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tv   Doc Film - Eva Braun - Life and Death with the Fuhrer Part 1  Deutsche Welle  July 22, 2018 5:15pm-6:00pm CEST

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stress. ball of without a safety net or harness god has been preparing for the stunt for a year to start a tightrope walking and she was just named to use a. quite fascinating thank you very much for watching v.w. news out of an update for you in an hour. it's all happening oh it's a bit of coming. to live time news from africa the world your links to exceptional stories and discussions can you unwelcome stede of news africa and program tonight from for an easy enemy from munoz's easy to while website deputed com stash africa joined us on facebook at g.w. africa.
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the bear cough hitler's alpine refuge near best discuss. this is where an off hitler like to retire from the public with a woman by his side if a brown was hitler's lover he kept their relationship a secret from the german people private film recording show in front of her sister and architect albert spares wife picking flowers to this day she's considered a nonpolitical naive excess or to the mass murderer. but really who was this blonde who has been told satan's bride. if up all involved you'll know. if a brown was a young. quite attractive woman. she was very much into sports. on photographs she appeared to be very vivacious and lively and for him. during the more than thirteen years of their
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relationship this young woman from a lower middle class family turned into the uncompromising companion of the dictator. of the office that's not foolish cause behind this often fake facade there was a very determined woman who tried to achieve her aims with and have credible toughness and consistency. to see that it showed up quite early and she also stressed you have to hit like that she would take things all the way even on to her death threats to see him talk to. her biographer wrote that eva brown was vain caught between power and impotence but by no means a victim she earned her name in history even though it's a dubious one. one
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of the few film recordings that show at off hitler together with his lover on the terrace of the barrack of. if up how good it ma i was either brown was always depicted as a slightly dumb blonde and hitler as the detached leader the inhuman monster that's more was unable to lead a normal private life. but now we know that this wasn't the case at all on one fest us both had a very close relationship for more than thirteen liason. and. he wasn't attached. instead he was tolerant and protective towards benaud slawson don. bar or and shoots the off unknown. everything that pointed to her
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existence was supposed to be destroyed after their joint suicide in one thousand nine hundred five but the private recordings of eva brown survived and allow insights into the rather strange relationship. of the irked you just absolutely get in touch he seems like the complete opposite of her it was for a claim of it up tight elderly tensed up as often as look at first sight they didn't seem to fit together at all innocence but if you look behind the scenes you can see that they had a lot of common interests they both loved films the opera and operetta and what really defined their relationship was their commitment towards each other total faith and loyalty oily teeth on toy of bite inside. in one nine hundred forty six several hours of film recordings and dozens of photo albums were discovered at the austrian home of an s.s. soldier who had failed to destroy the materials those images allow
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a look behind the curtains that wasn't made public to the germans during the nazi period to give the illusion of a harmless idyllic life officially hitler's lover was employed at the barrack off as his private secretary she and her younger sister gretel were amateur film enthusiastic and documented many private moments for years. full movie moments recorded by eva brown was mainly supposed to entertain hitler's inner circle. she called this film unfair it was presumably recorded in the summer of one nine hundred thirty seven. sixteen millimeter color film had only become available recently and the. and sisters enjoyed spending their time with this unusual toy beside her friend mark ensure no money and the wife of hitler's private secretary get up for money. they took turns taking photos and
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filming each other and gretel brown on the right was as enthusiastic about filming as her older sister. hitler was absent most of the time so bathing trips with family and friends were a welcome change eva brown especially liked to have her sports activities filmed. at lakes back eva and gretel who are joined by their mother francisca and father. the furors lover was twenty five at the time little is known about ava brown's
