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tv   Doc Film - Interpol - Who Controls the World Police  Deutsche Welle  July 21, 2018 9:15am-10:01am CEST

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witness global news that matters. made for mines how to cover more than just one reality. where i come from we have a transatlantic way of looking at things that's because my father is from germany my mother is from the united states of america and so i realized failure early that it made sense to explain different realities. and now here at the heart of the european union in brussels you have twenty eight different realities and so i think people are really looking for a new journalist they can trust for them to make sense of those. problems not software i work at the.
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prostitution organ trafficking drugs cigarettes toxic waste pharmaceuticals weapons not to mention corruption tax evasion money laundering terrorism it liberalization of our economy means crime is going truly international and the digital revolution has brought us cyber crime. to tackle all these forms of crime and international organization was founded to bring together and coordinate police from off five continents interpol. the first international criminal police conference was held in monaco in one nine hundred fourteen twenty four countries laid down the founding principles of international police cooperation the concept of interpol was built. more than one
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hundred years later it's a respected organization but what do we really know about it. interpol's mission is to gordon the exchange of information among the police forces of its one hundred ninety two member countries but with so many different states involved some more democratic than others and often with differing interests and international police organization can be hard to coordinate. budget is also far too low to accomplish the tests it has set for itself. in twenty eleven it decided to begin entering into financial partnerships with various multinationals institutions and governments. and that raises the question of how
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those funds are used can an international organization truly remain impartial and avoid conflicts of interest if it depends on the outside partners. mrs ward. i think that. extremely important for us security. when the interpol system is abused by undemocratic regimes to silence and persecute. and human rights defenders. of. such abuse. as the so is interpol being manipulated and has there been abuse. your. parliament has entered the debate about red notices which are alerts issued
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by interpol this came after. a german writer of turkish descent was arrested by spanish police in august twenty seventeen. his arrest resulted from an interpol red notice requested by turkey. is known mainly for his views on the armenian genocide and the issue of kurdish rights. connecting police for safer world that's interpol's model the red notices are at the core of the organization's work and its efforts to combat crime. but they've also brought interpol notoriety. only. when a country has individuals who belong to either terrorist or criminal organizations and if it provides us with their identity photos fingerprints etc so from the
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moment the notice is issued it's seen by some one hundred ninety member countries and that means that individual can be picked up in a routine check anywhere in the world. notices or one of interpol's key tools in fighting international crime they come in different colors but the red ones are the best known when a member country reports a criminal an offense and escape a threat interpol issues a red notice. it's an alert that can set a worldwide manhunt in motion. red notices are a tried and tested tool but their numbers increased five fold in the span of just ten years. there were some twenty three hundred in two thousand and five and nearly thirteen thousand in two thousand and sixteen. but that increase also has a side effect. graham effect on them yeah last year we issued about ten thousand requests right notices wanted notices one to two percent of them would dispute it.
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that one to two percent represents tens or even hundreds of red notices but article three of interpol's constitution referred to as the neutrality clause stipulates it is strictly forbidden for the organization to undertake any intervention or activities of a political military religious or racial character. sanctioning those who abuse red notices might be a solution but interpol is permanently underfunded. it's the second largest international organization after the united nations but its budget nowhere near matches its reputation. the combined statutory contributions of all one hundred
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ninety two member countries come to hardly more than fifty million euros by comparison the f.b.i.'s budget is some seven billion euros sixty times more. so right now in the polls in a budget deficit we've reduced our operating budget we've reduced our travel budget and we've frozen new highs essentially since i've joined we've had three people. here construct who was elected in the poll secretary-general in late twenty fourteen was supposed to enforce this new austerity regime. a daunting task even more so because his predecessor ronald noble had sought to make interpol on the present and indispensable with a budget to match. gaining your trust the trust of my staff. and acting in the best interest of the organization. have been my number one priority as your secretary general. noble spent fourteen years at the headed into.
