to their families try to you know slip back
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into their normal lives and we didn't get any new information during that press conference but i would assume that it will still be a few weeks before they can actually return back to school and a story in the press conference that you attended was tightly controlled by the thai authorities why. well for once the press conferences entire press conferences in thailand not the press conferences that we would have in the u.s. or in europe so asking open questions maybe even critical questions is not really all that common here in thailand now with that specific press conference i think the main reason was just that the authorities wanted to protect the boys and they wanted to make sure that journalists would not ask questions that would make the boys relive their traumatic experience again so all the media outlets had to submit questions before hand these questions were vetted by psychologists and
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then put to the boys by a moderator so it was basically not really a press conference it was a casual talk on stage so this is what i make of this so it was just protection for the boys and no no staged effort by the government of florida reporting a from what we have been waiting for for so long to see the boys happy and healthy and their coach thank you so much for in for your continued coverage. are going to like to send you over now to daniel with a story on how you're punished tech giant that's right and it is a huge sign that it's the highest ever penalty imposed for breaching the e.u.'s trust rules the european commission handing google a multi billion euro fine for abusing its dominant market position with the mobile operating system android four point three billion euros that's the record
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fine google is facing off to e.u. regulators find it in breach of trust rules the charges relate to google's android operating system used by phone makers including samsung and while way e.u. officials say forcing money factories to pre-install apps like you tube and google maps in exchange for enabling the download of other floyds run ops amounts to unfair competition google maintains its within its rights to set preconditions for the use of its services competition authorities reject that argument in the company of marginalizing its rivals. in this way google has used android as a vehicle to cement it stubborn and as a search engine these practices they have tonight rivals a chance to innovate and to compete on the merits they have knowledge european consumers the benefit of effective competition in this very important world was
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fair. the ruling comes a year after each trust regulators find google two point four billion euros for unfairly favoring its own shopping service google won't have trouble finding the cash to pay its fine the company reportedly hold several tens of billions of euros in cash reserves. about being forced to change its business model could hurt the company more phone makers are no longer forced to pre-install android. ad revenue could be hit hard the internet giant says it will appeal the fine. and we've tapped into our top team on this for you business reporter and calm ousmane from our social media just joining me now so do you know a lot of people saying you know also google just pre-installed some apps what's the big deal but this goes far beyond the indeed it's not all it's not just about
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having to pre-install absence also that google prevented alternatives to these apps being from being pre-installed by paying the manufacturers not to pre-install anything else so by having all these google apps package together in a sort of default bundled setting was able to gather that much more user data and have so much more instant realize state on which to sell out so multiply it out among two billion android devices being used around the world in a single month and you have some idea of scale and so this isn't just about shutting out other app manufacturers this is about the business model that allowed google to get bigger and richer and more difficult to challenge so that's what makes the competition issue and that's what brought us to where we are today grabbing the headlines of course is this massive fine but how will google be forced to change android because the fine is just really a drop in the bucket for them will do users actually notice anything change well it has ninety days to change these practices but the fact is that you know also it
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said it was contesting the ruling that doesn't save it from having to comply but we have to remember that this is a decision that some meant to get google to change its behavior and not the behavior of say phone makers and users so theoretically users might download other third party apps apart from google if a pre-installed google version isn't there but just because they can doesn't mean they'll start now of course consumers in the e.u. could just keep using google services. because they know that and phone makers themselves are still free to fund all these google apps if they want to it's just that google isn't allowed to tell them to do that and more so you may have the likes of samsung and huawei deciding that continuing on as before makes the most sense at them so really how much this will significantly change google's business is kind of questionable because one thing is well people don't really know what alternatives are there are two android all as well there's not much out there. operating systems go you are left over anymore you don't really have windows on the street anymore toll so there's not much choice out there let's turn to social media
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now would you call social media seems split on this but firstly what google's competitors say yet those of the two camps right now on social media google's competitors obviously they welcome this decision they think it's the right one and we can start by showing you actually the response from yelp the company has been a big critic of google in the past and so they praised the move in this blog post saying that the e.u. commissioner has removed the straight jacket that google has placed on innovation with android and adding this google decision to ignore its meritocratic processes in favor of their own content causes direct measurable consumer harm speaking of alternatives duck duck go is a smaller search engine is very privacy oriented they also came out today in favor of this decision and the company to we did we welcome the e.u. cracking down on google's anti-competitive search behavior we have felt its effects firsthand for many years and it has led to us directly having less market share on
