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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 19, 2018 10:00pm-10:31pm CEST

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this is the w.'s life from israel passes a new law that critics say you legalize is discrimination restraining the lakers protest the kansas statute which defines israel as a jewish nation state downgrades the arabic language because of the country's jews are entitled to national self-determination also on the program. the u.s. auto industry stands up to tribes tired of seeing washington workers from america's biggest carmakers been forced to protest against the multi-billion dollar changes.
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also on the program ethiopia and eritrea take more steps towards normalizing relations after resuming commercial flights between the two countries are not troops back on the border and appointing an ambassador it's the latest in the peace process moving at dizzying speed after decades of hostility. with. i'm still gal welcome to the program israel's parliament has passed a controversial law that defines the country as the national homeland of the jewish people it also makes hebrew the country's only official language downgrading arabic to special status and he goes on to say that only the countries jews have the right to exercise national self-determination by minister benjamin netanyahu described the vote as a defining moment in the history of zionism critics say the law is racist and discriminatory. protests in parliament against
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a law that is tearing up relations between jewish and arab israelis arab politicians were rejected as they spoke against the law which gives jews the unique right of national self-determination that passed with a narrow majority but prime minister benjamin netanyahu described it as an historic day. zero this is a defining moment in the annals of zionism and the history of the state of israel. the law in shrines the national flag anthem and holidays it declares jerusalem as israel's capital and supports the development of jewish communities hebrew is now the country's only official language arabic downgraded to a so-called special status arab lawmakers said the measures verge towards apartheid the nationality bill is a hate crime there are discriminating against the arab citizens against
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minority with the racist africans especially of course over jewish settlements and the arctic is downgrading there are big the status of that began. around twenty percent of israelis are of arab ethnicity some say they feel treated as second class citizens observers say the law undermines democracy in israel. this basic law is clearly not given the same level of equality and these actually designed to supersede the laws that we already had this is very problematic i think it will minimize. the rights for minorities in these well minorities in israel might feel alienated and probably rightly so because the law. is making israel more jewish less the mcrib. opponents are likely to challenge the law
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before israel supreme court. akiva eldar an israeli political columnist with the al monitor online middle east news organization welcome to what do you think is they snow racist. well you know the fact that you are asking this question. makes the point that i wouldn't get on this question about is germany or great britain or united states are they racist i think that the fact that this question is. rightly so i mean it's a very legitimate question today more than it was yesterday is a clear indication that israel has put itself in the problem. worse is the entire international community. weeks back to my mind
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the. resolution from seventy five it you and that israel was struggling for many years to delete it from the history of israel and its international relations that zionism is racism and it raises the question because the fact that israel is most. inspiring to be post that mcgrath tick and joy. sounds like a paradox and we are struggling for many years to live was this proud ochs and to make it it's kind of really grows oh magic to keep most of them intact and so why do you think this is happening now. first of all it's happening now because this is the end of the knesset session and this process
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lasted for many years he was about three or four years that. the knesset members were playing with different drafts actually you know in the last few weeks the. journey general and the legal advisor of the parliament has managed to convince the prime minister and the knesset members to stop and to make it look at a little bit better than the previous draft your previous draft. included a paragraph that loud clearly allowed to discriminate arabs when it comes to building community selecting members. jewish communities and this one is meant that in the language and it looks better than the one that was on the table we could go and i want to answer this briefly for me that
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the new law defines hebrew as the state's language and then says this clause does not harm the status given to the arabic language before the law came into effect briefly what is the thinking behind this apparent contradiction. the hundred diction is that the arabic language has been discriminated against and the other members of knesset and lobbies were trying actually to upgrade the status of the language and to pass for is this real it would require some arabic. programs in documentaries could use for israeli television. and defragged no arabic is not an official language just it has a special status but not a formal language right you know you will be able to delete it from road signs and
