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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 22, 2018 11:00am-11:15am CEST

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this is due to the news coming to you live from berlin not just pulling thousands from the rubble in syria it's now the turn of the so-called white house meant to be rescued hundreds of the volunteer rescue workers are evacuated to jordan that's part of a rescue plan and it was feared they could have been killed by the forces of syrian leader bashar al assad's. authority that iraq struggle to contain growing antti government protests in paris and take to the streets once again to demand jobs and better public services. and u.s.
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president donald trump ain't saying that his former lawyer michael cohen secretly recorded a conversation with the president and perhaps pavements to a former playboy model trump says that's the thing could have been any. amount of zone it's going to have you with us the israeli military has evacuated some eight hundred syrian white house meant to safety in neighboring jordan it was fear that they could have been killed by advancing government forces if they'd stayed in syria the group is known around the world for rescuing the wounded in the aftermath of the airstrikes shelling or blasts in rebel held territory the jordanian government save germany britain and canada have agreed to help resettle the volunteer and merchant seat workers. i know joined by detail but who's
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correspondent on china for who's following the situation for us in syria from beirut on child the israeli military rescued these eight hundred white helmets and their families as part of an international plan why did they choose to intervene. well you know what in the past history it has been you know being someone. mentions israeli hospitals on the world of the lines even in her you know it's not the. city that's where they have. all the lost it is does the syrians go with the actual masters. is there and asking is there anybody this this time this guy if it was germany and it was said that the. aid workers so he's really need
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this represents the amount doing humanitarian work as much as the. keys in it was the carrot. it is where all. and the white helmets are where king in cities and towns across syria great personal risk why was this group in particular danger. well there is no specific answer to that to be honest but comes to mind if you know that look at. these areas while under siege by the syrian regime but as a kid you get that i have had a lot as a jordanian happiness and everything is better which means it was a possibility to say so otherwise because it's work that's not asking the level of white guy the bombing as it had been in deaths there by arranging the bombing by russians and if you also. need to get in this is clearly there was a way out the loop be rescued and that is why do you have. the russians and the
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regime. to see that it is being in jordan have in fact meet journalists and not aid workers but in this would be headed perhaps that's the reason other other starters are to get up to them. where are the naysayers developments in the region and. well there is only developments if you're talking about. france giving mental age to syria. i just don't really want to. the regime and their structure deep maybe and they're already next. allegedly involved which means that we need our kids getting on the floor of the city in the jeans and sitting possibly be on the border or must nineteen is at which we've been. there would be to dawdle what is meant wants to do is pass it has passed in the
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prophecies. but there is no guarantee of that yet until four in beirut thank you so much for bringing us up to date. protesters have again hit the streets in cities across iraq demanding more jobs and better public services the arrest has spread to the capital of baghdad where crowds tried to storm the government districts throughout he's begun two weeks ago in the southern city of basra but are now growing in size and intensity so far at least nine people have died in clashes with security forces. but first the demands were simple clean water and electricity but for many of those protesting across iraq the problem is not only the lack of infrastructure but the politicians who have failed to provide it. we want to change of the politicians we no longer want just
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water and electricity it's a shame that we don't have simple rights humans have gone to the moon and have the most advanced technology and we're still calling for water and electricity no it's the politicians who are corrupt was. the unrest began two weeks ago in the south of iraq summer temperatures reach fifty degrees celsius and iran has cut off its supply of electricity to its neighbor because of unpaid bills clean water is also in short supply. many iraqis are tired of living without basic necessities after a decade and a half of near constant war and conflict now a year after the so-called islamic state was defeated the public's attention has shifted back to corruption and mismanagement in the government. in recent days protests spread across the country reaching the capital of baghdad while growing in size and anger. on friday a twenty four year old protester was struck in the head and killed by a tear gas canister while filming this video in basra. he went
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out daily to search for a job to earn a living for his family but in vain so he decided to go to the protest hoping that the government would respond to their demands but he was shocked. the iraqi government is not in a position to make sweeping reforms after an upset victory for populist candidate solder in may the parties have yet to form a coalition government. meanwhile protesters have announced a list of demands including for jobs and infrastructure to claim they won't go home when they get a promise but when they get results. here watching still sichel formula one returned to germany this weekend with ferrari driver. and whole i'm trying to claim victory in front of. thanks to some of the stories