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android vs i o s and on mobile in general in fact the company went on to cite a couple of examples of how google has affected his business it pointed out that until last year it was impossible to add a duck duck go to the chrome browser on android phones this is something clearly google had done on purpose to try to keep competitors away and keep it search dominant. as you know say ok that's on the one hand but on the other hand there's plenty parts of the tech world who are coming out in defense of google yet it's really interesting to see how passionate both of these sides are people are defending google you know in fact a lot see this really as kind of another shot fired by europe in this war against silicon valley there's been a lot of big billion dollar billion euro fines levied in fact many who support google in this they argue look actually google was more increasing competition than limiting it and just here's one of those responses here from social media thomas big dell he's a tech analyst he's actually based in denmark he says hey i'm not saying google's
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perfect but we're talking about competition in and innovation android has single handedly allowed the mobile smartphone space to turn into what it is today imagine if we didn't have android in the market was instead just apple i o s and windows phone google as we heard they plan to appeal the decision and the company is already defending itself online with quite an interesting little video here it's kind of a cheeky little response to people who say you know you can't install a competitor's app this is directly from google here they are showing an example of how easy it is and how many seconds it takes to delete for example the chrome browser and install something like opera interesting way i just found this out the opera browser on android guess what the default search engine is in opera google google and this is. that it's only google so even in their example they're giving us a way to continue using the google search function it's difficult to get away from google it seems common from on social media to. loan from business thank you very
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much for joining us and that's if your business will be back with a little bit more later on in fact now it's back over to let me thank you so much daniela or to bring up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world. government forces bombarded the syrian town of now on near the is really border after talks with opposition fighters failed activists say over a dozen people were killed and more than one hundred wounded now is the largest opposition holdout left in south western syria. or both turkey says at least nineteen migrants drowned earlier today after their boat sank off the coast of northern cyprus more than one hundred people were rescued by turkish and turkish cypriot coast guards search is underway for another two dozen people who are missing. former british foreign secretary boris johnson says there is still
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time to save briggs it during a speech in the u.k. parliament he criticized the government for not acting on months of negotiations he also described an agreement on the future of ties with the e.u. as a miserable permanent limbo. sweden is struggling to contain dozens of wildfires burning in forests that have experienced high temperatures and little rain in recent months an estimated forty four fires are scorching the western and northern parts of the country norway and it lead have sent helicopters and water bombing planes to help. colombia's outgoing president one man who has sent us has told d.w. news he was ashamed of the country's history of xor traditional killings sanchez
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says he changed government policy which led to soldiers murdering civilians and dressing them up as far guerrillas to justify them as combat kills all this is colombia tries to implement a peace deal with rebels to and decades of violence you talked about no impunity in the deal with the but let's talk about the cases of so-called false positives in your army where soldiers massacred innocent civilians and pretended they were terrorists or this in order to boost their results and take advantage of bonuses and rewards thousands thousands of the shameful fame thousands of horses the government of colombia consistently played this term didn't pay discipline for not they told the un rapporteur in two thousand and nine the practice was not widespread and that such an awful killings were isolated instances turned out to be allied and they weren't isolated incidents you know who stopped those false positives i did. start the first what they were taking later and you were defense
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minister well and that's why i took action and they went down to zero zero no more false positives and those responsible for four supposed to have they have to go to the to serve justice and be judged and condemned. and you can no watch the full interview on a conflict zone coming up in just under three hours time all right now a new study has been released here in berlin investigating anti semitism a new forms that hatred directed against jews have taken including holocaust denial conspiracy theories and hate speech while for four years researchers in the german capital monitors sites like twitter facebook and youtube along with blogs and online forums it's on these platforms and outlets that anti semitism is especially widespread and vitriolic while the research has found it wasn't only right wing
