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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 30, 2018 8:00pm-9:01pm CEST

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od. the top i am. i am awesome . this is it every news line from berlin bellwether election that in zimbabwe people vote for the first time for someone other than longtime autocrat robert mugabe polls have now closed but earlier zimbabweans braved long lines as the break of day to cast their ballots were in the capital harare for the latest in this landmark vote also coming up meeting in both the
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minds president trump person receives italian prime minister just a concept grazes believes increasingly hard line approach to immigration and get forty years later claims a victory in sunday's election but the united states and the european union criticize the vote the white house saying it was neither free nor fair. and also in the next sixty minutes the cost of tourism in the arctic wilderness a polar bear shot dead from mauling a cruise ship employee on an island off norway incidents causing outrage on social media. mob. or am. i little rock thanks so much for your company everyone. we begin our broadcast in zimbabwe a country turning over a new leaf polls have just closed in that country's landmark election it's the first time in nearly four decades where the people voted but the name of former
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author tarion leader robert mugabe was not on the ballot zimbabweans turned out in large numbers forming long lines at polling stations around the country do you ever use it or increase spent a day on the ground with the voters. he was in them backwards capper to our hour long very long for the first time since robert mugabe was chased out of office by the military last year people are allowed to go to the polling stations and the turnout is huge. and very very. this is their first time flood scene i hope you're going to bring a change into our country it's a special day because it's all face time is a new generation to choose who aren't ever since we were born is nearby it's praised our choice everyone is able to put cheese floyd freely not being intimidated but it's just free so look everything's going to be
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just free and think so after waiting when people are finally allowed to come in here to cast their votes but before that they have to come over here to pick their ballots paper where they find a total of twenty three candidates. neck and neck race is expected on the one side there's a must and i got word of the ruling zanu p.f. although it has been out of the ruling elites minister and vice president under mugabe he's portraying himself as a reformer in his short time in office to try to open up the country to investors and also allow its about winds to express their opinion freer than under mugabe and his key opponent over there nelson chamisa however does not believe in the sudden change of heart of the ruling party that has been suppressing his a position party m.d.c. for years it could be the first relatively free and fair elections in the history of them back with the opposition where allow it to campaign even outside the capital harare without fear and for the first time since two thousand and two also
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an election observer mission of the european union was invited the chief of the observation mission germany e.u. parliamentarian elmar brok just arrived at the polling station and the people are not so afraid anymore there is no violence physical violence but perhaps some intimidation. and uncluttered t. ball to procedure to come to the elections concern the queue to go to sleep is the better cheats to be have to take that also this reason for optimism but also a reason for concern for the future of zimbabwe the question is how will the opposition react if the president will win these elections will they accept the results on the other hand how will the powerful military react who has been interfering in politics in the past will they allow a peaceful transition of power. and increase reporting there and. the ball is also in harare covering these historic elections for us melanie it's just hard
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to overstate just how historic this day is for the people of zimbabwe is it living up to expectations how is it going so far it really is living up to expectations here it's been a very significant day for the almost six million voters in zimbabwe and you really should have seen the queues here in harare people well starting to queue from four am in the morning i believe three hours before the polling stations even opened because they are so excited because they have been saying this time around they know that their vote will really count. what's really striking that there is earlier melanie we heard from robert mugabe who of course used to rule zimbabwe with an iron fist now he cast his ballot just like any other ordinary voter in zimbabwe as well and when he did that he spoke out in support of the opposition candidate why do you think he did that. well let's
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remember he did not leave the political stage voluntarily he was ousted by the military last november and he's been really resentful he's been saying it's been painful for him not to see his name on the ballot paper this time and also his party has become unconstitutional and undemocratic which is the cause a very strong statement coming from someone who ruled the country under what was essentially a dictatorship for almost four decades and mcgovern knows that he has a lot of political sway still so he knows that if he keeps on saying you should vote for to me so some of the people who might have voted for the zen of here might go out and actually vote for the opposition this time and melania along with the international observers invited by the new government was also the e.u. which is monitoring this election as well i have read heard from them what is their assessment are these free and fair elections. we've heard
