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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  July 25, 2018 7:15pm-7:30pm CEST

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the cubs thousands of passengers in europe forced to reset job or even cancel the holidays plus budget allies from brian scalabrine cruz strike in small countries. their heart out as well how about for you and precious update in just a moment i'll be back at the top of the hour the latest news from around the world of yourself a good day basis to dublin. we speak different languages we fight for different things that's fine but we all stick up for freedom freedom of speech and freedom of press. giving freedom of choice global news that matters w made for mines. a museum says mr bush gets the once a. little so-called a chance not to these kind of side by.
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people who put big dreams on the big screen. t.v. movie magazine on the w. irish budget airline ryanair is throttling down its engines as cockpit and cabin crews are holding a two day strike in europe the carrier says it will cut its double bass fleet putting three hundred jobs at risk. leaders of the five brics countries meet in johannesburg can the loose knit group find a fresh mission when free trade is under assault. is d.w. business welcome but we start the show on a somber note for chrysler mourns the death of longtime c.e.o.
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sergio marchione he died wednesday at age sixty six following complications from an operation the charismatic former managers celebrated for saving both fear and chrysler from bankruptcy marchione achieved his last major goal just before his death via price than it had eliminated its debt you also left more immediate concerns for the italian american carmakers posted a thirty five percent dip in profit for the second quarter and scaled back its full year revenue projections. ryanair has warned there might be around three hundred job cuts for pilots and cabin crew as the carrier says it might cut its dublin based fleet by twenty percent for the winter season after recent strikes bookings the announcement came as ryanair staff in for couple european countries hold a two day strike. this is what ryanair was hoping to avoid images of frustrated passengers
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waiting in line. intent the musky cuz that's the man and we thought everyone whose flight was cancelled had been informed we never expected they tell us half an hour before we were supposed to fly that we weren't going anywhere and i was and i said all of a cancer a flight to pisa we found out in a taxi on the way over here actually yes a lot of. ryanair had tried to limit the disruption caused by the cabin crew strike it even pressured many of its employees to cross the picket lines but company management failed to find common ground with union representatives as. ryanair is a textbook example of what you shouldn't do be a worker relations union relations or management style they have used their workers they humiliate them the striking workers want to draw public attention to what they call abuse with these water bottles they're required to buy their own water wall and duty just like passengers the strikes in belgium portugal and spain are centered on working conditions rather than money. there has been flying for ryan
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air for six years but despite the loyalty when he sick he says he's on his own. if i get treatment here i have to foot the bill myself and hope that the irish insurance system pays me back we also can't get loans for a house t.v. or car because we earn our income abroad and foreign banks won't give loans in spain. ryanair has published information about its benefit packages and average wages much to the surprise of all sky he claims take home salaries are around twenty thousand euros instead of the thirty four thousand ryanair claims. look at this you for ryanair is lying there trying to get the public on their side we were never interested in numbers or wages this is about our working conditions respect we don't want to be insulted or threatened we want to work without being afraid. and what have strikers
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achieved after the first day in spain at least not much the country's transport ministry said a minimum level of flights must take place hamstring in union members. in iran i don't think there will be more protests we want couto to ryanair we won't let them take advantage of their employees or let the authorities management or passengers laugh at them. at things with anyone in the majority of running their flights in and out of spain did take place on the first day of the strike passengers were informed on time but that could change as the strike continues. the leaders of brazil russia india china and south africa have gathered in johannesburg for the annual summit of the so-called brics nations trade and tariffs of course on top of the agenda as donald trump's continuous assault on free trade is giving the loose bloc a fresh impetus the leader of the biggest brics economy is also using the run up to the summit to further its own trade agenda on the continent. the chinese president
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xi jinping is traveling through africa and he's bought china's checkbook with him he has a little something for each country he visits on tuesday it was south africa's turn where she promised fifteen billion dollars in investments many companies are hoping they'll get a piece of the pie and that's boosting investor confidence. south african president so real ramaphosa has also been currying favor with investors since his swearing in in february. including china's pledge he secured thirty five billion dollars altogether. the bric summit is ramaphosa his first appearance on the international stage he's joined by the leaders of china russia india and brazil in johannesburg at a time of international upheaval after all we present forty one percent of the world population twenty two percent of g.d.p. eighteen percent of trade at this point in time i think the international border is
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being challenged. the confidence in the order in the stablished ordered is not as strong as it used to be so it's time for the brics to fear for its commitment to the international order. it's the first brics meeting since u.s. president donald trump kicked off his trade conflicts trump has indicated south africa could soon face u.s. tariffs of its own all the more reason that the future of free trade tops the agenda in johannesburg. where organizations like brics are becoming more and more important the seems as the world is looking for alternatives to the u.s. market which is increasingly being sealed off by the u.s. president as brilliant ellis fungo those covering this summit in south africa for us and on the phonic i would joins us from delhi let's start with you it's not only the brics countries represented there many other countries have sent delegations turkish president ever one has come in person what does that mean. well