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extremist spreading their anti semitic views increasing numbers across the political spectrum were found to be feeding anti jewish stereotypes also when criticizing this state of israel and thomas sparrow has been looking into this story for us and he joins us now thomas there you are good to see you a lot of cost for concern there. indeed there is a lot of a lot of concern there that's correct and there are different reasons why this seems to be a concern because we're talking here about different forms of anti-semitism most anti semitic incidents in germany do come from the sort of normal if you will that's how it's been described form of anti-semitism namely from the far right seen from far right extremists but politicians have been very quick to mention here in germany that in recent months or in recent years there's another form of
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anti-semitism and that other form is brought by refugees that have come to the country and refugees that do not necessarily know the history of germany or germany's historical responsibility and that's why it's become an increasingly important challenge for german politicians to deal with these different types of anti semitism they said on the one hand obviously the anti semitism that comes from the far right scene but also this new form of anti semitism that has been described by german politicians all right now how has the internet amplified this problem essentially because it it is a platform where all these arguments where all these incidents can be discussed without basically any filters or without any limits that's something that was very clear from this study that we're discussing and something that you yourself mentioned there was also particularly important from that study namely that these anti-semitic incidents are not only happen in the extremes in the political
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extremes but they were also evident in the sort of mainstream discussions on the web but obviously the role here of these incidents all nine of the role of online when it comes to all of these incidences is precisely to try not only in amplify them but distribute them when they were evident on you tube on facebook and other social media platforms also on the comment section so it was really a widespread phenomenon that was described by by these by the team here in. and that obviously has many politicians in germany particularly worried all right now let's have a concrete look at an example a real life example thomas because i'd like to play for you now the viewers and thomas as well as berlin based restaurant owner from israel he has experienced the anti is semitic attacks and insults a d w caught up with him and he shared his experiences with us and the thomas so we'll be talking on the other end of it. you or i find i get
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endless hate mail because he's jewish because he's a jewish israeli but that's not all. of them stickers on the windows very surprises when we come to the restaurant phone calls emails from people of all political persuasions threats and insults. feinberg came to berlin six years ago and opened an israeli restaurant he didn't counted anti semitism elsewhere and at first felt relieved to be here. to be honest when i came to germany i was very pleasantly surprised i have lived in other countries in the european union and beyond i want to came to berlin i felt really good here very welcome. it was very friendly. since then things have changed a little for the worse. there's been
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a spike in reported physical and verbal attacks on jews in germany recently a new study by the technical university of berlin of internet postings has found that hatred of jews has been increasing. i think most fear in germany has become much more extreme in all directions political discourse is changed over the last six years there are things people did not say but the now quite acceptable in polite society. your i find bad challenges those who abused him last year a man menaced him on the street in front of his restaurant a friend of feinberg's recorded the encounter the video was posted on the web. you'll get your comeuppance in ten years' time you won't be alive anymore i thought that's throw it in ten years you'll be dead when find but posted hate mail he received to draw attention to the problem facebook temporarily blocked his account
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prosecutors take the matter seriously but progress can be slow it's none of my attackers has so far been punished. i've been subjected to several extreme attacks i think the perpetrators should be taught a lesson they should not do it again. so. your i find remains defiant he says he's developed a very thick skin. all right thomas said that story there from the mr feinberg very disconcerting what are authorities in germany doing to tackle this problem. well there's a very clear response from authorities obviously recognizing the problem in fact there's a commission a new commission which is dealing with this particular issue in this particular problem although there have been also calls for for further moves for for example trying to have a system for reporting these types of incidents all or having training and teaching
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schools and other institutions but i would say the biggest decision made by politicians here in germany to address this issue was precisely naming this commission a who will deal and who will try to solve some of this incidence. thomas sparrow reporting thank you so much. all right and we're going to shift our focus now to sports after the embarrassment of the inquest germany coach or your team manager oliver bear off have met for the first time since the team's humiliating world cup group stage exit well seen here arriving for the meeting and they're off are due to analyze what went wrong for germany at the tournaments the federation has also come under fire for its handling of the missing in the ilke a good to have fair is the in particular were singled out for criticism after the pair posed for photos with turkish president richard type and one before the world
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cup. still to come on the show a special report from the iraqi city of mosul we meet one local leader trying to reunite the community one year after the defeat of so-called islamic states. and south africa where members nelson mandela anwar would have been his one hundredth birthday well look at his and during legacy in his homeland and around the world. don't forget you can always get to go use on the go download our app from google play or from the album store that'll give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use it every app to send us your photos and videos. will be back after this short break.
