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fine. this is news coming to you live from berlin the northern iraq a region once ruled by so-called islamic state is facing an uncertain future the strategic city was liberated three years ago but remains a ghost town we have an exclusive report from sin jar the capital of the yazidi religious minority honest militants tried to annihilate. us president donald trump says he's willing to meet with iranian president hassan rouhani for the surprise of all comes a week after he warned him don't threaten us for you'll suffer historic consequences
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. and tesla racing towards europe media reports say the american car maker is looking at building a so-called gigafactory in germany for producing batteries and a call. from the cars to green football me to the beacon friendly british side who are the first to be sort of five is carbon neutral by the united nations. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us we start in northern iraq which was liberated nearly three years ago from the so-called islamic state when it swept through the region targeted minorities like the yazidi who don't follow the islamic faith militants killed kidnapped and slaved thousands of years edis and even now the group is still recall. obering from the genocide returning and starting afresh
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is a mammoth task very few people have tried to start a new life in the region and its capital soon jar or shrink as it's known in kurdish did that we used to get the shock of travel there and brings us this explosive report. on the capital of the years you to slice in ruins devastated by the invasion and the fight for liberation most people fled when so-called islamic state took the city and killed an enslaved thousands now that the islamists have been expelled only a few residents have returned in many parts feels like a ghost town to end of years after liberation from my ex only three thousand families have returned to a city which once had more than eighty thousand inhabitants. there still no sign of reconstruction there are no hospitals schools are functional administration
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he has hedy's living inching gun feel abandoned by their politicians. the head of we've got no electricity and the water is bad. there are bombs and mines all over the place. they have to clear them. big now before you just can't live here there's no work so people aren't coming back. because the situation doesn't improve soon than we who have returned will leave again very soon got in the. stephany yes wants to stay no matter what the twenty four year old studied to be a teacher but there are no schools so he opened up a glass workshop with a friend the problem is that nothing is being rebuilt which means even his business is struggling. people won't come back as long as there are so many different political groups here working. only for themselves there are
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a thousand different groups and they're all only looking after their own interests . he means the different militias that are still active in the city they run their own checkpoints and have their own agendas all parties want influence here in the singe amounts being close to the syrian border the region is strategically important to kurds to the central government and backed up to turkey and iran. she notes mayor fatemi says the city's people are suffering from this clash of interests he is the yazidi put in office by the central government then left to fend for himself. is the senate is her treated like fourth or fifth class citizens let me give you an example i had to live in the mountains for three years and five months there were six thousand families in the mountains if we weren't you know cds they would have taken care of
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us like they did other people. more than residents come to him every day asking for money for reconstruction but he can't help them the government says it wants to press on with rebuilding but almost pessimistic after the latest protests he says he expects any available money to be spent elsewhere. or more of the story we're joined here in the studio by did there was a son of the peters man she was in northern iraq for the making of that report as well. talk about strange or shin guards as it's called in kurdish it's a city that still in ruins after three years following the liberation are there any prospects of it being rebuilt i can't foresee that at this moment because of what happened initially is the little bit of road clearance but then times seem to have stopped nothing else has happened ever after their only very few people as we've
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seen in our report that you know deaths to return and what you see. completely destroyed as if someone had just used a sledgehammer and smashed it to pieces and also if you look at the surrounding villages equally deserted hardly anybody living there and those who do they really have that sense of loss of their home that it's very palpable and also you know they feel insecure they don't know who is protecting them they are above all this city. it was a home and poor is edis and it's not like they have many other places they can go they've been subjected to unspeakable horrors they see these at the hands of the hyacinth more than iraq and elsewhere what's being done to help them i mean a lot of people just decide to flee you know they use the these from st john many of them have turned to don't walk another sixteen northern iraq in the kurdish autonomous territory and they live in refugee camps but then an awful lot has also
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have to decide to just leave the country altogether i mean just look at germany about one hundred thousand is e.d.'s have made it to germany and i'm living here now as refugees so these edis have basically they've gone to other places they some of them have managed to get abroad is not that easy to get to germany from that part of northern iraq do they have any clear sense of a homeland anymore. i don't think so of course if you speak to them they tell you this is the only place we know as home also if you look at that region singe are or shingle as they call it there is their holy land as well its famous mount center which is holy mountain to them the place of worship and up there on that barren mountain plateau you still have about ten thousand people living in ten settlements this also ever since august two thousand and fourteen nothing gray has happened for them and if you speak to them up there on the mountain as we did even there people
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tell you we have done with iraq we have treated as for the cause citizens and the way too many militias up here are competing you know for power it's contested territory between the iraqi central government the autonomous kurdish government you have p.k. k. militias y p g militias from next to a syria you have the iran backed militia xabi which is a really strong player in that region at the moment sponsored by iran who is again a major player in the war right next door in syria so it's all very complicated and somehow squashed in the middle you describe this contested area in northern iraq of massive power vacuum there there are many minorities the the years edis are an ethno religious minority there faced massive discrimination in the past are they still facing a lot of discrimination in that territory now given how contested it is briefly ken . let me give you an example we spoke to this mayor and t.