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from them several times today we've been in touch with the sheaf of the e.u. observer mission here in zimbabwe and he's been saying there's a bit of a mixed picture around in some areas of the country it's been very smoothly running it's been peaceful everything whacked perfectly and then other areas it's been very very disorganized catastrophic almost some people leaving the queues because they've been waiting for too long especially young mothers so we'll have to see for their final assessment later this week and of course well also looking forward to seeing how high they will set the bar in judging whether these elections are actually transparent and fair use melanie curveball reporting from harare zimbabwe thank you. and you can find more information about this involved re-election by going to our website dot com slash africa and of course you can also follow us on twitter for the latest our handle is at d w news to bring up to speed now with some
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of the other stories making news around the world. philippine president they looked on as well dozers flattened luxury vehicles worth almost five million euros the government wants to crack down on smuggling and this annihilation is a warning to anyone trying to evade paying import duties well this is the second fleet of cars destroyed in this way. the publisher of the new york times says he's met with the u.s. president arthur sulzberger says he told us president dollar trying to stop labeling journalists enemies of the people because it's putting their lives at risk trump denies that he says the press is putting public safety at risk by reporting on internal government debates and we stay in the u.s. where president donald trump is meeting as we speak with tell you in prime minister
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just set the kong to in washington while the backdrop to these talks a simmering treat dispute between the u.s. and the european union a concert arrived earlier on monday and was received by trump at the white house ahead of their one on one meeting the italian prime minister is seen as trump's major ally in europe the share similar controversial views some would say when it comes to policy areas such as migrants and a friendlier stance to words russia. records. are and that i believe was a live event that we were showing there let's cross over now or here it is that they're addressing the press. president trump president trump and the italian prime minister conti there live ok well let's go straight to washington d.c. to our correspondent carson fon nominee who is standing by kirsten what kind of
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welcome that the italian prime minister decepticon to get from the u.s. president. very warm come president trump praised prime minister. as someone who shows a very firm stance when it comes to immigration trump also called on other european leaders to follow its elise lead in this context just now in that press conference at the white house president trump also draw a can do a connection between immigration illegal immigration security the fight against terrorism so he was sold of using the italian prime minister and his policies also as affirmation of his own policies and in the discussion here in the u.s. about building a wall border security and so on and clearly conta is seen by president trump and his administration as an ally together with other new right wing governments in
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hungary in the czech republic in poland and now also italy against the more liberal more multilateral establishment in the european union and against leaders such as until america i'm for viewers just joining us there carson i just want to point out that we were showing live pictures of the two leaders addressing questions by the press are right well let's continue our conversation carson what's the purpose of this meeting. well basically it's the first visit of prime minister in the u.s. once again trumpet ministration see these contests as an ally within the european union they have been discussing issues such as immigration security military cooperation but also trade again. hopes that will be an ally in the negotiations that are about to start last week e.u.
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commission president junko was here he agreed on a kind of truce with the u.s. in the on going to. conflict and now negotiations to maybe find ways to agree on trade. or lowering trade barriers is about to start and the u.s. hopes that will be an ally someone who says within the e.u. let's accommodate some of the grievances of donald trump so clearly he trumpet ministration is trying to build bridges to conti and other right wing leaders in europe so you would say that we're not just witnessing it to men who see eye to eye on several contentious issues but this is truly a meeting of the minds. i think so even though the two personalities are very different mr concert is a law professor relatively quiet gentle not the kind of educator that on the trump is but when it comes to the issues i think they do see eye to eye also
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on issues like russia. was the only other leader at the recent g. seven summit in canada that actually supported the idea of donald trump to readmit russia to this exclusive circle and so this is not unheard of of course former italian prime minister silvio berlusconi was seen as a personal friend of russian president vladimir putin who invited putin to parties in italy of course contains not the party style of leader but still again on this issue he is closer to donald trump than to say underline that person for nominee reporting from washington on that by a lateral a meeting between prime minister conti and. president trump thank you so very much . and we're going to say the u.s. where emergency services are battling wildfires in northern california that have
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killed at least six people and the store thousands of acres of land the tinder dry conditions and very hot temperatures have caused almost twenty wildfires to ignite and one of the worst affected regions is the area around reading city in the shasta county police there have confirmed the fires killed two young children and their grandmother. neighborhoods reduced to ash and rubble the smell of char still hanging in the air some families in this northern california community had only fifteen minutes to flee. the wind just took off and i don't remember exactly what they called it it's almost like a tornado with fire in it and it came over the hill and. it wiped out our house and wiped out our next door neighbor's home. firefighters and emergency personnel have been working around the clock to alert residents before the wildfires reached them and shuster county some thirty eight thousand