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from your documents akiva eldar thank you so much for joining me to thank you. for some of the other stories making news around the world in the german city of bob hundreds of people have demonstrated against anti-semitism protesters wore the jewish skullcap or kipper demonstration comes after a german man with palestinian roots attacked a visiting jewish professor wearing a skull cap police initially mistook the professor for the perpetrator knocks him to the ground and punched him in the face. travelers in belgium are facing delays and cancellations after the country's airspace was closed for two hours this afternoon belgium's air traffic control this seven technical glitch went to couldn't guarantee the safety of flights traffic has no resume but officials say they'll take types of things to get back to normal. britain's new brags it minister dominic rob says he's keen to intensify talks with the european union his first
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meeting with the news michel body i focused on the new british proposals for close to trade ties rob said it is vital progress it's vital that progress is now made britain's new proposals prompted robb's predecessor and the foreign minister to quit last week. to the united states where president trump has been doing more backpedaling following his summit with russia's vladimir putin today mr trump rejected was the thirteen's proposal that russian officials be allowed to question american citizens in return for the extradition of russians accused of meddling in the u.s. election but his latest apparent helsinki flip flop was barely registered in the trump heartland of tennessee clever to send out. donald trump is getting an easy right here in tennessee the uproar over his summit with vladimir putin hasn't reached this range cowhorse classic the writers getting
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ready to compete think the talks were nothing to worry about they're happy to see trump talking to putin and think you probably did a good job or at least tried his best i think that no matter who is in office somebody can always do a better job and they're always going to be criticized for whatever they do. i do feel that president term does have our best interest at heart. i think that is mr personality it could have been handled better i am impressed with the fact that he like most presidents in the past are human and make mistakes and he's willing to admit it and come back and attempt in his fashion to fix some. skepticism in trump heartland also runs deep of how the media is portraying the summit with putin and why politicians are bickering over at. a republican state senator paul bailey says they're simply not enough information to judge trump's performance there's just a lot of speculation out there from others especially those politicians that want
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to criticize the meeting but in reality we do not know exactly what took place behind closed doors and i'm assuming that it was a good meeting and i'm assuming that our president basically was very pro-american and he certainly let president putin know that. but some republicans have condemned trump for what democrats say was disgraceful or even treasonous appearing to believe an adversary's denial of election interference over information from his own intelligence service says the republican leadership has been frustrated by the putin trump summit because they think it's given democrats more fodder to rally their base around they would prefer voters to be thinking about things like the tax reform plan passed last year as well as the strong state of the u.s. economy as november's mid-term elections come up they're hoping that the scandal surrounding this summit will blow over quickly but trump supporters here never thought it was a problem to begin with they don't think putin is taking him for
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a ride. ok so the cowboys think he's doing well kamani factors not so much business leaders know that done a winter right fill in from the trump supporters to the many trump critics as there were protests in washington as the u.s. commerce department launched hearings into the import duties on costs and here's why trump's tariffs don't just affect imported cars but vehicles made in the usa too because his measures put a levy on parts as well as a good two cars a honda civic and an audi q five the compact car today costs just over seventeen thousand dollars as we can see there but see what happens when we slap on trump's judi's the price shoots up by almost one thousand seven hundred dollars the luxury s.u.v. comes off even was a increase of almost nine thousand dollars on that car so how much of that consumers will actually pay depends on how much the companies are willing to eat
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the costs and higher costs mean cutbacks the peterson institute which worked out these stats also reports that job losses from these tariffs alone could be as much as one hundred and ninety five thousand. now that's the job losses but if we factor in retaliation by foreign countries on an equal basis that could be as high as six hundred twenty four thousand and today workers in the industry have made their anger clear. inevitably everyone arrived but auto pick up trucks made in the u.s. even japan's toyota belongs to the u.s. automakers alliance along with names like general motors ford and folks. all of them produced in the u.s. and they all oppose trump's plans if we put very very high taxes on cars in the united states and keep in mind since it's both auto imports and auto
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parts imports every single car or truck sold in america would face price increases higher taxes higher taxes will lead to fewer sales fewer sales will lead to less production less productions will risk american jobs in the hundreds of thousands of job say the protesters who also claim auto prices would rise by an average five thousand dollars we're very concerned about the security of our jobs and the fact that these vehicles are claim that their calls are national security issues here that refers to trump's claim that national security is at risk if tariffs on to imposed on all toes on components. this is not good business this is not good for our economy this is not good for the very workers who in fact voted for him so far there's been no word on when washington actually intends to put the threatened tariffs into effect. if that is not just donald