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the arrived in leone in france in late two thousand with an ambitious program in mind me. then came september eleventh two thousand and one. noble had been director of interpol in leone for less than a year. it's a kind of love and. no one calls on call before congress will nervous the first person comes out of i've come up with. after support operate help us exchange information and decided that the lights were never going to turn off and must remember that interpol's vision is to connect police force if
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a world over the next ten years noble overhauled interpol's mission its communication system and its law enforcement operations from the ground up. these changes were expensive noble increased interpol staff from three hundred eighty to eight hundred but his budget didn't increase to match the secretary general set a new plan in motion to obtain the financing he needed for his ambitious plans. global overhaul strawman crime count a chronic to believe there's a massive tosh and you give it fifty million euros to a broad globally on government you ought to be a shine to them should. you not to over two thousand and eight interpol seventy seven general assembly was held in st petersburg in his opening speech ronald noble directed an appeal to then prime minister vladimir putin. mr prime minister i beseech you personally and all heads of state and government of interpol's one hundred eighty seven member countries to act swiftly and decisively in supporting
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interpol's global security initiative for the twenty first century and the creation of a billion euro fund to support interpol's efforts. a billion euros that was fifteen times his budget. what your current but. seventy million euros go to some a lot as you said to me you remember a billion you said it was over for are you prepared to say now you're still one two billion i still want to billion i still believe it should be a boy and i believe it's easy to defend who's stopping you getting a bill. our member countries our member countries are prepared to spend billions and tens of billions and hundreds of billions of dollars and war in other ways to try to make the world safer and not spend a fraction of that to try to prevent crime in two thousand and ten ronald noble was reelected by an overwhelming majority for a third term as head of interpol he knew it would be his last term and he said everything in motion to obtain the billion euro budget he had long been calling for
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. filing that many use of troughing he then moved logically into private public partnerships from alternative method of achieving the sorts of funding budgeted in the poll needed. only private partnerships or p.p.p. these were in fashion they were strongly encouraged by both the world bank and the european investment bank. between two thousand and ten and twenty fifteen the contributions of member countries to the regular budget increased by just six point five percent private investment was climbing to dizzying heights increasing by as much as seven hundred fifty percent. what kind of organizations are they associating with and what was the purpose of
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that organization or association. or how can we ensure they're working completely independently and without any cronyism the pipes. one year into the beginning of these private partnerships concerns about potential conflicts of interest we're brewing. from germany's point of view cooperation with the private sector has always been a particularly sensitive point. you have to make sure it's not the money that's choosing the projects but rather of the projects that determine what farms are needed. to mistrust had its roots in an early partnership signed in two thousand and eleven with fee for the international federation of football association. chris eaton was the key player in this project the australian police officer had
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risen in interpol's ranks to become head of its command in coordination center up with a vital part of the organisation. it was a prestigious position but he left it to become head of security at fifa his mission no was to investigate the growing problem of match fixing the guns and victims who pushed to understand how all this happened you have to go back to twenty ten twenty eleven to the time when what they call match fixing match was starting to become a major problem if fans couldn't be sure anymore if it was a real match football would lose all its meaning no one would go to the stadiums anymore. and that's why everyone suddenly wanted to sort out this problem. this was especially true if effect which receives the lion's share of its revenues from t.v. broadcasting rights for feed. match fixing results in fewer fans attending football matches fewer television viewers and less income. at the twenty ten world cup in
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south africa feel fitter and almost a billion euros in two thousand and fourteen in brazil more than three billion. dollars you guys tried it with rum. and with the drug to have free for invest into paul because it was clear to me that new to the polish import as to might be any major action if it's. more effective. on may ninth two thousand and eleven chris eaton welcome to ronald noble it features headquarters to celebrate the partnership between interpol and the most popular sport in the world. with the cash infusion of twenty million euros over ten years. at the time everyone was surprised. i myself thought interpol interval had never really interested me. and it happened at the very moment president blast to and feet were being attacked from
