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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 19, 2018 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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simple on her mobile and free. music learning course speak german made easy. this is your we news line from berlin israel passes a divisive new law that critics say legalizes discrimination arab israeli lawmakers protest against the statute which defines israel as a jewish nation state the law downgrades the arabic language and says only the country's jews are entitled to self-determination also coming up british police reportedly identify suspects who carried out the poison attack on the second screen
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and his daughter that government has played down the claim will get the latest from london. and also on the show the invisible children of the bosnian war are born to mothers rapes during the conflict to be early one nine hundred eighty s. no one wanted to acknowledge them then now they're fighting for their records. only allow rock thanks for your company everyone. the israeli parliament has passed a controversial law which explicitly defines the country as the national homeland of the jewish people the new law makes hebrew the country's only official language downgrading arabic to special status it also states that only the country's jews have the right to self-determination israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has
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called the vote a defining moment in the history of zionism critics say the law is racist and discriminatory. protests in parliament against a law that is tearing up relations between jewish and arab israelis arab politicians were rejected as they spoke against the law which gives jews the unique right of national self-determination it passed with a narrow majority prime minister benjamin netanyahu described it as an historic day . zero this is a defining moment in the annals of zionism and the history of the state of israel. the law in shrines the national flag anthem and holidays it declares jerusalem as israel's capital and supports the development of jewish communities hebrew is now the country's only official language arabic downgraded to a so-called special status arab lawmakers said the measures verge towards apartheid
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their nationality bill is a hate crime there are discriminating against the arab citizens against minority with racist africans especially those over jewish settlements and the arctic is downgrading there are big the status of the arabic language around twenty percent of israelis are of arab ethnicity some say they feel treated as second class citizens observers say the law undermines democracy in israel. this basic law is clearly not given the same level of equality and these actually designed to supersede the laws that we already had this is very problematic i think it will minimize. the rights for minorities and these were minorities in israel might feel alienated and probably rightly so because the law.
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is making israel more jewish let them. opponents are likely to challenge the law before israel's supreme court. i want to talk about the implications of this contentious law we can now talk to akiva eldar he's an israeli political columnist for al monitor mr eldar very warm welcome to d.w. news let's talk about this nation state building bell excuse me it makes no mention of minority rights it doesn't mention democracy how is prime minister benjamin netanyahu defending that spell actually he is loud and clear that we have to realize that the jewish people the majority here and the majority takes it all he's into potations of democracy is that the majority of these really people who voted for him and other
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right wing and theocratic proxies and this is there will also democracy we want and we can do whatever we like and this is not the only thing to put it in the right context we can add to do is build that was ousted this week that allows the minister of education who is the leader of another ultra right wing quality. to decide which organizations will be allowed in civil society organizations human rights will be allowed to meet with was cool students who not and of course what he has in mind is jew gets to stop the organizations such as breaking the silence from telling young people about you they should mr elder what are the practical implications of this bill i
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mean how does this impact day to day life. actually this is the good news that it's not going to get worse it's bad enough today and what it does may be if you want to look at the bright side it will maybe make your way make a wakeup call to the two other minorities in the world such as the jewish community in the united states that israel democracy shouldn't be taken for granted and they have to fight for it. maybe it will send a message to other democratic countries that are already sending a message to israel that they are not happy about it and well as the irish senate sent a message that i don't have the about the settlements and they boycotted the products
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on the settlements so maybe this will be a wake up call to all of us why why do you think prime minister benjamin netanyahu wanted to do this right now i mean talk to us a little bit about the timing because this is of course happening just after trump some time ago recognized jerusalem as the capital of israel what this have been possible what we're seeing today if the israeli leader didn't feel emboldened by america's support. i think that he feels that the sky is the limit that he got some will and will operate tight from his success it's not only the american decision to remove the embassy to jerusalem and it's the american decision to pull out from the agreement was iran the. pressure on iran not to retaliate to these very attacks in syria and i think that in a way. he feels that. everything can work
