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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 22, 2018 3:00pm-3:15pm CEST

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this is the w. news live from berlin after pulling thousands from the rubble in syria it's now the time of the so-called white helmets to be rescued hundreds of the volunteer rescue workers are evacuated to jordan as part of a rescue plan it was feared they could have been killed by the forces of syrian leader bashar al assad also on the show. authorities in iraq struggle to contain growing anti-government protests thousands take to the streets once again to demand jobs and better public services. and german international football
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a measure of ozil has finally broken his silence about a controversial meeting with turkish president said time about a one zero zero was heavily criticized for the encounter but has now released a passionate statement defending the meeting insisting it was not politically motivated. and get out of his welcome the israeli military has evacuated some eight hundred syrian white's helmets to safety in neighboring jordan their wives helmets are known for rescuing the wounded in the aftermath of asteroids and shelling in rebel held territory in syria the government though accuses them of aiding terrorists israels on is said on twitter that they had been rescued at the request of the united states and european countries as part of a humanitarian effort and it was feared they could have been killed by government
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forces if they had stayed in syria the syrian army has been advancing in recent weeks and is now approaching the israeli controlled golan heights. and i'm now joined by the w.'s correspondent who is following the situation in syria from beirut how did that rescue mission come about. well it's very sensual has extracted about eight hundred of these. aid workers and what it was actually done is that they're walking to israel to. border which is an armistice line that's functioning between syria and israel on the golan heights but basically this is an international effort israel does not accept the leadership she's it has to leave the mosque in some sort of medically to civilians in that area but it has not taken any g.'s this is an international effort this is because germany and u.k.
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and that i have counted on have essentially announced as very true that these aid workers walking these countries including germany have been supporting white elements for all these years and in this case for that they could help these people and in fact the hassidim now in jordan but these countries would be taking their share of these people we don't know how many would germany did and how many will america take care don't we get it right what would be taking to fifteen of these eight hundred eight hundred peoples although yes is that the game but this is an international effort. out of the white helmets are working in cities and towns across syria at great personal risk why was this crew close the golan heights in particular danger now. well it's particulate intern now because the syrian regime has already claimed that are you going to get us next to that are and now their own being in a committed argument. has been struck between the rebels and the regime but the
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lives were at risk in all of the operations of the city in the gene why the mets have actually been killed but if this is the night and that ball must make our way . completely under a siege going it does not under siege because it does this answer why it's it is because of these people could be sick so their backers have come forward to save them in a situation that they could see them in so even in shortages when germany and canada and big england could help they have come forward to help these aid workers the big financial helping with the actually couldn't do much when it came to saving their lives on the ground so this is the difference i'm sure you've been following this conference for us from by road for a while what are the latest developments right now briefly if you can well very briefly. i was understanding the regime is saying that commitments under
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the vision control now but there are still such a vast that are not under which include all these are the areas where we believe isis affiliates continue to be brought need to gina struck a deal with the rebels the rebels are on their way to at least fifty five buses have already left for it to harm other than to get into it if so broadly the regime is going to be. having control of a large part of serbia leaving the kurdish controlled areas and. on trial for and thank you very much. protesters have hit again hit the streets in cities across iraq to mandating more jobs and better public services has now spread to the capital baghdad where crowds tried to storm the government district the rallies began two weeks ago in the southern city of basra growing in size and intensity so far it is nine people have died in clashes with security forces.
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at first the demands were simple clean water and electricity but for many of those protesting across iraq the problem is not only the lack of infrastructure but the politicians who have failed to provide it. we want to change of the politicians we no longer want just water and electricity it's a shame that we don't have simple rights humans have gone to the moon and have the most advanced technology and we're still calling for water and electricity no it's the politicians who are corrupt must be. the unrest began two weeks ago in the south of iraq summer temperatures reach fifty degrees celsius and iran has cut off its supply of electricity to its neighbor because of unpaid bills clean water is also in short supply many iraqis are tired of living without basic necessities after a decade and a half of near constant war and conflict now a year after the so-called islamic state was defeated the public's attention has shifted back to corruption and mismanagement in the government. in recent
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days protests spread across the country reaching the capital of baghdad while growing in size and anger. on friday the twenty four year old protester was struck in the head and killed by a tear gas canister while filming this video in basra. he went out daily to search for a job to earn a living for his family but in vain so he decided to go to the protest hoping that the government would respond to their demands but he was shot. the iraqi government is not in a position to make sweeping reforms after an upset victory for populist candidate solder in may the parties have yet to form a coalition government. meanwhile protesters have announced a list of demands including for jobs and infrastructure to claim they won't go home when they get a promise but when they get results. to date with some of the other stories making
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headlines around the world there was a bombing in northwest pakistan has killed another candidate running in wednesday's general election his driver also died in the blast the artist on the taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack is the latest in a string of pre-election violence earlier this month another suicide blast killed one hundred forty eight people. ecuador could be close to a victim vicki leaks founder julian assange from its london embassy u.s. journalist glenn greenwald is reporting that ecuador's president travelled to britain last week to finalize a deal the australian activist was granted asylum in twenty twelve to avoid extradition to sweden where he faced sexual assault allegations. trade tensions are dominating a meeting of the g twenty finance ministers in the argentinean capital iris the u.s. is pushing for free trade deal with europe but the e.u.
