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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  July 20, 2018 2:02am-2:31am CEST

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arab israeli law makers say israel's new nation state law is racist and the death of the country's democracy the new law gives jews in israel a unique right to national self-determination elevates hebrew above arabic us national language and that says it doesn't i'm filled. this is the day. of. the majority has rights and the majority decides you know absolute majority wants to ensure our state's jewish character for generations to come. to keeping the hate. they are discriminating against. against the down minority with the basis.
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of. minorities in israel. and probably rightly so because the law. is making israel more jewish. i think this is racist legislation my radical right wing government that is creating radical last three and is planting the seeds to create an apartheid state to work for to clear up or. also on the program on sunday just three hours of rain in juba and north of nigeria was enough to sweep away hundreds of houses and the people living in them. i really don't know what i should say the water was up to her neck and kept rising. she looked over at her mother and said please forgive me. when she went under and part of the building
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collapsed on her i had twenty two children and now one of them is simply no longer here. israel's parliament has passed a controversial law that explicitly defines the country as the national homeland of the jewish people it also makes hebrew the country's only official language downgrading arabic to special status and then states that only the country's jews have the right to self-determination prime minister benjamin netanyahu has called the votes a defining moment in the history of zionism critics say the law is racist and discriminator ie. protests in parliament against a law that is tearing up relations between jewish and arab israelis. politicians were rejected as they spoke against the law which gives jews the unique right of national self-determination it passed with a narrow majority but prime minister benjamin netanyahu described it as an historic
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day. this is a defining moment in the annals of zionism and the history of the state of israel. the law in shrines the national flag anthem and holidays it declares jerusalem as israel's capital and supports the development of jewish communities hebrew is now the country's only official language arabic downgraded to a so called special starters. arab lawmakers said the measures verge towards apartheid the nationality bill is in hate crime there are discriminating against the arab citizens against down of minority with the racist africans especially both over jewish settlements and the arctic is downgrading there are big the status of the arabic language around twenty percent of israelis are of arab ethnicity some say they feel treated as second
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class citizens observers say the law undermines democracy in israel. this basic law is clearly not given the same level of equality and these actually designed to supersede the laws that we already had this is very problematic i think it will minimize. the rights for minorities and these were minorities in israel might feel alienated and probably rightly so because the law. is making israel more jewish let them across opponents are likely to challenge the law before israel's supreme court. akiva eldar is an israeli political columnist with the al monitor online middle east news organization welcome to day doubly what do you think is this new law racist. well
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you know the fact that you are asking this question. makes the point that i wouldn't ask this question about is germany great britain or the united states are they racist i think that the fact that this question is os. rightly so i mean it's a very legitimate question today more than it was yesterday is a clear indication that israel has put itself in the problem. worse is the entire international community. it breaks back to my mind the. resolution from seventy five at the u.n. that israel was struggling for many years to delete it from the history of israel and its international relations that zionism is racism
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and it raises the question because the fact that israel is supposed. inspiring to be post them a crack tick and joy. sounds like a paradox and we're struggling for many years to live was this and to make it's kind of a primary promise of magic to keep both of them intact and so why do you think this is happening now. first of all it's happening now because this is the end of the knesset session and this process lasted for many years it was about three or four years that. the knesset members were playing with different drafts actually you know in the last few weeks the. tourney general and the legal advisor of the parliament has managed to convince the prime
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minister and the knesset members to stop and to make it look at a little bit better than the prettiest drive your previous draft. include a good. paragraph and loud clearly allowed to discriminate arabs when it comes to building communities selecting members to jewish communities and this one is meant that the. language and it looks better than the one that was on the table week ago and i want to figure just briefly for me that the new law defines hebrew as the states language and then says this close to us not harm the status given to the arabic language before the law came into effect briefly what is the thinking behind this apparent contradiction. the hundred diction is that the
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arabic language has been discriminated against and the other members of knesset and lobbies were trying actually to upgrade the status of the language and to pass for is this real that would require some. programs in documentaries produced for israeli television. and the fact that now the arabic is not an official language just it has a special status but not from a language. you they will be able to believe from roadsides and from your documents akiva eldar thank you so much for joining peter. and bosnia herzegovina known as the invisible children can see it when their mothers were raped by fighters cheering the bosnian war of one thousand nine hundred two to ninety ninety five more than two decades on some of their children
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are campaigning for recognition this exclusive report i'm sorry for. twenty four year old i know usage was conceived when a crow at soldier raped her mother during the war in bosnia growing up after the conflict without a father surname was enough to mark ajna as an outcast. yet the class retching that children born of war aren't recognized as victims of war in bosnia and that often leads to discrimination. and i just. for the most common problem these kids face during their upbringing is with documents. that's because their documents have names missing on them so these kids have problems and they want to start university. now i know is publicly defying social stigmas and challenging bureaucratic barriers she co-founded the forgotten children of war bosnia's first ngo linking children of rape so they can lobby
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together for recognition. twenty five years after the war our goal is to let these children come out and let both the bosnian state and society know that we exist so that we get legally recognized by the government. i mean as n g o for war children is itself in its infancy across bosnia fifteen members have joined so far but founders are searching for more allen movie was conceived want to serve soldier rape his mother in one thousand nine hundred three these children born of ethnic cleansing are now working together to break lingering ethnic barriers. that long before i met anya i knew there were more of us. it was only a matter of time until we finally met at a table and shared our stories and experiences.
