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this is. a shock re time and from the german international world cup winning. says he will not pull on the germany facing a barrage of criticism from eating turkish president. also coming up. warnings of a threat to global growth as the g twenty meeting. after the us. china and the european union finance ministers issue.
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i'm glad you could join us that's what has sensationally retired from the german national team following the controversy and fallout of his meeting with turkish president. back in may now also faces fierce criticism faced fierce criticism from german media for the encounter while he was lambasted by german f.a. president. early exit from the world cup. after a long silence music finally made his feelings known in an epic three part statement on social media. said his meeting with turkey's president was about respecting the highest office of his family's country. and his long awaited third post didn't just announce that he was quitting the german site he heavily criticized german football association president for negative comments on islam and
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multiculturalism. a photo of. their meeting in may the blue touch paper on a debate that has refused to die down in germany with being accused of helping one campaign for an upcoming election is all says the pair talked only but football germany teammate seen here on the left was also at the meeting and explained his decision soon after. preferred to remain silent which only brought to more criticism. i don't think any footballer should have their photo taken with any authoritarian rulers whether with vladimir putin. or with a good one and there are enough democratic politicians to be photographed well. you can be missing. after germany's exit at the world cup group stage the debate bubbled up again germany team manager an f.a. chief lyndall added fuel to the fire with clint hill urging israel to explain his
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meeting with their one to ninety two times cut international did just that and his words have piled more pressure on the german f.a. . joining me in studio to help explain what exactly happened is public. and william know the full quote from social media thank you for joining us so at this stage probably let's begin with obviously doesn't come as much of a surprise that has retired but the strongly worded statement is what seems to be creating shock no you're absolutely right and i mean it really i mean he does not mince his words whatsoever and he his his anger is directed at this effort several elements will say will start with the fact that he he is very clear in his criticism towards to german media in particular of course for that meeting that he had and their reaction. following that meeting with the president of the line of turkey and he says certain german newspapers are using my background and my photo
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with president out of the one as right wing propaganda he also says that the media didn't criticize his performances they didn't criticize the performances of his teammates in russia of course because let's not forget that germany had a disastrous run there at the world cup he says they just criticize his turkish history and respect for his upbringing so i mean he is very strong and what he's saying towards the german media he goes on and he also is very critical of the german football association the d.f.t. and in particular of their presidents. and he really does not mince his words in what he says about so why don't you tell us what exactly he did say and what issues he brought up and that once again related to this meeting and this photograph that he had which caused so much controversy a couple of months ago with president turkey out of the one he said that whilst i attempted to explain to grindle his heritage his ancestry and therefore reasoning behind the photo he was far more interested in speaking about his own political
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views he went on to say that in the eyes of grendel and his supporters he's german only when he wins but he's an immigrant when he loses that these are incredibly strong statements what he's saying because he's bringing in many other elements he's talking about multiculturalism he's talking about the fact he also says that whilst critical was a member of the german parliament as a member of the c.d.u. he brings of the fact that he was very much against jewel citizenship or to nationality will say which let's not forget those represent germany but he is very proud also of his turkish heritage and he also says that in his statement so he has really caused a massive shock in what he said because he is he also and before i forget mentions the fact that he asked the question is it because he is muslim so you know there's going to be. a lot of reaction to this in the coming days and hours that's for sure ok and reaction is exactly what i want to hear from you so was all of this the
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release to this statement in english already a statement on itself and it was also wanted to what's the reaction there in english on twitter the statement itself as public point out is so strongly worded that a lot of the reaction has just been requoting him there's no real need for additional reaction there has been so far right trolling aside a lot of support with a lot of sadness for example who is the founder of a nonprofit german turkish diplomats here in germany and he tweeted he said those resignation from the german national team is the worst worst case scenario for open and tolerant germany it took so long to give young children of migration backgrounds hope even as their idol fails how should kids believe in themselves and our country and then the speaking of country not a lot of official reaction from government officials yet although germany's justice minister catarina barly had this to say on twitter it's a warning sign when a big time german player like. no longer feels wanted in his country and represented by the d.f.t.