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told us you know if i had had the right to shoot i would have killed somebody the other day he was telling us of the sony farm who used to support i-s. and he was basically grazing his sheep on a yazidi mosque raif maybe that answers your question senator thank you so much and congratulations on your great work son of the paper spun d.w. correspondent. well an unexpected turnaround in washington president donald trump has said he is willing to meet with iranian president hassan rouhani without preconditions the statement comes after a week of increased hostility between the two countries. even by president chump standards the statement made it's a news conference with the italian prime minister was surprising their quality is the first time a u.s. president has offered to meet with an iranian leader since the islamic revolution nearly forty years ago. and i would certainly meet with iran if they wanted to meet
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i don't know that they're ready yet to have a hard time right now but i ended the iran deal it was a ridiculous the i do believe that they will probably end up wanting to meet and i'm ready to meet any time they want to and i don't do that from strength or from weakness i think it's an appropriate thing to do because this statement was all the more unexpected given the flare up of tension between tehran and washington over the last week on sunday the iranian president warned the u.s. to stop provoking his country. was you know mr trump don't play with the lion's tail this will only lead to regret you will for ever regret it. true to form trump responded on twitter this time with an all caps to rate warning rouhani he would suffer the consequences the likes of which few throughout history to ever suffered before if he threaten the us again ending the tweet with the words be cautious. the two sides began to escalate their rhetoric in may after trump
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withdrew from the landmark accord aimed at limiting tehran's nuclear program and in an initial response to trump's new offer iran has stressed that there can be no dialogue unless the u.s. returns to this nuclear deal and suspends new sanctions. u.s. secretary of state might also say that while he's on board with trump's initiative he thinks iran should change its behavior before any such talks take place. but as president trump said in monday's news conference his meeting with north korea's dictator also compounded expectations but in his words produce positive results so maybe the international community could be in for another surprise when it comes to iran. or more now let's cross over to tehran with eric randolph who's a correspondent for the french news agency a.f.p. thanks for joining us what more can you tell us about the reaction from iran to try
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statement. there is a reaction so far the bit cautious about rushing in to responding to this was thrown from top. eyes of the president saying that the precondition for meeting would be that the u.s. comes back to the nuclear do it reduces its hostility and starts to respect the nation before anything was going to happen but so far i think they're weighing their response which is a very skeptical about the idea that they never talk to the trump ministration so now president rouhani has been criticized for making a deal with what hardliners air and call the greatest satan in the first place what was the nuclear pact which trump told the neutral neutral this nuclear pact anyway the trump old out of that's what he's been criticized for so can he afford to pursue rapprochement with the u.s.
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a second time. certainly true the iran has taken a big political hit from this he both invested a lot of the legacies that you didn't see in reaching that nuclear deal him being the guy that could make a deal with the west bring iran back into the fold because last of that do you is left a lot of people going to iran deeply deeply out authentic about politics deeply discouraged a lot of young people who simply want to leave the country now they really don't see much hope coming out of this conservatives of lets on this proves that it was naive to a trust the americans and they feel very indicated this point in the supreme the specifically said it's useless to talk to the americans this is under the trumpet ministration says they simply can't be trusted to uphold their side of the bargain what about ordinary iranians how do they feel about trump's nuclear diplomacy or at
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least what he's had to say about it recently. sure you get a whole range of opinions some people see the deal making guy that you can talk to in this new hope for that but i think as i said most people who simply lost lost hope and any rapprochement between the u.s. and iran particularly young educated the iranians they were very hopeful in twenty fifty when that nuclear do was signed and now to see that dashed a lot of them just given up hope a lot of them simply want to leave. others of course are the crops that have the resources to. really want to make sure. that so many people feel there's much good for for a new bargain between that ages and washington all right thank you very much that was eric randolph there with the newspaper see a piece speaking to us from tehran. thing. now to some of the other stories
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making headlines around the world today north korea is reportedly working on new missiles u.s. spy satellites have detected renewed activity at a north korean site that has produced ballistic missiles in the past that's according to u.s. government sources speaking to the washington post the renewed activity comes despite north korean leader kim jong un saying to work toward denuclearization at his summit with donald trump in june. i suspect it is almost gunmen stormed a government refugee agency in the eastern afghan city of jalalabad reportedly taken dozens of people hostage also been reports of multiple explosions and no group has claimed responsibility yet. chillout about has seen a spate of attacks by islamic state militants in recent weeks. and zimbabwean officials are posting for a living area results side polling stations as the country celebrates