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people have been evacuated so far. but with firefighters struggling to contain the fast moving flames the local fire department cautions that it could be a while before people can return home we understand how how that feels a lot of us are evacuated as well we want to get you back in and help this community come back together so just know and be patient with us that we are clearing areas and making it safe for you to go home as fast as we can. as officials hope for the best weather forecasters warn it could get even worse the dangerous ongoing heat wave promises more hot and dry conditions that could further feed the flames. here watching the news we still have a lot more to tell you about here's what's coming up cambodia's that roof veteran leader claims victory in sunday's election but the united states and the european union attacked the vote white house saying it was neither free nor fair we'll hear what the behind opposition party things about it. now the hot weather in germany is
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taking its toll on the country's farmers hello indeed later i hate to rain on the parade of anybody enjoying these sizzling temperatures but the fact of the matter is that here in germany it hasn't rained properly since april and it's a real problem now the record drought is threatening the livelihoods of many follow us they want government aid that you know one billion euros to make up for lost crops it's unclear at this stage whether or not they'll get it. an unseasonably warm and dry spring has sped up and thinned out the grain harvest last year's yield was already down from the five year average this year's is expected to be even lower farmers have been pushing for direct payments for weeks i know me all the oil a billion euros would be welcome we're expecting damage in the billions of grain and cereal losses alone come to one point four billion euros then we got the rapeseed losses the turnips the vegetables the potatoes everything suffering. the
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german farmers association says the one billion euros would help operations that are down more than thirty percent from the previous year on tuesday association officials will appeal to german agricultural minister yulia kirchner seen here at the g. twenty sure report to the german cabinet the following day clinton has already said she's concerned about farmers in the north and east but not everyone believes financial help is the answer the agricultural policy representative for the social democrats argues that aiding farmers would set a bad precedent for other businesses. well germany is one produces better able to adapt to the whole some of the conditions are forcing venice to harvest their grapes a lot earlier they'll begin the harvest one week from now so in this sick organist the german wine institute says this is the earliest that ever starts of picking and it's expected to produce
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a tasty tipple measurements taken in the wine growing region show the temperatures have risen every year since one thousand eighty eight. well for days taxi drivers in madrid and barcelona have been on strike and there's no end in sight and they're protesting against what they call unfair competition from ray rice hailing services like cab afai and they want the government to intervene and now the strike is spread across the entire country. gridlock on barcelona's main ground via thera fare hundreds of taxis of paralyzed the inner city traffic and they're refusing to budge until they get results they're even prepared to camp out here they want the government to restrict the number of operators working for righteous services like goober and cab if i. knew that it would lead to this is the first time the taxes have taken a decision where one hundred percent together on this decision has to be thirty to one nothing else will do he means that in future only want to but permit should be
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issued for every thirty normal taxi permits among those worst hit by the strike tourists trying to get from barcelona as airport to the city center extra bus services have been laid on but they're still packed full. of the best ways for suitcases is very difficult for us. it's a tough day today especially with children six hours jetlag and then the airports empty things are hard. if i if they're working here because this morning in barcelona they were jammed last option would be a train i think. thousands of taxi drivers throughout the country have joined the strike. they say ride sharing services like threaten their livelihoods but talks with the government have so far had no success. more face. in germany as well that says ryanair pilots in the country have voted to strike as
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they push the collective labor agreements that europe's largest low cost carrier off the weekend talks broke down the cockpit union gave the carrier until the sixth of august to come up with an offer ryanair canceled hundreds of flights last week after crews in spain italy portugal and ireland went on strike and last december german pilots became the first ever to strike at ryanair but that disruption was then limited cockpit now says that ninety six percent of pilots are of favor of fresh walkouts that will give twenty four hours of warning and head off any action to travel this one is another brags that related blow for the city of london germany's biggest lender doj a bank has moved much of its clearing activity from the british capital to frankfurt instead it will be handled by your excesses a vision of the frankfurt stock exchange clearing houses work as middlemen between buyers and sellers of financial instruments london dominates the business with
