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tv   Arts.21 - Daniil Trifonov - A New Chopin Part 2  Deutsche Welle  July 23, 2018 2:30pm-3:01pm CEST

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major power in the middle east. and one's influence continues to grow politically economically and above all militarily. cut off does iran truly want peace. the countries of holmes have their doubts to isolate. iran from fi ocracy regional superpower starts aug fifth on g w w
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in the spring of twenty seventeen the german industrial city doggoned is the setting for a special musical encounter. it's the first time pianist john uniquely fun of and among our chamber orchestra record both of frederick chopin's two piano concertos with a new orchestration. responsible for the arrangement is also wielding the paternity . suit over beds in white is the sisterhood. taking ship i think so when it's finished i like to have i. guess it's defeat of icebox. if. i'm tired and there's and that has lost money in the technician this item often does my devils mind is that it was the other one. the man on the stage hewas able to transmit his feeling for all the.
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sounding material the hearts of people who are listening to him. danny on twitter and off was born in one thousand nine hundred one in russia at the age of five he starts playing the piano he studies in moscow and the united states and off wins numerous piano competitions and has already released five albums the latest release is devoted to chopin. that music doesn't have an excuse it's like every node. ghost of the year for me is that. daniel different off lives in new york there he spends much of his time traveling the world he performs about one hundred sixty concerts a year. we
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kyle plec nephew is a pianist conductor and composer since the early one nine hundred eighty s. he's recorded more than one hundred albums and won numerous awards in two thousand and five he won a grammy with martha argerich in one nine hundred ninety he founded the russian national orchestra and became its principal conductor he started composing at the age of twelve chamber music orchestral pieces vocal works and even jazz. of course you know the shop and was not that much interested in orchestra with us there's always called the poor of piano i love this music but there's a think about the locust ration if you do that day and bitter feeling and then i said well just me marcus thurston actually i was doing for myself to
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enjoy. blake the question from the. her. it's really the first time i've played the position i was head of the senator for which however even this detailed and consequential and gets a light for good because. of a confront and sense of timing and then it's also very colorful and. sense of self when that in the thing that awful first concept of the. a lot of. dialogue
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between the piano and of an orchestra and that's what actually makes since. real question of the. pose to piano concertos are both very popular with audiences though some critics feel they fall short of his other works. his orchestration has attracted much criticism because piano and orchestra are not treated equally. piano part is so beautiful. unfortunately in the original constitution.
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those last moments with this woman long since they know it's. it doesn't look. good. but. i think. it's funny play this new version for me personally because i move the original orchestration quite well and i don't have more or less to do i just have different things to do occasionally and ober will suddenly play what was an individual note that i had in the original and it's a very strange feeling it's almost as if you're playing but you don't have your instrument to your lips and then the other times i've got some more interesting figures that i never would have seen the previous version so actually it's keeping
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me on my toes and i i like it slowed down. they had flight management in arkansas part book i shot it up from michael into something undersized and flocked to businessman instrument. i mean again it's as tired as i was instrumental it's gotten to two and a mortgage and on the phone to one shot or she was cutting mine clung saw india's muslim want to. be able to finance a stinker dismissed when poll could afford and zoom through both thirty if this soon could enter a little softer few doors. are. shut yet if we ever start. yes in the bar. if sharp said no yes you're absolutely right i.
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yeah. i don't consider sinister for that i'm one of those they are used to something. grow up without screaming. it's no different hence we're quite particular. and fifths finger. wore it exactly the same length fresh off his fat finger so there's that unusual structure of scans which ought some sort of. a woman to play sort of the best use we've come for it which is for the most generous with moment the national . hand. are difficult.
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the bicycle with me is the only much. needed all cock one. the. little. stable part is putting it all. collectively so that i'll. put it in the knee of. the horse or. i'm sure you feel me sure but the boarding school in the school. of business you got in one. recently. told us to go for the. tourney and for fun off lives in new york with his fiance
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judith ramirez they know each other from when they both studied piano at the cleveland institute of music you know higher and she says that she has much more concentration if you will too if you will but here's what being. here should have follows you both of them having. also i feel i'm not sorry for. i find it to be a bit of free seats here and of us so many. the rights of ideas and i feel very comfortable to be in a cause or part of them vitamins where there are people from all kinds of backgrounds and histories and so. this is also for this incredible blend of culture us on. its own i don't think in the us.
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but you know it's not only about diversity so say both or you can separate yourself from as he said because sometimes in your time for yourself in that your own medical story if you just consider the need to. be like some. different ways and sometimes sometimes so on the contrary it's good talk. is a good. shot shot through windows and have a space. you know second concerto starts with.
