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tv   Kick off - More than Football  Deutsche Welle  July 20, 2018 9:30am-10:00am CEST

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creases higher taxes higher taxes will lead to fewer sales fewer sales will lead to less production less productions will risk american jobs in the hundreds of thousands of job say the protesters who also claim auto prices would rise by an average five thousand dollars we're very concerned about the security of our jobs and the fact that these vehicles are coined that they're called a national security issue here that refers to trump's claim that national security is at risk if tariffs on to impose donnel toes on components. this is not good business this is not good for our economy this is not good for the very workers who in fact voted for him so far there's been no word on when washington actually intends to put the threatened tariffs into effect. retaliatory you were terrorists that went into effect at the start of this month in response to president on trying to steal and i mean and sheriffs are hitting american products ranging from harley-davidson to blue jeans to whiskey for the united states biggest risk for to
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an inch coke tennessee it may mean hiking prices in europe and pricing for the. american whiskey in the firing line now that the european union has hit back against president donald trump with tariffs of its own companies like jack daniels are being forced to make sacrifices that could hurt their bottom line. i nearly three tennessee home to jack daniels off his feet for they made it they said they plan to increase their prices some ten percent modeled for consumers in the year you and the very that people are choosing what they think will forego the expensive american product and simply take the. tennessee strongly back to trump in the two thousand and sixteen elections that's likely the reason distilleries here are feeling the brunt of europe's response as brussels turns up the pressure on places the republican party needs to win in the upcoming midterm elections. now the few
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hundred residents of lynchburg have found themselves in the center of an international trade dispute. the terrible situation is going to. the overall bottom dollar of jack danial getting their product to anywhere outside of tennessee or outside of the united states were they and that would raise their cost. and eventually could affect lynchburg. where the biggest fear is what unhappy customers in europe would mean for jobs here in tennessee. and. probably will be. having to pass that cost on to the consumer so. poor people in germany would have paid more. sorry. for europeans of price. and for jack daniels a painful hangover from donald trump's tariffs. right there is ireland
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are striking twenty four flights between the republic of ireland and the united kingdom have been cancelled the pile. saas talks with ryanair have not led to material change over pay and conditions and it's not only ryanair pilots that are unhappy cabin crew in belgium spain and portugal will be walking off the job on wednesday and thursday of next week out of that planned action has already led to the cancellation of six hundred flights. you're watching news from berlin on national coming out acts of self of the hour stay on the stay with us.
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you consuming too much fossil fuel. driving too much and trying to live. with the result that the future is moving up increasingly from. intrusion from six. figures to climate change. for good. just off.
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such problems as well such and being. it's a historical moment captured by the world cup photo team yellow clubs in the middle of the fray and now they're sharing their best shots of well cup history with. sixty minutes. did brown really love hitler. or did she love the life he provided for her. she was the dictator's mistress. only an insignificant concert at his side. or pursuing her own ambitions. but certainly has no other woman got
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some close to. life and death with the furious. starts july twenty first. hello and welcome to our new edition of our africa european environmental magazine eco at africa today we will be taking you to a small community in uganda where people are using hot volcanic rock as an energy source more on that in just a moment and as always i have my challenging colleague from nigeria at my side
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thanks john and a warm welcome to our viewers in africa and europe we've got a lot of exciting stories for you here's what's on the line up for today. women in uganda who collect book comic books near the golden national park they used pieces of them to make sure that we don't have a child. in germany we look at a new kind of with renewable energy what to do with the commission we turn. then we are what makes millions of food migrate every year from congo not. uganda has lost two thirds of its forest cover in the last twenty years much of the forest has been cleared to provide charcoal for burning more than eighty percent of ugandans rely on charcoal for their daily cooking needs and that's according to records of figures from the government rolls twining has an innovation which uses
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volcanic rocks as energy for cleaner cooking and lighting solutions for families while at the same time providing jobs for the women she has built a clean cooking stove to replace their environmentally hazardous and charcoal consuming stills. only for life rebecca to a new guy has cooked with charcoal but it's both bad for her health and bad for the environment he's also expensive now she has a special news tove it costs a lot but it can still save her money. i used to use a lot of chalk or i calculated. using topical what one proves two million shillings in this hole for one year but now the tech or dust i used doesn't go even beyond one hundred dollars that. volcanic rock is the key to