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daily transactions worth about one trillion euros but deutsche bank says that the move won't cost jobs. let's back over here layla now as migrants hoping to reach europe changing course like you so much we'll have that story later for you we're going to start in cambodia the ruling party has claimed it has won all the seats in the parliamentary election that took place on sunday well if true and the official results won't be declared until august eleventh cambodia would become a one party state under its long time ruler hung sent the united states condemned the election calling it neither free nor fair while the european union said the outcome lacks any credibility. it was wonderful because the book you take your time you are going to that in order to look. at gushing reception for prime minister and send back at work today after what his party claimed was a landslide victory after thirty three years in power he was confirmed in office
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again after a relentless crackdown on opposition preliminary election results show incense party taking at least seventy percent of the vote in exile in indonesia the leadership of the main opposition party had a different story to tell plenty more new law. in cambodia. history. disintegration of the. right to choose. unfortunately that choices have made. polls opened. after one send nearly lost to the compared to a national rescue party all see an r.p. in the last election he made sure they wouldn't threaten him again last year
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compared to his main opposition party was dissolved by court order its leader jailed for treason. websites critical of henson's party who plucked. a country that after the bloody rule of poll part was enjoying decades of stability seems to be steadily turning into an autocratic leave ruled state. you know this is the resoundingly victory that one sound guaranteed himself when he dissolved the sea in r.p. in now he's going to do is victory lap the geishas what is the international community to do about this next. while china has congratulated hinson on this is the running of his election face the u.s. and the e.u. have already threatened to impose sanctions on combat he has high ranking officials . aren't joining us from jakarta indonesia is the rice president of the band cambodian national rescue party the main opposition party. a very worrying welcome
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is such a short why did your party say the election marked the death of democracy we just heard you say that in the piece that we just aren't aired the can would be an issue raised we're presenting over three million will do this a half would electorates was not part of the election yesterday because it would be sold by the supreme court that is at the end controlled by mr unsent it was to see now you accused him sen to run without real and. we will present the will of the people we cannot accept that we would not what this election because do will of the people who is it is dead in cambodia now your party has in the meantime called on the international community to reject
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the results in the hope that fresh a fresh election maybe could be called i mean is that a few towel exercise at this stage. which doesn't send in the claim to be illegitimate leader of the government of yet it will not be illegitimate a government of cambodia and. reactions from the e.u. from the united states from other countries should very well that used to be he said to have to deal with this legitimacy for what he was to be a collapse as a legitimate leader eat it all together when that hasn't reached the leader has to be a election. i mean. you're referencing there the u.s. and e.u. who are already worn cambodia that it could face harsh sanctions in the wake of what they are calling sham a sham vote what would that mean for your country and that's mr incentive and care
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about legitimacy in the legitimate leader of your country mr hussain has been given a sick no warning do a big that do bring that can democracy but he doesn't care because the only thing that he's hungry for is a more power but we do care what is going to happen is economic sanctions and eat it is the whole it will be a disaster for the economy and we do not want to move that would this way we will political solutions that will bring in seeing at the back due to the country we need to set solutions for that can we get kind of late economic sanctions lesser struck what next now for cambodia i mean your party has been banned you are in exile in jakarta indonesia can you be an effective
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opposition party not being in cambodia. as i said earlier we've pursued and half of the country and inside cambodia are people ask people to remain strong this by intimidation we live in fear every day insider outsider cambodia and we are determined and we have been leading the opposition and spreading democracy in the hearts of the people of cambodia for over twenty five years we are not have banded by our people and to and we have these poor people to bring the most pressing back to cambodia back to our people mr trod vice president of the bound cambodian national rescue party thank you for joining us on the program thank you. and you're watching the daily news we still have
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a lot more to tell you about including d.-w. has launched a political satire show called stop of yes nick the russian language format features major world leaders as animated figure is world find out more about it from our culture desk. that and a whole lot more coming up. to feel. europe is under pressure. here is facing many challenges from the outside we can also cause and wish the refugees a good journey to europe and from the inside somalia italians first that's michelle says the new slogan the first look in disunity threatening the european the flame
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of europe's flashpoints. to solve in forty five minutes long d.w. . in form. and language courses. video audio. anytime anywhere. w.b. . climate change. waist length pollution. and isn't it time for good news eco africa people and projects that are changing a little fire meant for the better it is up to us to make a difference let's split the church. you can with.
