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the seventy seven percent of w.'s platform for africa is charging. sarno just couldn't get this song out of his head. ecologist began searching for the source of these captivating sounds and found that deep in the rain forest in central africa and the like to believe that it was a baby because. my you live the full costs he was so fascinated by their culture that he stayed. only a promise to his son mates aren't only the jungle and return to the concrete and glass jungle but. the result rivers culture show. the prize winning documentary from the forest starts aug ninth w.
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a typical wedding in delhi the happy couple and she knew her only met a few weeks ago theirs is an arranged marriage an age old tradition that remains the norm in india her birth fork or garbage her daughter. their families belong to the same cast the same class it's a closed society. parents keep close tabs on their children circle of friends particularly when they reach marrying age but india is not immune to change at college or at work young people forge social ties across the strict boundaries of caste in the digital age they can chat in
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secret with whomever they choose. down a narrow alley in old delhi there's a secret shelter operated by the love commandos it's an organization that offers couples protection from the wrath of their own families today and say heal from who now are seeking refuge here they fled their homes because date as parents are determined to marry her off to another man the couple fear for their lives. on. the. very day that we
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have a seat. they just turn off all your marbles and laptops. take the sim cards out and give them two hours. and. always want to have a gold or silver object again we don't want you to blame us later something goes missing. it's an important precaution in the past parents have found their children by using geo location to track their phones others have sent imposters posing as their children who then raided the shelter. but it's not just cell phones that are confiscated new arrivals are also checked for weapons. out of you but take the children and show them everything kitchen and the bedroom. and. the kids this is an a cup or like a film star. and this is proto the two of them are
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a couple like you. you can cook whatever you want to hear together but always make enough for us to understand. what. currently ten people and two dogs share the fifty square metre space data and sahil can barely suppress their shock over the squalor of the rooms they're exhausted after a fourteen hour train journey but right now nothing matters more than the fact that they're safe. say hello. three people sleep here and three in the other room go some boy separate under-served.
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my father will certainly be furious sometimes i think that i am dead to him now. he had already planned my wedding. everyone knew. the whole in the eyes of society my family has lost all honor now when my father is very strict there will definitely be heated arguments and he will blame my mother being. we met on a website first we didn't know that we come from two different costs because we have the same last name. and later we didn't even think about it we were already in love. we've taken the leap and no matter what happens for us no going back now. and say
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he'll have to share their cramped room with shibani and. the two teachers fell in love at work but god rubs parents don't approve. because her dowry is insufficient . to john and neil of the third couple holed up at the secret shelter she has just graduated from high school he has no job and no training they fell in love over the phone. with. couples in india who follow their hearts are in a bind as long as they aren't married they can neither rent an apartment nor check into a shared hotel room. and because their relatives are hot on their heels they can rarely leave the shelter. they want nothing more than to get married.
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a few kilometers away in the affluent neighborhood because she she is looking for his future wife. ditto gupta a professional matchmaker has put together a selection of potential candidates. this is the quarter that. we. sometimes see below not for there's any pressure if you don't need them in order to hide the fact. that maybe it's only. going to be good for. the little he. has to do anything where she late. last year that actually you know that he. so they have. they want to see more want to read it you have. that oh you. don't know
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he he at me is when i finally get to get married it is the only thing that i think i mean to have is i'm much more stable than the love mat is it does because in the men it's nothing's equal infatuation and physical attraction is the fullest mean criteria i'm in by these men is the parents out there who understand their child much better i think parents of the force who knows what their child wants. it yet it does not want a boy and it is more noble than families to call to is coming to bed that. it's a cultural tug of war that is tearing at india's social fabric with the arranged marriage that upholds caste and tradition on the one hand and a rebellion of hearts that defines the boundaries of status and religion on the other. is the founder of the love commandos
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his phone rings incessantly a couple in distress lawyers at the registry office police officer said to pacify enraged parents his aim is to get couples married as quickly as possible to legalize their relationship. his organization runs seven secret shelters in delhi he says he's helped thousands of couples. his work is financed through donations in house cars park he's meeting up with a software engineer who wants to support the love commandos.