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on african hero who fought for freedom and human rights nelson mandela. his opposition to south africa's apartheid regime inspired activists only for the one of them and continues to do so more nine hundred years ago nelson mandela on life funded bitchy. mood he was forty five minutes.
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tough reconciliation. motional than a year off to reach liberation from islamic states. and how could victims and perpetrators eventually gather today going up to. the i.r.s. family shouldn't be allowed to come back because. mostly it was he enemy today. we make up over but we watch as often the end of the two pipes we ought to settle some of this and. do you want to shoot the continent's future to be part of it and join the dumpsters as they share their stories their dreams you can see the seventy seven percent plus more for africa chart. we did a little and sneak. a plastic model turned into look meeting stone why do algae
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cleaner the good idea can work anywhere and there are people developing smart solutions everywhere and. let's inspire each other to go into africa vitamin magazine on g.w. . very savvy about where this you're watching the every news some of these are main headlines right now the members of the young thai football team trapped in a cave have been speaking to the media they said they tried to dig their way out before they were found they had no food and how to survive on rain water for nine days. and european union regulators have finding google four point three billion euros for abusing its dominant market position e.u. antitrust officials said that company forced mobile phone. factors to reinstall its
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software and prevent it companies from selling smartphones running weibo operating systems. it's been a year since iraq's armed forces liberated the country's second largest city mosul from so-called islamic state ruled the city for three years with the support of some of its citizens while as mosul struggles to rebuild reconciliation between those who supported i is and those who didn't is an almost impossible task also for the time being those in charge are concentrating on keeping the two sides apart this exclusive report now from. good there's good none zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero. zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero affluent mohammed rahmani is a busy man he's a mixture an elected man his district can be found among the ruins of western mosul . from his workshop he organizes clearance of rubble and booby traps and is also in
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charge of food and water distribution the recent past is ever present even in these mundane tasks. that my when there's an assessment for food i'm too much and somebody says this is the son of an i.a.s. family as i go out there won't be any food for that family. then this guy blames another family who wasn't i hafta and so they don't get any food either. have to ramadan says about half the people in his district supported the i asked some from fear some from conviction. the evidence of what that led to is everywhere in mass graves like this one. you know well how do you know my son just wanted to cross the street they shot him in the back he was my only son.
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so he had six children. the rocket man asks for details tries to comfort her but there's nothing he can do. accusations eat through the community to try to find out what's real and what's not after iraq man is registering everyone he sends the data to the police military and secret services to be checked against lists of known i asked perpetrators. those who didn't do anything can stay those who cause problems after the. some of those thought to have worked with i asked are still in the neighborhood. but they're not coming out talk. to. their houses clear i asked we want your blood it says. for omar more than can
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understand such sentiments i asked snipers killed his nine year old son. shortly afterwards his brother's entire family was killed in a bomb attack. p.i.a.'s family shouldn't be allowed to come back you can't let it happen our dear children so young and now dead and the perpetrators want to come back no no way like my son and his children will like flowers and my nine year old nephew too i swear to god we didn't hurt anyone but our whole family was wiped out there are only two of us left. after a man doesn't think there can be reconciliation. but it's also clear that the authorities can't simply lock up all of those who worked at the i.r.s. . the problem is that people are thinking about what happened all the time they don't have anything
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to do we need to give them word jobs which could reformat their minds i think the mind is like a memory stick if you don't raise it properly the grief will return all the time the. reconstruction of the city is slow at the rough man would like more support from the government in baghdad jobs schools infrastructure. reconstruction a society is even slower. the phone rings it's not weirdo with an i asked fighter. she says she wants to return home even if the family is in the neighborhood accept you i could let you come back but i'm sorry to tell you that the people don't want you here. reconciliation he says will take a hundred years he retreats into this work mending things takes his mind off the huge problems he cannot fix. that was an exclusive report by.
