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long boring to on your mobile and surely. g.w. you learning course. german maybe you see. this is due to the news coming to you life from birth and can podiums vote in the elections condemned as an undemocratic sham after his crackdown on dissent the country strongman ruler is expected to continue his long grip on power opposition groups saying that the elections were in it just as well those come forward is capital for the latest also coming up. california bottled days of enormous
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wildfires feels quite strong winds and high temperatures it killed at least five people and sent thousands fleeing for their lives. and rainbow flags fly here in berlin with hundreds of pairs and turning every one of europe's biggest games prize gatherings christopher street day. i'm honored allan thank you for joining us of focusing has ended in cambodia following elections today in the winner is all but a foregone conclusion combo dns trickled into voting stations in a poll that human rights groups have labeled a farce prime minister hun sen is expected to sales a victory extending his thirty three year grip on power his opponents called for a boycott after the country's courts dissolved the main opposition party leaving no . real challenger the world's longest serving prime minister has become
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increasingly heavy handed restricting human and civil rights in cambodia here's more. the votes have not been counted but no one is holding their breath. and there is little doubt that this man will stay in power can send the prime minister remains firmly at the head of the ruling cambodian people's party for c.p.p. he's been in power for thirty three years making him the world's longest serving national leader he has survived the khmer rouge pushed the country's royalty aside and outlawed the rival c.n.r. p. party his only viable competitor because of that and a crackdown on media critics call the election a sham. he's. he's prepared to do anything. to cling to power so
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he doesn't hesitate to suppress. this is cambodia's six election since one thousand nine hundred three after decades of war and who has made it very clear that he wants a big turnout. as polls close in cambodia consensus seems assured of his seventh straight term as prime minister further securing his name in the history books. founded in heartache is in cambodia its capital phnom penh for more on the story and that polls have no clothes in cambodia selection and homes and looks set to win yet another term so what does this mean for cambodia. well it means that the ruling party c.p.p. and the prime minister can further tighten their already pretty tight grip on power that he can continue to work on his succession he's already started doing
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that building up his sons or one of his sons as as his successor and it also means that the hopes that many in the international community had for cambodia after that . back in the seventy's that the country was going to slowly but eventually transition to a democratic system that that those hopes now seem further away from reality than ever. any at any point in the last decades and. so he looks set to cement his grip on power there now in the last election there was a viable opposition so what happened this time around is there anybody really who can speak. through and in the last election there was the c n r p that we heard of in the report and they won some forty percent of the vote and then again in the calming of the elections last year they had a similar result so it seems that that was a bit too strong for the government so they had they had that party they had
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a party band so there are nineteen other parties apart from the ruling party in this election but none of them is really considered to be a major threat many of them have connections to the government the ones that are independent are also pretty small and insignificant many of them just formed a few months ago so there's no real credible challenger or no party that can challenge the power of the ruling party so it seems pretty clear who's going to win this race. and regime critics say that it's restricting human and civil rights in cambodia and he's also cracked down on media are we seeing cambodia drifting towards autocracy. you know well if you take all those if you take all that evidence together and the opposition party solved a crackdown on media you mention that many a dozen radio stations were shut down last year independent newspapers were shut
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down as well or sold to people who have strong connections to the ruling party if you look at the fact that there's a lot of reports of voter intimidation ahead of these elections if you consider that the ruling party has you know reaches down to the very local level a lot of the communal authorities local authorities belong to the ruling party and they wield a lot of power over the people they're the ones who sign your marriage certificates they're the ones who decide who gets government money and if they tell you that you have to go vote and then you know that means something for the people and the people they're not they're afraid to speak out if you go around and you ask people no one wants to speak openly because they're afraid of repercussions if they say they support the opposition so taking all that together i think it's fair to say that with these elections has moved one major step further or closer to becoming an autocratic country in high stake in cambodia's capital phnom penh thank you for
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that. at least fourteen people have been killed and another one hundred sixty injured after an earthquake hit the indonesian island of lombok a six point four magnitude quake struck the northern part of the island in the early morning the island is close to bali and popular with international tourists reportedly came lasted for just seconds and sent people fleeing into the streets several buildings were damaged in the area most of those killed were his by falling slabs of concrete. some of the other stories making news around the west. a powerful typhoon has hit japan bringing heavy rains and winds of up to one hundred native cultures or our houses of residents have been forced to leave their homes it's this season's twelfth typhoon so far the storm has now weakened and is moving westward. zimbabwe's former president robert mugabe has declared he will not vote for the man who asks to see him last year and resentment in his in tomorrow's
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presidential election speaking in harare said his successor quote illegally took power books he encouraged them winds to accept wednesday's results. even mali votes in a presidential election today it's expected to be a tight race between incumbent ybor him boubacar who is seeking a second five year term and opposition comes as so my the c's say the poll comes as the country's bottle's a wave of ethnic violence and jihadism. israel has released palestinian teenager i had to mimi from prison the seventeen year old was jailed for eight months alongside her mother for snapping and kicking two israeli soldiers near her home in the west bank israel says she's been used by her family for political reasons palestinians she's become a symbol of resistance. well extreme summer temperatures in many parts of the northern hemisphere have left firefighters battling massive blazes in the u.s.