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all sites on an apartment shuttle that call they don't live there that it. was. six months earlier had made some surprising decisions on the bids to host the twenty eighteen and twenty twenty two world cup. full. combat i think for the. moment. this was six months before interpol signed its partnership deal with. why would an international police organization ally itself with an association that was under deep suspicion. first that. the secretary general of. the deal was signed just three weeks before the sixty first fifa congress. would be
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seeking a fourth term as fee for president. doesn't deserve side of course appearing in public with the secretary general of interpol at that particular moment was a gift from the gods. that that. is going to be good i think is that little bit there but i think the future will be called let. me give. you something the. record. setter was reelected but over the next months and years the scandals that fifo would continue unabated. for sept leisure the partnership provided an air of integrity and security his reelection interpol gained twenty million euros to fight match fixing and help preserve the first lucrative broadcast deals and. so much by the present presentation of the contract with ron noble that blood test said this wonderful sentence that i find very revealing. who knows this might become the
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intelligence wing afifa guy. ron noble the future intelligence chief afifa was sitting right beside him and said nothing. much. speculation was rife it appeared that an international police organization had gotten into bed with. in another private partnership philip morris international contributed fifteen million euros in two thousand and twelve to fight cigarette smuggling what motivated the giant tobacco manufacturer tobacco trafficking cut into its profits anough so that it put out major ad campaigns attacking it so bad traffickers are the third largest global cigarette suppliers trading around six hundred billion illegal cigarettes every year this means that legal manufacturers and retailers are
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losing sales while governments and taxpayers are being robbed forty to fifty billion dollars in money that could be funding in court and public services and helping local communities by working together legal industry law enforcement governor chance civil society. staff feel legal cigarette together we can stop illegal cigarettes. if philip morris was to be believed stamping out cigarette smuggling could do wonderful things for our communities and our children. so why then did the world health organization see red when this partnership was announced to the point of refusing interpol observer status at their conference on tobacco control. over the course of the last fifteen years the tobacco industry has managed to convince. governments around the world international agencies like interpol even i last attention like that rather than being as pariahs
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supplier and this product actually it's a victim of the illicit macca trade and part of the solution but nothing could be further from the truth into how good interpol and its secretary general have signed an agreement with philip morris knowing that going back to nine hundred eighty nine there are eighty million documents to testify to all the misdeeds of the tobacco industry we believe they show that the industry hasn't respected the law and that it has knowingly collaborated with criminal organizations known for us that raises many questions as well as in the course of halakhah. the partnership between interpol and the tobacco industry certainly was fibro raising. the tobacco industry stood accused of participating in cigarette smuggling and counterfeiting over decades in collaboration with the italian and the balkan mafia. in two thousand and four philip morris international agreed to pay one point
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two five billion dollars to the e.u. in return for avoiding further litigation. but why would the tobacco industry promote smuggling of their own product. first of all cigarettes smuggled away way cheaper because they have no taxes on them. the cheaper they are the more they sell and in particular they move i sell to young people and the tobacco industry's documents also make clear that they understand that it's really important to have cheap cigarettes available for young people because otherwise they wouldn't take up this deadly habit. in total philip morris international and three other tobacco giants agreed to pay the european union more than two billion euros. under this agreement the european anti fraud office or all of the e.u. in. the tobacco industry would join forces in the battle against cigarette smuggling. but when it comes to cigarette smuggling there are three
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categories counterfeit cigarettes often of poor quality contraband real but stolen are untaxed. and cheap white also known as illicit whites which are cigarettes produced legally in one country to be sold on the black market in another. so what type of trafficking was the agreement between interpol and philip morris international really aimed at. this deal is really just about addressing counterfeit and counterfeit it is just one element of the illicit cigarette trade and it's the smallest element is a far bigger problem with the tobacco companies products and you know and the illicit market by putting money into it and so in suppose i can speak about the list it's back a trade and represent issues on the illicit stop tobacco trade that the tobacco companies want to see represented.