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trump a spot by criticizing the u.s. federal reserve today and called as a wall street force so yes what exactly did trump say. the u.s. president made direct comments to the monetary policy of the federal reserve saying that he's not happy that the federal reserve keeps increasing interest rates the president has the opinion that his administration is doing everything right to keep the economy growing and now increasing interest rates could put a damper on economic growth as well it is a very unusual that a u.s. president to makes a direct or tries to influence the federal reserve yes the u.s. president nominates or the president of the federal reserve but that's about it other than that the fed is completely independent from the u.s. government so highly usual those remarks from donald trump that he says he's really
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not thrilled the fed is working right now usual remarks were kind of used to that from trump so far but it looks like investors are taking what he's saying seriously . we certainly did see an impact after those remarks we saw the dollar losing some ground the same was true for the yield soft u.s. treasuries so many old saw stocks got a little bit of a dent purse preciously if you look banking stocks for banks in general it's good news of interest rates are increasing they borel short and they lend long and saw on the long and interest rates are not increasing as much as projected to be bad for a u.s. financial institution so we did see some losses over there but overall if you talk to most economists they believe they're the new head of the federal reserve jerome powell will not be influenced by u.s.
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president donald trump and will continue doing what she believes to be right that's at least the hope and your kids opinion of most economists here on wall street and on wall street thank you very much for that. and i'd like to film two former rivals quickly becoming good neighbors thank you yes we're talking about the rapidly developing peace process between if you and eritrea today if you're appointed its first ambassador to eritrea in more than twenty years or eritrea hold its troops away from the border and one of africa's biggest carriers if you can airlines says it is in talks about a stake in eritrea and airlines just a day after commercial flights between the two countries brazil. excited and overjoyed every tree and healthy arrival of what they call the bird of peace that they're celebrating not just a thought between the two hundred african neighbors but the chance to reunite with
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friends and family after being separated for decades. as we like. you know because of the fight between utopia and buried today we had no even advice to the kids was all funny the. two flights took us on wednesday from the ethiopian capital addis ababa bound for the eritrean capital asmara. emotion spilled over the aisle during a ninety minute flight. for the passengers it's hard to believe that such a pick change in eritrea and ethiopia relationship would happen within such a short time until six weeks ago close ties between the two countries was still unthinkable eritrea was once part of fifty opiah it voted for independence in one thousand nine hundred three after decades of bloody conflict. a violence dispute over the shared border between one thousand nine hundred eight and two thousand through the strained the relationship between the two countries more than eighty
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thousand people have died in the fighting since then if you are in a retreat and defeat and political stalemate until recently when ethiopian prime minister abi amish announced that he would assert a un backed suggested border in june less than two weeks ago every tree is president of the lucky declared an official end to the war and paid a historic this it to ethiopia. because of our past historical and cultural synergy we have overcome the plot to spread hate and revenge among ourselves and we are determined to move forward together to register and development prosperity and stability in all aspects. was it the european counterpart at cote. forgiveness cave's mental relief for the offender and the liberty of soul for the offended on. both countries now hope that the reconciliation will bring positive
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economic and social changes but in eritrea opinions. in recent years tens of thousands have fled the country seeking safety and opportunity elsewhere. i thought in this situation has been has been a pleased definity that d.d.t. and government would have more resources i look at it to the social services development employment so different to the number of leafy discoveries into into it took i wouldn't use as a sign of bob the only thing that i don't think the eritrean government will change now that they're still the same people they don't give us jobs housing or food i can't stay there. but none can deny that the new situation is a pretty a big step forward and that's something to celebrate. the victims of severe flooding in northern nigeria say the government is doing too little to help them severe downpours in the gibby a region have left fifty dad many more homeless the government says it's promised
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new housing for the worst affected despite the fact that the homes they lost were built illegally. amidst the rubble of his house was he brought him l.b. is trying to find things that might still hold some value of the roof a couple of old labels the truck driver didn't just lose material things in the flood he also lost his daughter musina. the. water was up to her neck kept rising. she looked over at her mother and said please forgive me. when she went under and part of the building collapsed on her. i really don't know what i should say i had twenty two children and now one of them is simply no longer here her school was right over there she was only just starting great sex but you should.