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says it won't negotiate unless washington withdrawals its tariffs on steel and alum in a. tropical storm song tin has hit northern vietnam leaving thirty two people dead and more than a dozen missing floods have been triggered by heavy rains severely affecting coastal areas and the capital hanoi thousands of homes have been damaged weather is forecast continue for the next few days. german football mesut ozil has broken his silence and is on his controversial meeting with turkish president after one he was photographed without a one along with fellow germany international going to go on in may just weeks before the world cup in russia ozil who has turkish heritage says he had no regrets about meeting with the one he insisted it was not
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a political stunt despite the encounter coming ahead of elections and a host of social media in germany international said refusing an invitation to meet with any president would have been disrespectful to his ancestors roots also was heavily criticised for the meeting in both german media and by the german football association. but joining me now in the studio to talk more about. president harrington from the prez. this uni's finally released this statement now why now two months after the meeting you know i think he finally buckled under the pressure he was receiving it's very clear here in germany he's received a lot of criticism even called a scapegoat for the reason germany you know had a premature exit from this year's world cup the president of the german football association richard grendel was urging him to explain his actions and even a step further the general manager of the b.
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the german football association as it's known was saying in hindsight the arsenal star should have been left off the roster altogether so i think that someone close to him got to him and gave him a bit of advice how to maybe alleviate some of this criticism he's been receiving and i think his message you know spoke loud and clear as he stated the obvious there that he's turkish and german is well he has two hearts and i think he expressed himself well in that matter and so do you think that was good advice so to speak out right now do you think that will leave it some of the criticism or will it will it still could again yeah i think it's a band-aid situation you know i think it least it will satisfy the president of the german football association but in all honesty his actions on the team will have to have some success you know because everyone's pretty disappointed that the defending world cup champions crashed out in the group stage you know ms it was ill is up in eighty's twenty nine it's uncertain whether or not he will be on the roster in the next major tournament in the euros coming up shortly so will it
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remains to be seen what will happen but. i personally think he'll have to do something really good in a german uniform to you know put some smiles back on the face of all these media people that do the talking on the pitch definitely stay with me for a month because we have some interesting gulf news because the goal for world waits in anticipation today as tiger woods attempts to pull off victory in the british open it would be an incredible career comeback with a former world beater without a major championship since his u.s. open win. ten years ago heading into the final round woods sits just four strokes of leader and defending champion jordan spaeth he climbed into contention after a remarkable round of five under par in yesterday's play. as coming back to you tiger woods used to be a name you know synonymous with success in the world of sports that was many many
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years ago though i mean really really witnessing gins of tiger woods you know he's only forty two years old and when you factor in that third round performance of sixty six the last time he shot under seventy and a major was eleven years ago to the day so this is something this special about that third route he's gearing up to tee off in his fourth and you know looking at the history of tiger woods. he pretty much revitalize the sport of golf and made it a lot more inviting and you know he has fourteen majors for shy of the major chip chip holder jack nicklaus so it's nice to see and i do believe that tiger you know if he's healthy personal issues aside and he's focused all steam ahead he's definitely capable of pulling off a miracle this is the thing though with with comebacks right and certain age athletes come back do you think if he is indeed successful it would give a goal for a proper boost yeah definitely good golf
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a second wind it's needed you know you have a small group of americans that are actually leading the in the open right now but they're not household names the way tiger woods is ok and tiger woods was their idol this younger group of golfers we see now in action and you know getting their fair taste of success you know but i do think it will be great for the sport of golf because people love second chances you know he'll be back to phoenix rising again as long as his body doesn't quit on him because he's had so many surgeries and things like this but as of right now he was quoted saying he feels good he hasn't felt that he's at this control of the golf ball in a very long time so if he has that mindset you know look out and be ready good luck to him thank you very much for your insight thank you. and the official mascots of the twenty twenty olympics and paralympics in tokyo been officially introduced to the world the two carriages made a grand entrance at a ceremony in the japanese capital well organized this revealed plan you name is
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near i told what fuses the japanese words for future and eternity and some eighteen is named after the cherry blossom to last post for the games were chosen by japanese school children all that has a say the pointy end superheroes can teleport to be in the digital world and the real was thank. god i'm not proud of them they will not succeed in dividing us at all not succeed in taking the people off the streets because we're tired of his dictatorship. taking the stand global news that matters d. w. made from mines.


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