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does iran truly want peace. the countries uphold their towns isolate. iran from congress. or start of august attack on d w. i we want to welcome to another exciting a special edition of the show i'm your host meghan lee travel is today's theme and from sailing the high seas to traveling back in time we've got a packed show in store for you here's a look at what's coming off. the ocean writer a documentary captured adventurer iran border you'll see. the greek
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encounter the old and new come together in athens. green acres visit some of this stunning park landscapes in germany. well hopefully you aren't the kind to get seasick because we are taking you for a rough ride in today's show swiss extreme sportsman iran born you'll sailed around the world on a boat with out cabins he just had a few maps a sleeping bag and freeze dried food onboard now and sounds pretty adventurous so much so he made a video of his sailing trip and the film the ocean rider is now part of the international ocean film tour. yvonne bowen yourself his sportscaster miranda round the show a journey of fifty five thousand kilometers with no cabin g.p.s. . we mishap with him in paris
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to find out what inspired his voyage. i did. my patience in some thirteen years old and also when i was your i did this trip with my parents but we have a for sure big award and i really wanted for two years after that to see what happened during my. when i was your with my life and not understand where i come from. a professional sailor evolved on your own has won many prizes and set world records in twenty ten he crossed the mediterranean in less than fifty three hours then he decided to embark on his dream to sail around the world. he says that from france on october fifth twenty thirteen after crossing the atlantic and the caribbean he passed through the panama canal. during the voyage across three oceans and fishing season all. my idea
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was to learn to learn every day discover how to play. during the thirty years and only two people on war so i really discover what's happening. he knew from the start that the trip could be extremely dangerous sailing into and in a sports customer. but when you all has always loved challenges even if they don't go as planned very by the time i was dying. i kept side because my board pushed very fast i mean i was in the water and i started to to have the water inside and it was very dangerous. munoz experiences now. feature on the international action film to. our program ends to show the oceans and all of a diversity i think courage people to take action towards protecting them. it includes six films and all among them dolphin man
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a documentary about the legendary french fried diversion who died in two thousand and one. nine hundred seventy six by all descended to a depth of one hundred metres without an oxygen tank. in the big wave project some of the world's best surface right huge waves off the coast of portugal you know the rain. the music showcases the diversity of marine life and the spectacular coral reef kareem bucky pella go in northernmost n.p. . in the ocean rider the view almost feels like they sitting in the catamaran themselves during the voyage storms cold and severe heat made it difficult for new york to sleep eventually they began suffering from elisa nations. just decide to buy some broke.
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just go in the water when i was in the water at the bakery. to go up on the board. because i was so tired. after four days without sleep disaster struck. his catamaran founded on the rock coast of sri lanka. it was nighttime i didn't know where i was i couldn't imagine and see the waves just see the. police there assumed he was a drug dealer and he was briefly held in jail but we all had the boat repaired and set off again on june the thirty thousand he finally ended his voyage off the town of northern france he had spent. two hundred twenty days on the openable. it's person but. everything is possible or will you want to tell the truth. is simple but also very risky rule to live by but his reward was accomplishing
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something unique and around the world voyage in a castle in. europe at its best your imax brings you the highlights on instagram stunning landscapes spectacular buildings and mouthwatering delicacy our reporters are constantly on the look out with their cameras we look forward to your comments check out our your mags instagram stories and discover how exciting and diverse europe can be. on instagram. our next report takes us back to dry land and the greek capital as well as well as being home to some of the most famous archaeological gems from antiquity it also has a growing street art scene that's helping attract younger tourists to one of the oldest cities in the world where we joined up with a local tourist guide for some insider tips to one of the most fascinating capital
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cities. the acropolis athens is best known landmarks but the greek capital has many other ancient treasures such as this to walk up to los. it's part of the ancient a gora the former central public square in the city. tourist guide an historian george congo's knows the best spots in town is tipped for breakfast just the balcony at shoppers. if they are looking with this view never loses its appeal and it's a pleasure for me to show visitors my favorite places so that i can pass on the thrill i feel when i see the acropolis then i will know it was a good thing the little wooden ago when. this tourist take in both old and new attractions to show visitors how athens is reinventing itself. the plaka is one of athens as oldest neighborhoods with its narrow winding streets it invites visitors to explore and linger.
