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tv   Europe in Concert - Culture Club Britain  Deutsche Welle  July 20, 2018 9:15pm-10:01pm CEST

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top story this hour a knife attack on a bus in the german city of loopback rosat left at least ten people wounded police are us have arrested a suspect identified as a thirty four year old german who say they have no evidence of a terrorist background. that's if you're up to date it's a hostile few of the talk of the hour in the meantime of course there's always the web site that's been doubling dot com have a good. story that the world over information may provide the opinions they want to express d.w. on facebook and twitter up to date and in touch.
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move. in.
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problem. with. the. league.
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club. call. me the ball. game.
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he fluffed up pretty.
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good stuff. from. the masses was a makeover. i think there's
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a time where i'm with a load. of news because it's. not news. good news currently if you. look. look look. long. long. long. you're going. to. get bad cramps three to compare to the man you get.
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close to this is going to keep you. hooked. and not ever. come close to me her. long. long. look. at scott because it. gets. good news. for.
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thank you. thank you. with.
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the. clock. tower. business. to say the hedge. fund it.
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thank you you. thank . well.
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the. spirit in the car. was. proud of. them wanting to. have a particular piece of me. i am currently playing. i'm a classic. optimist and. talk. with the broncos. coach going to move things move. down. get out tom. let me give them a good be near. me
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when i'm coming here we go. to meet a lot of. cops and. i ask her gently. made to class. i asked her to. call. the ball down. the road talk. to a. comment if it gets let me. go. to the ball. playing the.
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blame. to claim. the tug. look. i'm planning to come play. the bad. luck. club. and play.
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with the knights. which runs around someone you love. or someone you don't know. for sure not sure. seeing you.
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been. here. sat. with. sad. song. comes. to me. speak back a. bit. to make me. feel . cold leave.
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me. come. back and cut and run. with the facts. to. get good at. the sack. come. back. to me. you.
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better. get. back. with me.
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good. luck keep. thank. you. let's do a song called miss people arms. speak . to me.
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me me me me me me. me. me. me. me. me. me. now. both. preach.
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to me. to. come. give. me a. call from. now my last. name mongolia. the man of. the me that's.
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come along good luck mom come. along with. me. me. me. me. me a. long long long. long long. long long. long long. long. long long long long.
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long long. long. long. long. long long long. me me. me me me.
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me. me me me. me. i'm. i'm with you. i. thank. him it sounds. to me i my time.
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i. find it. hard to announce be. feet long long. long. long legs are playing. the most. fun for me. to put. me. over. the last. in my pocket my back. i refuse makana just
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come. back to come. lands in. the. minds of meat. lovers a. long long. long a. good job i last spoke. to with good power he'd.
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come right down. to the common saddle cancer not seek. the love you've been talking about me. give it to me you just don't come. by let up. it. looks. let. me.
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completely. shut let. her.
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finish. thank you so much. piano and my.
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people for you. with content. that. is. just. and i don't want to. read you.
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it's fun. it's just something. not good.
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seeing you. at home labs here. i.
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love to. keep. up.
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thank you. very much. money going to turn the lights come this far to cry. on the coffee talk like like you come. out.
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love come up play. play the i'm good among you coming you. used to be so mean. i play play premium gloves come get me to come along come along the street come music
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player coming to me. come come up to me claiming. the movie coming along a. long lug. come up. the biloela long. long. love not play the blame with me for
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a long list come with me to come on come on good luck with the bomb. placed. on the cut the mob. follow. news. move move move move move move. move. move. move. move
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move move move move move move move move. move move move move move move move move. move. move move move move move closer to news. move.
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move move move. move move. move move. back. to sleep. when we can move. on news. leave. the be. oblique. cause you cut her out now i'm going to. come up.
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to the booth. let's. look at the book. the books. look. look look. look look look look look look look look look. look. look the books.
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look. we are called problem. get. down to the last.
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eleven . eleven. eleven. eleven
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. in the. take a good person only you went with all the wonderful ones to music that makes the game so special. for all truth. more than football on line.
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this is due to a previous life from a knife monetise passengers on a bus in germany he stops people on the moving bus in the northern city of lubec a suspect is now in custody police say he's a thirty four year old joke also on the program blocking brett st nicholas nations european union gives a god welcomes of britain's latest proposal leaving the bloc the e.u. chief negotiator michel barnier says the plan could allow for progress. germany's chancellor warns that us also tariffs could jeopardize prosperity.


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