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tv   Kick off - When female footballers become men Part 1  Deutsche Welle  July 27, 2018 1:30pm-2:01pm CEST

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is and most start with small steps globally two years tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world like to use the term to convert jews to green energy solutions and reforestation. they create interactive content teaching the next generation about environmental protection and we're determined to build something here for the next generation one two years the multimedia environment series on t.w. . as if i'm going to be a. divison to from the into this new to from. it's
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merinos first time playing for a men's team born as a girl marino has only played on women's teams before through months of testosterone therapy marino has physically transitioned into a man they took in forces of the close of such. a tough gig and goalkeeper cindy now identifies as fabio on as a teacher he used to be mr schroeder now he's mr schroeder was last as a last long last. past the stand. what is it like to play with a men's team as a trans man. the next new mother she. must cross. how does the transition from woman to man feel. the social incautious food when you . look at any hustler and defect about a little show. well new facial hair grows in chest reduction surgery is still to
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come change doesn't happen overnight to former women stories and their transitions into manhood and a new football life now with kick off. and i think a. maybe it's far beyond the last training session with the women's team. for the last six months he's been taking injections of the male hormone testosterone. for now he wants to take a break from playing football while transitioning into a man. by the millions. yeah. yeah. yeah. yeah. yeah if you like because.
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it. doesn't it was a car. loan. and. this. girlfriend is among the spectators as is marino's unlike fabi on she wants to continue playing as long as he's allowed in but their fan base the avenue. as i leave my flight eventually they're going to money nobody in that's when i'm. being very many of the. june twenty sixth seen a new chapter opens in marino's life his first. treatment of testosterone with
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transgender health specialist. i have friends who can buy. guns because a woman's. by page. level change but if you think. about a suspicious eye for a woman's uterus. you know better you want to. have a good american system. must post as to when i was asked where those problems are you believe this is going to leave. home with no that's to appear. how do you know. what. i want to ask said yeah. because i'm healthy oh ok and. i don't care for the thought of such
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a. big. merino will get one dose of testosterone every three months. this is no more are you ok if you have a kid. and so marino's second puberty begins. to start my new means but it might be of interest. and that's kind of my house and. so marino is back at work the same day the twenty two year old is a cobbler it will take his body about five years to fully adapt around the same time as normal puberty. i have to ask if you have to try most because i'm poor oh it of this is seven of us put say it's no. before you know it's a movement you have to chime in with your shit up off. my butt i thought this one
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was a momentum. going to the seas you know but it's i'm not going to remove. it and what would you have it. is. the question i. haven't been. there ever since the fifth by this one couple who got screwed off the census one entree into a few and far as a lot. of info. here ya know nova stand by me. to see. whether one. is so used to it up front and. tolerant i mean. they have nice music over ceramic. they are. july twenty sixth seen fabiani is a teacher at a school in hamburg. as
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a. as on a page as mr kling to it and it was understand it was about. to say just a few weeks earlier falchion was known as listen to peoples and colleagues yes i. am. class the stem. cell phone i called the miracle is yeah point mrs no my long posts again yesterday was really an issue of my meds as. you know this is just the beginning i was on my say coming out at the school was no problem for fabiano. god because that dispensed with that some had to find out as if isn't he typhon the right way he is to take with him the does man the so often treated. as. a smart
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sheriff. this is kind checked up on the doc the cooler the senate money on the heat in tar reactors lance armstrong does your wish diminish on t.v. phone. as you look around on the scene and blocked. the ocean courts. before a crisis or misspend met on doing. bunch my the topic for some of my dish relation to this mission of the thai snow. has been a d i n c nation tough delancey get. down off as low as mention
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a shield. from the head as a scam problematic. assuming there is a hole by some of who wants to live. on the sever ever possible from an ism on both . take up a civil war to see if yours is almost all just passes which we wish to others over them. in the meantime fabiano has been taking testosterone for eight months now. for now his regular id card still says he's female best. does a single malo design somehow time of them or and again sums also for instance with but also as we said a. very broken suit against sides a man with no multi-focal over rooney when he didn't are in control with it and yet hard. this is also justice on the social in the boys no effort and