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this new eco stove once they're rocks that heated they remain hopeful i was with the help of a solar powered fund that blazed a continuous flow of air over them. to was invented by ross twine she runs the company that makes them. we have a technology that can reduce more than ninety percent of the tree cracking in uganda because with the use of work on it which are binding more than chuck or bonds more than half way i would ban it could mean it's efficient so i think. the volcanic rocks can be used for about two years an average of comes in virus configuration including large commercial ones like this range at a market in the capital kampala where a thousand people come to eat every day it's also beneficial for the kooks who use
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it because the device generates almost no smoke estimates say smoke from traditional stoves contribute to the death of almost twenty thousand people a year in uganda the new stove is also more efficient than conventional designs which others. can cook anything on the stove and save a lot of the stoves have really helped us because after building them here the company gives you the volcanic rocks. we have since given up using charcoal and only use charcoal dust which we used to light the rocks i now just spend a quarter of the money i used to spend on charcoal. what are you. insult western uganda at the foot of mount bora of has provided new opportunities for farming families it has trained and employed a number of groups to extract their rocks which i later collected and taken to the
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company premisses. but use them when a truck comes i get up to one hundred dollars i am use the money to pay school fees for my children by them clothes and food life is much better now because people buy these rugs we used to grow crops and the stones got in the way of that but now we're lucky enough to have someone pay for them. there is a large to a volcanic rocks at the factory the company builds up to forty stoves a day our own seventeen thousand have been sold so far each comes with a small bag of books. rose twenty's the device could be used in many we jews in countries if we want to get as many people to be coming to pay new us to be able to make exactly what we're doing in various parts of the country we don't want to on the table again who remains here uganda has a population of fourteen million ninety percent who could chuckle so these are huge
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potential market for the world the benefits will also be huge and had to secure that for a station of the african continent. it's an old habit that spying more and more new uses it as an alternative to burning charcoal which is harmful to both the environment and the people that are using it when our sound will take you to not africa to tunisia to be precise. that's right our mother has come up with a clever business idea to use the waste from dates production by telling it into wonderful. accessories it's a way of reducing trash even if this trash is a gothic.
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isn't after the fruit of tunisia's date palms. instead she collects fallen leaves seeds and branches. for her it's not waste it's material for her artwork. she's an artist and environmentalist. to. date palm waste is usually left to rot in the sun. but. uses it to create beautiful objects. she started her business in two thousand and eight. the artist is currently making a set of tables. from wood de pits and palm leaves her one hundred percent natural handmade creations are popular with tourists
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and tunisians. say you like them. if you are also doing your bit tell us about it. visit our website or send us a tweet. hash tag doing your bit we share your stories. exactly the children that you saw waving at the end of the last field. other ones who want to provide a healthy environment for and that can only happen if we walk together to stop climate change the us president might still buy it but what leftist will tell you that global warming is real and it's a serious problem both for the environment and for us this short public service announcement explains why.
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that's how much us average surface temperature has risen since eight hundred eighty . we burn too much fossil fuel drive too much and fly too much. as temperatures rise glaciers retreat columbia glacier in alaska is melting especially fast losing as much as thirty meters a day. it's not only glaciers that have been melting over the past thirty years half of the ice in the arctic has disappeared. with devastating consequences less and less solar radiation is being reflected back into space. as a result that to speeds up global warming in the oceans as well. with a rise in water temperatures comes a rise in sea levels the results are especially dangerous for low lying coastal
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regions where much of the world's population lives. fast growing megacities are at risk it's. for example the pudong district in the chinese city of shanghai in one thousand nine hundred was mainly farmland now it's a finance and high tech hub and home to over five million people. entire island states such as the maldives are at risk of being swallowed by the sea. rising sea levels could make climate refugees of more than half a billion people worldwide. coastal flooding can destroy farmland by making it too salty deserts are growing not only because of rising temperatures the r.r.c. used to be the fourth largest lake in the world until water was diverted for irrigation now it's almost completely dried up in africa over grazing in the sun
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hell has destroyed much of the saw oil the region subsistence farmers are struggling to survive. more than a furred of the earth's land surface is desert and many deserts continue to grow. ever more forests are being cleared every three seconds one hundred trees lost that's the rate at which deforestation has been going on in the amazon for the past forty years yes that's right one hundred trees felled or burned every three seconds . like here in the brazilian state of round donia rain forest is cleared to make way for soil fields cattle farms dams and reservoirs .


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