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she's with me now here on the set good to see you a big it's a hard break all around. the mayor that you interviewed said it will take one hundred years now or centuries a long time what are the people saying that you spoke to do they agree with him. we know from other post conflict area that this reconsolidation takes a lot of time over generations and what i can say is that it hasn't even started yet in mosul in my interviews i experienced an atmosphere of deep mistrust there's a lot of fifteen on ca sion and those people who suffered those brutal losses we heard in the film they they want somebody to blame they are enraged and it's the rage which only has black and white they don't distinguish between those who followed as from conviction all those who were just fellow travelers or just
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relatives off as fighters so they want revenge and in this sort of climate it's clear that nobody will come forward and admit to having supported i-s. or to having even. sympathized with the ideas of i as but this is exactly what is needed if you will start the process of reconciliation. i mean let's motions are evidently very raw we saw that in your reporting are reflected very well do you when you were there did you have a feeling that there's a risk that people might take matters into their own hands. when. she had militias and iraqi army entered mosul one year ago human rights organizations reported many wiling to read killings. and families of as fighters were abducted by by the by the authorities.
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we don't know we don't have any numbers because iraqi government is very tight lipped if it's come to cases like that from our from what the people told us. the mood has calmed down a little but only a little there are still cases of of revenge violence the video we try to talk to she still gets death threats she barely leaves the house so that's why the mayor mainly tries to separate friend rather than starting this process of reconciliation what could be possible steps towards reconciliation we talked obviously with a lot of people about that topic and especially the younger generation they say you have to acknowledge you have to start was acknowledging the different levels of guilt so you have it's clear to everybody that those who were responsible for the
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trust the cheese committed by as they should be held accountable in the in the courts of law but those who were fellow travelers or those who didn't weren't involved in the fighting or atrocities the relatives they have to be really integrated into society and one young students who who is all denies in political discussions she told me if we reject all i asked supporters no we would only ensure that we will have a generation of extremists amongst us afterwards so and i think she's she's she's pretty pretty right. it's a fermentable task that they still have at hand we saw the mayor at the end of your report talking to the widow of a. fighter basically pleading if she can come back and he says well listen this is not the right time to come back because people don't want you here where can they
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go. many of those families from my aside to still living in refugee camps around mosul some tried to get fled in eastern muscle and rented fled to neighborhoods where there were known but again i think they in the long run they have to be reintegrate into society because if not then history kids could come back again because we had a similar situation after the fall of saddam hussein the iraqi dictator to and all the members of his ba'ath party they they were threatened by the people and they fled and later on it was the these baathists who joined us and helped it to grow with their military expertise because the shock of a great reporting thank you for bringing us this very very complicated story thank you. and i'm going to hand you over to daniel now who has a story on some warning signs for the turkish economy daniel thank you very much
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later turkey has been an economic griddle for a while it's growing fast but prices are rocketing but now recently reelected president. has put his son in law in charge of the economy investors feel market forces of being suspended the w w's yulia han reports from istanbul. the price of onions has quadrupled potatoes and tomatoes are also far more expensive than they were a year ago turkey is in the grip of spiraling inflation and everyone seems to be feeling the effects. are nice it is good we can't afford the things we need we can't go on holiday we have to limit ourselves unfortunately. president directed thai apparel to one has promised his people a glowing future but he says he needs to consolidate his power to make it happen
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his control now extending even over the central bank some analysts say they're living in an autocracy. from the central bank or the old institution that the rules in this country are under the swear. we don't have any freedoms or. the simplest solution. heir to one influence over the central bank has accelerated the turkish and the rest depreciation global investors have been pulling their money out of the country for months sending the lira tumbling twenty five percent against the dollar since the start of the year that's made imports more expensive. business is increasingly this is a very interesting. builders who work for. growth tops the list of arid ones priorities so he's shying away from further interest rate hikes
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that in turn promotes inflation a vicious circle but the fessing a lot of turks some economists just that the lira is turkey's last remaining opposition party. african economies are increasingly developing infrastructure to spur economic development and improve people's livelihoods but with over one hundred seventy billion dollars needed annually africa is now seeking private capital to meet its large deficit sectors like transport telecommunications and then the. patricks there were in georgia needs a minimum of two hours to come i thought to six kilometers between ugandans capito com paula and interior international airport. screws are tricky. but the government has recently formed a macwhich alternative route. with this new liquid mission road called to the