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and i will not be surprised if. days from today maybe even tomorrow we'll see a poll that shows that the majority of the israeli jews like this bill. what i'm saying that this program doesn't necessarily reflect the climate the public climate and the collective israeli feeling was this kind of loss and i know it's very unfortunate but i believe that this is the reality mr cave algor israeli political columnist for al monitor sir thank you for joining us and providing us with your perspective. now i want to get you caught up on some of the other stories making news around the world. own earthquake rattled mexico city this morning prompting residents to rush out onto the streets the tremors triggered the city's
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quake alarm there are no reports of casualties from the five point seven magnitude quake the epicenter was in the southern states of. the government of turkish president richard type where one has lifted the country's state of emergency it had been in effect since a failed coup attempt to two years ago tens of thousands of opposition supporters were fired or arrested during that time the government has already proposed a stringent antiterrorism bill to replace the measure. britain's security minister has played down a media report that police have identified suspects linked to the attack on former russian agent sergey screwball and his daughter yulia ben wallace dismissed the reports as speculation the pair were poisoned with nava chalk in the city of salisbury back in march two more people were recently exposed to the same nerve agent in a nearby town and one of them has since died the news agency report says investigators
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used security footage and travel records to pinpoint the suspects police have now declined to comment on that report well earlier i spoke with correspond very good marks who is in london and she says russia maintains it has nothing to do with the nerve agent attacks. the russian ambassador who's always been quite vocal on this subject has said that he wants to have something that's formal something by scotland yard by the by the british government before he makes an official statement we do know that this has really soured u.k. russian relations and it will be a subject that they will have to walk out the question is even if the british do release the name of the suspects if they think they have found a proper trade is the question is will russia believe it because russia has so far denied any involvement in this case because most reporting there from london
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a little earlier on now in bosnia-herzegovina they're known as the invisible children conceived when anime fighters raped their mothers during the bosnian war of the ninety's many have found themselves stigmatized by society and overlooked by the government now in their mid twenty's some of them are fighting for their rights we have this exclusive report now from the bosnian capital sorry for. twenty four year old usage was conceived when a croat soldier raped her mother during the war in bosnia growing up after the conflict without a father surname was enough to mark as an outcast. the. children born of war aren't recognised as victims of war in bosnia and that often leads to discrimination. and. the most common problem these kids face during their upbringing is with documents. that's because their documents have
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names missing on them so these kids have problems and they want to start university . now i know is publicly defying social stigmas and challenging bureaucratic barriers she co-founded the forgotten children of war bosnia's first ngo linking children of rape so they can lobby together for recognition. twenty five years after the war our goal is to let these children come out and let both the bosnian state and society know that we exist so that we get legally recognized by the government. i mean as in geo for war children is itself in its infancy across bosnia fifteen members have joined so far but founders are searching for more. allen movie it was conceived want to serve a soldier raped his mother in one thousand nine hundred three these children born
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of ethnic cleansing are now working together to break lingering ethnic barriers. but long before i met anya i knew there were more of us. it was only a matter of time until we finally met at a table and shared our stories and experiences. it's not known how many children of war there are in bosnia today some estimate that twenty thousand women were raped during the conflict and that around four thousand of them had children as a result many rape survivors kept the assaults and their children's paternity a secret women like alina. posted to after my child was born i hate her because i was afraid. i thought someone would take her away or attack or kill her.
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alina who asked to speak anonymously was twenty three when an enemy soldier raped her she didn't tell her daughter but she learned the truth from her mother's police report that she discovered by chance. i know i know to tell you since she found i was home she was conceived my daughter has been driven by raich rage against society of rage because she is an outcast they swept us under the rug as if none of us has ever happened they denied it when we showed ourselves they only talked about us when they needed something like our votes when there are elections. by asserting themselves publicly bosnia's invisible children can become a symbol of progress for the country a bridge towards ethnic reconciliation and societal progress but if ignored these young men and women can become another symbol of a society stuck in a cycle of post-war divisions and zero sum ethnic politics. but for
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now voices like i know as are the only ones breaking the silence about bosnia's invisible children. miss him if the state doesn't want to talk about it somebody needs to that's why i feel responsible if i've started something i need to see it through to the end it's the only way to finally achieve peace after all that's happened. down in situ and carried out for as is up next. earth. to millions of species a home worth saving. here much of those are.


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