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environment magazine. on t.w. earth. to millions of species. or something. globally geos tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world to use the protect the climate boost green energy solutions and reforestation . using interactive content to inspire people to take action google audience in series of global three thousand on t.w. and online. bridge out be back with us you're watching them in years only allow rock n roll and this is our main headlines this hour long live started forming at dawn as about women's vote in the first elections to take place since the move of former president robert mugabe to last november the polls have now closed in what looks to be a tight race between the governing exeunt o.p.m.
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and the main opposition party. and getting zimbabwe's economy back up and running is a key election issue it's a make or break when i would say honestly i mean time is of the essence on this symbolic wins themselves i just call wait any longer off to four decades of mugabe the economy in zimbabwe is in tatters but the country's potential of course is huge now for one thing the country is rich in natural resources the soil there is very fertile but building the country's economy back up won't be possible without international investment and invest as well they're called there are trained on the election results free and fair elections on a prerequisite to investment as involved ways economic down for what it began years ago first there was a land reform which destroyed the country's farming infrastructure then the economy shrank fifty percent from the year two thousand through two thousand and and eight . ation proceeded to grip the country by july two thousand and eight year fishel
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inflation rate get this was a staggering two hundred and thirty one million percent so that essentially works out prices in the country doubling every single day we'll talk more about the future for zimbabwe's economy i'm joined now by barnaby fletcher senior southern africa analyst at control risks in london thank you for joining us now zimbabwe's economy is projected to grow four point eight percent this year will that be enough to pull it out of the current crisis and dulce missed among or chamisa have a stronger policy when it comes to the economy. thank you for having me here that's an interesting question ideally there would like to see higher growth but as you said in your intro it all really depends on this election whether it's free and fair and of course who wins the
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international community in general both governments and investors greeted was a rival as president in november last year mugabe was pressured to step down by a military intervention with a kind of cautious optimism he has put forward a plan he has announced. economic reform certainly. really what is needed in zimbabwe is a kind of injection of cash to solve the liquidity crisis that they're currently facing and to get to aggress a lot of the challenges in the business environment things like inadequate infrastructure unreliable electricity provision and kind of a overstretched civil service so it really depends on whether these elections are judged free and fair now in terms of who has the better plan but as i said not gaga has put forward a quite ambitious quite detailed plan that seems to be welcomed by people such as
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the i.m.f. and the world bank and the african development bank but there are concerns around him he has tolerated figures in his cabinet who have been implicated in corruption scandals for example jimmy so on the other hand the main opposition leader is viewed by many as inexperienced and he's run an excellent campaign from a political standpoint i mean six months ago no one would have been expecting there will be this close but in terms of policies and economic policies he's lacked a bit of detail and well regardless of who wins and once any government is in place what is one of the most pressing reforms they need to implement on an economic front. well really there's a lot of challenges in zimbabwe as i mentioned infrastructure has been neglected for four decades but the main issue that is muting all kind of the entire economy
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is the lack of foreign exchange so then bob you mentioned in your intro the the hyperinflation it doesn't use its own currency anymore it predominately uses the u.s. dollar in fact nine different legal currencies in zimbabwe but because they have a continued current account deficit because they're not getting foreign investment in because they're not getting foreign assistance and from the kind of bilateral government. that's simply a lack of currency it is it is difficult to get the foreign exchange needed to pay for imports to pay for employees to for investors to to to repatriate profits really dampens everything so what they're going to be looking for is to get some financial assistance from for example the i.m.f. but they need to repay a decade's worth of the rears before they do that body such as southern africa and others to control risks we appreciate your insights thank you