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complex interior expressway so when did you know it takes less than an hour. to get to the airport i don't hopefully what six as a matter of fact i leave around eight. because i want to be at the airport in thirty five minutes so that's that's the best experience that i've had using this road and so it's been a wonderful this forty nine kilometer toll road has been constructed properly using any misha three hundred fifty million dollar loan from china. fees collected from us as i respected to help uganda to pay back the chinese over the next couple of decades. uganda is expanding its twenty one thousand kilometer total road network as part of its wider infrastructure drive towards becoming a me two income economy four thousand two hundred watches tama zakheim our share of
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this new fund. next join. according to the african development bank africa requires up to one hundred seventy billion dollars annually to meet its infrastructure needs. but as the continent moves to me to the deficit experts are questioning governments bowed to the need for inclusive development. be established infrastructural projects must have a link to link or linkage with. productive sectors of the economy if for instance you invest in a standard goods or a do it through funded loan how much of that of funding is being reflected in that we would wish to see that investment. which then a kind utilize infrastructural projects you invested in to be able to make an
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income for the country. with multiple infrastructure projects going going enough ruka honeybee must be in and of a challenge in some cases project funds have been reportedly mismanaged we continue to see a lot of public resources through stealing with india impunity and their money stolen by those supposed to be custody ends of both public resources can be traced and recovered so we invite the government the more willing than this. to recovery of stood in order but honestly in the first place on prevention africa heavily relies on external borrowing and aid to find infrastructure projects but governments are now seeking alternatives such as partnerships to or truck to private capital. well piers that's the improved infrastructure for guns be to use
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a much needed development you know the sick turns. south africans are celebrating what would have been the one hundredth birthday of their late president nelson mandela who died back in two thousand and thirteen when joe was the first black president of post apartheid south africa he was a freedom fighter who spent nearly three decades in jail but still tried to build peace with those who have imprisoned when it was presidency in the one nine hundred ninety s. focused on reconciliation and unity in a country deeply divided by racial hatred. and karen house that from our culture desk is here to talk more about what how this ok she is being marked in south africa and well you know it's not only nelson mandela's birthday but actually since quite a while already it's a special day marked by the u.n.
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called called mandela day which the idea behind that is for everybody to just sort of reflect on how they can maybe make a little bit of difference in the world with a small action or two so there are lots and lots of events going on all over south africa and elsewhere of course where people can get involved either donate some money or some time and yesterday we also saw barack obama in johannesburg of course he delivered the sixteenth annual nelson mandela lecture in front of them enthusiastic crowd of about fifteen thousand people there was a whole artistic program lined up of course and as usual obama really got into the swing of things and showed his had ritual good humor and style a real statesman to honor a statesman. so that's just a taste of what's been going on great stuff. and i see that you got something really yes i have actually a little bit of show in tel today so this is
8:49 pm
a brand new book. of nelson mandela's prison letters these were written over his twenty seven years of captivity in various different prisons around south africa most of the time spent of course on the infamous robben island and many of these have never been published before i hold it up for the camera now this details the years of his years of legal struggles of advocacy for his fellow inmates and also much of the heartache that he went through in almost total isolation with only very occasional visits from his wife and family and i can quote a letter from his eldest daughter where he says the this is to his eldest daughter the sentiments do expressed in the last paragraph of your letter were very sweet and they gave me a lot of inspiration and strength darling you are now fourteen and the day is not far off when you will be able to visit me and you sign that affectionately ta-ta the children of course were not allowed to visit their father until they were sixteen years of age so that was a really long haul for all of them they basically grew up without him. at that time
8:50 pm
of course inspired him for the rest of his life and what many people don't know is that later on after his presidency he actually picked up some charcoal and some pastels and produced a number of artworks himself so these as you can see revisit that time the therapeutic in syria very difficult time in prison such a charismatic leader and obviously also an artist and he's also inspired other artists scores of them we couldn't go into all of them already during his prison years of course many many of them and people were even calling for his release one of the one of the most famous ones is perhaps a search from the special a.k.a. in one thousand nine hundred four let's have a listen to this one. so
8:51 pm
there were of course many other bands that did tributes to him simple minds come to my mind as well but many younger artists today are also very active in marking this anniversary of for instance the young south african youth orchestra miyajima which brings together young musicians from really diverse backgrounds in south africa they've had great success amount in meeting classical and jazz music with a number of african influences and they're currently touring europe for about six weeks and they'll be here in berlin early august at the time they'll also be playing with a sextet that's known as just six that's actually an acapella group. with singers from. going to them in a second with
8:52 pm
a six hour zimbabwe on swazi land and south africa. and they are certainly. thrilled to ride on. the tail. of this orchestra and celebrate mandela's legacy as artists they are really really interested in upholding sort of south africa's singing traditions which many people know obviously just just vocals very acapella . we should probably hear a lot of them from in the future but they came and sang for us the d.w. and let's just finish off with a little sample of what they did for nelson mandela's one hundredth birthday where you. were. going to miss.