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because of racism it's also interesting what officials aren't saying for example the fifa world cup is one of the few soccer organizations actually come out and say anything yet but take a look at what their statement says on twitter they wrote. has called time on his international career with the german national team congratulations on being part of world cup history while wearing the shirt as a sophie is completely sidestepping doesn't mention any of the ignoring the whole reason that has resigned which is the racism and discrimination that he feels at the highest levels of germany's sports media and society and there's two issues here really that we need to separate you know is the current state of turkish politics and bigotry against foreigners in germany like we have here from this journalist in sweden who's pointing out to other journalists it is possible to condemn both those decision to post for a photo with a tyrannical heir to one and the racism he. subjected to because of it do not conflate the two he calls it a p.r. effort whatever those doing and at some point important point to bear in mind of
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course was an only victim of racism because of poser marijuana was just one more example of it well published from a sports desk and william norbu craft from a social media desk thank you both for your views and tens of thousands of people turned out on the streets of munich sunday to support my grants and protest protest against what they call politics of fear the demonstrators say public debate in germany is being pushed to the right not only by the far right alternative for germany but also by the conservative c.s.u. party they criticized attempts by germany's interior minister. to close the country's border to my grounds. but israeli military has evacuated over four hundred syrian white helmets and their families to safety in jordan images from the israeli army to rescue workers and their families evacuating syria to israel the group is then bussed to jordan western powers who supports the volunteer rescue
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group formerly known as syria civil defense requested israel's assistance once the group's members were deemed to be in mortal danger but hundreds more are still trapped. g. twenty nations have ended two days of talks with a warning that global growth could be derailed now the group cites heightened trade and geopolitical tensions in a final statement donald trump's to attach terry flows with china and the european union a not mentioned in the text which is nonetheless much more strongly worded than the last statement in march. going into the summit the threat posed by us president trumps america first policy was clear the international monetary fund has studied the current tariff escalation and puts a number to it all those smaller than some had feared it certainly indicates the impact that it would have on g.d.p. which in the worst case scenario under current measures and not taking into account
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the most recent announcements is in the range of point five percent of g.d.p. on a global basis and surprisingly the cittie twenty member countries are distancing themselves from any protectionist measures like japan just days after signing a massive trade agreement with the e.u. . protectionism benefits no one free and fair rule based trade is the way to draw the world economy. fair trade instead of free trade that sounds like what the united states wants fighting accusations of protectionism trumps finance minister stephen nugent offer to open trade negotiations with japan as well as the e.u. not so fast says france they want the us to take back all recent terror since threats as a precondition for talks to start the official e.u.
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policy sounds a little softer. it's not the condition because we can do good but it would be a group. whether a great wish gets the u.s. to change its strategy is unclear but for now g twenty finance ministers maybe with the exception of stephen merchant present themselves as one big family working together for free trade. cuba has begun a cautious process of reform instigated by its new president. in april he became the first non castro head of state on the island for sixty years and this weekend parliament approved a new cabinet consisting almost exclusively of ministers who already served castro deputies are also debating constitutional reform which among other things will permit private property but cements the communist party's hold on political power.
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cuba's parliament has been debating constitutional reform since saturday it would be the first update since one nine hundred seventy six focusing largely on a controlled opening of the economy above all reformers want stronger recognition of private property rights. you know what we already have here paid employment and private property ownership we have to recognise this objectively this is the reality we have to accept and regulate it. only. the communist party remains in charge in cuba its goal is to develop a form of socialism that's no longer strictly communist raul castro took the first steps in opening the country's economy while he was president now and again diaz can then is in charge he's ruled out full on free market capitalism. other constitutional reforms include limiting the president to two terms creating a prime minister post and addressing l g b t discrimination which has long been
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systematic in cuba. it wasn't that this is historic sixty years since the revolution we need to change the communist party has already given the reforms its blessing now the parliament has to accept them and put the changes to a referendum. the german grand prix in hockenheim ended with a new iraqi for formula one defending champion lewis hamilton now the better start of the race in fourteen but took advantage of heavy rain to battle an unexpected win but it was a hugely disappointing day for ferrari sebastian vettel in front of his home crowd . everything seemed perfectly set up for sebastian fettle at his home prix. sorry driver dominated after a good start and looked on course for a maiden when talking home. yet further back lewis hamilton with. as in attack mode the briton fought his way through police by police this
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maneuver taking six hundred don't came the rain the truck became slippy as fettle sued for those. skid into the barriers ended his race for the german to keep his frustration on the steering wheel. beneficiary none other than his arch rival hamilton the world champion hit the front and held his nerve for celebrating his surprise triumph in germany style. i would never have thought that you could do something like that today but i just kept pushing i kept believing and it happened so i really benefits in my dream today so the big thanks to god so it's the fight for the title remains close with the next votes coming in hungary where fettle will be desperate to get back. and a quick reminder on all the top story we're following for you germany's world cup winning midfielder metz of course they'll quit the international soccer team also
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said he faced racism and disrespect over a meeting with turkish president. and on. watching the news from berlin don't forget that you can always get the latest from our website www dot com and you can also follow us on social media we are at the new thank you for watching . as long as. you know the banks. and so watch the language of. speaking the truth global news that matters g.w. made for mines.


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