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it's not known how many children of war there are in bosnia today some estimate that twenty thousand women were raped during the conflict and that around four thousand of them had children as a result. many rape survivors kept the assaults and their children's paternity a secret women like alaina. after my child was born i hate her because i was afraid. i thought someone would take her away or tuck or kill her. alina who asked to speak anonymously was twenty three when an enemy soldier raped her she didn't tell her daughter but she learned the truth from her mother's police report that she discovered by chance. i know i know the sense you find out is how she was conceived my daughter has been driven by raich rage against society of rage
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because she is an outcast they swept us under the rug as if none of us had ever happened they denied it when we showed ourselves there we talked about this when they needed something like our votes when there are elections. by asserting themselves publicly bosnia's invisible children can become a symbol of progress for the country a bridge towards ethnic reconciliation and societal progress but if ignored these young men and women can become another symbol of a society stuck in a cycle of post-war divisions and zero sum ethnic politics. but for now voices like i know as are the only ones breaking the silence about bosnia's invisible children. if the state doesn't want to talk about it somebody needs to that's why i feel responsible if i've started something i need to see it through to
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the end it's the only way to finally achieve peace after all that's happened. to me the talent got ecologist monica hauser found at the german organization medical mondiale for female victims of violence and conflict she joins us from studios in bonn welcome what what effect does this sort of discovery have on children finding out that they were conceived through violence. these children have many many problems of course also because they get us to a size of a stem as us but i really have to say i'm impressed by i not and by her colleagues who are so correct to speak about what happened today and what happened to them other mothers and i think it's so important that both in society is supporting them that the international community is supporting the bosnian. vince organisation that they really can go on being for example also awareness raising in boston society
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and it's the responsibility of all of us that they go on based there are really strong activities what about the it's a tricky decision should women in this situation tell their children it's really a tricky decision and never never never easy because at the end the mother has to deal with it and many of us are so we cared for in ninety three ninety four in your decision may take us and it's our. it was very difficult for them to decide about this very difficult question but they need to port and i think that's why such women's organisation are so important and i really hope that the symbolic and the power of such young people can also give a message to internation organizations much more to support such activities to
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empower as a young people and what do you make of the response of the both you know authorities who seem to not want to know. they would society does not want to know and and also of course the politicians but we have to see deposing her see go away not such a fragment tainted country and the responsibility again goes to international community to who has made such of wrong peace agreement and reach supports these political and ethnic cuz division but nevertheless we have people in the whole country who are corrections and who do not to let them divide it from each other and then be have to support and i think cause it a responsibility goes to the european union who has promised a conference in taste underneath king two thousand and three we really should not forget that to support the whole country we say economic support in order to have
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a new future but this promise has been left and therefore i think there's a lot to do or so for international community to support them to take responsibility but so you're saying with a national government when government officials say that perhaps this is a problem that belongs in the pasta and we are trying to build the countries what would you say again yes again everybody in boston tries to forget the bollard and doesn't want to be remembered today what happened during the war this is a problem for the vons who cannot forget the balika perpetrate just because they look in the faces off the children day by day so i think it's really a task for a whole community for a whole society to berks through and to remember and these children who speak out about the temp and to them of course remember this is the end of course also
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the boston i'm sorry to say if you're a big task i'm happy that since two thousand and six we have these laws of preparation or safavi men who got raped during the war in order to get the pension off two hundred. fifty euro a round and to get material up psychological support but. practical implementation of this law still is very very difficult so i think the bus and all story t's have to go a step further now and i think these young people are really a symbol and remember to hold society to to go on the first step and i think it will really be very important for the healing of this country not to forget about these people and to look to doubt her own trauma monica hauser from the medical monday yeah thank you so much for joining us thank you.
