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tv   Pop Xport - Pop Xport Special Nena  Deutsche Welle  July 21, 2018 1:30am-2:00am CEST

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terrilyn. does iran truly want peace. the countries of homes have their doubts isolate. iran from theocracy. the. d.w. . welcome to this special edition of pop export all about the german pop icon. we look back at how eventful korea watch recording sessions for the album old school and tell the incredible story of the hit no noise issue. singer gabriella suzanne i can't i. began her journey in the music business four decades ago here's the pop it's called profile on germany's queen of pop.
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this was named on the head club to performing in venues close to her heart. only saw i'm saying me first two days ago i played at my old partner school in hog and it was incredible. i haven't been there in forty eight years. and then there we were in this tiny school which fits just two hundred people we were all squeezed in it was sweaty and singing and drinking it was just brilliant. i was born in haagen in one nine hundred sixty s. the play in this is on the can. the concert at her old school was like a journey back in time for her and for the two hundred for us. i've loved her since i was fourteen or fifteen. i learned to read with. my cousin and i would lie on the carpet with her records and lyrics and we'd sing. long tried to sing along. with.
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after the first song. i was a front for life it off and. then i grew up in the hog and in the brewery region and it was here she began playing music in the late seventy's. chattels with us but i just really needed and deeply wanted to get to know the world. and i knew music would make that happen for me. to see in. her career began in nine hundred seventy nine singing in the band the stripes in english. but success when you come to my nine hundred eighty two in berlin when with a new band name now she became the face and voice of new german way.
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paranoid annoyances look carried her to international pop fame nina became the poster girl for german pop music the success could be overwhelming. we're obviously super happy but you have to take it easy because everything's just happening so fast we celebrated yesterday but i think the real joy is only going to hit now that we're back. in the late eighties and in a split from the band the center albums she released in the ninety's didn't match her earlier successes. she also worked as a t.v. presenter had touch of it for a while. hello hello welcome to metro i'm doing a little housework i hope that doesn't. seem my. two thousand and two. to come back with their platinum album nina featuring nana
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everyone wanted to hear the new arrangements of her old hits including duets with other singers like kim wilde. stickney gun so that when i'm writing a song i'm not aiming to write a hit that will top the charts if i did try to do that i'd paralyze myself and block the process of creating a song and song and state of a complex lorimer to come. to. some say the almost sixty year old is a pop relic not picks up on that theme and songs on her twenty fifteen album old school fans however say their idol has stayed for ever young and. branch off on receipt sometimes people ask me how i stay looking so young. i don't really have an answer to that i just am young not because i'm desperately trying to stay useful because it's how i feel. the way
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she's certainly stood the test of time with millions of records sold me and i will always be one of germany's biggest musical star. playing god. while performing in los angeles in twenty seventeen. a founding member of the year it makes it be wanting to record without and together they wrote be my rebel as the music video.
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he played him her plane . load perfect. place. to. play. to spotify.
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every week bob export publishes a new playlist on spotify worth twenty songs all made in germany. you'll also find chart toppers new releases and classic hits the follow pop export on spotify. player. and his latest album is called old school and it's a collection of songs that reflect on times gone by the first single lead up on flo mean songs from the past but the production is anything but old school as you know explores fresh new avenues. to get the to. play a. i believe. was the first single from the house album old school it's a love letter to her old favorite songs like those made i listen to age thirteen on
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a sound system. and that's the time i always think of when i sing lead to form. i'd lie there smoking cigarettes and listening to music and just being by myself in my own world that was so important to me. today it's a family that matters most to the almost sixty year old children and grandchildren and patna appear in the video it took three years for her to release her sixteenth studio album she was waiting for the right time. this. internal voice. you're doing this now i just know ok now i'm going to make a new album everything in my life was just. my feet do that. title song old school is about how long they know has been in the music business
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it's been slow. but she still likes to experiment the album was produced by rep a sammy deducts from hamburg. bus was born you know what's so fascinating about nana is that she makes everything now you know with her voice it doesn't matter what tracks you have running underneath electronic rap punk rock like her singing in a song like school is right. as i want to listen to me you know when he was a kid he admitted. to. the resulting album is touching and timeless more than what some people thought she could do. this is for me something which means so much to me and my life is like i'm not up for happiness even though i also feel bad and i have that to me.