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in the tobacco industry had secured substantial control of the fight against cigarette smuggling and illegal trade that damage their profits purely out of economic interest. every partnership involves some sort of quid pro quo what would happen if a partnership was not designed only to secure influence but to eliminate competition. and what if millions of lives depended on that competition removed profit from the sale of fake. being. changed my brother's sense to this is we have a big problems here. the heavy.
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as. it is in. this video is heart of interpol's campaign against counterfeit drugs and it helps burnish interpol's reputation they are handed to. them. france's leading pharmaceutical company has published figures stating that one out of ten medicines sold in the world is counterfeit making it the world's most lucrative business well ahead of prostitution and marijuana. in two thousand and fourteen santa fe said counterfeit drugs were a two hundred billion dollar market reason enough for the company to fight what they say is organized crime on a global scale over these counterfeit medications the industry warns can be ineffective even dangerous. so who would object to
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a collaboration that eradicates a dangerous and illegal business. into paula has discredited a certain kind of medicine by using arguments that are completely untrue. sort of. point of view that all we care about is that a medication is effective. they come in. at the root of this conflict or patents that grant companies a twenty year monopoly on their products but only in countries where their patents are registered and recognized in other countries there's no barrier to manufacturing a generic version completely legally. the movie comes in the next twenty some generic medicines are legally authorized medicines and they save lives because they're the same product as the original medicine. fake medicines though are
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unregulated and there's no guarantee they contain the correct dosage of their active substance and they may even be dangerous he's. all the same from the point of view of the pharmaceutical companies generics are the competition and they'd like to get rid of them if they could be prescribed. on november tenth two thousand and eleven ronald noble was in madrid the press wasn't informed of his visit an unusual move for the media savvy secretary general he was in madrid to meet with members of the daughter group known for its reticence the group includes twenty nine of the world's biggest pharmaceutical companies. the head of interpol ended his speech with the following statement. interpol understands the sensitivity of your struggle against the threat posed by the global trafficking of counterfeit pharmaceutical products. the organization i have the honor to lead is capable of leveraging your resources to develop
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a multi-pronged strategy that will protect both your corporate interests and the security of millions around the world. that raises questions about interpol's mission. can protecting the security of millions of people and protecting the interests of the pharmaceutical industry really go together does interpol make a distinction between counterfeit drugs and generic drugs. is it fighting counterfeiting in order to save lives or to protect the financial interests of big pharmaceutical companies at the risk of depriving much of the world's population badly needed medicines. the battle over patents is being waged especially fiercely in india.
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intrade for also came here. read to me to us. and in the month of my discussion. this is the all that you are selling in india is complete. waste. can you explain to me because indian law this is not on the paper and what we are selling is not on free what we're selling is genuine generic medicines. india passed laws to eliminate certain that its so that it wouldn't have to wait twenty years to begin producing its own generics. generic medications produced in india are among the most affordable in the world and india is one of the few countries with the facilities needed to manufacture high quality generics in large quantities.
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in india the company's. plays a major role in facilitating access to medicine especially in developing countries to be more ninety two percent of the. achieve year just medicines are coming from india. which reach. the global t.v. aids free treatment program supports around fifty million patients. in march twenty third teen ronald noble signed a partnership with the heavy hitters of the pharmaceutical industry a deal worth four point five million euros over three years. as an agency is free from the international human rights obliteration by accepting this financial is also then working on be harmful for. pharmaceutical
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from special corporations which i would be as are all in. all compromising the access to affordable medical care all over the world. know what that of that is it will soon be called a crime because it is indeed a criminal act. in some countries people are dying and what is killing them are expensive medications to which they don't have access to the board with what the. people are still but it's still funny it's probably just about cardiovascular. interpol did succeed in part of its campaign for example putting the brakes on the illegal online sale of medications but in two thousand and sixteen you're going stark announced that interpol would not renew its partnership with the pharmaceutical industry as an eye for an image of my goodness we came to
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a mutual agreement that we wish to continue this cooperation but that enter paul would no longer accept any money any further money from the pharmaceutical industries what's important is that it must be the police or far attorneys who determine the agenda and that they are not compromised in their independence and neutrality. and it's important that there are no conflicts of interest. by reading between the lines stocks announcement raised more questions than answered. did interpol lose the upper hand in the campaign against counterfeit medicines. today the giants of the pharmaceutical industry are working to extend the lives of their patents each additional year brings in billions of euros. when it comes to lobbying the cigarette industry seems to have met its match.