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very teams of severe flooding in northern nigeria say the government is doing too little to help severe downpours in the gibby region left fifty people dead and many more homeless the government says it's promised a new housing for the worst affected despite the fact that they have destroyed homes were built illegally. amidst the rubble of his how was he brought him l.b. is trying to find things that might still hold some value of the roof a couple of old labels the truck driver didn't just lose material things in the flood he also lost his daughter musina. says the. water was up to her neck kept rising. she looked over at her mother and said please forgive me. when she went under and part of the building collapsed on her. i really don't know what i should say i had twenty two children
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and now one of them is simply no longer here her school was right over there she was only just starting great sex but you should. have at least fifty people died in the floods and another twenty are still missing . lived here with his family the past thirty years but he had never before seen the kind of downpour that happened on sunday. and within minutes the water level reached about two metres it is still visible on the walls here many including thirteen year olds were not able to reach a safe place before. people here say the rainy season has dramatically changed in the past few years rainfall has become more regular and much more intense no one here doubts that climate change is real the country's drainage system has made the situation worse the
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drains are too small to handle the amount of rain and some are clocked was garbage the state's environment commissioner is responsible for flood control but doesn't wants to take responsibility. for this float we embark. for people that this would avoid the instructor in the auto is. it and so many people who have seen it would result as it so are you saying that most of the structures that we're seeing here are illegal structures some instant they're legal but isn't it your job then to follow up and make sure people are not settling in this place them of course of course so why didn't that happen before the flood and as i told you most of these hoes. they have. does face it is
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noted this is something of a never expected. for now a school is being used to house some fifteen hundred people who have lost everything the wives and children of iraqi melby share this classroom at night with a hundred other flatly to us. for a look at them we desperately need support we hardly have anything we can just move and build again only god can still help us that our fate is in our hands this young men are so good a martyr we pray that we can settle somewhere else we can't go back anymore. those types of downpours could return at any time homes are now out of. it he says the government representatives have promised him and other flood victims new housing but when and where that will be is still unclear.
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starting a business anywhere in the world can be daunting in africa's most populous country which also has the continent's biggest economy nigeria business owners have plenty of customers but finding investors is tricky. has done this for eighteen years he owns a small chicken farm outside legless. a year ago he decided to work together with farm crowdy. a startup that supports farmers by connecting them to investors since then his output has doubled. we should look at all of them but on our own before for no where we're producing two thousand birds every seven weeks right now only from quality reproducing busily for problem birds every five to six weeks ready for crop and. the idea is simple farmers who need money and people who want to invest in agriculture which to me top it is one of these are
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a cultural experts she advises the farmers and make sure they reach their targets so i get to come to the farm science to see what is going on so follow up with it and of course to send results back she has hand at the front office. some cloudy takes twenty percent of the profits and the rest is shared evenly between farmer and investor farmers might have to share their profit but farm cloudy also takes some of the work off their hands i don't have to go skelton for four for feeds i don't have to go scouting for medication i don't have to go scouting for their old birds they're all chicks so from quoted text so you know we're. good and profitable. almost three years after launching from crowd he has thirty five staff members and the huge office space but it's five co-founders started out
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with the same challenges as any startup. we only friends our families our loved ones that believed in you and you know by the time we finished our first circle of . way with the people back is that a winning trusts for the new it's people that are coming back to spawn so the over again is that the founders still spend much of the time trying to secure a bigger investors today they're at a startup event organized by the german chamber of industry and commerce. and i think he did conditions for being an entrepreneur are just a lot of them they are elsewhere and if you compare for example of a directly to bill lann where the rentis chiba intrapreneur can call to try themselves out test a little i did see how it goes in lagos. getting office space setting yourself obviously and making your way through traffic and i am preaching to investors it's a lot harder to tributes to investors here because there's so little trust that
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makes interest in farm cloudy all the more noteworthy the company already has nigerian german and u.s. investors some of them from such events this this is fantastic plus a group of attributes and that's what we do know whether startups research and out of the water really that's what i did since i was on that talk with the host of all turns in the first does or like i'd like to call that opportunity despite competition those opportunities appear to be plentiful for farm crowdy and many other startups here a sign of the potential to transform agriculture in nigeria and across the continent. although it's nearly done but as ever the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter i've stayed up you knew so i felt so forget the years a hashtag that a good day. gently
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until a thing heals g.c. creeps and plenty of sunshine begins the region is missile between florence and sienna central tuscany combines century old traditions and modern technology all under its bright sun. is the perfect setting for a glass classic red. d.w. . through
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a child's eyes. three children document their daily fight for survival on camera. their stripes the traumas and the desperate hope. for help from. yemen begins in the mall. in forty five minutes on d w. earth home to millions of species a home worth saving. here's which of those are big changes and most start with small steps global ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world like news has created good climate news to green energy solutions
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and reforestation. they create. interactive content teaching the next generation about environmental protection and when to term and to build something here for the next generation global ideas the multimedia environment series on d. w. . welcome to today's show will be setting up a five course menu with delicacies from all over europe is a little taste of what's coming up. cuisine calorie creations one award winning chef. freshly brewed the fine also.


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