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well if you're looking for a speculative investment what about the new law because there's nothing plain vanilla about it it's one of the most expensive spices in the world at up to six hundred euro's a kilogram that makes it more expensive than silver but if you want to invest in manila you also better understand that it's a risky business for the smell of unmistakable but you need it good nose to sniff out the top quality stuff like battle. field has a wealth of experience the trader from hamburg has been in the business for decades so he's seen plenty of ups and downs the cost of madagascan vanilla has exploded in recent years packman pays around six hundred dollars a kilo and he still willing to pay he wants to have a constant supply for his customers. you're missing and we always need to have it installed. and of course there's always the risk that the market
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will collapse and the price will drop to fifty or a hundred dollars against a prize of either all and then we might collapse. from a stone plan. the vanilla wrist packaged in how back into these chips hackman used to sell to all three million of them and it gets here now it's less than a million he thinks one reason for the high price is people buying it speculative. and then it is known as gold and. the country produces an exports around sixty percent of the global demand pool harvests also cause the price to go up that were heavy thunderstorms last year that make growing it difficult when vanilla becomes very valuable it's stolen from the fields farmers get nervous so they harvest too early and that causes a considerable drop in quality they're expecting richer harvests next time that would be supply and hopefully demand in hamburg to a little slimmer exhausted. people always
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say that high prices make global demand go down work do you know. people will just do without but that's still to mom and not for. rudolph. because nothing beats real vanilla say the experts and it's subject to price fluctuations like almost any role material in the world. so to find out what tires between the united states and china could hit sales up b.m.w. the german premium car maker says it's having to raise prices on its s.u.v.s sold in china is because the m.w. assembles their s.u.v.s in the u.s. factory in spartanburg prices on those vehicles will go up seven percent that's two to the higher tariffs that china is imposing on u.s. products since the beginning of july b.m.w. manufactured more than one hundred thousand vehicles in its u.s.
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factory last year which were exported to china. or business later first back over to later. last year d.w. launched a political satire show in a russian called zap overhead nic it features all the major world leaders as animated figures and all carefully done with the latest motion capture technology and meanwhile it's creating quite a stir online and out mail from across the desk is here to tell us a more about it to see you robin it seems that these critical words and i mean they're just waiting to be satirized strobing comedians having a field day as we all know we know how crazy the political scene is and what i have how do i put it interesting world leaders we have around really and this show takes full advantage of as you said it translates as strictly
8:40 pm
a protected area or another translation could be nature reserve which i kind of prefer because i think it kind of gives the impression there's a lot of wild political animals in the global zoo anyway here in germany as you know as well we used to very used to political side satire politicians used to being really ridiculed and on the whole they take it on the chin and consider it part of the job this show though is aimed at russian speaking people and it's quite different then and we'll see how it's being received just right which we're about that in a minute but first let's see a bit of how it's made it's made in latvia and with all the latest technology in motion capture and you're going to see that and also meet some of our head and he said protagonists. a commentary on current global politics in an exaggerated than humorous manner.
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well known politicians such as emanuel kong. who appear in unfamiliar roles. his russian colleagues can be seen quite frequently. the three d. animated series is programmed with unity across platform game engine the characters are played by actors who are filmed with motion capture technology which time is our most valuable thing care so. to be able to develop things as fast as we can and show the results in a really nice and quality way good times the show is produced for d w in riga latvia one per week. the first of the dialogue and songs are recorded in the sound studio. sound good. meanwhile five three d.