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it's also home to the courageous monument of loose across this interview to a generous patron of the arts. monument we see back there is dedicated to a very rich athenian more than two thousand years ago the athenians developed a tax system under which people like him had to pay taxes but the middle and lower classes did not. since the start of the current greek economic crisis the country's street art scene has grown there are examples throughout the capital. stuff another. fantastic street art movement has developed in athens over the past years it's one of the fastest growing scenes in europe. and it isn't just younger visitors who appreciate. the first time
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to. discover utter. only knows about the real. things but i discover a city changing. in the streets lots of graffiti and i just was surprised i like it so it's a good surprise. the next stop on our tour is the ancient arch of history and it combines greek and roman architecture. was along with the by and then we're here we see the beautiful triumphal arch it's made completely of pradelle e marble the athenians dedicated it to their benefactor the m. pros who adored this city but also. a little tourist train can take you to most of athens the site for instance to the parliament building on syntagma square. you can watch the
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changing of the guard there it takes place every hour on the hour. the central market in the heart of the city is also well worth visiting. what is in that home i go to the market almost every day you can enjoy such a wide variety of sense and colors and you can get products from all over the world but especially things produced here in greece are being funneled through the. even top chefs trust the quality of fruit juice here and come by to pick up ingredients for their menus head on theory owner in chef alexandra's carr dusty's puts a modern spin on traditional dishes today he's making a squid with new york and spinach. the restaurant is in the karama coast neighborhood and it's won numerous awards. at night the sights of athens are brightly lit. it is still an insider tip unlike the overcrowded bars around honest iraqi square. it's on a side street but offers
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a breath taking you of the acropolis. after what is in the us what i like most of all about the nightlife of athens is this mix of the ancient and the modern it's not just the view that makes this place special expect feeling of knowing that the ancient fenians also sat here and drank their wine and talked to each other just as we do. this in this line of i want to go around the corner of. the greek capital is a vibrant historical city still making history every day. and we stay on the topic of ancient greece as our next report features a trojan horse but this one wasn't built to conquer the city of troy and the ten year seeds it's a completely modern construction that serves a very different purpose in fact is just one of a whole range of wacky rooms on offer at the belgian hotel. we went along to
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explore what makes it so special. and that's impressive it looks really huge from the outside while. at the hotel. in the belgian town the south of the edge guests can stay in this huge wooden horse . understand it's a business accommodate you into the whole history of the area. the idea comes from greek mythology during the trojan war the greeks smuggled fighters into the city of troy inside a huge wooden horse and a horse and yes hiding something. over the cliff doesn't allow look how big it is cool is it ok for you. it is a whirlpool i love. how cool is that.
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the hostess also shows our two hotel testers denise and a very small bathroom. thank you that will miss them also they speculate on how to flush the toilet. then they set off to explore the second floor here there's a dining and living area as well as two more beds one. haven't got any steps one out it's long enough but there's not much in the way of head around. me that's off on a body it's a child it is going up it and nothing you know but it's super for kids it's like a cave. our testers have to make their own breakfast there's fresh fruit and bread for the morning. everything else they need can be found in the small kitchen. there's also
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a balcony to step out onto and on the third floor another surprise awaits denise and nineteen. seven up there you have a great view and is only there to make the head move up and down denise and the team can't resist going up to have a look don't listen into heaven let's go inside the horse's head they can sit look out the pen or on the ground oh and make the animal not its head using a joystick. knowing that it's the setting of the sound you oh my goodness i tell you i'm going to sit up here on nice this thing is going up up up and down i can make it do whatever i was controlling it that's clever how cool it's nice to be i'm staying at. his trips around the world inspired village an architect told me the go ahead to create this quirky hotel it costs over two hundred euros to spend the night in the trojan horse i think it's one of the first two hundred thirty five euro sounds like
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a lot but you have to see it in relation to what you get in so they must michael board and it takes a lot of work to design a trojan horse like this and it's not like you find one on every corner. it's something special the hotel is a special treat for horse lovers and fans of greek mythology alike. your ex is very active on social media and facebook is just one platform where you can find out more about the program here's what you will find on our facebook page . want to know more about european lifestyle and culture visit euro max on facebook . you'll find highlights from our programs. three hundred sixty degree videos of the most beautiful places in europe and snapshots taken by our reporters take an exclusive look behind the scenes at how the program is produced and follow us on facebook mind. we do love it when fans visit our facebook page and give us their feedback visit d w euro max on facebook. next up we're
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going to turn back the hands of time and travel to ancient rome if you ever wanted to walk through three errors of the city's history well then the place to go is the german city of dimes stot that's where studio courtyard has created a three d. reconstruction a rome through the ages. rome wasn't built in a day and neither were these cinematic reconstructions that document the attorney city's development over the millennia. before the steeple pie think rome offers us the blueprint for our life our way of life civilisation legislation politics everything that surrounds us architecture our understanding of the art of aesthetics it can all be traced back to this culture. and this is where rome was built at least the digital version that's been developed here at the fabric o.t.l.