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but i'm really trying to stay on this path. consequent often beat. you down. the pop icon's life lessons which have gone down well with the fans to you this album old school rise to number four in which you have been child's. you're watching a special all about in one thousand nine hundred four she and her band landed in the charts in five different european countries with a rock love song and again v eggen vo eggen vom we fish the video out of the archives for you to enjoy.
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stay tuned for more about the life and times of manga and extras feature. nina is close to her family she had five children from two father his partner a producer for the palm is the father of her twins exactly as. they support them on stage as backing singer. nina is also a grandma to three children. but she space tragedy in her life too in one thousand eight hundred eighty nine as a first child christopher was born with a disability and died at eleven months. the science of.
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it wasn't all terrible gig on the contrary those were eleven wonderful months. up the sleeve with a life is ease your heart is ultimately your decision and child of mine that's anderson. is a fan of the indian guru also known under the name spread. he was a controversial religious leader with hundreds of thousands of followers all over the world his teachings include dynamic meditation seen here in the video for me in a single. man also believes in god. i can trust myself and i can trust god. i'm a very religious person i don't think i have to do this all alone. in spending fourteen she released an album to help children with their sums if you choose math exercise a set to the music of minutes heads. have
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says also and even memorizing should be done with fun and joy otherwise it doesn't stay the hang. it was released around ten c. to use for children so far including musical stories traditional children's songs and a christmas album. everything from the vibrant world of pop music on facebook at the recent. stories of stars and the latest from the music scene. joining us in the universe of pop on facebook send us a message we love hearing from.
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in two thousand and five made his career kicked into high gear again with a single dba is just it was her second number one in germany after nine annoyances moved along and it also went gold here's the video.
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believe opinions lame. lame
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of course no no special would be complete without those ninety nine red balloons it's an antiwar song from the times of east west conflict and it struck a chord all over the world is the story behind the international smash hit. nine and belongs is the highlight of any major concert and a classic of german puppy history. written in german by guitarist kahlo coggins and keyboardist. the song went to number one in eight different countries. the record label pushed for an indiscretion but it was never as successful as the
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original was right oh yes yes i think that's the first time a song in german called to number one and the german version was more popular than the english thing i don't think that'll ever happen again. practically overnight the young german singer became an international star coming up we went to japan for the first time to do a tour on the very first day in tokyo after ten minutes i was surrounded by hundreds of japanese people and they all knew me. was a feeling it's indescribable and the food. does go on. she released a new version in two thousand and two for her comeback album nina featuring enough . the single wasn't a hit that time although the album did go platinum. to. my . god cannot see.
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my name also inspired other artists with a song including us hip hop artist john for say one. good tip she even created a french fashion for a t.v. station. because i must noir i always need something new because i need the feeling that things are changing and progressing down survive us paul that's why before every tour i really have to sing actually for you know how do i want to play live by longs this time. to smash the plane.
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lands a little more than two million copies of the original song have sold so far none annoyances look alongst is a legend among songs. i like to. thank thank you to and explore special will play the original music video if annoying annoying social of problems it was shown to the doc's military training camp and the explosions are all real have fun watching and see your. next time.
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challenges. to seventy seven percent of the dummy's platform for africa george. sarno just couldn't get this song out of his head. ecologist began searching for the source of these captivating sounds. deep in the rain forest in central africa. the bike up people. hanging. over books and the like the look where they believe. my little. he was so fascinated by their culture that he stayed. only a promise to it was a great start only in the jungle and returned to the concrete and glass john. the result reverse culture shock. ready for comeback you realize how strange
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artificial is really connected to life. the prize winning documentary from the forest stars focus night on w. . israel and hamas have a great to restore calm in the gaza strip after a day of unrest in the palestinian territory earlier palestinian militants shot dead an israeli soldier on the gaza border israel responded with air strikes on targets throughout the gaza strip killing four palestinians hamas the islamist movement which controls gaza said three of the.


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