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at least five people have died an inferno is raging through northern california they include two small children who perished with their grace grandmother more than thirty eight thousand people have been ordered to evacuate their homes and authorities warn the fires are far from under control. people in northern california are used to wildfires but not on this scale firefighters say they have never seen anything like it. they're doing all they can to contain the flames but so far less than five percent of the blaze is under control. as it's burning in every direction all at the same time and we've got you know we have multiple resources the way that it's burning the intensity that's burning uphill downhill even if it doesn't have a strong wind on it it's it's burning is it's got a santa ana wind or for a strong sixty mile an hour seventy mile an hour wind. more than six hundred
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properties and homes have been destroyed since the fire broke out on monday night forty thousand people have been forced to flee the flames. but the family of sherry bledsoe seen here on the left did not manage to escape she received the news that her children a four and five year old boy and her grandmother were killed as they waited for help their former home has been burned to the ground and neighbors said the community was taken by surprise by the speed of the fire there was and we were told we were in danger this was like you see in the movies with tornadoes it one minute it's fine the next minute everybody scream. the national guard has now also been drafted in to help but the dry weather and winds are hampering their efforts to put the fires out. a burst of color and pleasure has been this weekend with hundreds of thousands turning out for the
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city's annual gay pride parade known as christopher straight day this year it was the fortieth time that the event has been held in the city and it's one of europe's biggest pride events. then geyser has been at almost every christopher street day parade he's one of the pioneers of the movement. if you can do it i'm always excited as i was the first time the excitement doesn't stop me. he helped organize the first event held in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine when nearly five hundred people in west berlin demonstrated for equal rights at the same time public opinion was hostile towards them. but then i found that we got some of the positive reactions and that was very relieving for me that he gave me courage. christopher street day is not just a street party it's also political the fight for equal rights and acceptance in germany is far from over the campaign is what the constitution amended to protect
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against discrimination based on sexual identity there are also calls for better education anti gay insults are still widespread in german schools. and have ever been on this we're not there yet there's still a lot of injustice we have to deal with and i think this is a wonderful way of doing that. if you hadn't developed a show you are a public people should not hide why you know this is about freedom or not having to hide anymore you can be yourself over signs of. crime statistics how the show that being yourself can be dangerous in berlin alone there were three hundred twenty four confirmed homophobic attacks last year young reported number will be significantly higher up and guys are and tens of thousands of others the fight for justice continues. well after a gruelling twenty two days of cycling the tour de france comes to a close later today in yesterday's penultimate stage going to thomas all but c.
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of victory there are cyclists held on to the yellow jersey with a strong performance in saturday's time trial and now he just has to make it past the finish line in today's final stage to win the overall race. the moment go right thomas has dreamed of the tour de france title is as good as his thomas produced another excellent display in the penultimate stage the finish the time trial in third place and crucially retained a lead of almost two minutes in the general classification. to do on the biggest stage of all. over three weeks. since a. time trial world champions home to milan won the stage an outcome that keeps the dutchman in second place overall. he finished narrowly ahead of chris froome the four time told a france champion has had a difficult few weeks but will at least end up on the podium in paris but barring a disaster it's his team sky colleague thomas who will take his crown as the holder
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of wright cycling's most prestigious title. and not surprisingly there have been celebrations and karen thomas' hometown and the west capital of cardiff a city hall in parliament where in this of a yellow the color of the leader's jersey to mark the first ever win by a welsh writer and psyches biggest race the festivities will go dead continue as the tour possession heads into paris nature is optional. and for one britain's lewis hamilton will start today's hungary ingrown prix in pole position after finishing ahead of his mercies teenage fell terry botha in qualifying hamilton took advantage of light conditions of the rain to speed home in just over one minute thirty five seconds to victory puts him in a commanding position for sunday's main event as he looks to extend his seventeen point lead in the standings hamilton's time rivals boston federal who stars in fourth place. and just remind her of the top story that we're following for you.
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have voted today in national elections in which incumbent strongman prime minister hun sen is expected to return to power human rights groups have criticized a crackdown on dissent and to be opposition saying that the election was a shock. to europe today's and you're watching daily news thanks john. different languages we fight for different things that's fine but we all stick up for freedom freedom of speech and freedom of press. giving freedom of choice global news that matters w made for minds.


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