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tv   Europe in Concert - Culture Club Britain  Deutsche Welle  July 21, 2018 3:15am-4:01am CEST

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and in the best mom mix and i will. get up. they make a commitment. they find solutions. they inspire. africa on the roof. stories of both people making a difference shaping their nation. and their continent of africa on the move stories about motivational change makers taking their destinies into their own hands. t w multimedia series for africa. d.w.m. dot com. move. move move move move move move.
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move move. move. move move. move move. move. move. move move. move. move. kind of. rough street. food with.
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far. more. lets me. keep. it. moving.
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love. me. love.
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damn. good stuff this. was. news. to. the masses but the macro. to the where. they. can. not. get.
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caught. if you.
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can. get them. to.
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thank you. thank you. with. good. news.
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good. news good bad. life. coming. up. this has. nothing to me it's nothing to say about. the. common.
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good. let's clear. up. some of. the good. news.
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ok. thank you. thank you. well.
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proud of. me. i'm. glad. i'm going to. talk. to you. right. i'm a big wave coming here because the. cops
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a. good place. to crack. claimed. above. give me plainly. just. plain. wrong.
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with the. class. i am among a. long. time to plan out your claim. above. the law by. claiming.
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question marks. which runs around someone you love. all someone you don't. see. this. week.
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lives. speak back a. bit. to me. and . told me. to. come. back and. meet with the. cause.
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of good. luck with. president. good. luck. back. let. me. quote you.
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look. here. let's go back to. me. like. a good.
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long long queue. thank. you. let's do a song called miss people aren't. me . on the road. you need. to be a good beat me. me me. me me. me.
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me. me me. me. me. me. me. me.
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me me. me . give. me. now my last. name calling from. the met mr obama me being a. woman mom come.
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along let. me. me me. me. me. me me. me a. long long. long. long long long long. long. long long. long long long.
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long. long. long. long long long.
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ha. ha. thank. you i my time. i.
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kind of. harm's way around. meet me. long ago. written place. classism a. little better to. me. over. the last. in my pockets i bet. i lose my kind of time just come on the best sit. back
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to calm. the monsoon. floods or meet. the. loves of. long a. good god i last spoke. and got to wave the flag of the. south tower. just coming back can not see the. huge limb coming back to
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me me. give it to me it just don't come. by look up her hands. it. looks. let me.
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cut cut. cut cut. cut cut. to. me.
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thinking. thank you so much. piano with my story. people who were. with.
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what's mine. and i don't want to. be you.
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to keep. sun. long. and it's fun. it's been something. that goes. with.
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my smile. you. just stay. at home last year.
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old. mother.
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thank you for. going to turn the lights on the spot you cry. on the comfort zone like like you come. out.
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good. luck good luck. come up come up be a good. movie. coming. coming you. be so mean. not playing play with me. i'm a come with me you come along come play
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pretty good mom uses me play. come on come on to me. come in come a long with me good. movie come to me the long. the last long the bugs. come up. the be. told. her. love not play the blame with.
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the come we've come come a long string of thumb. criminal. move. move move move move move move move move move move move move move move. move. move
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move move move move move. move move move move move move. move move move move move move move move move move move. move move. move. move. move through the fog. oh. move.
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move. move. move. move move move back. to be. we have matlab news. leaks. the book. the book. that caught you caught her outlook. carlos.
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ghosn. to. come out. the book. look. at least. look. look look. look look look look look look look look look look look. look look. look look. look look look look look look look look look. look.
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look look look look look. look . we are called so called. the but. i'm. not down play so. when you talk you. can see. we've. got
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such. a. glib . the book. the book. the big
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. welcome to bangkok millions of people scurry between a sky train and i'm not prince of streets and canals and visitors can easily understand my. guide through the maze of this mega much office to find cops treasures. discover unusual highlights from ages most exciting city. thirty minutes on do w.
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c sarno just couldn't get this song out of his head. the musicologist began searching for the source of these captivating sounds. and that deep in the rain forest in central africa. the bike up people. that i knew. nothing else. would like to believe this was a big blessing why anyone filled. my living costs. to buy their culture that he stayed. only a promise to his son was a song only in the jungle and returned to the concrete and glass jar. the result
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reverse culture shock. ready for combat you realize how strange the artificial. really connected to life. the prize winning documentary sicko. the forest starts aug ninth d w. what about the fact that. israel and hamas have agreed to restore calm in the gaza strip after a day of unrest in the palestinian territory earlier palestinian militants shot dead an israeli soldier on the gaza border israel responded with air strikes on targets throughout the gaza strip killing four palestinians hamas the armed islamist movement which controls gaza said three of the dead were its fighters. a knife attack has left ten people injured in the northern german city of liebeck a german man allegedly started stabbing people.


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