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i don't. and so many things. he's also seen parents resort to violence as in the case of abdul hakim. along with his wife. the s.r.d. border then goes on there is the are invasion or the fraud brings a drop in for. gardens a romantic city park in southern delhi is a popular meeting place for courting couples a short survey shows even couples are divided on what's better and arranged marriage or marrying for love. i mean that is you're
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joking right. ok. go ahead take that arranged marriages are good are you crazy. than. you never know if love is real or not and there's so many problems with love but it's better with arranged marriages you can look at the candidates beforehand and if you fall in love with one of them you can marry him to that it didn't and so that's like a combination of. many little good at the culmination of the love the bad. mind is out but it was time. to get a man or they got married and then tell their parents. so five families from here different from every record we're going to have is from here are you know. actually i should look at interest in our village and doing their due to be securely i have
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seen some drastic changes in the not bridge in my home that's where this i think that i really would prefer to be what i'm interested sure we have a great about a really good idea that it's normal that we would take our time for getting them back every day we do that but once we get the compatibility you don't even expect out of four ways of living just and have you ever been in love. and yes sometimes there. will. after a meeting between their families because she schmitz she knew his chosen one for the very first time in a coffee shop. we
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weren't on the same. some of the grocery to temperamental. mix others were too direct. so much too small reasons like that. and i was the kind of person who's think how can you say somebody yes and how do you know that. but then. i don't know with him everything went with the flow it happened. i don't know how it happened when it happened and even then love matters like if you fall for me. if you fall for me all the things you would have taken some initiative to fall for me and i. see the difference between i mean enough of this you already knew each other you would in love then you get mad or date and. it's a yes before you falling in love. saw initially you saying yes to the new. thing
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then. the next step for the matchmaker is to establish whether the couple horoscopes harmonize and a priest has to pinpoint a fortuitous date for their wedding. and people. like you. but first she seeks the blessing of hunnam. on the monkey god is her family dating. but he did let me be the first name is she knew her best is generally eighteenth one thousand nine hundred two and the time of birth is four twenty nine birth place delhi his birthday is november twenty second one thousand nine hundred one and he can.
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run that embargo on it has no money no longer not that that money on that. i don't know adi. going to put it out. on the thirty one. and. the priest withdraws to study the couple stars. comparative astrology is a science described in ancient vedic texts. finding the right wedding day can be decisive for the success of a marriage fortuitous dates generally lie between late october and the end of december peak wedding season in india but he doesn't place her trust in heavenly blessings alone and the same ten men be out in the us so many factors. of bad
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don't. check up on the one about. the bulls but i still believe i've been issued by. more than a good. feeling that she needs detective or when a are in a coffee shop. i just want norm one to feel they should know that this boise you know he is not into drugs like he's not too much into so an almost procedure there he is having then you know well well most. of the time things doesn't. well you know that doesn't go on but not in boise assignation if. such background checks are the bread and butter of indian detectives. the job can be hazardous. they are and his associates are on the way to a five star hotel to meet an informant in another case. it takes eight to ten days
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to unearth a group past tax returns included. if he's appeared before marriage. if you have to. then you have to. be may. be more information. and the same information same date information. feel.
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for the first time after a week of commandos safe the three couples are allowed to step out. today is carve a child a religious festival celebrated in northern india by married hindu women who fast and dress up for their husbands. i. secretly. carve a child falls on the fourth day after the former. on this day husbands have to prepare a meal for their wives. vani and pooja will only be allowed to break their fast
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after glimpsing the full moon. in the meantime the women arrange their offerings it's a new experience for detail. to know i like this ritual we don't have it where i come from so it feels a bit novel in that. it's just your hands to do it out of love for her man. but anyway is this the first time i'm fasting and i like. yes i do miss my family but there just isn't any other way. the young women decorate their hands with hannah. carve a child also celebrates friendship and solidarity among women they spend the day
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together like family exchanging words of encouragement are they afraid of the future. just out you know and you know that the relationship to your man is your life and you aren't afraid anymore. bill was dull i was afraid that my father and my mother and my brother might do something good or with out of rage maybe that's why i was afraid to marry so he'll live with . his name we did a lot of that back that you can. legally get a lot of money. leaking out easily she was crying in the shower this morning. i'm not so afraid anymore we're family now. yes leah.
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i. love. both. of you to.
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be too good to his marriage agency is a lucrative business once a year she organizes a soup kitchen as a gesture of gratitude for her good fortune and to ensure the continued support of like schnee the goddess of prosperity her whole family takes part it's a tradition and her cast. people well feel very comfortable in their own traditions people who avoid going to their different causes because they believe in our own culture it is very easy to decide the. right family and the one family they are they faced they even go and have every function to bed though i know they are very much supported each other is there is any problem.