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so. and then. your mother bunch of them. is. both both the unions they are very wolfy think of the answer to my cynicism about various course and delves into convinced that exist here and the whole world. bunch up to being macho might sink and vince envelopment might show it is a dick. video who has a lot of nervousness and less constant turmoil of zero. dollars and
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. very expressive. but expensive uncertainty this. suspense left to authorize is very evident in the best second concerto where seeing for its eye to reach that you are a very a it's a gloomy three but dramatic section that uses change harming a certain place and thermal by the streams in the orchestra.
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and you know all of them as if it's like it's like a very real human speech real human voice. trying to or. shiver sumthin sumthin thing for him to minister.
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and the whole thing which of course. because it would look at least. three different version. of this with a with a with mr reopens worth of stuff but that would mean that the. worst thing was going on with so much of the. thought well that you have to persevere to me i'm. going to do is it good because i suppose because i was a gold digger that you never see a post on the physical you know soon as he. was born and so we'll put them here it will all be as it varied not so often when it's so full of ruby typing. yeah feels put be unviable before the first licked as a club and then you vacuum it's fine must be this would need just like you sign
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that's what i did but. also know that sometimes it looks like you're right for some person that. i give you the signal that you'll simply i'm not going to feel i'm playing two seconds i'm playing like a p.g. and you see together so it's like the opposition talking about m m m m. it's i think it's something that has to i think on the meeting. i mean it sounds like it was just like a very rushed one yeah but it sound also like itself me this place sounds like three instruments you know you have like these some of the cars and the this is such a voice it sounds like a bumblebee yes. but it feels like obscene to me also if you press the similarity i think it's by the use of numbers been easier for viral videos a target for have as poor. and the problem are to just village kingpin and i
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think lisa monaco faxed them all. indeed. you know i'm concerned that the middle east didn't it and jesus jesus concept out that's just the numbers on the situates one diva one. the recording sessions and rehearsals are complete at the door to concert halls the countdown is on front of house as well as backstage. the preparation starts and must really mean as before so solid as before sometimes when it can be a day before. most helpful is when you kind of put yourself away from different disturbances and like you don't think about what you don't think about what you're trying to you know it's like i like it like a horse blenders but mental once it's like you're just trying to. to limit
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yourself from a sway things as possible in. this race or music and you can consider morning music . i often listen myself when i play. so yeah i usually don't like to struggle skipping and i sometimes when i'm quite straight is on the stage. most of this i might not even be aware of like if it is so full it might bust somewhere in all the playing of course just does but not in my concentration all of us of what i'm focusing on. earth
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will. thank you both with us this sort of as a whole so there is a certain in the moment sensation because everything that happens in that particular moment so the vet makes the music to be the style.
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of the new clues here is so much more in the music hughson never know. how to move this when. they understand the police and you know it was something. she said will to attract the attention to. this wealth and he's. given all for. himself. every moment the truth. many people just leave us with little room. something to say.
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all off. off or was during the org all one or. all. girls. or with old. old .
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thank .
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you five thank. you and how the whole of your part of the world events something you feel was going to be six. but more than seven. is thinks they're from if the us win over the course of a moment or so after a certain i'm looking musically just for work or feel. census for me for example it's difficult to look awfully close several days and all in a minimum one day in between but a talk. to a tourist or my emotional force. looks like i haven't seriously think.
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that if it ever happens. that. it's damn. body in the pits.
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steady and so forth. if you call electric trying. to force popular in traffic on the phone for you upgraded spock to twenty successful years the fourth generation ford
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focus has been on planes. trying. to find true for the conflict zone with tim sebastian. i'll be challenging those in power asking tough questions demanding. as conflicts intensify i'll be meeting with keep playing. it's on the ground in the centers of. cutting through the rhetoric holding the powerful to account past the profits of. conflict zone with jim sebastian thrun d.w. . if you like to be our fighters want to start families to become farmers or engineers every one of them has a plan for your children planning is just that the children who have already been
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the boy and those that will follow are part of a new process. they could be the future of the record on the. granting opportunities for global news that matters d. w. made from minds. sarno just couldn't get this song out of his head. musicologist began searching for the source of this captivating sound. and that deep in the rain forest in central africa and look to bullock was able to lead the way only among. the most money living so he was served by their culture but he stayed local as. only a promise to his son made sarno leave the jungle and return to the concrete and glass jungle but. the result reverse culture shock.
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from the forest starts caucus night w. . play. play play play play. is do you have a news coming here why pronger land one of germany's best known soccer stars quits the national team citing racism midfielder mez it is a will no longer play internationally for germany after facing up a roster of criticism for meeting the churches for president this is asian this kicked off a debate about racism and integration.


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