8:42 pm
animators create the backgrounds and props for the videos. they use the game development engine which is also used to program successful games such as super mario run angry birds and monument valley. objects can be added to or changed by drag and drop it makes real time rendering possible. the creators of nick were inspired by famous music videos or movies you poutine strolls along the coast rapping as he goes. and the terminator is transformed into a russian. movement is recorded using motion capture technology the special suit has forty two markers to track the actors. twenty four cameras record them from all sides making a possible to position the enemy figures in the right place. a face motion
8:43 pm
specialist creates the facial expressions using his fingers he moves the character's mouth and eyes. the realtime rendering process also speeds up the final edit its success on t.v. in social media proves that the sharp tongue political satire is striking unnerves me gets millions of hits on you tube and facebook more than ten t.v. stations around the world are broadcasting the satire and of course you can see it on detail use russian language programs. all right so it struck a nerve how has it been received generally speaking pretty common treves really to be honest it's hard hitting stuff which as i said we're used to perhaps in this country but not in russian speaking countries i mean this summer an example from there was one episode about ukraine and here we have president poroshenko ukrainian president poroshenko and he comes into a pawn shop and don't trouble is working behind the counter now poroshenko is
8:44 pm
looking for and i quote mind blowing weapons to fight what he calls the marching russian invaders. actually it's gets quite ridiculous the pawn shop turns into a huge armory we're seeing it right now and while all hell breaks loose now the reaction as i said has been controversial depending on which politician or which country is being ridiculed in case this case it's we're talking about ukrainians a lot of ukrainians went on social media and said this is not funny they also accused d.w. of russia bias but they should see the ones with putin and i would suggest to them . many say it's not funny and of course satire is always a matter of taste and all i say is person i think more fun we make have. the politicians the better because being able to ridicule our leaders means we're living in a free democracy doesn't it and this is
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a weekly show yeah it is every week on social media indeed every dot com slash. short arms. but spell. naik that's the place to turn it down and it's no doubt going to be controversial and social media will be dealing with it and we'll be hearing more about it i'm sure i'm sure robin thank you so very much greatly appreciate it. and next we are going to shift our attention to nicaragua this central american country has been rocked by months of violence deadly confrontations between student led protesters and pro-government forces it's the worst crisis to break out since a bloody civil war came to an end i can one thousand nine hundred at least one hundred seventy people are believed to have been killed in the crackdown it's the biggest challenge president daniel ortega has had to face over the weekend thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of the capital managua in support of nicaragua's catholic bishops ortega accuses the bishops of helping in
8:46 pm
a plot to overthrow him in a clue. nicaragua is in turmoil. protests especial police in the streets. people are dying. and even places of worship don't offer any century. three months into the unrest there appears to be no end in sight protesters want the president to quit. do nothing i'm not afraid i'm dreaming of freedom for nicaragua and i take it should go. until they're going to be out on your lot of to go hasn't changed a bit he tech preachers back in the eighty's he systematically persecuted them then and now look at it but a few at the weekend people peacefully protested against ortega and in support of the catholic church church leaders have been under fire because they've been trying to mediate between the government and opposition groups that's made them the target of attacks suspected government supporters and branded them terrorists if. the
8:47 pm
church will always stand for dialogue and try to solve problems using words. we are for a reason not to violence. counted or come to this at the end of april president ortega announced he was making been cuts to people's pensions the sun laced a wave of protests the most serious the country's seen in decades ortega has admitted that in response the army's been shooting live rounds we don't have that number at yet another proof they want to kill us. the protesters now point to or take his oath or a tarion style of rule he was once considered the hope of the nation he's fight against anastasio so much so his dictatorship was supported by many leftists back in the one nine hundred seventy s. but critics say the man who once fought poverty and social inequality has since become rich by exploiting the poor. ortega supporters have also been taking to. in
8:48 pm
the streets and in his first interview in nine years the president said he would not be resigning we've been elected by the people deserve a parliamentary term. right now where in the middle of one which is going to end in the year twenty twenty why. the government claims fifty people have been killed in the unrest i found human rights organizations however cite that figure could be as high as four hundred fifty. a polar bear was fatally shot for mauling a cruise ship employee on an arctic island in norway a second employee of the german cruise line. shot the bear after the initial attack trying to save his colleagues life both guards were preparing elantra for the crew ship's tourist when the accident happened the injured man was transported to
8:49 pm