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a largely peaceful election with a historically high voter turnout of seventy five percent still unclear who's ahead but both presidential front runners president emerson in a god war and nelson chamisa has said they're confident of victory based on partial return. russian police free arrested four members of the pussy riot punk group moments after they were released they had spent fifteen days in prison for invading the pitch during the world cup final between france and collation most of the group said in a tweet they could face another ten days behind bars russian authorities haven't said why they were again detained. now to what's perhaps the world's greenest football team forest green rovers has become the world's first sports organization to be certified as carbon neutral by the united nations the club's chairman has even banned meat from being served at the stadium making
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poorest green the first big and football team as well here's a look at the march of the green army. on the surface home games at forest green rovers appeared just like any other football game players give their all of the pitch and fans they cheer them along the forest green knows the green army is a different type of club. first of all only begin food is because of animal welfare and health reasons second the pitch at forest green stadium is zero cannick and cut by a solar powered robot lawnmower and rainwater it's recycled the entire facility is powered by green energy and so the club have signed up for a united nations initiative called climate neutral now. so we become the first sports club in the world to be climate neutral according to the un which is quite exciting and. i'm sure he would do more with them i think we will because they're
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on the same page as we are sport looks to be a great vehicle to carry this is trainability messenger. the united nations hopes that for screens carbon neutral footprint will set a precedent for others to follow. we're working on this sports for climate action in egypt is where we hope you all are going to say shows we'll also step up their reaction on climate for is when rovers will be definitely an example that we share the. big green credentials and also be matched by strong performances on the pitch for screen recently promoted to the english football league for the first time in their history. the american car company tesla is planning on building a huge manufacturing center in europe. seems to be in talks with two german federal states as it explores building a so-called good factory here in europe more negotiations taking place in the netherlands the facility will assemble batteries as well as vehicles for them to.
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reach a decision about the location by the end of the year just recently tesla announced plans to build a large factory in china half a million cars will supposedly be produced that each year the comic was recently struggled to meet delivery targets for its most mobile three. i'm going to see beardsley is look further into the issue and joins me now in the studio steven first of all what is a geek factory and why would tesla want to build one in europe so gigafactory is using the term that basically the quantity of electricity that's tesla wants to create to make a effective battery for an affordable car so instead of kilowatt hours which we often talk about for utilities this would be electricity in the amount of gigawatts you want to produce massive amounts to bring down the price of batteries now that's part of tesla's overall strategy of making e-cards affordable making it something
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that you would look at as you look at a normal car here something you can actually for your budget now it has given factories already in the in the works in nevada for example in new york and then one in china. and why build one in europe because europe is also a massive market and has already has two factories there so it could seek some economies of scale well it sounds like a big deal and yet tesla has been in the news for something positive its production that is the company trying to deflect it possibly it would have every reason to tell those quarterly reports are coming tomorrow and investors are not optimistic at all in fact some are saying that it's going to look like a bloodbath. the big issue here is that tesla is burning cash to meet those production goals for the model three let you talked about it had to sort of move heaven and earth to create actually a third production line in a tent to do this so the idea was move that cash meet your goals but investors look at this and they say where's profitably profitability coming along how sustainable is this. has to still trust you don't must because he's been you know making big
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announcements he's amount of a great gesture does he ever follow up well i mean look at space x. look at what happened with the rocket launch in the boosters that self landed himself so yes of course sometimes what he does absolutely comes the payoff but you know he has a vision that is very stark and sometimes it hits a wall of reality especially when it comes to what investors expect what they demand and what they want to see out of his company if they're going to put money into it and that's the wall that he setting right now especially with a lot of what he's doing on social media those are seen as distractions is effort to announce new productions of for example a self driving truck carry interesting but could that just be a distraction when production of model three is the real big issue here is europe seems to be taking you seriously though reasonable official officials have reportedly met with the company you would to i mean this is about jobs right about economy if you look at the gigafactory nevada for example the promise is three point five billion dollars i believe in capital investments by build out and sixty