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also as. they need a consciousness more guns clean up some cultures just made wish liezel. went on. september twenty sixth in the women's team i'm spittle has a captain taking testosterone. it's time for them to finally decide. how much longer marino should be able to play on the women's team. they will be weakened by his departure. is a fierce misogynistic one as revision if it's two dimensional in this kind of which i must see i'm going to miss several times over if. we see much of a few present. at the front i had to go if you also are. going to go after months of fish dish when i'm tired of months mind you there's even. a visit from the german football association and
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i was i was able to actually not say so. if it's a standard for any kind. of arena. it's a league game versus s.c. stand chance or. the marino has now taken his second testosterone dose if it were professional football it would be considered doping so it's an unusual case for the german football association to. hang a lot of hats a boy from the bodies women and girls football division watches from the touchline . if. the shifting of the no one has a woman come to. that side. marino side head in for halftime with the
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lead thanks to marinos goal. is he noticing any effects from the testosterone. i've been. flight external. as current it's off. bobby on now wants to be officially recognized as a man for that he needs a formal assessment from a psychologist and a personal trance history listing his formative memories. flesh and script boilers the halls of the comm or. stayed up that's also. been. overheard
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so i kind of messed up. and they have has. good old us just push to five percent. what about a title or two mishmosh and. if i get. device. to perform. about of some sort and is a man. so i moved. to toes and if i need to do. vinyl and toes and so i have to come. and. some. true mind of her mirror under her for me.
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they're going to. give you. does a mission but report tars. internet. fed may have had to. fly to perceive a fish. was a hood and offer of our. home. it's the second half with clinton vice marino's id likewise still displays his female name. in the meantime the score is one one. for now none of the team mates or the opponents have a problem with a trans man playing always made it because he says he had.
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been here. long. before and long. and this one man done cunt much as most of them try to finish all of it. as i don't. want it needing. merinos time on the women's team is running out. didn't. often may not be ms i'm not. good. enough for you. because. your false logic and i don't know the man i watch of. spite of us who. is in there often to shut you off on a. screen or. as a moment are very simple as it gets often very serious on. changes normal for
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trans men at least during this phase it's. not about who could. be a puppet so i'm cup off and on. so be going. to look nice and pleasant can then talk or contest about the contestant now. thank you. for me seven but i did this for me. and for. november twenty sixth again it's been five months since
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merinos first testosterone injection his coworkers have gotten used to the idea now an important date with the court is approaching. just constitute bloodless you're talking towels and you just sure going to get up let's put you to even sit here last on. the street my condo will the court officially recognize marino as a man. as well as a common. how hard it must understand. visited. by a source of risk to comment on how financially to some squid ploy. of good it was procedure to end of august that loved. convention does you know has a name that makes perhaps this five. ft.
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you really want to know curious because one of. the marines who makes his way to the magistrates court. he's had to acquire two independent psychological evaluations for the ruling on his change of gender and first name plus his personal trans history. he's now hoping for a positive decision. damages of it's as he can and this was i wish to mismanage can which comes to saying he often appears status has been my mother. she . just you know who not only does it. like his father is understood by ticket to work or to go. to. the hamburger thora days here around fifty cases a year of this kind the majority have
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a positive outcome. yeah . i asked. about it often for. a half dozen steps close to it is not as if it's also. slatternly so i was unified us as. yes on probably one i don't have it inside lenders and i. know. it seems to. come. as a superset of you but i was not much of it sam was a c.p.a. it's going to be one shot here productive with. me ok that's. just him and i love it. a lot harder far smiting high as it has been them i don't assume i guess i see stuff we
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didn't question i. guess we put it in the past. and as. little things come up. reporter. use this money place prudence's. us just. you know. it's a problem i don't know if. i thought much from s.s. people saying you know it and i think. i just had to refute as i thought gets intuition. and numbness the same and i have.