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childhood and teenage years although her photo albums provide a little insight into her early life. on a paula brown was born in munich on february sixth one thousand nine hundred twelve the second of three daughters to vocational school teacher friedrich brown. her parents' marriage had survived a crisis during the early twenties eva grew up in a middle class environment in munich shopping. ava brown was also the center of attention during a banking trip to vet housing. like everything. the brown's relatives from vienna visited munich and accompanied the family on their trips cousin get child vice care greatly enjoyed the time in the water. and family and uncle fritz were
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very fond of the thirteen year old. care trial and kept her relationship with the browns a secret for more than sixty years. only her husbands knew about it and forbade her to mention it. not until the year two thousand did she decide to talk about her cousin eva i love a lot of money and obama. met with my aunt once or twice a week and went on a trip somewhere to say i'm is a. must say what a bunch of sometimes event her sisters joined us oh nice. talk value i enjoyed their visits a lot it was a great family time but as for me she says she. was into. we went swimming or had coffee and cake and returned to migraines our ice in the evening is also my father
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never joined us. he made it quite clear that he didn't want any contact with ava. we do eva. but to. give us relationship with her parents wasn't as relaxed as the films might suggest her best friend later reported that ava spent most of her youth at her parents' place as the atmosphere at home wasn't very pleasant. eva took courses in housekeeping bookkeeping and typewriting at a catholic boarding school in one nine hundred twenty nine she successfully applied for an apprenticeship at a well known munich photo shop. anguish hoffman was the shrewd personal photographer to add off hitler. and one point he introduced his new worker saying this is our brave little boy line eva apparently the couple met frequently after work hitler confided to his adjutant for love i
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keep a girl in munich. sin and ever feel as ever and she was seventeen and he was forty yr. aging bachelor apparently was smitten by this gharazi highly he walked and she certainly found him impressive as did many women at the time it was on direct in fact. own. it so did her boss if have highly schaaf money. for the on his role in initiating this relationship is still quite funny it's hard to unclog i. gave up brown's private photo albums shed a light. on the true story in one thousand thirty one she was allowed to accompany hitler to spare for the first time there were no photos showing the two of them together. ava felt neglected she wanted him to commit himself to her totally even
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turning her father's gun on herself. sits in your most months as a forced and it's a lot if you have to imagine her. as a rather naive seventeen year old but at the same time she was quite an extrovert. how did the how much she liked having her picture taken and was by no means a shy girl of a kind it's five skins he shifted their relationship grew closer hitler told her age hoffmann that he realized from the incident that she was really in love with have and that he felt a moral obligation to care for her but neighbors family was anything but euphoric about this relationship without a marriage certificate. to boost it because i made it out by i was nine years old when i got wind of it by reading about it in the papers i saw a photo of eva and hitler i think he was on it to. the. limit or by me when you when the caption read even brown
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a teacher's daughter from munich was hitler's new favorites if you talk dynasty ourselves when she. as of a man i'm with i showed it to my mother and she said don't talk about this it's not true it's nonsense. and i don't want it mentioned again. they did to. as hitler made no attempts to legitimize the relationship brown was considered his mistress by her relatives. photos of that time show her as a fashionable young woman who apparently was more interested in the hairstyles and clothing then politics. her cousin get out recalls. this attractive young woman was twelve years my senior a very attractive woman with guys and i admired her and her sisters. or and it's funny. she was well groomed with her long fingernails deep of wooden and i enjoyed
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meeting in spending time with them five of shouldn't get into sudden the seed of a material yonder and as a ten year old i didn't wonder whether i wanted to become like her and didn't really think about it to see. us says ebeid fake alice no. the private film recordings from one nine hundred thirty seven only show the joyful side of the furious lover but her relationship with hitler also caused her some pain it had only been two years since abel brown's emotional low fragments from her diary survived she noted on may tenth one thousand nine hundred thirty five ms hoffman told me in a way both loving and tactless that he now had a substitute for me. the words of the embassy cord to buy from what i know today i would say that she was pretty