a hospital on the norwegian mainland he is reportedly in stable condition. but as you can tell from that a very dramatic picture the incident set off a firestorm on social media let's take a look at some of the reactions for you and how one user came up with a new slogan for the cruise company a rating of joint cruises travel to interesting places meet exciting unusual animals and shoot them others call the company to completely abandon the sector global warming is already threatening the fragile ecosystem that polar bears need they are fighting for survival and now get shot because the one percent are seeking the thrill of seeing them close up while some even see the bears attack is nature's way of telling humans to stay away like this person are right here that polar bear is being heard it's got its own voice a voice which is telling you to back off meanwhile the cruise company hipaa court
8:50 pm
says it were gretz the animals death but city employees were sponsible acted in self defense and earlier we had the opportunity to to a speak with john r. ce a research scientist from the norwegian polar institute here's what he told us about the incident most of the time people are well able to scare bears away before something wrong happens so most bears are quite shy but you always have to be aware that potentially a bear can attack. so actually if you go twenty thirty forty years back in time it was shot on average three bears every year in small dart and no it's don't do on their. own bear every year so it's less common than it used to be. think because. rules are very strict and people are quite good at trying to avoid and there's you know you don't approach bears on purpose if you disturbed
8:51 pm
a bear. have to have again you have to be everywhere hope to behave to avoid encounters and. guides are educated to do that. mostly confrontations are avoided or have a more happening and but then it does happen from time to time thinks goes wrong and. then something like this might might happen. at the moment it varies a lot regarding vary you are in arctic hole habitat loss affects polar bears that is not very strange because. some places sea ice. very significant and fast other places it hasn't been that significant. also bears
8:52 pm
are in different states you know some populations are doing quite well with the current situation and then they can tolerate quite a bit of change but we do you see in so mario's that. have a quite significant impact on bears and that was john arris of the you know region paul institute talking to us earlier. now twin tip boards have fins at both ends to allow the riders to do spectacular tricks and race in two directions while the world championships in this very disciplined went down to the wire in italy at the weekend well home favorite sophia thomas already who had been playing catch up since day one sees the title in a nerve racking final race to win the women's event and germany's florrie on the group or continue to dominate the men's competition winning his third consecutive title in southern italy. now extreme sports might seem like
8:53 pm
a modern innovation for adrenaline seeking junkies but in the bosnian town of ma star diving has been a test of courage dating back centuries several thousand spectators lined the banks of the river. to see forty daredevils brave the twenty seven eater jump into the depths below alongside eight of the lawrence aliso won the competition for the second year running it says twelfth when overall other divers were in it for the women though they just wanted to test their courage and who are. brave souls are right now the french capital paris is famous for its cafe culture an essential part of their culture is of course the chair you sit in almost to the cafe seats of paris come from one source a manufacturer called gotti so sit back take a sip of coffee and learn more about the iconic got
8:54 pm
a chair. nothing represents eva but when they get to be stored childs weld famous since nine hundred twenty if you look closely you'll notice that the chairs colors harmonize with the yawning the look and feel have to be just right for enjoying a coffee cocktail or out one day. to finish as this is typical paris they lost twenty five years explains serve you deny meals the owner of numerous restaurants is an institution and paris is mother you district guests are to this bistro to see and be seen there's a whole world wonders how do the french do it the luxury of taking time for a break for a coffee but that's what bistro is is says sunday school. and it has a long tradition. so. this tradition began in the late nineteenth century when the broad paris boulevards appeared and the first cafe terraces opened back
8:55 pm
then the return for the chairs came from the colonies. and the getty company continues to manufacture these chairs near paris it's the only manufacturer but still completely makes its chosen fronts by hand bending the rattan is still done manually but the seat is now made out of bio plastic it's more durable. we have more than a hundred different patterns and thirty different colors every cafe can have its own design up with a chart and colors. that. sadly more than half of paris bistros have closed over the last twenty years many people are spending more time at the desks and opting for takeout food for lunch. and once yes we're feeling it there's less demand in paris the bistros are being replaced by large chains or buildings or fast food joints. luckily there's now
8:56 pm
international demand for the gatti jazz and exports i'm presuming. they've got to share here to stay you're watching the news on. more coming up at the top of the hour as a matter of fact bad cops will be up next. to. the book.
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on. the big. europe is under pressure europe is facing many challenges from the outside weak are also heard was under bush the refugees could journey to europe and from being inside saudi italians first that's much to sell the new slogan. in disputing threatening the european union movement europe's flashpoints. to solve
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frankfurt airport city managed by from. this is the w. news live from berlin tonight in what was once called africa's breadbasket voters in zimbabwe have gone to the polls hoping to sow the seeds of real democracy this was the first election since independence without robert mugabe on the ballot zimbabweans waiting in long lines beginning of dawn to cast their ballots holders of the capital are wrong for the latest in this landmark both also coming up u.s.
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president meets italian prime minister two sceptic on say a european leader who actually agrees with us on several issues in fact the trunk has.


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