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studio in darmstadt. for many years its designers have been recreating a long gone worlds and they take great pride in their meticulous attention to detail. but even for specialists digitally replicating room was no easy task. a team of ten worked on the job for six months. just put it all fits into it consists of forty thousand residential buildings and two thousand villas and individual buildings countless temples eleven thermal baths it's enormous it's a city that even if you visited today would blow you away but even wouldn't form. in the challenge three areas were reconstructed showing ancient late imperial and renaissance your own always as true to life as possible an archaeologist is part of the team to help maintain precision but a little artistic freedom is allowed. in clear to you
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a sense of it's not too difficult we're creative so of course imagination plays a significant role there's no doubt about that. and i think that what we do here can be compared to going on a goal oriented expedition p twenty for a. year has already undertaken numerous such expeditions the goal is always the same the viewer should be able to imagine what it would be like to actually be in those places. animations like these are usually created for film and television. fictitious snapshots of journeys into the past like stepping into a time machine was this a childhood fantasy. you. didn't grow up with that fantasy of course it was and it hasn't changed my whole life i've wanted that it's
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a time machine would be the ultimate trip so. i virtual reality puts that trip within reach i hear a visit to the emperor's box in the coliseum is possible i don't really brave can even venture into the gladiators arena i i just. don't project is simply inexhaustible i guess all my employees could continue working on this model for the rest of their lives combined with interest sleeves and you could always uncover new aspects new insights if you keep digging into the details and will never be reached by. never used to come over and endure it's done you know this time. so it looks as if room even in the digital world is doing justice to its label as the eternal city.
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and from the eternal city of rome we return to greener landscapes for our next report the great german poet johann both unfun good ones eloquently saying the praises of the garden kingdom of death ver that's located in the state of saxony on how it's been a unesco world heritage site since the year two thousand and one side from its historical importance it is the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy its lush green landscapes. gliding calmly in a boat across billets lake is surely the most beautiful way to enter the garden kingdom of death of the let's pass the eighteenth century venus temple. and
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fillets palace. architectural gems are scattered throughout the gardens which were created by a local princely or pull the third or prince france as he was known as a young man he travelled to england france and italy to widen his education. palace was designed to emulate the country houses of the english nobility it's germany's oldest neoclassical building and was the official residence of the prince and his wife louisa princess of brandenburg shit this was on hold as the unusual thing about this house was that it was always open for members of the public to visit just what was a kind of eighteenth century show how prince france wanted to use it to educate his subjects. guests actually came from all over europe including portugal and russia. and of course girder was also here. going from group to. the
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park includes a network of canals and bridges since france was a firm believer in religious tolerance and the ideals of the enlightenment from certain points you can see both the synagogue and the catholic church of st peter. the prince was also very interested in flowers. although they were not at all typical for the kind of english landscape gardens that inspired the park. your album of yangon ornamental flowers are arranged here in tears like an affair to look and of course we've been faithful to the original design of the garden to look back then mediterranean species of flowers were arranged here in parts. so the visitors could see what the plants are like. unfold. right next to the flower theatre is the temple of flora which original and served as a music to dylan. uses
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a loss of them bore the violent symbol made of flowers that you see here points directly at the gulf accounts which was the former home of the gardner. prince franz later moved in there himself to live with the daughter of his master gardener this flower bed is a symbol of fertility and aim to recreate the coffee house killing off this quarter horse the house has two facades the front is neo gothic while the rear is built in the gothic style of english tutors. like many of the buildings here it was designed by the prince's architect fleetly they had fun at munster off. a thirty minute walk through the grounds takes you to a small artificial island. its main feature is a stone building topped by europe's only artificial volcano it can even stage eruptions it was inspired by mount vesuvius which the prince was very fascinated by
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when he visited italy france wanted his subjects to know what an erupting volcano was like. back at dulles palace the prince would entertain kinescope posers and writers. the banquet hall features original french table where from the eighteenth century. the paintings on the walls depict the prince's travels. every year the estate draws around a million visitors. this is and it's such a joy to walk around and just. it all end of. it all of us and yet natural that's very new but also historical i would like. being here i just makes us i'm happy to see all this. gondola
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rides with coffee and cake in the afternoon or a three course meal in the evening are especially popular. the perfect way to savor this historic garden kingdom. and with that it is time to say goodbye don't forget to keep up with the show on social media for me the rest of the crew here your max as always thanks for watching and we will see you again tomorrow for our highlights edition. joyousness time for the alert show with italia in designer stefano so let's use holmes around to. find out how to make a delicious austrian struggle. over wine to spaniards enjoy internet success the world over this and more next on your
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own next on live.
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it's a pioneering ecological project field testing and the morning. garden city in northern idaho it's all about sustainable living. nice right to each his own water in your car and. garden city but he fell in front that will hopefully find the day to. go africa thirty minutes w. . sarno just couldn't get this song out of his head.
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musicologist began searching for the source of these captivating sounds. and found that deep in the rain forest in central africa. the bulk of people. seeing nothing else. and let's look leave a little less in the gloom why only one thing they. did by their culture the state. promised to sarno leave the jungle and return to the concrete and glass jungle but. the result reverse culture shock. because we're going to shrink from the forest starts august ninth on w. .
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this is the only news live from brill and outside of control wildfires above the arctic circle sweden is struggling to contain historic wildfires sparked by soaring temperatures the government now turning for help to other e.u. nations is climate change the culprit will ask a climate experts plus browning and slapstick we'll meet people in the dominican republic fighting to save their coastline from this global skirt.


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