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depressive and she always had to disguise this depression was dizzier shenhua bush be good will towards with clothing. she always needed to distract herself from her sorrows and nobody realized it in everyday life verse would take me back that. he should know me well enough to see that i would never put obstacles in his way if he should fall in love with another woman why should he care about what becomes of me. twenty three year old eva's manic depressive moods soon became apparent to her family. her family knew i didn't but in retrospect all this changing of clothes was made. behaviors even hit this fire mohnish jesus see him of you don't. have to fear fear you change five or six times a day is there cove where basically nobody was there to see her and admire her she
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just did it for herself said. she couldn't to see him and she found it hard to concentrate. yet recent bit as she used to ask me what are you doing must know when i started telling her about math or something like that she just replied for my never mind. last she quickly lost focus deliberately or not she couldn't use the word of void to see if he could simply and. she complained only needs me for certain things when the dictator was traveling she did not hear from him and even attempted suicide for the second time on may twenty eighth one thousand nine hundred thirty five this time with sleeping pills she noted this time i'll take thirty five pills i want to make absolutely sure if only. there's what physics if i pounced psyched if a brown suicide attempt shows that this relationship had evolved into something
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deeper. thus it wasn't superficial anymore and something had gone wrong that's. if he could have been appalled by it and tried to get rid of her off as looked at as the loss of instead of an eye he saw it as proof of her total commitment and loyalty which was exactly what he expected from his disciples. and to death. and she was ready to give them living as he right it's a given to leave. ever as parents reproached her constantly and made it impossible for her to remain in their home finally she moved to a house with a garden in the elegant district of borgen house in which heinrich hoffman bought on the furious orders hitler's private apartment was close by eventually she was allowed to quit her job at the photo shop for appearance's sake her sister gretel
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moved into the small house with her in one nine hundred thirty eight eva brown became its official owner. lavish parties were frequently held at the house but the mood was anything but festive as eva's father didn't want to accept the disgrace that she was bringing upon the family. but her biographer doubts the credibility of fried fish brown's later statement that he had written a letter to hitler ordering his daughter to return to the family home. as has to be here ima be forced in and for us your thought about until now it's been assumed that her father was against national socialism or hue but the questioning he had to go through after nineteen forty five showed that he apparently believed in the future of her until the end. that's a daughter dr a hobbyist so let's and then through about
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a lot. how nobody in the family was in opposition to the regime heinen giving thoughts so these and they all benefited from it from music from the mother to her youngest sister had to order a new gig is a sleazy i'm giving this other hobbies you know from forty two year old for this so useless festa. in fact there was no falling out with the family on the contrary eva's parents were now also welcome guests at overs on spec like their daughter they accepted the fact that hitler wouldn't marry his life companion apparently francisco brown convinced her husband that resisting the relationship would be futile any daughter can get a husband but someone like hitler. that was something different. and if a brown used uncharacteristic toughness and well and intrigues to drive possible
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rivals for hitler's favor away from over salzburg her position there became undisputed over the years. and the lover of germany's and the world's greatest man she allegedly once said officially there was no talk of any woman at hitler side the dictator said my bride is germany. nazi propaganda claimed that the furor had no private life he served the german people day and night film and photography had become ever brown's biggest passions she loved to stage her lover on the bare coffs terrace the film seemed to show the furore transported to another world distanced from his people welcoming friends and political companions up there some of her photo spreads survived uncensored in her private albums showing ava brown's professional work.