8:53 pm
and on that musical. oh thank you so much karen time. right now it's a jury cue is have had since the dawn of time to soar through the skies like a bird for decades enthusiasms and commercial developers have been trying to make that dream an everyday reality with the use of jet packs and maybe just maybe they're getting closer take a lot for you know it's not just the man in a fancy jumpsuit with leaf blowers. it's the latest version of a long awaited dream for many the human jetpack the stuff of childhood dreams and science fiction novels but this is not a film set in hollywood if the city streets of central london and this flying
8:54 pm
system is up for sale. so how does it work. so essentially it's made up of five micro jet engines gas turbines this twenty channel one around the back they run on jet fuel but you can also run the mondays and you create a bit of blue smoke when you shut them down but they run perfectly well and these are the suit has a top speed record of about fifty kilometers per hour and with the weight of twenty seven kilograms getting off the ground is like launching your own personal space shuttle you can imagine it's quite costly. the price you pay if you like for this kind of flight is very energy intensive want to hire a used to hold or to harvest it uses up a lot of fuel so this consumes around four liters a minute in the hold up so you can fly for three four minutes quite easily in this jet pack is for now more of an expensive hobby than a new way to get to work but if you're tired of traffic jams and fantasizing about cutting your daily commute don't give up hope just yet now that the search is on
8:55 pm
the market with possibly one big blast closer to them becoming an everyday reality . are now i just have the top stories that we're following for you this hour the members of the young ty for ball team trapped in a cave have been speaking to the media. they say they tried to dig their way out before they were found they had no food and had to survive on rain water for nine days. and european union regulators are finding it google four point three billion euros for abusing its dominant market position. fishel said the company forced mobile phone manufacturers to preinstall its software that prevented companies from selling smartphones running a rival operating systems. and my hunch is that something in my throat thank you so much for spending this part of
8:56 pm
your day with us some way about iraq and berlin phil gayle is up next and i'll see you tomorrow.
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an african hero who fought for freedom and human rights nelson mandela. his opposition to south africa's apartheid regime inspired activists all over the world and continues to do so more nine hundred years ago nelson mandela on life fun living. in fifteen minutes on t.v. don't.
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really love at all hitler. did she love the life he provided for her. she was the dictator's mistress. only an insignificant concert at his side or cursed suing her bishop. but certainly no other woman got some close to her life and death with the furore starts july twenty first on. earth. home. of species. oh home worth saving. yes those are big changes and must start with small steps a little indios tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world. news that could turn the corner at least a niche solutions and resources should. take root interactive content teaching the
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next generation doesn't want to touch it. using all channels available to people to take action and more determined to gain something here for the next generation along the edges of the environment series of global three thousand on t w and online. conference conciliation. measuring the iraq to reach liberation from islamic states. how can you victims and perpetrators nation together today. p.i.a.'s family should be allowed to come back because you. mention it in the yemeni today. but it means.
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this is david leaders live from brotherhood the tired voice rescued from an underground cave system face the world's press looking happy and healthy the wild horse football team talked about their eighteen day ordeal no food in the early watch of a drug run down the walls we'll bring you the latest from thailand also on the program. google helped with the wreck or four point three billion euro five the european union says the online search giant breached competition rules with his onboard operating system for small.


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