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larry. cherry now much more than a billion people live in india a feeling of belonging has never emerged within this enormous society in the absence of an effective social safety net the emphasis is on charity for the poor and on solidarity within the extended family which does provide a sense of belonging and security that. each generation takes care of the next in this way every new marriage is seen as an extension of this network where parents insist on their right to have a say in the lives of their adult children. shibani and goll rov the two teachers have just gotten married center i made the wedding arrangements at short notice on the side because i felt like i used. to live there fishing but we simply had no time and had to go immediately i packed quickly
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for myself and she grabbed her dress and then we went. and in wedding dress is heavy and you need so much time to put it on you can forget about that here. but nobody. did manage to buy his wife a bridal necklace before the ceremony. the. confusion about to talk to your father in the lonely facebook to my mother. it's always the case that you have a closer relationship to your mother. when she was like me the one who worried the most so i told her that we got married. i wore out then i will tell you what she said was not so much money i think my mother hasn't really understood it yet but
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her first reaction was positive she asked what should i do should i talk to his parents again and i said yes if you want a little michael is over. shibani and go around are said to return to their village the following morning. and are already married but they still can't leave the safe house the love commandos have asked the police to secure an affidavit from their parents stating they will not harm their children so far there's been no reply. from the cemetery where we left him. you only fall in love once the heart breaks only once if everything only happens once why do i always think of you. more that
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was your first poem that he texted to me it found my number. how actually i dialed the wrong number the thing when you find a sim card because those are your love yeah her number was saved on it. well it's actually less mate of mine had lost a sim card my number was on it and he of found the card to began using it that's how he got my number and called me. i called her but she refused to speak to me. after two or three days i tried it again. and we started began talking. if you think you. as a boy been named on the day night no matter where we were with whom we told people thought that we were never sleeping. is the way in september twelfth he came to my house that night as the first time we saw each other and we talked a long time. as i will.
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go out on september nineteenth we saw each other for the second time that face to face. september nineteenth that was the day we made a getaway. and neil is pujas first love and love so strong nothing else matters he has no prospects of finding a job he can't provide for her and her family will never accept him for poor just parents a new is a phone. a term for men who try to strike up romantic relationships by dialing random numbers millions of indian women experience such rosman on a daily basis. zeinab monsoor is a contact dancer who has been pursued by a stalker for years on the telephone on facebook in e-mails he's threatened her
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with rape it's kind of strange because i understand that illegals he boy goes through that phase of being the sufyan and maybe this allows me to do us good but eventually they grow up to our listeners what they did was wrong but then yeah i mean most men do not go to get themselves most men do not grow up and most men do not know how to deal with the other sex i mean are we doing we believe in the darkest secrets to total strangers when i'm never spoken about them to my parents are my best friends. oh my me but at the same time you do leading in that sense because you get that idea the identity where nobody knows what you've done to you but then also all. identity somebody is home for you as white and as possible. but zeinab refuses to be intimidated she insists she has
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a right to express the sensuality and joy of dancing and that men need to learn to live with it she's filed charges against her stalker. in the city of luck now police have set up a hotline to provide assistance to women like zeinab a special unit is tasked with hunting down phone romeo's. coming. up at the call center women can talk to young police women who often have experienced harassment themselves by phone romeo's. it been women one fifty seven out of the one hundred fifty or so calls i get each day forty to fifty percent are about strangers who are bothering women on the phone. twenty to thirty percent are calling because their in-laws are putting pressure on that or because of the boyfriend is causing problems. here some because they're being
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beaten by their parents are they were groped on the street. i'll ask a mature fair. once officers trace the withheld number they call the phone romeo and lay down the law. you can. give them a stern warning. look they are the community and this is the first and final warning to you if you. thought it was. we will lose refusing it's too early if that happens you will never get a good to certificate you will not get a benefit question you want a driving license you want to get a passport so your life will be ruined this is the one who's going to pick knowledge you if the person who goes you get the technology we're using the same technology and use them because now we can put them on the road we can have the
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data. mobile phones and the internet are helping to drive social progress in india today anyone can communicate across traditional lines of caste and class segregation is digital technology eroding old traditions. in my paper that are brought on web faith based marriages i asked if modern technology leads to more of the matter it is and that was yes and no i have found that the technology actually helps to be it to read traditional marriage because what do these marriage websites do they match you with people often on your own plus your own you know community and if you go to a marriage fair play it will have a dropdown menu for cast and you can pick up gas you can break sub sub
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so the matching becomes so perfect it didn't get to date traditional magic. for weeks now dead heat and so he'll have been yearning to get married to be free at last but some joy has blocked their papers are evidently not ready yet. the couple feels trapped and entirely at his mercy. for she knew and because she's the focus of wedding preparations is shopping. one wedding outfit alone will not do to cover the various receptions and ceremonies the bride and groom need five different outfits each. week and. i'm. not even three right
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now that i think he might use the political thing. has been having gauge wind. then. in reaction. to eat. indian weddings are big business the invites alone packaged in decorative boxes can cost tens of thousands of euros and that's just the beginning. when child is born they then start collecting for the reading. we have we normally have two children three children or one child soul from the. early
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stages ever since there's a child and mother and the father who feel that all this when they get matter will do that when they've had mattered so it's always been yours that they want or just think that hard sold and do everything when the child gets mad and. it's november thirtieth. the big day for she knew and because she has arrived there families have pulled out all the stops for a lavish party. by the time the two take to the stage it's two thirty in the morning. hours.
