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zero ethnic politics. but for now voices like as are the only ones breaking the silence about bosnia's invisible children. if the state doesn't want to talk about it somebody needs to that's why i feel responsible if i've started something i need to see it through to the end it's the only way to finally achieve peace after all that's happened. so it soon character offers is up next. on. earth. home to millions of species a home worth saving. here which of those are big changes and most start with small
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steps global interiors tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world like to use the term climate change to green energy solutions and reforestation. they create interactive content teaching the next generation about environmental protection and we are determined to build something here for the next generation global ideas the multimedia environment series on g.w. . a warning shot from brussels across the atlantic the used trade commission as says the block is preparing retaliatory measures against donald trump's tariffs while the u.s. car industry warns that hundreds of thousands of jobs in the u.s. are at stake. be you also interviews as a temporary quotas on steel imports amid fears that u.s.
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terrorists will encourage encourage major producers like china to send this deal to the e.u. instead. and italy is keeping a tough stance on migration still we found some small business owners with migrant backgrounds who are thriving. this is e.w. business as well come the european union says it is preparing measures to retaliate against the united states if president all of trump imposes tariffs on imported cars and car parts e.u. trade commissioner cecilia monstrance said thursday that the bloc would be forced to respond with quote rebalancing measures news comes as manufacturers suppliers car dealers and foreign diplomats are testifying at a washington hearing to try to head off the import duties at the same time u.s. workers of foreign carmakers are taking to the streets of washington to demand an end to the tariff war which they say is endangering their jobs the u.s.
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car industry estimates that hundreds of thousands of jobs are threatened. this plant in the mexican city of silat was run by american multinational general motors each year it produces four hundred times and pick up trucks destined for the u.s. market. it's just the kind of operation u.s. president donald trump has tried to clamp down on he wants american carmakers to produce at home. but such protectionist rhetoric often overlooks the importance of america's own export markets staying with the example of general motors some five thousand of the company's employees in the united states produce parts which are assembled in mexico. if the united states follows through on its threat to impose tariffs on car imports the cost of pickup trucks in the u.s. would be very likely to increase for general motors that could mean job losses in both mexico and the united states and that's just one example of the potentially
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disruptive effect of the protectionist measure. the lines of automobile manufacturers which represents several major carmakers is due to voice their concerns at a public hearing on thursday the group says higher targets could result in hundreds of thousands of job losses in the united states and increase the price of u.s. vehicles by eighty three billion dollars annually. american workers employed by international comic. have gathered in washington on thursday to protest against the planned tariffs the very people president promised to protect. and what the workers are worried about. well they say they are concerned about the u.s. economy because they are convinced that imposing these tariffs would do harm to the
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economy that it's like introducing new taxes and they also say that they are proud of their industry that the car industry and that there is no case here you know that the u.s. president has repeatedly made the argument that the foreign carmakers should. export less cars to the yes and more cars here but this workers here say that's what's happening right now we are concerned about our jobs and so we want to have more opportunities to produce more cars and to export more cars. it's quite bizarre isn't it american workers demonstrating against the u.s. carmakers begging congress to stop times on foreign competitors is there anyone left in the u.s. it's. a good idea. you know in this hearing today there is only one expert in favor of the tariffs forty six x.
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forty four experts will be arguing to terrorists there have been many written statements issued about this topic and we have to say that the vast majority of the voters would like to see the president negotiating for new agreements trade agreements rather than imposing tariffs and there are more and more republican lawmakers who are threatening to block the president's attempt to impose tariffs on national security grounds. and. the european union has introduced temporary quarters on steel imports e.u. lawmakers fear that u.s. tariffs will encourage major producers like china to send their steel to the european union instead that could lead to a surge which may destabilize the steel industry there is a glut of steel on global markets at the moment primarily due to the chinese over production china makes almost as much raw steel as the rest of the world combined
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for steel exporters a twenty five percent tariff would apply after that order is filled the restriction will stay in place for a maximum of two hundred days. let's bring in our financial correspondent only bots and frankfurt only trumps tariff policies have a ripple effect across markets it seems our quote is the right way. you know it's protectionism by a different name you know they're taking a three year average and the first steel imports go over that three year average then boom you have tariffs slapped on it and you know with the customer side you have a certain amount of first come first serve there when the amount imported exceeds the three year average so presumably you might have some very unfair treatment of the people who are first in line get no tariffs and the people who come after that they get slapped and who knows how steady the companies are that to get slapped.
