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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  July 27, 2018 3:15pm-3:30pm CEST

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still that'll give you access to all the latest news from around the was as well as push notifications for any breaking news and you could also use a d.v.d. of the app to send us photos and videos which you think might be of interest. by finale those that will be with you shortly. tut tut. i. am not proud of them they will not succeed in dividing us about not succeed in taking the people off the streets because we are tired of just dictatorship. taking a stand global issues that matters d. w. made from minds. the news almost immediately she gets the once a new sound that's. called shake it up to this concept
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side by. playing. people have put big dreams on the big story play. movie magazine on d w. should foreign powers be allowed to own critical infrastructure germany's government says enough is enough and blocks of chinese takeover of company control of the electricity grid china really trying to take over. also coming up trying to use investment can be a blessing that occurs and. whole country we have a special report from cambodia. construction of the controversial north stream to pipeline gets underway by twenty nineteen transport russian natural gas to germany
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some say that will make germany too dependent on russia. this is the business as well germany's government is intervening in the sale of critical infrastructure to chinese investors german state bank w has agreed to take a twenty percent stake in high voltage energy network operator fifty hurts us fending off an offer from china's state grid said it is strongly interested in protecting critical energy infrastructure from foreign influence last year germany adopted legislation making it easier to veto takeovers of strategically important companies amid concerns china may be gaining access to key technologies that way. well my colleague on tilton joins me the studio now and you've been following this story does germany really need to worry about china switching the power off well
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china's which of germany's power would be kind of the the mother of black swan of vents and i really don't think it's something we have to worry about in the near future however it does seem that the german government is worried about its exposure to chinese investment you have to realize fifty hertz provides power to some eighteen million germans for the country and as g.c.c. is a state owned company that means their subservience to the communist party of china and by giving them the keys to the castle they would effectively have at least a certain degree of control over the power needs of twenty million germans and it seems that something the that the german government is taking quite seriously now there are have been statements by some german ministers that if we if germany continues to sell companies to china that it would actually make the chinese spy networks obsolete because they would have their people up all over the country. this is serious business right how big is china's involvement in key industries for example in germany well if you take a plea take a look at germany china's really been on
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a spending spree for the last year if i'm not mistaken twenty seventeen alone they invested invested some thirteen billion dollars in german companies they bought some fifty companies in branches ranging from machines machine construction to the automotive industry future technologies like solar and renewable energy and also biotech companies as part of a major push by chinese companies to attempt to take hold of german know how and kind of use it to fuel a new technological revolution i mean the chinese government's been quite open about the fact that they're hoping to be the pinnacle developer of high technology by two thousand and fifty and it seems like the really focusing on acquiring german companies to make that possible so on is for a long time copied western technologies. intellectual property then i just changed. by you that's well i think you're very right i mean for years china has been accused of abusing international rules and actually norrin them to
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get ahold of international intellectual property from the us from europe and especially from germany and now it seems they've moved to a new phase where they're just outright buying it and as i said they have this initiative where they want to be the pinnacle producer of high technology by two thousand and fifty and what we're seeing right now i mean it's possible to imagine a scenario where in twenty or thirty years german know how if you feeling this chinese technical revolution and that the access to that technology is coffer german companies very briefly is the president of china using their influence strategically well i mean right now what we're seeing them is trying to expand their soft power throughout the world they're investing billions not just in europe but also in africa and in asia as well and while there isn't necessarily any examples of them abusing that soft power you are seeing a growing reticence among international partners i mean the u.s. has voiced concerns as well as japan and australia that some of these investments might be crossing a line. thank you very much for. we
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stay on the subject best china is cementing its position as a global economic superpower literally the country invests in infrastructure structural projects around the world especially in africa and asia china's influence is very visible in cambodia no more so than on the coastal town of scieno will chinese investment has totally transformed the ones trying quote resorts to w. southeast asia correspondent bus and they filed this report like every day is preparing his little mare western restaurant for dinner time. and like every day he knows that he's unlikely to sell out all the delicacies he's putting on display . sales for composing in business owners like those who have slowed dramatically since the coastal town of sihanoukville has been overwhelmed by chinese tourists. who come and. they come here but most most of them they go to
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a chinese restaurant while his last sixty to seventy percent of his revenue some of the chinese own restaurants down the street are pursing at the seams. the main attraction for chinese tourists in sihanoukville the casinos. gambling is a favorite pastime for many chinese but it's illegal in mainland china here however casinos are springing up like mushrooms. alongside luxury apartment blocks at prices ordinary composed ians could never afford. by any measure cambodia is a poor country but its economy is growing fast and largely that's due to the massive amount of chinese investment pouring in and much of that money goes into construction projects like the one you can see here by the end of last year chinese construction contracts in cambodia were worth some seventeen billion dollars and that's almost as much as the country's g.d.p.