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deserve filler on for two of the films and photos if a brown shot of hitler and the people of the bad cough what just of a private nature not before for which she still works for hoffman and also created those works to sell them for took off in our almaty and she sometimes got big sums of money for them it is a film on hoffman one day he went on he thousand likes marks i know one single photo for instance i smoke ziva tire she was part of the propaganda machinery part of hofmann's propaganda department which staged a few of us private appearances. on to say she presented him as a caring family man and a child loving patron that's kinda a lead and. this doesn't really fit with the perception people used to have of her from the abuse that she took close photos only because she dreamt of a family life with hitler about on form you know she used those photos for business
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nice enough that until i was well aware of that. but it was part of the plan with us at odds with all of those voters law of the voids. among the most welcome guests at the back office were hitler's favorite architect albert speer and you walking fund ribbentrop who was appointed foreign minister in one nine hundred thirty eight . irish offerman and his wife were also frequent guests hitler felicien called nigger norm in that saddam's day long regarding the selection of people around him and the balco of hitler relied mainly on highway hoffman and eva brown. this entourage basically was his emotional foundation. to his private life took place surrounded by these people these mansion where as his biological family was kept apart. thirty thousand for he used it in tough as the other from
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one thousand nine hundred thirty six they never visited the valley called for. he met them separately so what is the sign if he selected his own replacement family which consisted of the shias the bormann his doctors families in the whole finance and eva brown and her family hoffman and if up on the often you get. is that sick of muscle this circle was evidently so important to him it was that he often retreated to the bad cough before making important political decisions in these familiar surrounding resist circuits zero of the stick it put it is entitled the. invitations to the bank or were highly coveted among the nazi notables. even though life up there appeared to be quite stuffy some of the guests claimed that this petty bourgeois idle felt intoxicating to them. later albert speer wrote all that remains of the social life on over salzburg are memories of
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a strange emptiness hitler hardly ever mention the jews his political. once or even the necessity of building concentration camps i suppose this wasn't intentional but rather due to the banal nature of the conversation. those people of the inner circle were aware of the special circumstances after a while they took for granted that eva brown would play the part of the lady of the house on such occasions. devonish put it is calm here she wasn't a political person and she hardly ever tried to influence hitler. but of course if people talked about politics at the back who'll in the women's presence as well that dominant political spot they want involved in decision making will military planning in what they would discussions about how to proceed with australia after
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the so-called i'm shocked by the annexation for example the high nothings who cannot fight back inside. gettler secretary margin borman who was also part of the inner circle he made sure that all the neighbors disappeared from around the bar code and supervised its transformation to a secure restricted area for the funeral. or like to sleep long and usually ate lunch at three o'clock in the afternoon this was often followed by a long walk with his guests this time ribbentrop appears to be hitler's preferred conversation partner delicate political matters were discussed confidentially the foreign minister was a loyal henchman to the dictator implicitly supporting his plans for war.
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the destination was always the same the scenic outpost at most on a cop. when the weather is good there is a superb view toward salzburg from there. nearby borman had a tea house built for hitler. albert speer later recalled at the coffee table hitler often like to lose himself in endless monologues we. gave a brown film to talk with national youth leader balder fun shut off from a respectful distance albert share was one of the most frequent visitors he moved with his family to a house close to the back off in one nine hundred thirty eight and was good friends with eva browne he claimed after nine hundred forty five that she took advantage of her position like all other prominent collaborators of hitler only a few resisted the temptations of being in his entourage hitler didn't really resist this development spare later recalled his specific style of leadership led
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to increasing loneliness spare believed he said he thought hitler was unable to form normal human relationships in hundreds of talks spare said he covered topics like fashion dog breeding theater and film operetta and it stars sometimes hitler fell asleep during his own monologues. once in a while the viewers lover took exceptional photos that would never have been published during his lifetime they document their special relationship eva brown enjoyed playing the hostess who calls the tune the house was the highlight of barman's building work at a result spec so the fury and his entourage could reach its vantage point at eight hundred meters a road and an elevator needed to be cut into the mountains wrong. hitler
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in fact rarely went there apparently he suffered from vertigo but eva. enjoyed coming there and she seemed much more playful when the dictator wasn't around. a series of photos shows hitler and eva brown at the cash dining house with magda gerbils the propaganda minister's wife by his side she had fled to the back off with her children and played her part as the betrayed and indignant wife she complained to the furore that her husband was having an affair with the czech actress. and wanted to establish. hitler was enraged and
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ordered gerbils to come to the over salzburg. it's not clear if these film recordings by of a brown show gerbils arrival that day or during another visit the sheriff forced goebbels to separate from his lover and for bade him to have any further contact with the actress the marriage with mugdha had been preserved for reasons of state gerbils did as he was told. this photo of the one nine hundred thirty eight new years party shows the furore and eva grounds kweisi marital relationship hitler the professed vegetarian got his own menu which eva brown put into her photo album. the results the dictator got during the traditional fortune telling games were not documented.
