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a test of courage dating back centuries several thousand spectators lined the banks of the river. to see forty daredevils bridge the twenty seven meter jump into the depths below moss star natives a lawrence a lister won the competition for the second year running it's his twelfth the win over all the other divers weren't in it for the win though they just wanted to test their courage and cool off. all right we still have lots more to come ben is up next with the big. sarno just couldn't get this song out of his head. musicologist began searching for the source of this captivating sound. and found that deep in the rain forest in central africa and would like to believe that was a big. money legal move so.
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did by their culture that he stayed. only a promise to his son made sarno leave the jungle and return to the concrete and glass jungle but. the result reverse culture shock. from the forest starts august ninth w. . zimbabwe decide or is it the economy that will decide this election investors watch closely to see who will be charged with pulling the country out of its cash crisis a record drought grips germany's a bread basket fama say they've never seen anything like it. and the new color of course. an analyst's one about investing in vanilla as the spice becomes more
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expensive than silver. and it was all and still business and economy in tatters zimbabwe is suffering from a cash crisis and whoever wins today's election will have the job of fixing it investors shunned the country under the rule of robert mugabe but he's not running for the first time in about forty years. so for learning egypt anglais did something extraordinary he kept his company james north in business through hyperinflation and the exodus of investors during the mugabe years. but the maker of protective gloves and shoes took a hit nonetheless. he had to reduce the number of stars from four hundred to one hundred fifty in the last fifteen years he hopes the new government will attract foreign capital. having access to. capital will enable us to upgrade the delivery parts of all clubs or. would
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we do have plans as to what is it that we need to upgrade. the desired upgrades can only become reality as part of a wider economic recovery. zimbabwe's g.d.p. nearly hove to between two thousand and two thousand and eight. this cools the official inflation rate to surge to two hundred thirty one million percent in two thousand and eight. the new president will have to reverse mistakes from the mugabi of ministration refinery farms the mines compensate white he's learned was stolen and stamp out corruption. experts hope that will allow the government to regain the trust of the international community and zimbabwe's people. it's another brick xit related blow for the city of london germany's biggest lender deutsche bank has moved much for its clearing activity from the british capital to frankfurt instead
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it will be had to buy your brakes a division of the frankfurt stock exchange clearing houses work as intermediaries between buyers and sellers of financial instruments london dominates the business with daily transactions worth about one trillion euros the dutch a bank says the move won't cost jobs. german pilots working for ryanair have voted to strike as they push for collective labor agreements at europe's largest low cost carrier after weekend talks failed the cockpit union gave the carrier till august sixth to come up with an offer ryanair canceled hundreds of flights last week after crews in spain italy portugal and ireland went on strike bus december german pilots became the first ever to strike at my ryanair but disruption then was limited cockpit says ninety six percent of pilots now favor a fresh walkout that will give twenty four hours warning ahead of any action. now all i've heard all day at work is how hot it is everyone's complaining including
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make but the fact is it hasn't really rained here in germany since april and it's a real problem the record drought is threatening the livelihoods of many farmers they want government aid to the tune of one billion euros to make up for lost crops it's unclear whether or not they'll get it. an unseasonably warm and dry spring has sped up and thinned out the grain harvest last year's yield was already down from the five year average this year's is expected to be even lower farmers have been pushing for direct payments for weeks b.m.d. extended we're having the worst harvest of this century many farmers are at threat of losing their livelihoods losses are reaching fifty to seventy percent of what we're asking for crisis assistance from the federal government and these newspoll come. the german farmers association says the one billion euros would help operations that are down more than thirty percent from the previous year. on
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tuesday association officials will appeal to german agricultural minister yulia kirchner seen here at the g. twenty sure report to the german cabinet the following day. clinton has already said she's concerned about farmers in the north and east but not everyone believes financial help is the answer the agricultural policy representative for the social democrats argues that aiding farmers would set a bad precedent for other businesses. and he would have seen the deputy secretary general of the german farmers association there in that report will heavily he joins us now to tell us just how dire the situation is for german vase. i come from a stranger and i know all about drought it's a country that goes through not just eight weeks of drought but sometimes eight years of drought in some parts but how how dire is the situation for german fama as who usually blessed with so much rain yes it's really an exceptional year we have. two months or three months in some areas no way