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as a first wrong answer off the off the tired anguish. doofus threat of kick me to quote could be to tap this one off. so as a scot as close to see as much as mom and jamie. get tighter it is our place to sell them off image to heighten by trying to a moment actually meg and put its saw guns off and put the that we were given it it had a b. b. in the us the less it had to have asked about even kind of most. dark going to die quickly he clearly thought of a quadriplegic. as a compliment so i'm going to flash but he. won't address my run of saw. it happen on fire and we saw the. cigar a british play the december twenty sixth again it's far beyond trans birthday one
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year since he's been on testosterone he's since moved town and hasn't seen marino in a while. but you know tom had album and it's now led by demanding it's. become a hit of nubile with those awful if and only this was many signal. comics ok. hey-o. mention. of. source ok that's how we should. go. idea it. is a hobby maybe you know. how to mention it there's overcast and most of the shelf and that you know as a minimum point certain models showing it earlier said yes it would have as good right as a sheet. of art can only see if this is the thought of. your cool or would you stay
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with session on the it was an orchestra and get a feel for the existence of infinite toys. mood. for the. global effort cuts against. just to mention. one mark by a. dozen and. this. is all. done off and that. is why i mention this. march twenty seventeen marino is now officially
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a man he's working out more instead of playing football. think up a. vision just a few too much do not a shelf drink on the machines not all of them a few as this is another startling honesty aspects of a come up oh didn't. you just assume as she. did not think of this and. yeah definitive. yeah. this must seem a shame that i'm best known for our flesh if you're really in danger as a story in which is just. so smart meadows. missed him on as a global. device in the search for any sort of as
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a. service include. the jesus congregants thing is missing the sequence of on research. in the second half of our docu. entry next week we accompany fabiani as he undergoes surgery to remove his female chest diminish the most raw too soon because its owner was losses of the future. and the former captain of the women's team marino will start training with the men's team much harder to match just losing those who was most aren't subjects of the fade outs in the hunt for shelf and softens touch with did so on the since mashallah also its constant was. previously two girlfriends now there are two good mates with a unique and genuine friendship for the country itself calling on someone his head shot. the job as a judge is open school for little mitchell ruffianly in the far flung bunch
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committeeman bizarre men should have understood most moodysson we do begin. now on headed to more we're just going to like it in strictly the take over. when women become man when bodies change and muscles grow funny when jambos come skiff it me on my sleeve when they should be that i am in good and decent for bundled michelle's complaint trying to get me to. stay tuned for part two next week i'm kind. of cool move.
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on. to. the. i'm going to. come out. it's a pioneering meeka logical project field tested and oh morning. in garden city in northern iraq it's all about sustainable living. nice right over the water into your car and garden city but he fell and bent that will
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hopefully find a way to. go at africa thirty minutes on d w. s sarno just couldn't get this song out of his head. musicologist began searching for the source of these captivating sounds. and found that deep in the rain forest in central africa and electable in the closing table google could bless him with the anyone. fascinated by their culture that he stayed. only a promise to his son made sarno leave the jungle and return to the concrete and glass jungle but. the result reverse culture shock.
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above the cries were. from the forest starts. w. . we make up oh but we want tons of cars that are on the budget we all of the seven seven percent. want to shape the continent's future to. be part of the answer to numb stares especially share their stories their dreams and their chairmanships of the seven seven percent dude platforms for. the. most solemn cut open air festival in northern germany a. fucking metal bucket full showcase dozens of newcomers followed. the lead w. end of exploration on the budget pledge fucking over their two thousand two
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hundred dollars circle to double up the leg length. pledge . this is the dow good news coming to you live from berlin. in wrong commas one pakistan's general election is causing a little pox on the coasts of the former cricket star would have to seek out advice to form a coalition government or so coming up with the national disaster in greek a car to say they think this makes did need a bonfire as was the.


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