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in two thousand and sixteen philip morris sold legally eight hundred thirteen billion cigarettes representing revenues of seventy one billion euros. fifteen million over three years or five million a year that was the price of its partnership with interpol and that had one hundred ninety member countries when the deal was signed. has always denied that he engaged in lobbying but for the world health organizations and she tobacco division the conflict of interest seems clear. and here to a lot of the partnership to expire with it. ever was intended to run until two thousand and twenty one. but the deal came to an embarrassing and. i want to smash. the world we all know the
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answer. by twenty fifteen interpol and had been partners for four years. in may of that year top management assembled for a congress in zurich to elect their new president sepp blatter then seventy nine years old was hoping for a fifth term but three days before the vote the news broke. in the center of zurich swiss police questioned one by one several directors of. the police arrived at dawn at the hotel where federation leaders were comparing to elect their new president on friday. among those interviewed were jeffrey webb of the cayman islands and figure radio from. both members of the executive committee and jack warner of trinidad and tobago. was the interpol behind these arrests the answer was clear no the interrogations were the result of a bilateral. changed between this was police and the f.b.i.
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. but then came an additional irony. yet to make with interpol issued six red notices for other feeder numbers. clearly the organization was put in a position where we were handling red night as has for some of the executives and former executives of who we had a partnership agreement with and then see even more good morning even if you're short on money that's no excuse for stupid decisions. and if you ask me and associations with the fire was stupid. so then. it's a little complicated but it's true some countries were very reticent at the start so i thought well as for me i'm french we don't really believe the field when it comes to public private partnerships and you probably pointedly we're learning but we're still a bit doubtful about let's just how we are in france germany to the english and americans though don't have
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a problem with it on you tube so we tend to say well what about this and what about that until we end up saying that's enough we've seen enough to know we have to stop the surprise here because it may well be putting the organizations reputation at risk and. this concern for reputation seems ironic and not only in hindsight given how long the fifa scandals have been simmering before they boiled over. in september two thousand and fifteen four months after ending the partnership with fifa you're going to start establish interpol's first ever ethics committee. we brought in my own external advisory service with experts from police officers from other international organizations as well as research as i said people from
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transparency international they all helped us write a set of policies. after i took the helm here in new york we decided we wouldn't accept any money from the alcohol industry the sex industry the tobacco industry all the arms industry. consensus kind of to where no man i'm so name. along with the new ethics committee interpol also created a new position the due diligence officer. was tasked with deciding whether a potential partnership was ethical or not. we notice the bigger a company is the more problems it has so the question for interpol is do we want to exclude entire sectors such as pharmaceuticals such as banks or google or whoever because we know that all big companies have some kind of problem if someone. is on
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the court in america. even beyond partnerships with private companies and organizations people has come under scrutiny for other deals. that interpol's eighty first general assembly in rome in two thousand and twelve exactly eighteen months after signing the partnership with interpol entered into a partnership with the state of qatar. would receive ten million dollars to reinforce security and safety at all of the country's major sporting events over the coming ten years culminating in the qatar two thousand and twenty two world cup . meanwhile interpol had ended its partnership with rumors had swirled about qatar's world cup bid did the ethics committee take another look at the qatar deal. first of all it's important to point out that i carry out assessments all money that comes from the private sector if it's from
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qatar it's public. so you made no inquiries. even if there is suspicion of corruption. diligence all member states. in two thousand and thirteen when all of europe was attempting to get a grip on tax evasion created a foundation in geneva interpol's found. for a safer world is stated aim was to raise funds for the organization. fund raising at that level requires an illustrious board of directors. noble lined up a suitable ensemble. shake months or a deputy prime minister of the united arab emirates. can sing one former deputy prime minister of singapore. a lebanese former minister carlos gong c.e.o.
