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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 23, 2018 11:00am-11:15am CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin one of germany's best known soccer stars puts the national team citing racism midfielder measured as you'll says he will no longer play internationally for germany after facing a barrage of criticism for meeting the turkish president his decision has kicked off a debate about racism and integration. also coming up what do you do if you have to import almost everything you consume and you're not sure what the future holds we take you to the overseas british tourist territory our bank will lend the caribbean and its worries over the upcoming brits.
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i'm sorry so much got a welcome to the show german football star may suit israel has quit the national team hitting out of what he perceived to be unfair discrimination after germany's world cup exit who has turkish roots said he faced racism and disrespect from the german media after his meeting with turkish president back in may he was also criticised by the german football association after the tournament in russia. after a long silence measured israel has finally made his feelings known in an epic three part statement on twitter who still said his meeting with turkey's president added on was about respecting the highest office of his family's country. in his third post released hours later israel heavily criticized german football association
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president clinton for his negative comments on islam and multiculturalism and announced he was quitting the german side. a photo of israel an added one at that meeting in may spark to debate that has refused to die in germany with israel being accused of helping out a once campaign for an upcoming election is all says the pat talked only about football germany teammate going to on the scene here on the left was also at the meeting and explained his decision soon after is ill prefer to remain silent which only brought him more criticism if in the kind i don't think any footballer should have their photo taken with any authoritarian rulers whether with vladimir putin as the tomah tasted or with edouard like going to one in israel there are enough democratic politicians to be photographed webb could get got to put it you can beat him is he a position lesson coming off to germany's exit in the world cup group stage the debate bubbled up again germany team manager all of a beer huff and f.a.
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chief of one hundred grandel added fuel to the fire with kendall urging him to explain his meeting with. the ninety two times capped international has done so now and his words have piled more pressure on the german f.a. who have yet to respond. and only him her talking from forces with us to tell us more about the story hi alina so get not shy away from pointing out the racism you know on the double standards inside the d.f.t. so there's no basically feels that he is being used as a scapegoat for the incompetence of mine had can go that the if the president and it isn't also what i thought was a very telling comment is when has that people like rendell people with his sort of mindset that you know i'm german when we win when we're successful and i'm the foreign of the immigrant louis and many germans with an immigrant background feel this way it's almost like that identity politics but you don't feel like you're. good enough you have a german enough and let's also not forget that gringo he is a former politician and in the past he has made negative and quite
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a few controversial comments about multiculturalism in and his time in germany and it will just feel a man of with his sort of reuse should not be in a position of power so most it is no longer going to play for the german team what does this mean for german football how big of a star has he been a huge i mean people also can't forget that it is a model of integration he won numerous awards in germany he was the go to guy and i think the bigger question now is what sort of impact will this have on future generations of germans with a migrant background because a lot of them might be now saying hey she really opt you know playing for germany or should i not because what is it if you look at the way the entire if you look at the way somebody a star like the way he's been treated somebody who is like a fall from grace it's like this is the way he had to end his career and i think this would also be really bad for the talent pool in germany if a lot of germans with an immigrant background decide not to opt to pay for germany
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or italy mottaki from date of you sports thank you very much and let's bring in our chief political correspondent melinda crane also for that aspect of the story i'm melinda what is the wider political fallout from this decision. decision to quit the german national team. well it definitely is a very big story here in germany a very big debate just to give you a sense of how big this is the front page of germany's main tabloid and as you see it is absolutely the top story for this paper and for most other media as well and basically the fall out is divided politicians who tend to be on the conservative side of the spectrum where certainly football association president mr grindle would be located they are essentially focusing once again on that photo with the president out of one and saying that mr never took sufficient
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responsibility for his actions and that he should never have have had that photo taken but on the other hand we have a number of voices both out of the opposition parties like the green party and and also the social democratic party including the german justice minister who is a member of the social democratic party saying this is an absolute alarm bell when someone like mr is a doesn't feel comfortable in the german football team when he has the sense that he's been subjected to racism by the very head of the football association and by the way mr as you also received a lot of social media postings that were very hateful following the defeat of the german team that when a person like me doesn't feel comfortable that that is a sign that we have a deep political social problem in germany and i think what we're seeing here is we're seeing mr grindle taking advantage of
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a very heated climate at the moment through the whole debate about immigration we have an increasing sense of tribalism particularly on the right side of the political spectrum here in germany so essentially there is fertile. around for implied racism and on the other hand comments like mr grendel's essentially make that politically acceptable and therefore a lot of concern among politicians within the opposition within the social democratic party did have used chief political correspondent melinda crane for us melinda thank you very much. not to some other stories making news around the world u.s. president donald trump has lashed out at iran's hasan rowhani on twitter he warned the iranian president not to threaten the u.s. or quote suffer consequences the likes of which few throughout history have ever suffered before trump's tweet came hours after rouhani said hostile u.s.