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making news around the world. trade tensions are dominating amazing of the g twenty finance ministers and the argentinian capital plan as erez the u.s. is pushing for a free trade deal with europe but the e.u. says it won't negotiate a last washington withdrawal of the tariffs on steel. man whose ecuador could be close to a victim wiki leaks founder julian the songs from its london embassy u.s. journalist glenn greenwald is reporting that ecuador is presidential travel to britain last week to finalize the deal and activists was granted asylum in twenty twelve to avoid extradition to sweden where he faced sexual assault allegations. donald trump's former chief strategist stephen bannon is reportedly setting up a foundation in europe to boost the far right in an interview with the daily beast don and said he'd already out talks with groups across the continent and says he wants the organization called the movement to spark
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a populist revolt meanwhile u.s. president donald trump have lashed out at his former lawyer after secret tapes emerged of the two men talking about payments to a former playboy model and a tweenies trump said that the recordings made in the run up to the twenty sixteen u.s. election by his then a tour in a michael cohen were unheard off and could have been illegal f.b.i. agents found the tapes during a raid on cohen's office. a headline grabbing end to another headline grabbing week for the u.s. president that's trying to parse it for a weekend of golf journalist shots of questions about the tape now in the possession of the f.b.i. it was secretly recorded by his former lawyer michael cohen trump has now hit back on twitter saying it's inconceivable that a lawyer would tape a client totally unheard of and perhaps illegal the good news is that your favorite
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president did nothing wrong the taped conversation is said to relate to karen mcdougal and next playboy model who says she had a year long affair with the president over a decade ago. so we site other quite frequently so dozens of times you were to go here dozens of times you were. in the recording trump and cohn supposedly talk about a hush payment to mcdougal the f.b.i. found the tape when it raided cohn's office in april he was known as trump's fixer for many years and it's not the only tape said to exist. the tapes made by michael cohn could be a gold mine for prosecutors because they are from. forty's and that is the most powerful evidence in any trial now one of the president's one time closest aides
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could be his biggest liability. of the sharon grand prix is taking place this weekend for are a driver of the bus and fast on home turf is looking to stretch his mate at the top of the driver's standings. with the locals in saturday's qualifying after securing pole the german will stars alongside finnish driver about terry came second both houses fellow countryman in the right tone and will begin in paris closest rival for the championship lewis hamilton of refugees only posted the fourteen to find just time i tried tronics they are still have abandoned the section. budget any need to discuss today's chairman grand prix in hockenheim is none other than cross how many parents in from the state of the sports it's a massive file is having a great campaign so far this season tell me what are his chances of winning in the
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in the hockenheim stay at home. considering he's on home turf you have to figure that the fans will give him some sort of gas behind the steering wheel but in terms of his success when he starts has started races of pole position he has a fifty percent success rate he's only one to have out of four races this being his fifth i think you know he's looking good and then when you factor in his main rival lewis hamilton lewis hamilton's been having car issues because the engineers they play a huge part in the success of the drivers ferrari they're bringing their a game right now because they finish their races excessively and also they can help that can help settles the success is his teammate his teammate is starting in third so i think he'll help buffer. off any potential competitors so i think it's really looking good for sebastian vettel lewis hamilton started in fourteen of the mean there's no way home navigate through all of that traffic or is there with him a way maybe you never know with him now at of course let's not forget the
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contractual dispute that the german grand prix means that there will be financially no german crown create next year here how is that is that is that going to mean that german fans here going to have to wait a long time before we see another possibly they will because as it stands right now this is the last contract the will have a race that hawk hockenheim because it cost a lot of money a formula one they charge a ridiculous amount in the ballpark of twenty million euros and they want their money upfront that creates a huge debt for venues such as hawk and hi there was formerly norm burgling as well they were splitting you know nurnberg ring had odd years hockenheim even nurnberg they stopped because it was too costly and now because hockenheim was continuously losing money right now they have their best ticket sales in ten years and they will struggle to break even so they'll have to be a large outrage maybe get some help from local politicians to subsidize a venue that's the only way i can see formula one coming back to germany after this
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race ok cross harrington from the sports s. thank you very much for your insights and ok. just before we go a french tightrope walker has completed a trailing. one of the most iconic the landmarks in paris. crossed a court suspended. from the grand from a crane to the. march. along the way a few times. and. for those who have fears of heights after all of us with a safety net or a harness as well. has been preparing for the stunt for a year and she started walking when she was just eight years of age. not for the faint of heart. the top story that we're following for you the israeli
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military have evacuated nearly eight hundred members of syria's so-called white helmet to neighboring jordan germany britain and canada have agreed to reach tackle them the white house known for pulling people from the global it area and it was feared that they could have been killed by government forces if they had remained. there safe and you're watching to keep your. peace in germany to learn german. emerge from the. one with him online and on the whole while and free from the w.c. you learning course you can speak.


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