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a few days later it's finally. turn. the love commandos have found a priest who has agreed to wed the pair in a temple of the aria so much a hindu reform movement that opposes the caste system were. little a. cult. leader of the week why not we're going to yonkers under the law of mary needed me as i would here are we going to do a greater happiness when we find these folks are to marry guys. i think it will go
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up to me today because i would be very good at united when i. hear. it and instead of family members the only witnesses at this wedding ceremony are the gods. and i cannot tell you how much there. mr the couple place offerings of gay and rice into the sacred fire. i didn't. then they circle the fire with sahil leading his bride for four rounds before his wife leaves him for the final three. they pray for food health children and prosperity they pray for lifelong companionship and that their love and respect for their families may continue to grow.
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in the crowd. going up at the local being will be found out of the worse a better behaved body the article appears to be making sure they are part of the finally so he applies read for a million powder on the crown of his head signifying his bride status as a married woman. are sour for a moment with the ceremony complete the priestess thanks for his services. and the official papers are ready for pick up. the phone and living up. to this moment. of. i don't want to be sure you. can pick one up ok
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enough to speak to. each. the following morning they eat and so he'll begin their new life as husband and wife. they need to hasn't yet got up the courage to call her father and share the news. by then and that actually i would like to tell him but i haven't dared to yet. i don't know how i should tell him at this point i haven't even called him once even the thought of what will happen then scares me. a bit.
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right now the couple is just relieved to be out of the safe house. i believe enough to know there were problems with the accommodations but as long as we were living there we couldn't say anything yeah that's why we wanted to move out as soon as possible. yes they supported us but if i were to write my experience of about thirty percent of it was ok. so when seventy percent was not back right it was ok but we didn't like the atmosphere so there. would be hundred also i wasn't very clear on that. but. down. near
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a place is india's ita hub. so he'll heads there the same day to look for work as a graphic designer the couple's savings are only enough to get by on for another two or three months later here we go it will certainly take some time until i find a job surely it won't be easy. definitely i will get a job. it is now so heels responsibility to provide for their future. that evening they look at an apartment to rent. we feel safer now before we were always afraid of being seen to our married people
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who live together. but now we are man and wife by law totally legal. you know you're going to vote for me say there's a kitchen conditioning in about kony and we're. told that it's a small room but it's nice we're starting our life together here so it's ok but. if you take the romo paint the walls and clean it up. it's small but it's a start. for
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in. place a heel and a need to have melted into the population of thirty million who live in the greater delhi area and yet they stand out among the masses because they rejected the security of tradition and chose to live in staten. island.
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after. entering the conflict zone. battling suzanne the rise again colombia so is the drug trade so is corruption my guess is you're my capital but that's all crazy outgoing president obama on the sun's us clues age limit those okies fries how things went back to the americas most just running good soldiers race but does he deserve this conflict so for thirty minutes g.w. .
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it's all happening. to visit any. store linked to news from africa and the world. your link to exceptional stories and discussions continue and will come to you suffocating program tonight from born in germany from the news of easy to our website the debit comes to africa join us on facebook at t.w. africa. did eva brown really love golf hitler. or did she love the life he provided for her. she was the dictator's mistress. only an insignificant concert at his side. or pursuing her own ambitions. certainly no other woman got some close to. life and death with the fear.
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starts july twenty first on d w. that. turkey has ended its state of emergency it was imposed after a coup attempt to use a guard which tree get a crackdown on the media and opposition the government has proposed a stringent antiterrorism bill to replace emergency rule. at least nineteen migrants have drowned after they had barge sank off northern cyprus coast gods rescued more than one hundred people and just searching for another two dozen missing the international organ.


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