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tv   Kino - KINO Favorites The best Actors  Deutsche Welle  July 19, 2018 11:15pm-11:30pm CEST

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two one minutes thirty nine seconds. that's up today it's more of the top of the hour don't forget to get all the nicest around the clock on our website w dot com click to. brown really love. your love the life he provided for her. she was the dictator's mistress. only an insignificant concert. pursuing her own ambitions.
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certainly has other woman got some close to. life and death with the. twenty first. movie. hi welcome to kino favorites today we've got our personal picks for germany's top ten actors our list we've got oscar winners and wackos maniacs and mama's boys something for everyone we kick off with a guy who's been one of my personal man crushes for quite some time now he's a bit of a star and he's got a smile you'll never forget. he
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looks hard but inside is a pushover are number ten you're going full. come come. come again this is. his gap toothed charm is the antidote to hollywood's surgically enhanced the superstars. can touch it one person's income so he quite. ashton can type it as my family conscience he's not above mocking his own image rather than. in the film acting it out from early in his career full play the man who mistakenly walks into an improv edition or an acting school. coach actually i'm just as modest as kitchen watches shites thing it's looks like and i have right side time to get going i'm going to say it's. things as wished for contraction. thanks to focal suddenly a whole generation could see itself up on the screen here to try to outsiders full
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himself never went to acting school his approach is visceral and instinctive help usher in a whole new era of relaxed realistic performance in german film. the number nine here is a phenomenon directors like costco sandton lars von trier love him he could be trash and art house in short he's a legend. like many germans in hollywood has made a living playing to create vampires being a particular specialty. but even when playing the nazi it's always with a twinkle in his eye. here still doesn't consider hollywood home. stephen east in
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holland i don't live in hollywood hardly because hollywood. is arnold schwarzenegger at the gym and joan collins drinking tea i can see the hollywood sign from my house and i know exactly why i'm here when i'm drinking my coffee and think about. how was the youngest actor in our top ten. he's best known for his role in the korea where he plays a lovable german thug tearing through berlin's night life with a spanish tourist and. that little bit. like. it was a rollout true berliner was born to play a tough guy with a big heart. i think it's
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a good thing. it's just. gets under your skin and for one germany's version of the oscar for his performance i in fact. i. hold it again in the face to be somewhat kind next to him that. most of the shelling is the coolest member of a new generation of young german actors who specialize in laconic and sexy his best role to date playing a slacker killing time in the big city which was the scene of a test which. could. be consistent in the cool of the steam engine will know if you've never been on the scene you know the nothing sticks and that didn't include this place has the nuns on the swings it's just this deep thinker tom shelley in our number seven. and my shield to.
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help us deal got his first big role when he was still in acting school at one of best actor at the german film awards. so i said how do comics you know i don't. think any on the i'm going to get my deal place a paranoid computer programmer who sees danger everywhere since his debut the actress through the show. he's a really extreme scenes are easier because you know what direction they'll go in the quiet smaller scenes are much more difficult because they could go anywhere. from a master playing broken men most men pushed to the brink steele has left his mark. to. no list of german actors will be complete without our next entry he was the wild man of german set about proof that genius and madness sometimes go hand in hand
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love him or hate him he's our number five. just going to do a show i don't want to. make it aloud an angry always angry i thought that was close kinski on screen and in real life which it wasn't even if it was what i discovered about my. he was legendary playing how did characters driven by a mad passion. in real life he was a monster to accused of abusing his own daughter for several years he died for it out eight sixty five in california. peter lorre will go down in cinema history as the child murderer with the googly eyes he set the template for german actors to play dark monstrous characters in the
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. past. if you missed. anything new here but you got. to go to your emigrated to the u.s. in the one nine hundred thirty s. and acted in several hollywood films including casablanca he became a minor celebrity. lives are going to be down to the issue of not going to somebody die for him alone in los angeles in nine hundred sixty four. the next actor is also an international star but he's about as different from creepy peter laurel as you can get crazy bug eyed psychopath sweet faced boy next door the recently this actor has dropped his nice guy act. and it is he does come it's going to go. it's the kind of activity and come it's got it's come to that is fascinating because and find the tools i meant to the essence of me because in fact i'm so much i'm. going to. as an actor and
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a man who has many faces he's half german half spanish and he's played everything from a slimy our journalist in the satire me in kaminski. to the clip of him saying hi stephen to me to how he does not talk to our own freedom fighters in chile in the one nine hundred sixty s. in the political thriller colonia dignidad. to his best role to date as a legendary austrian racecar driver niki lauda in iran how is from a russian. forty two days off to use new features since niki lauda received today. he started as a sweet faced young boy but fans now know don't know where as a doctor so. these days no i mean dollars spends most of
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this time painting and writing but he remains an acting icon he's been a star in greece and west germany as well as hollywood hello oh you. want to approach. it i mean it's his international break through playing tell me how plus new york cab driver he has seen see this thing here you know man the part is that the fight what does it have the height but whatever the role to play is as a forever amazed by the wonders this world has to offer it sounds good that's. what you do it's up for you about the you feeling ok. i was this focused.
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it took thirty years for our next actor to become an overnight success when an american director recognized his talent and made him a star but there are some of us were fans from the get go he has an image of all style precise subtle ironic that makes him irresistible and he's our number one. good stuff but this is the only german to have won two acting oscars and both with the same director. i always wanted to discover some new continent and i thought i have to go this way and then i was introduced to kristen tanti no may i smoke pipes the rest is history the journey became the hollywood star no one is better mixing charm with sadism my job. dictates. that it must be made into your.
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storm surge is what i can officially cross your family's name off my list. charm conceal the brutality just below the surface pulses the nice nazi telecom in carnage results plays an unprincipled corporate lawyer carrying a stick or carrying yeah yeah yeah undesirable side effects but she only looked like you. see those. matters to me the hell are we doing here oh poor kid you know what all you. and of course the perfect bon bad you come. to me to cure me. and i thought you came you to die frank you christoph waltz are german actor number one. that was our top ten list of best german actors hope your favorites made the cut you can write to us with your personal pics or just to complain about our selection also go online to see our
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other keno favorites that's all for this week's show until next week at the movies . consuming too much from fuel. driving too much time to. put the result that the food is moving increasingly focused. important folks. whom climate change. africa. good. simply
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