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at least fifty people died in the flats and another twenty s still missing elissa lived here with his family the past thirty years but he had never before seen the kind of downpour that happened on sunday. and within minutes the water level reached about two metres it is still visible on the walls here many including thirteen year olds were not able to reach a safe place before. people here say the rainy season has dramatically changed in the past few years rainfall has become more regular and much more intense no one here doubts that climate change is real the country's drainage system has made the situation worse the drains are too small to handle the amount of rain and some are clocked was garbage
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the state's environment commissioner is responsible for flood control but doesn't wants to take responsibility. people that you should avoid with the instructor in toto is. it. and so many people we have seen it with. as it so are you saying that most of the structures that we are seeing here are illegal structures to mr and illegal but isn't it your job then to follow up and make sure people are not settling in this place them of course of course so why didn't that happen before the flood but as i told you most of those. they have. said is this is something. expected. from our school is being used to house some fifteen hundred people who have lost everything
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the wives and children of ibrahim l.b. share this classroom at night with a hundred other flatwork didn't. know about it we desperately need support we hardly have anything we can just move and build again only god can still help us our fate is in our hands this young man i was so good a martyr we prayed that we can settle somewhere else we can't go back anymore. those types of downpours could return at any time. now wouldn't. it he says the government representatives have promised him and other flood victims new housing but when and where that will be is still unclear. thursday saw a dramatic end to stage twelve of the tour de france the routes which led to the
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legendary whereas in the french alps culminated in a tight five man sprint finish competition leader guy thomas came out on top and extended his lead in the yellow jersey. thirty kilometers into one of the most grueling stages in the competition angeline impact was formed but after two two thousand metre high mountain stephen kreutzer vague broke away from the group the dutchman led the final time to loud ways with two or neither daring thomas and competition favorites chris froome and tom donilon trained behind crocheted held on to his legion to have his course just three and a half kilometers from the finish. and with the end almost in sight for amanda woman but they both gave up on winning the stage even just five riders in the race for victory i promise made a final attack at the last corner sprinting to the finish line for his second consecutive tour stage when. i miss rice is so hot and
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you never know how the body reacts and like i said yesterday. i'm still right a firm a firm is still a man. like i said you know is out there are three weeks of living a dream that stands thomas' lead over teammate and captain fruen to one minute thirty nine seconds. as a reminder of the top story this hour israel has passed i highly controversial law that explicitly defines a country as the jewish national homeland looks like a protest from arab lawmakers by minister benjamin netanyahu called the low i defining moment for scientists. don't forget you can always get d.w. news on the judge just download out from google play from the op will still i will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news to also use a sentence for service i'm fifty years.
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and sets you up to date awful few of the top of the hour so if you get you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on the website by state w dot com i will detect.
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consuming too much from so few. driving too much time to move. with the result that the future is moving up increasingly focused. impulsion from it's unknown if it is. not a climate change. go into africa in sixty minutes on the w.
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c sarno just couldn't get this song out of his head. musicologist began searching for the source of these captivating sounds. and found them deep in the rain forest in central africa read the by a couple. hanging in buckingham with books and the like to bullock with a baby book. and why only one fifth. minute legal costs he was so fascinated by their culture that he stayed. only a promise to his son was made son only in the jungle and returned to the concrete and glass john. the result reverse culture shock.
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wave from god he realized how strange the artificial was really connected to life. the prize winning documentary seen from the forest starts aug ninth on d w. israel's prime minister says this is a democracy of the majority has spoken arab israeli lawmakers say israel's new nation state law is racist and the death of the country's democracy the new law gives jews in israel a unique right to national self-determination elevates hebrew of arabic us the national language and that says it doesn't i'm phil gale in berlin this is the day . and warm.


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