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this is a need the first high level conflict between turkey and bricks are going will attend a special session in his capacity as the chairman of the organization of islamic corp and they'll also sideline foreign will meet with russia i would they've been increasing their corporation but looking at africa part of turkey's in time there is expanding its presence on the african continent they want to establish a diplomatic missions in every african country dave said and they just want to explore trade on the continent and that's why we also see a lot of other players coming to the table now this bric summit. let's go come to you for a moment with all the on the rest of the world economy how important are the brics and how important is this summit for india in particular when i think the brics are important you know that analysts here who see that the block off as a multilateral platform for india to have a great to see in the world's financial affairs for instance you know india is keen on having a brics rating agency to rival moody's but even on other issues and other international
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issues i think brics offers new ways of engaging on topics such as regional security we heard prime minister narendra modi you know this week talk about how he wants brics drop a counterterrorism strategy with some joint action on terra financing at the same time that of voices here in india who see that india does is in a bit of a tricky spot because it is deep in gauge with what china and russia but also with the us and that complicates things quite a bit so i think india placed an interesting role in the block at this time of growing uncertainty and protectionism. you mentioned narendra modi has also used the trip to visit several african countries before that and you jinping has done the same is there a sense of competition while china is barging in with huge unfair to infrastructure programs in africa does india fear to be left behind. well you know indeed officials have actually said this week that they're not in any race with china when it comes to getting access to african markets they point out
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that you know india's historical ties with africa would stretch back centuries but you know despite that talk there is no denying that india's attempts to expand its influence in africa is simply no match for china's deep pockets and street thought you know we have india india africa trade currently stands to prevent over fifty billion dollars and that builds in comparison to china's investments in africa which standard about one hundred seventy billion u.s. dollars. let's come back to you looking at south africa where your base not all is well there and in the biggest economy on the continent after years of stagnation of jacob zuma serum opposer now it's seen as a ray of hope is he really yes he is yeah yeah he was always from the start when he took over john jay because some have said that he really is focusing on getting more foreign investment back into the country and to make sure the people are confident again in south africa and as you just mentioned in a report as well we've already seen now before the break summit that said that at
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least china has said ok fifteen billion to ghost two to south africa they've also said that they are grabbed so that we've got mills for struggling at power utility company eskom so he is off to a good starts this summer it's and that said as well he's also not just saying that he wants investment in south africa is also we saying that we actually want breaks to invest in the rest of the continent and that's also while we at this summit also see need as from one that from one goal or from mozambique so there's more of a table there for saddam of course up and just south africa if you were looking at this this additional interest that the brics is generating right now is there any chance of brics my my grow. well ed there is definitely many african countries that would like to i think if they can fart of brakes and merging economies so i think also some of that leaders there might lobby as well for their mad to to join bricks and we also see that our
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leaders like from china are going to visit some other african countries us also i will just have to see if that it will get another letter to the brics acronyms. over there in south africa for us and sign a phonic. of delhi thank you very much for this insight. and that's from me and the business team here and. i have a home forever i will have an update for you course in the next stop on for you go is a real time check as usual on global markets on this i thank you very much for watching t.v. business problems. with
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. the movement. and during the conflict zone confronting the powerful trends years ago the good friday agreement is the way to decades of the conflicts in the island but the results have been mixed my just this week here in dublin just. before my parish prime minister just how fragile is the process not. the first conflict so for. the double.
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major smart t.v. smarter than t w four smart to. find out more had the job comes more cheesy. lines will find his want to start families to become farmers or engineers every one of them as a plan for the. summoning is just the children who have already been this way and that and those that will follow are part of a new process that they could be the future. granting opportunities for global news that matters. made for mines. must. be open air festival in the future. the metal battle showcased dozens of newcomers.
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w.x. packs for. the open air to take charge of just. twenty years ago the good friday agreement paves the way for an end to decades of bitter conflict in northern ireland but the results have been mixed my guest this week here in dublin is but for my irish prime minister and one of the co signatures of the agreement in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight just how fragile is the peace process now and what would it take to get it back.


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