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tv   Shift - Living in the Digital Age  Deutsche Welle  July 25, 2018 11:45am-12:00pm CEST

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will showcase dozens of newcomers from the a. w s complex players are going to write their. fucking obit their two thousand and ten start to his second to dublin to online. shift hash tag. our special program on women in the tech industry with preprogramed gender stereotypes virtual museums. and face painting evolution. but first. gender equality remains elusive for women in the world of technology the programs of tomorrow are mostly developed by. three successful.
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needs more with. these three women want to build a better world through technology but they've had to fight bias in a sector dominated by men. one example over the past decades eighty eight percent of the patents in the u.s. were registered by men the tech pioneers agree this needs to change virtual reality is seen as a technology with huge growth potential to transports users beyond the boundaries of the physical world to mind boggling new experiences whether for entertainment therapeutic or educational purposes v.r. has many different fields of application but women are barely involved in its development. i don't think you know any such defense in the technology. gender stopping women from entering this is because the naturally thing that it is a very complex. area of technology.
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studied computer science in india after that she developed and program open source software at conferences around the world she speaks about p.r. applications and web browsers her goal is to inspire other women. in the building of any application the fear the kind of feel because the art is all about the experience and feel so the kind of feel it. user is more empathetic computer games are mostly aimed at a male audience they often paint a distorted picture of women. one reason may be due to the fact that only twenty percent of game development related jobs are held by women they face a lot of obstacles don't just a few women have to work much harder in this industry they need to accomplish two or three times as much to end the same recognition. in two thousand nine hundred four set up a bachelor's course for game design ever lands university of applied sciences she
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wanted half of her students to be women and reach that goal within just the first few years. it's the facts that women game as well and that's why women can and should also develop games also has had the games address a female audience i don't think women develop fundamentally different games just because they're women that maybe they can approach things from a different perspective. future technologies are profiting from input by women. viewed as the internet's next step of evolution it can be used to decentralize finances trade and state governance making them more transparent and fair so far block change trailblazers are predominantly men. and i think women are actually being trained not to take risks and that's the case with technology it hasn't established itself in a way that i can explain it to my grandparents and tell them i'm working on block change technologies and they'd say that's my girl. redoing the arabs was willing to
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take the risk with a ph d. in physics she's worked at columbia and stanford in twenty seventeen she left science to begin managing the block chain startup gnosis. she is now also the head of a nationwide digital currency and block chain lobby group the german federal bloc trade association going on and if more women were involved in developing change it wouldn't make. sequel than it already is right now white men between twenty and thirty five of the ones making a fortune thank will shape tomorrow as well. it's women like these who are shaping future technologies and with their dedication to bringing more diversity to the world of tomorrow. shift says keep up the great work. now it's time for our shift ranking the most successful women in the tech industry in fifth place angela ahrendts senior vice president and one of two senior female
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board members at apple she was listed in forbes ranking of the most powerful women in the world in twenty fifteen and has been helping to drive apple sales since twenty fourteen. at number four meg whitman until recently president and chief executive officer of hewlett packard enterprise a millionaire activist and philanthropist she proved the epitome of cool when she took part in the ice bucket challenge. coming in third. the first woman to serve as c.e.o. and president of i.b.m. she has degrees in computer science and electrical engineering and started working our way to the top of i.b.m. as a systems engineer in one thousand nine hundred eighty one. our runner up susan. pirate is google's sixteenth employee in one thousand nine hundred nine she advocated its acquisition of you tube and has served as you tube c.e.o. since two thousand and six today she has her own channel to share her perspective.
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number one sheryl sandberg c.e.o. of facebook and one of founder mark zuckerberg close associates and author and activist she's committed to advancing women's empowerment also in talks with the french president. that was ranking and not programmed prejudice whether shopping. if you google. secretary.
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for example. it's not. because they are still program. or. are. translations. of text.
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or picture recognition. large. pictures are. another problem. even though they falsely identified this man as a woman. changing babsy is difficult time consuming. one important thing is to know all of the sources of your data so to be very aware that if you're going to collect a lot of data over a period of years that perhaps you should have a human look through some of that or a group of humans and mark or remove the content that perhaps carries these harmful or unfair treatment of groups or people the codes behind these algorithms or how often top secret so it's difficult to prove an algorithm is making unfair decisions
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or associations that feminist program can check if an algorithm is discriminatory it simulates fake accounts that are identical in everything that genda allowing an initial comparison that accountability transparency and fairness are really the future of machine learning and we need to make them trustworthy and we need to you know allow people to ask questions about how they work and allow people to see how they're operating and how they're trained to eliminate prejudice in algorithms it will take more social awareness human oversight. shift says be wary of over reliance. know our dog load to the shift abstract. a visit to the museum can be a rewarding experience but what if it's just too far away. the world's biggest search engine google has a solution for google arts and culture around which you virtually visit more than
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twelve hundred sites in seventy countries for free. artworks are indexed using tags. and sorted by date of origin even by color. google's cardboard platform lets users even enjoy places in three hundred sixty degree virtual reality making places like india's taj mahal practically palpable. by zooming in users can take a closer look at various artworks what's the painting and dog's famous bedroom and off. and for more on the digital world visit our facebook page g w digital. for all the latest digital news and trends interesting ups gadgets and helpful tutorials you can watch shift reports there to follow us
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and tell us what you think about d.w. digital. and as always we link shifts through the exit our internet find of the week this time facing revolution. some make up a mirror and a camera m.r. allen uses her own face as a canvas to tell stunning stories now the artist has made a new stop motion animation a mouth used three of humankind. santiago was inspired by one of allen's many followers and consists of twelve hundred fifty separate pictures each took about an hour to prepare. in just ninety seconds we watched time fly from the earliest beginnings to a fascinating future. swedish motion graphic artist
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andrea spanish that creates short animations and many you watch them say they have a soothing effect on them is oddly satisfying video collection is available on instagram next week on shift. the smell of freshly cut glass bread out of the office. shields. the feel of some further. strain credulity into contentment. every sensation becomes more intense of dying in a swiss farmhouse says. the woman whose thirty minutes on t.w. . sarno
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just couldn't get this song out of his head. musicologist began searching for the source of these captivating sounds. and found that deep in the rainforest in central africa. the byock of people. hanging in the k.l.a. i must say let's look was a big lesson why anyone philip. money legal costs he was so fascinated by their culture that he stayed. only a promise to a star no leave the jungle and return to the concrete and glass jungle but. the result reverse culture shock. was
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the cause winning documentary from the forest starts aug ninth on d w. this is a fifteen year old girl. being gang raped. his teacher is beating a board for talking back and class for the rest of the transporters. purist culture is being sued by his mother for breaking up or else. just because you can see violence against children doesn't mean i wasn't there make them visible visible. mike violence or comes children to some. pakistan is heading to the polls amidst an unprecedented crackdown on the media. we will tell you everything you need to do with live coverage and reports from islamabad and the whole. city and eat up the union.
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this is deja vu news coming to you live from balmain pakistan is voting in a closely contested parliamentary election millions of pakistanis are casting ballots after a bitter and divisive election campaign marred by violence the military's out in force to ensure security but a suicide bomber has already struck outside a police station we'll go live to islamabad.


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