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itself. the influx of chinese money is a blessing for those who managed to land a job here they can earn two to three times as much as others. i'm rich now but at least i'm no longer poor. i used to not have any savings at all now i have some money at home maybe one or two thousand dollars things have definitely improved compared to when we were poor. about it. others have found work at one of the mostly chinese factories that have opened in the special economic zone close by what attracts investors here is the cheap labor but with demand for workers on the rise so are the wages. i predict in the next ten year maybe the minimum wage in cambodia is about two hundred dollars two hundred thirty or two hundred fifty dollars so that is kabaddi it will be less competitive in the world market so the problem can be converted how to change their production.
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so government how to do very hard work with them because most of people they leave the school. a grade six create a grade so that the problem how to improve the value added because the but activity is low. but for the moment the component economy is benefiting from china's investment push even if in theory you will not everyone is happy about it. as a project that's just recently been heavily criticized by donald trump and that's highly controversial within europe to north stream to building work started today and if everything goes to plan the nine point five billion euro pipeline project will start transporting gas by the end of twenty nineteen and is set to double gas shipments from russia to germany nostrums who will run along its older sister pipeline through the baltic sea neighboring coastal states are divided in their
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opinion about the project finland and sweden have already endorsed it while denmark is still undecided huge environmental confluent puts a question mark over its current status as a major gas transit country and the revenues that come with it. the controversial project also sparked criticism by the united states donald trump would like to sell more american gas to europe. twitter shares plunged seventeen percent in early trading that's after the short messaging service said the number of monthly users was down by one million in the second quarter and its further drop in the near future numbers are declining as twitter intensifies efforts. fight spam fake accounts and hate speech strict approaches to rules in europe have also made business harder twitter is the second major social media firm to report a decline in uses of the facebook it came just a day after the world's biggest social media platform suffered the biggest ever one day loss in dollar value for u.s.
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companies. a poll from the times newspaper shows that a majority in britain favor a second referendum on bragg's it face as the european union's chief negotiator ruled out allowing the u.k. to collect customs duties on the use behalf a key u.k. proposal for post breaks a trade. that could threaten the customs union and other key policies britain is set to leave the bloc next march so a deal needs to be put in place file to give national parliaments enough time to ratify. with bragg's it's heating up it's not just the political climate growing divisions between britain and the continent the heat wave sweeping europe has led to long delays at the channel tunnel temperatures over thirty degrees overwhelmed the air conditioning aboard some of the trains so cars are forced to wait for cool carriages at the brits. as usual the stiff upper lip and the
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continental treats ice cream maker sales say sales. for me in the business here will have an update for you in the next hour before you go have a look. at this hour thank you very much for watching your business. during
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the day just to finish and that night's millions of stunts. no some didn't england is one of europe's done coast region and that's the way gary files once it. from a home built observatory he explores galactic worlds and invites others to share his fascination with the stars your world next on the lead.
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so blue sarno just couldn't get this song out of his head. musicologist began searching for the source of these captivating sounds. and found them deep in the rain forest in central africa. the bio couple. that i handed him a book on yellow books and the much of the look was a baby book life lesson with him why anyone philip. my little costs he was so fascinated by their culture that he stayed. only a promise to our son was a great song only in the jungle and returned to the concrete and glass trunk. the result reverse culture shock. wave from you realize how strange artificial was really connected to life. the. as
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we got to turn from the forest starts his night w. . everyone and welcome to our special ongoing week of euro max a day we are going to get a bird's eye view from some of europe's major landmarks here's a look at what's coming up. up on high breathtaking views from the restaurant fewer to cantrell in switzerland and. up in the air at the top.


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