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nine hundred thirty nine was the turning point in hitler's rule he had achieved one success after another rearmed germany and incorporated the zod region the sudeten land and the hold of all. astraea into the third reich even his opponents agreed that he would have been the greatest german since bismarck had he died at that point but the dictator wanted war so in fact this moment marked the beginning of his downfall even though ava brown was a good skier hitler did not like her just as he was afraid of her being injured but once when the dictator was away from over salzburg he allowed her to go skiing in austria with albert speer for eight days shared later remembered that she danced with young officers until the early morning without being recognized.
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according to share they both were united in their resentment of martin bormann due to his arrogance and crudeness and cheating on his wife. over easter nine hundred thirty nine eva brown film cher and barman's many children on their egg hunt. the children lived a secluded life in over salzburg nobody knows whether ava wanted children herself there were rumors that she had once had an abortion in munich but there's no proof of that. chair sympathized with the unfortunate woman she recalled hitler had once said in her presence very intelligent men should choose primitive and simple minded wives and imagine if i had a wife who meddled in my affairs i want peace and quiet in my spare time.
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meanwhile the dictator preferred to rule nazi germany from the back hall. there he developed crucial political and military plans and issued laws and decrease one of the reasons may have been his. firmer relationship with eva brown who always happened to be at over salzburg when hitler was there with his entourage an adjutant later recalled that it became more and more difficult to obtain decisions from the head of state even senior party officials and members of the government were often unable to reach him when he was sent over zealous back. only cultural events seemed to be able to lure the failed artist from his command center. in june one thousand nine hundred thirty nine hitler went to vienna on a whim to attend the seventy fifth birthday celebrations of composer richard
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strauss on his way back to best it's gotten the furer visited places where he had spent his childhood. ava brown filmed his arrival at fishel humdrum mary school near lintz in his book mind comfort hitter described himself as a little ringleader when the boys of the village played cops and robbers his class teacher later remembered him as pale and skinny an undisciplined boy who despised learning and squandered his talents. back at the back off hitler was planning the eminent military campaign against poland in the meantime the brown family decided to go on an unusual cruise mother francisca was filmed during her visit to a travel agent where she booked
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a trip to scandinavia for her and her daughters eva and gretel for a jewish brown did not go along. the little tour group arrived in hamburg shortly afterwards to board the cruise ship milwaukee. the browns with eva behind the camera took a launch across the harbor. the milwaukee was operated by the national socialist organization cost oibda strength through joy it provided holiday cruises for party comrades. the former north atlantic passenger steamer built in one thousand nine hundred twenty nine in hamburg had room for six hundred guests and was very popular as
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a cruise ship its destination this time the norwegian sure its. eva made a well groomed impression on board her suits were made by high class berlin tailors still albert spared described her in his memoirs as modestly and unobtrusively dressed and that she wore noticeably cheap jewelry. the first class passengers passed their time at the pool. younger sister gretel was frequently in the camera's on. the shore excursion in northern norway.