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the e.u. can do that it's a measure that it can take in response but the european car industry association is warning it's going to lead to higher steel prices with demand having gone up recently and that's to the detriment of the people involved we every day we're getting use of new tariffs new counted sorrow's new counter counterterrorist markets should be quite volatile with all this or investors getting used to it. no they're not that is regionally they're getting used to it a bit but regionally not if you take a look at the far east the chinese equities have tanked since the beginning of the year mainly on worries that the trade conflict will hurt the economy there and one currency of the chinese is that a one year low here in europe equities in the euro zone euro stocks fifty in the dax for example here in germany they have recovered from march lows despite all the
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trade conflict worries and right now equities are higher again but traders tell me they're higher without conviction behind these share prices at the moment because of the worries there's hardly volume behind it. of course it's in frankfurt thank you. the first of news striking beluga excel airfreight is took to the skies from to do. us employees chose the special livery which makes it look like a friend they believe whales. carry payloads of up to fifty one tongs that's the equivalent of more than five london double decker buses that carries completed sections of us aircraft from production sides to their final assembly line. italy's stuff stands on migration is especially felt in the north of the country the city of fargo for example is a stronghold of leg of the party known for its anti migration policies still there
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are some immigration success stories that like small business owners with migrant backgrounds while thriving francesco woo is meeting a client who's looking to market his equipment in asia. he needs help doing it so no doubt i mean engineer i studied in milan i've spoken to talian for more than twenty years but when i meet people they always perceive me first as chinese and then as an engineer like me in. northern italy which has a robust economy is also home to the far right party called the league visitor phobic party has a large presence in the area smaller towns francesco wu is all too aware of their views who is also a restauranteur when he moved to amman suburb his looks became an issue. in the beginning italian customers would come in they'd see my italian stand but
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when they realized the management was chinese i think that made it really hard at first that it took him four years to overcome the doubts and develop a devoted clientele. it's a similar story in bag imo a popular tourist destination and another link stronghold. and on how to take runs the only african restaurant here that makes some rather exotic although he and his wife haven't had to deal with open discrimination things aren't exactly ideal for them. listen to asian here isn't easy in the quest that i'd most likely have more than one restaurant in other cities but when customers show up i can see they're suspicious that people from this region are skeptical unlike guests from rome or john were more used to the african christine steele and ahmed his wife have also developed a regular clientele and feel more or less at home and back imo although wary about
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the new populist government he tries to remain optimistic but i just don't quite a lot of thought it better that it's just too early to judge the new government. like it was and i but it's clear there's a real risk of things getting more difficult says in all areas. into the city. on the streets of baghdad many italians support the government's tough stance on immigration now they want to see the same approach with the economy. and that's it for me and the business to have an update for you in the next hour thank you very much for watching good business.
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with. consuming too much fossil fuel. driving too much mind to move. with the result that the police is moving on increasingly phones. important facts alone figures over the top climate change. ego at africa next offseason.
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louis sarno just couldn't get this song out of his head. musicologist began searching for the source of these captivating sounds. and found them deep in the rain forest in central africa. by a couple. that i knew him but i now live good luck and good luck to the must leave the book life lesson with him why only among. money live those who come. he was needed by their culture that he stayed. only a promise to a son was a son only of the jungle and return to the concrete and glass john. the result
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reverse culture shock. ready for. the really strange artificial little just really connected to life. the prize winning documentary from the forest stars focus night on d w. hello and welcome to our new edition of our africa utopia environmental magazine eco at africa today we will be taking you to a small community in uganda where people are using heart ache rock as a energy source more of that in just a.


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