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five hundred jobs now that's huge if you're a government official you want to bring that's where you are the question though is it will be interesting to see if tesla does do this how will it operate in europe the high. regulated environment where unions are very strong compared to how it operates exactly compared to how it operates in the u.s. so that might be the question moving forward too but tomorrow is really going to be the big question ok we'll find out then thank you very much stephen beard state of taxi drivers in madrid and barcelona still striking again today after talks with spain's public works ministry broke down last night the blockades began last week in protest of what the taxi drivers call unfair competition from riot hailing services like having fly. monday night passed without a resolution between the drivers and government strike leaders said they'll go on. today's decision is that we continue. hundreds of taxis have paralyzed barcelona
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and they're refusing to budge until they get results the strikes have since spread to madrid and smaller cities like that i'd like to this is the first time the taxes have taken a decision where one hundred percent together on this decision has to be thirty to one nothing else will do he means that in the future only one permit should be issued for every thirty normal taxi permits among those worst hit by the strike tourists trying to get from barcelona airport to the city center extra bus services have been put on but they're still packed full. we're trying with they're all there because the batteries for suitcases is very difficult for us on the street it's a tough day today especially with children six hours jetlag and then the airports are empty things are hard that i mean. if i if they're working here because this morning in barcelona they were jammed last option would be a train or think. thousands of taxi drivers across spain are now part of the strike
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they say ride sharing services like threaten their livelihoods as of now they continue to wait for a resolution. holiday vids in the american brand known for its large loud chopper bikes will begin producing smaller motorcycles by twenty twenty wisconsin based harley will launch a series of five hundred to twelve hundred fifty c.c. middleweight bikes and even smaller versions for the asian market it's even plans to introduce an electric motorcycle next year you know ocean's karmas u.s. sales are flagging and harley is trying to it's banned in asia counter-terrorist from the e.u. we're currently threatening part is bottom line. samsung missed its latest earnings projections due to lower demand for its flagship galaxy devices the last sign of a slowdown for smartphones as the market saturated the south korean electronics heavyweight record of thirty five percent drop in operating profits in its
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smartphone division compared to a year ago competition from chinese device makers has grown in recent months even as consumer demand for new smartphones has fallen samsung while apple is due to release its latest dumb but numbers today. and here's a travel tip for you where better to go and spend summers afternoon of one of paris's iconic bistros boulevard eateries offer a front row seat to the french capital's many charms most of the chairs outside those cafes come from one source a manufacturer called gutsy. these shake supporting players in the city's famed cafe culture. nothing represents of eva better than the get to be storage as well the famous since one nine hundred twenty if you look closely you'll notice that the chairs colors harmonize with the owning the look and feel have to be just
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right for enjoying a coffee cocktail or out one day. to finish as this is typical of hours they lost twenty five years explains serve you deny meals the owner of numerous restaurants is an institution encourage his mother district guests or to this bistro to see and be seen this is the whole world wonders how do the french do it the luxury of taking time for a break for a coffee but that's what bistro is this is sunday school. and it has a long tradition. of this tradition began in the late nineteenth century when the broad paris boulevards appeared and the first cafe terraces opened back then the return for the chairs came from the colonies. and the getty company continues to manufacture these chairs now paris it's the only manufacturer that still completely makes its chosen fronts by hand bending the rattan is still done
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manually but the seat is now made out of bio plastic it's more durable. well it's. we have more than one hundred different patterns and thirty different colors every cafe can have its own design up with a turn colors. that. sadly more than half of paris is bistros have closed over the last twenty years many people are spending more time at the desks and opting for takeout food for lunch. in one's yes we're feeling it there's less demand in paris the bistros are being replaced by large chains or buildings or fast food joints. luckily there's now international demand for the getting to as and exports. and that's it at the top of.
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my being the fourth flying holiday by boat or by rail. peaceful tranquil or pulsating with energy. you libs most beautiful are as diverse as they are in. our series this week on. the romance news to help.
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us maybe you want us to return the book for just two of hundreds of them. thousands of children living in an overcrowded of a few g. camps and living on thanks to a football project looking good a few hours of respite at beirut park. beirut hard kids getting refuge in football. because you know sixty minutes don't live. just couldn't get this song out of his head. musicologist began searching for the source of these captivating sounds. in the rain forest in central africa. to fight their culture but he stayed close only
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a promise to his son to leave the jungle and return to the concrete and glass jungle of new york. the result of reverse culture shock. was the documentary from the forest starts caucus night w. . hy they're welcome for your remarks here's what's coming up to kick off this week. some a sensation the song that's on everybody's lips here in germany.


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