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of course the locals didn't know that the lover of nazi germany's dictator was one of the tourists. another highlight of the cruise mobster was served on deck at lunchtime or. the browns wallowed in luxury while their daughters companion and home was preparing to plunge europe into another war. on june seventeenth one thousand thirty nine hitler welcomed a special emissary from the saudi arabian king for a meeting at the barrack home. was usually confined to her chambers during meetings with diplomats or top party functionaries. spare a thought that hitler considered her of limited social acceptability on such
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occasions even the big reception hall was out of bounds for hitler's lover. and when a prominent guest stayed longer she had to move to the house of the unpopular martin bormann nearby. sometimes she succeeded in filming scenes like these from a first floor window hitler is waiting for a visitor on the back off stairs. a guard of honor from the s.s. is in position. during his rise to power hitler was convinced that germany's former greatness could only be restored by another oppressive war four countries were conquered by force he knew it would come and wanted to start it when he was still physically fit enough to lead it and the thought of sickness or an early death made
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him want to start it sooner rather than later. it or didn't consider war as something shameful or to be avoided. poland would be his first casualty. on aug twelfth one thousand thirty nine eva brown had to disappear from the scene once more. from a safe distance she filmed a unit of the s.s. bodyguards lined up for the italian foreign minister count chano who had come to discuss italy entering the war with hitler. it is unclear if hindmarsh hoffman shot this close up photo of the visitor if a brown's note in her photo album reads there's something people are forbidden to
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see up there. or informed his ally about his decision to attack poland. neva brown called these snapshots departure viewed from the hotel rooms perspective. on several occasions the dictator discussed the details of war terror and mass murder with his henchmen and overzealous prick and she was able to film s.s. chief language himmler and his associates hydration and car evolve on the back terrace. foreign minister you're walking fun ribbentrop also took part in hitler's talks about his war plans as peace in europe hung by a thread the furor isolated himself from the ministerial bureaucracy and assembled his confidant the dictator was planning a special coup. ribbentrop was to travel to moscow to sign
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a non-aggression pact with stalin. congress camera and his in force or by hard high commission meticulously prepared the brutal oppression of poland they presented the details during their visit to the bare. so-called einsatz top and special action squads from the police and security forces were to liquidate the polish ruling classes as hitler intended to occupy the country permanently on august twenty third one thousand nine hundred thirty nine hitler nervously awaited positive news from moscow eva brown's presence was permitted that day she filmed and took photos the caption of her professional photo documentation reads then ribbentrop traveled to moscow when ribbentrop finally confirmed the pact with the devil the dictator rejoiced this will go off like a bomb. other photos show hitler bormann and gerbils as the news was spread of fishel
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eva brown's comment can't learn listens to the news on the radio still poland refuses to negotiate over brown's biographer is certain that the women were well aware of the historical significance of those dramatic days at the back off and these are as it what's your own quotes for that's high from guests hitler stalin part of this situation at the back who've shortly before stalin signed the non-aggression pact shows how gross those men around hitler aware. how much they are in a circle with us and share what was involved in the political events at that time the of us politics if up all info took off yet it is evil brown photograph that tense situation of the basque cough that's high when ribbentrop was in moscow and the signing was imminent under spawn to see to it soon after that also shows that the women were in the know to be fallen on i divide they spent the evenings and
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recants to gather for weeks old and of course they talked about these events. they were crucial for them as well. to talk about hitler didn't distinguish between private and political life. for him. it was older than leaving on put it this way it was good to. ribbon troops agreement with moscow guaranteed that stalin's red army wouldn't intervene but only occupy and annex the eastern part of poland it gave him murder squads free reign when war with poland broke out. over salzburg played a crucial part in the path to the second world war and any attempts to stop hitler were doomed. nine days later he declared war on poland eva ground supposedly cried when he
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proclaimed at the rice tog now more than ever my life belongs to my people i want nothing more than to be the first soldier of the german right here i have put on the uniform that was always my most sacred and cherished possession again i will only take it off after our victory or i will not live to see the end. on that day september first one nine hundred thirty nine eva brown supposedly told her older sister ilsa this means war he'll leave and what will become of me. is a brown recalled she also said if anything happens to him i'll die too. that same evening if a brown ordered large amounts of food and drink to be stored at the barracks off reportedly explaining we'll need lots of supplies we'll need them to last for
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a long time. welcome to bangkok millions of people scurry between a sky train and i'm not prince of streets and canals and visitors can easily lose their way. to a drive through the maze of vision maggie metropolis to bangkok even treasures to discover an unusual highlights from ages most exciting city. thirty minutes on d w. war war.
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