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policy towards iran could lead to the mother of all wars. police say two people are dead and thirteen more wounded after a mass shooting in downtown toronto the gunman opened fire in the city's greektown neighborhood on sunday night before being killed in a shootout with police a young girl remains in critical condition police say it is too early to tell whether the shooting is terrorism related. militants in the northern iraqi city of air bill have attacked the building that houses the region's provincial government multiple gunmen stormed the building after shooting security guards one of the attackers has reportedly carried out a suicide bombing official say security forces have killed two of the assailants but others remain inside with hostages. cuba's national assembly has approved a new constitution it reorganizes the government and recognizes the right to own private property but it also aims to keep the communist party firmly in control of the economy the draft will be put to a vote in a national referendum later this year. british prime minister theresa may is making
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another attempt to win over her cabinet to her vision for brags that she's called her ministers together today for a special round of talks economic growth and trade post for exit are expected to top the agenda but britain's divorce from the european union will also have a profound impact on. thousands living outside of europe the small caribbean island event is one of fourteen british overseas territories residents didn't have a say in the bread vote some on the island now see the result as a chance to push for independence from london as part of our road to break that series. this it and willa to gauge the mood. as ship docking in britain six thousand five hundred kilometers away from the british mainland we're in one gorilla one of britain's six overseas territories and the caribbean people here have to import nearly everything even their drinking water and this port is
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a life of language. is not only because there's only. so. if for whatever reason this port closes on. angola and itself just like those. most of the goods come in via the e.u. or more precisely from a port just fifteen minutes away on the french island of some of. the neighboring islands have close ties but no breaks it is threatening their relationship. we find it to be insulting because it will be affected directly. bought as we all saw water for years. and. that you know that doesn't present situation by the pound in the negative so local radio host a.j. hammer is angry that anger will lead to not have a say over breakfast that since residents could not vote liberated effect he and some fifteen thousand other islanders will lose their passports should london come
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up short and it's been to secure a good break sit deal and with less residents worry that they will be among the biggest losers i'm going to ensure that i hadn't a chance to participate in the backseat and that no other people should decide and get on straight but then britain has been. increasing home micro-managing which i think is it fair to us. that mean we have no say because if you take the economy of and when you take the budget angle it has to be approved by england so we are just puppets in the end the whole thing yet another waste britain. is less involved since hurricane irma devastated on last september many homes still in ruins the state's coffers are empty and the planned reconstruction is funded by the e.u. it is also agreed last largest provider of development aid with much of the money earmarked for education after breaks it is unclear what the london will step in to
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help. the kingdom i would say ninety percent of the people that i talk to which i have a clue that there's a political angle so you know i really think we have a i don't think it would be a big on the agenda of the british government. as one of the issues that they speak about and we don't have the quality of frustration our exit has reached the point of fight or something really ends are calling for independence from britain d.j. hammer is for it. you'll be able to fend for yourselves because the british government is doing well and that's that's no i'm not sure i must be getting on you know a free a shake the most and williams would have voted to stay in the e.u. the island's depends on close ties with its e.u. neighbors in the caribbean just why many here would rather be a part of the european union than of britain the only. rule.
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now the german grand prix in hockenheim has ended with a miracle win for formula one defending champion lewis hamilton adult and started the race in fourteen following a hydraulics failure and all fine but he took advantage of heavy rain to battle to win on expected with the mercedes drivers now seventeen points ahead of ferrari's the boston federal who crashed out of the race after skidding into the barriers in front of his home supporters finish driver about terry or just took second but can you reckon in finishing their. denmark's magnus court nielsen has won the fifteenth stage of the tour de france and making it two wins in a row for the rest on a team meanwhile the race favorites team sky's gareth thomas and chris froome were content to take it easy ahead of the three tough stages in the pyrenees mountains. stage fifteen from new york to cock a song was once again decided by a breakaway group with a day off followed by an onslaught on the peyronie's beckoning the favorites once
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again conserve their energy the peloton around the overall leader and karen thomas and defending champion chris froome controlled proceedings allowing free rein to the breakaway group of twenty nine. after a ride of just over one hundred eighty kilometers a stunt as magnus caught nielsen sprinting to stage victory i mean it is a go they already said that this was the stage for me and that i should go out in the break well i went and everything i wanted all of the perfect me and i'm so happy the main contenders coasted home shortly thereafter before the tour hits the peaks thomas needs for by one minute thirty nine seconds that could all change after three stages in the mountains thanks. sarah harman will be here with an update on your headlines at the top of the hour but don't forget you can follow us on twitter our handle their attitude at any.
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level we were. when we were. eighty percent of americans at some point in our lives will experience hardship listening. audience.


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