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of renault nissan and prince albert of monaco himself. trust and confidence stuart gulliver group chief executive of the british bank h.s.b.c. was an early member of the board of directors but both the bank ended c.e.o. came under allegations of tax evasion is why you felt the need as a whole called don't be so and create panamanian company first of all there was no tax advantage of purpose whatsoever to the panamanian company as a matter of fact there was no chance. it was a panamanian nominee and city historians are feeling like you did criticize it purely to get me previously within my own company you do understand how this looks today. do you i understand that it looks puzzling to people and i understand it looks. and and it looks difficult on suggests that going to be other reasons related to times but that we're not.
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supposed to. one incredible point. this hearing in front of the treasury select committee of the british parliament gave rise to an article in the guardian the daily accuse stuart gulliver of having a secret seven million dollar account at h.s.b.c. switzerland under the name of a panamanian company. he chopped off one than i found out about it by reading the article in the papers like everyone else i contacted the president we expressed our concern about these accusations being made in the public domain. the board discussed it to our knowledge all necessary decisions were taken to the board and child and would often borden. after the article was published in the guardian interpol did ask the foundation in february twenty fifteen to dismiss stuart gulliver. but the c.e.o. of h.s.b.c. was not actually dismissed until eighteen months later after the research for this
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report was underway. or was then replaced by the man sitting next to him here douglas flint group chairman at the very same bank so that it could be chaos one it's a private entity that in itself has nothing to do with interpol yes it's the interpol foundation created to raise money for interpol but it's an independent entity. so the claim is that the foundation is a fully independent entity in a post ethics committee doesn't carry out audits on member states in march twenty seventeen the united arab emirates gave the foundation fifty million euros that donation was roughly equivalent to the total contributions from all one hundred ninety two member states does that compromise interpol's independence.
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we need to have a rule of the organization that we don't want any one state to be dominant when it comes to software mentoring donations in its or that means there's a defined limit written into our rule. however this donation we receive for the interpol foundation from the united arab emirates was below this limit and. so the threshold of concern is set rather high. monsoor of the emirates is a member of the foundation's board of directors even though his busy schedule doesn't leave him much time for the work. he is deputy prime minister of the united arab emirates director of a petroleum investment company member of various administrative councils in the petroleum sector and in a water authority and he owns several football clubs including manchester city.
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thanks to the foundation the united arab emirates has become the leading state contributor to interpol. never forget to me that an international organization is made up of its member countries. and if it doesn't function it's the fault of those members a moment. these partnerships leave a bitter aftertaste. the amount of money in question is comparatively small one hundred ninety two member states could easily cover it if they wanted to but they don't appear to be motivated to do so. in the end were left to rely on multinational companies who regularly avoid taxation and the courts to fund an important international organization and perhaps exert as decisive
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influence on the. table. for sarah willis play or is it. a profession join her on a journey as a motorcycle disco. what did people do for entertainment in the nineteenth century long before the advent of you tube they had something even better they had a form of live music called when he was. ten minutes. of victory for team
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spirit france celebrates the world cup champion. additional football. player says france itself has identified has changed. the world cup success has transformed the mission. to tax labor dispute. leaving the country to. his work god is for to know. the munchies and treatment should. be to insist on the twenty.
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fifth is e w news coming to you live from berlin hamas that it has reached an agreement with israel to restore calm in the gaza strip after a day of deadly violence. is raging forces on the east a wave of deadly air strikes across the palestinian territory after gunmen killed an israeli soldier at the border now hamas says both sides have agreed to restore count in gaza but can they succeed look at the latest from our correspondents.


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