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so the grain harvest is much below average and also the corn harvest now in automobile also be much below average so it's also a problem for the cattle feet why is that do they not have enough water and reservoirs to. make up for the dry period we only have two percent of our land can be integrated in germany and so we have an intensive farm systems in germany but we rely on we have a lot on the way on the take lonely pain so we have really severe problems as you know so is it time to change. somehow we will have to talk about adoption to more extreme weather conditions more heavy rain falls more hail more droughts in future we can adapt yeah and is that change already going on do you see that amongst farmers are they taking on
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technological change yes for example farmers in eastern germany they use less the plough on the fields more keeping the. we are in this whole deal that's our most quite modern farming practices what about financial aid are they going to get what they want from the government a billion euro sounds like a looked well we are asking systems for farmers that are heavily affected who loose fifty or seventy percent of the yell who invested all of the year in their seed in their fertilizers and now get nothing back and. we talk about this farmers of course the drought that's hit germany or parts of germany is also hitting other parts of europe what other farmers and what other regions are affected well it's the whole middle europe and eastern europe scandinavia and also ukraine is forecast for concerts not to have
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a good harvest usually your beers and grain exporter may be in not at that scale this year what's it mean economically for the block of europe as a whole basically we have to feed our cattle in this winter maybe it's a bit more costly this year to run farming and you know with a grain exports not going to northern africa to a view of this years maybe there will be some severe shifts in the supply who have a link thank you very much for coming in today for she added now if you're looking for a speculative investment what about philip nothing plain vanilla about it it's one of the most expensive spices in the world at up to six hundred euros a kilogram that makes it more expensive than silver but if you want to invest in vanilla you'd better understand it's risky business. this is unmistakable
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but you need it did not used to sniff out the top quality stuff like battle. field site has a wealth of experience the trader from hamburg has been in the business for decades so he's seen plenty of ups and downs the cost of madagascan vanilla has exploded in recent years. packman pays around six hundred dollars a kilo and he still willing to pay he wants to have a constant supply for his customers humans. we always need to have it installed today and of course there's always the risk that the market will collapse and the price will drop to fifty or a hundred dollars against a prize of either all and then we make a loss. for most on. the vanilla risk packaged in how back into these cheaps hackman used to sell to all three million of them and now it's less than
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a million he thinks one reason for the high price is people buying it speculative. and then it is known as black gold and. the country produces an exports around sixty percent of the global demand for harvests also cause the price to go up that were heavy thunderstorms last year that make growing it difficult when vanilla becomes very valuable it's stolen from the fields farmers get nervous so they harvest too early and that causes a considerable drop in quality they're expecting richer harvests next time that would be supply and hopefully demand in hamburg to. people always say that high prices make global demand go down to you know. people will just do without but that's still demond. for.
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rudolph. because nothing beats real vanilla say the experts and it's subject to price fluctuations like almost any real material in the world. and just briefly bringing you back to germany's drought story one produces better able to adapt to this hot summer the conditions of forcing business to harvest their grapes a lot earlier begin picking one week from now on august the sixth the german one institute says this is the earliest harvest ever and it's expected to produce a very tasty tipple measurements taken in the wine growing region show the temperatures have risen every year since the one nine hundred eighty eight. i assume business with you and we've. reviewed.
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the to review a. mutiny we've. we've. we've. thrown in the term that's a reality in the netherlands. restructures have been experimenting with both buying stem cells. as the cells divided multiply muscle tissue develop into a good coach should be replace meat from the source house. tomorrow
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